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Chapter 250

Chapter 250: On This Day, Nine Bug Gang Was No More

A few days later .

Lin Fan returned and when he saw Martial Path Mountain, his eyes swelled up with tears as he had an urge to cry .

He felt that things had been tough for him .

While he was outside, he didn’t think much about it, but now that he was back at Martial Path Mountain and saw the familiar environment, his mind was filled with many thoughts . He was actually lost for words, and he didn’t know how to describe it .

He stepped up the stairs, slowly heading up the mountain .

Once he went back, he would definitely make Gou’zi cook the best food for him . During this period of time, what was he even eating outside?

How could those things even be considered food? Skipping meals was even a common occurrence .

Gou’zi carried food to feed Young Master’s pet .

Young Master’s pet was very special .

During this period of time, it grew so huge; it was already half the size of a human . The amount it ate each day grew too, eating as much as everyone on Martial Path Mountain added together .

Suddenly, Nine Demon that was munching down on food raised its eight heads and looked into the distance . One of the heads was still stuck in the face basin and continued to eat .

With a shua!

Nine Demon jumped out, flying toward the entrance of the mountain . The last head cried out as it was still really hungry .

Gou’zi was really curious . Then, as he had thought about a possibility, he hurried out too .

Lin Fan was walking well and instantly a black shadow jumped down . It was too sudden and a little frightening . He couldn’t help but slap it right away .

With a smacking sound .

Nine Demon had just eaten and the food spat right out of its nose .

“This…” When Lin Fan noticed that it was Nine Demon, he was instantly helpless . I’m so sorry my pet, what a mess, I really messed up .

Nine Demon laid on the ground, the nine head sticking out its tongue . There were like stars spinning on its nine heads .

“Young Master . ”

Gou’zi looked at the person he had missed; he was so emotional that he wanted to jump up . Young Master was outside which made him really afraid . He was scared that Young Master would face dangers outside which was why he prayed for Young Master every night . He hoped that the heavens could protect his safety . At the same time, he swore that as long as Young Master was safe, even if his lifespan was shortened, he didn’t mind .

Lin Fan patted Gou’zi’s shoulder and smiled, “What are you crying for, didn’t I come back? Right, go make the best dishes . I have been out for so long and I miss good food . ”

Gou’zi smiled in a silly manner, “Okay, I will do so right away . ”

He knew that he couldn’t help Young Master much with his strength and would even drag him down . This was why he had to manage his life matters well so that Young Master wouldn’t have to worry .

Liang Yongqi looked at Lin Fan; he didn’t come over to ask . Till now, he was still terrified of Lin Fan .

“Liang Yongqi, what is going on with you? I came back and you don’t even greet me?” Lin Fan asked . Since he had been through the Yin Demon siege and all the Martial Path Mountain members fought on his side, he had placed down all past grievances . Even if they still feared him, he treated them with sincerity .

“Sect Leader . ” Liang Yongqi opened his mouth and said the simple two words . Zhang Tianshan wasn’t on Martial Path Mountain which made Liang Yongqi feel a lack of a leader .

In the distance, Yuan Tianchu saw Lin Fan return, he wasn’t emotional or helpless . He just felt like he was here to collect his winnings .

During the period of time that Lin Fan wasn’t in Martial Path Mountain, Yuan Tianchu still felt like everyone on the mountain was his eyes and his plan was set in motion .

Yuan Tianchu forced out a smile and then left .

Lin Fan said curiously, “Liang Yongqi, what is wrong with Yuan Tianchu? I realized that he has changed a lot since he came out from You City . ”

Liang Yongqi looked at Lin Fan . What was that question even?

Of course, he agreed with what Lin Fan said .

He really did become weird like he had mental issues .

It was really hard to pinpoint what was wrong with him .

Yuan Tianchu walked to his own room . He hollered his head and thought about it . What was going on? Zhang Tianshan left Martial Path Mountain and Lin Fan returned, what was the meaning of all of this?

To him, he felt that Lin Fan and Zhang Tianshan’s plan was simple, just thinking about it a little and one could see through it .

But now he realized that it was more and more complicated, he was unable to guess the true meaning of everything going on .

To him, it was really terrifying .

Was it that the plot was really deep or his intelligence was not high enough? Or was he dragged into the whole situation? He felt like he was just looking on from the outside, but he was now inside it .

Not long later, Gou’zi carried out the food he prepared well .

“Not bad, not bad . Just smelling it and one knows that it is great . ” Lin Fan smiled . Gou’zi, who was praised, was really proud .

“Eh! Where is cousin? Where are the others?”

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He saw that cousin didn’t come out, making him really curious . Also, where did Zhang Tianshan and Feng Poliu go? He returned and didn’t see the two of them right away, he really wasn’t used to it .

“Young Master, he is cultivating . Feng Poliu is training in the back mountain with the girl who you brought back . Deputy Sect Leader Zhang left Martial Path Mountain a few days ago to do something . I don’t know where he went . ” Gou’zi replied .

Lin Fan ate the delicious food .

Zhang Tianshan left Martial Path Mountain to do something?

That was a little weird . He shouldn’t have anything to do, but with his personality, he wouldn’t do things that would make him take a loss . He was at ease, if he really faced an issue, he would come back to ask for help .

