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Chapter 252

Chapter 252: I Really Want To Become An Expert

“Young Master Huang, calm down, I understand your anxiousness . ”

Lin Fan calmed him down . He couldn’t blame Young Master Huang for dissing him . He really didn’t think about how to develop Martial Path Mountain, he actually felt that the situation now was really good .

Huang Boren sighed, “Sect Leader Lin, I am not that anxious, just a little . If I can really develop a sect, the gains will be enormous . During this period of time, Martial Path Mountain added just one disciple, isn’t that too little?”

He was dissing to allow Sect Leader Lin to understand whether or not they could gain more disciples .

Lin Fan nodded his head and agreed with Huang Boren . He pulled him to the side, showing a little bit of his skill so that he could understand how strong he was . How strong was he?

To Huang Boren, his expression was one of shock and disbelief . That slowly changed to joy .

“How do you feel?” Lin Fan smiled and asked .

Huang Boren said, “Amazing, really amazing . I didn’t think that Sect Leader’s strength would reach such a high level . ”

He was originally very helpless and thought that his investment was going to waste .

Who knew that Sect Leader Lin gave him such a huge shock?

Lin Fan said calmly, “This isn’t much . I am just okay . Young Master Huang you have to think carefully about something . My strength is increasing, in the future, I will recruit higher grade disciples . But if I recruit disciples now, their quality wouldn’t be high . Does that make sense?”

Huang Boren thought about it for a moment and nodded his head, “Eh, what Sect Leader Lin said makes sense . This is like doing business . When the shop is small, the things sold wouldn’t be too good . But once the shop became huge, the items sold would be of great quality . Although its a little exaggerated, that was the rough meaning of it . ”

He could only say that .

If he believed him, then that was the best case .

He was the Martial Path Mountain Sect Leader and Young Master Huang was the investor, so naturally, he couldn’t disappoint him .

Although he was trying to con him, it was actually quite true . No one was sure about what the future would be like .

“Truthfully, I didn’t have many high hopes, but now I am at ease . Once I head back, I will get people to send over more silver . Treat it as my second investment . I hope that Sect Leader Lin can spread the power of Martial Path Mountain to make it a top sect . ” Huang Boren said .

Many rich merchants in Jiang City talked bad about him investing in Martial Path Mountain .

Impossible, that was impossible, how could Martial Path Mountain become a large sect?

Maybe, but in a short while, it would disappear into history .

“Okay, I will continue to work hard and I won’t disappoint . ” Lin Fan smiled . Look, he was such a good person . He loved rich family young masters who behaved like Young Master Huang .

He was a practical person .

Huang Boren took out a piece of his calligraphy, “Sect Leader Lin, I recently had the inspiration and wrote it . It is the best piece of Huang Family Calligraphy . Please take it . ”

This Huang Family Calligraphy was what he named it himself .

People in Jiang City all knew that Young Master Huang loved calligraphy, his terrible calligraphy received so many good comments, even making him so proud he hung it on his own shop to sell . It was even treated as the shop treasure .

“Okay, then I won’t be too polite . ” Lin Fan smiled . He opened it and took a look . This calligraphy dirtied his butt if he used it to wipe it .

To Lin Fan, all of that wasn’t important . What was most important was money .

I don’t eat, I don’t drink, I just want money .

Jiang City .

Lin Fan let Gou’zi accompany him . Cousin was still in cultivation as he was trying to reach a higher realm .

Thus, he didn’t let Gou’zi inform cousin .

Gou’zi followed beside Young master and strolled around Jiang City .

“Eh! Gou’zi, why are there so many people from outside lands coming to Jiang City?” Lin Fan asked . He had seen many of them sitting on carriages . On them were many furniture, it was obvious that they were moving homes .

It was okay if it was just one or two .

The key was that he had seen over ten of them .

They didn’t look like they were fleeing .

“Young Master, I will go and ask . ” Gou’zi walked toward those carriages . He stretched out to block one and tried to ask him where he came from .

Logically speaking, he should have returned quickly, but Gou’zi ended up talking for a long time .

Very quickly, Gou’zi returned and his expression had changed slightly . He learned that they came from You City . They were given some fees to move . Although they didn’t know what happened, they felt like things were bad .

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He wasn’t stupid .

Old Master held the highest status in You City . Although he didn’t allow the refugees to enter You City, he wouldn’t chase them away . Now he even gave them some cash to move . Something definitely happened, otherwise, he wouldn’t have done that .

Thinking about how Old Master told Young Master to leave and not return, he seemed to understand something .

“Gou’zi did you find out? What is going on?” Lin Fan asked .

Gou’zi shook his head and said, “Young Master, they came from other cities, based on what they said, it seems like…”

Before he finished, Lin Fan interrupted him .

“Gou’zi have you started to talk nonsense with me?” Lin Fan squinted . Gou’zi’s expression changed .

As expected, Gou’zi panicked when he heard Young Master say such words . He anxiously said, “Young Master, they came from You City and were chased away by Old Master . I didn’t say the truth to Young Master because…”

Lin Fan didn’t let him finish . He walked towards the carriages and stopped the people .

“You came from You City?” Lin Fan asked .

“Yi, aren’t you the Lin Family Young Master?” The people moving recognized who