As for the little girl, he didn’t care much about her and just handed her over to Feng Poliu . After all, in Martial Path Mountain, Feng Poliu was best at teaching disciples .

Sword Palace .

A giant old sword stood there, and around it were many large mountains .

Sword Head’s white hair hung over his shoulder . He stood in front of a table and wrote with a brush . As he wrote, his heart suddenly felt restless .

“Eh?” Sword Head frowned . With his current cultivation, how would he suddenly be so restless, what was going on?

At that moment, a disciple hurried over in panic, and his face was filled with terror . He knelt in front of a building as his throat trembled, “Sword Head, Elder Gu and the other two Elders’ sword steels have been broken . They have faced danger . ”


The brush in his hands broke . His expression changed and the hand he used to hold the brush with trembled .

“What did you say?” Sword Head stared at the disciple and asked .

The disciple that was in charge of checking the sword steeles every few days felt like his throat was being strangled . He still said, “Today, I went to check the sword steele and realized that Gu Yuantian, Gu Jieshen and Gu Huiyi’s steeles were broken . ”

Sword Head didn’t believe it and he had to see it with his own eyes . The three sword steeles beneath his were broken and had been turned to pieces .


Sword Head’s throat felt sweet and his footsteps were unstable like he was about to fall . His heart hurt, it was even more pain than swords stabbing into his heart .

“Junior Brother…”

Looking at the broken sword steeles, he really didn’t believe what he had seen .

Sword steeles were left when one cultivated the sword . Sword Palace left it to test the level of Sword Intent . It belonged to their lifeforce and recorded everything about them .

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Nothing would happen if the sword steele was broken but if someone died, the steele would break . In the steele was their will and if the will in their bodies scattered, the will in the sword steele would also scatter too .

Sword Head was 20 years older than the three Junior Brothers; the four of them learned from the same master .

When he was 25, the three Junior Brothers were only 4 and brought back by Master on the outside .

From then on, he was both their Senior Brother and also like their Father, taking good care of the three of them .

He was even planning to pass the position over to Gu Yuantian . Who knew that there would be such a tragic ending?


The millions of swords that Sword Palace amassed sensed the Sword Head’s sadness .

The Elders from A, B, C and D generations sensed the situation and rushed towards where the Sword Head was at .

They sensed that something huge happened .

When everyone came to the sword steele room and saw the three steeles that broke, a look of shock appeared on their faces .

“Sword Head, three Senior Brothers, they…” Zhuang Xun wanted to speak but stopped . So what if he didn’t believe it, the sword steele definitely wouldn’t mess up .

He was the A Generation disciple, he had a good relationship with the three Senior Brothers . Now that he saw their broken steeles, he didn’t know what to say .

“Zhuang Xun, during the period that I am not here, you will be in charge of Sword Palace . If I don’t come back in a month, you will be the new Sword Head . ” Sword Head kept silent for a long time and his voice became hoarse .

“Sword Head, what about you?” Zhuang Xun was shocked . He sensed that Sword Head was about to leave Sword Palace .

“I will take revenge for them . ” Sword Head said coldly .

Zhuang Xun said, “Sword Head, don’t . If you leave then Sword Palace…”

Before he said those words, he was interrupted by Sword Head .

“There was no need to say much more . I have made my mind up . My three Junior Brothers have died and I can’t act like nothing had happened . I will personally head to Black Mountain . ”

The moment he said this, Sword Head rose up in the air . The swords in Sword Palace buzzed and 1,000 swords rose up, forming a sword rain which chased the Sword Head .

Black Mountain .

This place was in a total mess .

The three Elders were really strong and if the Nine Bug Gang Gang Leader didn’t appear, they would have killed the octopus monster which was at Void Realm .

Although Void Realm was strong, but it wasn’t stronger than the three of them .

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Sword Head came to Black Mountain and slowly landed . Looking at the scenes ahead, he closed his eyes in despair . He had some hope when he looked at the broken sword steeles but when he saw the corpses of the three of them, he knew that all hope was lost .

The three Elders stood there the same way they were when they were alive . Their arms facing forwards but their chests were split open and their hearts fell to the ground .

He saw many dead bug corpses on the ground .

Rage rose up .

“Nine Bug Gang, I will wipe your entire gang out . ”

He knew who killed the three of them, only the Gang Leader had such strength . They had no animosity but he killed my Junior Brothers . If he didn’t take revenge, he swore that he wasn’t a human .

He was even going a little mad .

The rage that Sword Palace suppressed exploded out .

The next day!

The raging river was split open with a sword, huge waves rose up and Fuzhou was swallowed .

Nine Bug Gang’s ship was split into two and sunk into the river . There were heavy casualties .

Gang Leader was nowhere to be seen .

Based on the descriptions of the survivors, a storm rose up on the river like the entire area was about to be split . It only calmed down after a long time .

There was a furious roar which sounded throughout . He then turned into a streak of red light which disappeared into the distance .

The world was shocked .

When Lin Fan found about this news, several days had passed .

“What? Nine Bug Gang is gone?” When Lin Fan learned of this, he was stunned . He still hadn’t done anything, so why was it gone?

When Feng Poliu learned about this news, he was stunned and thought about Junior Brother .

Is he dead or alive?




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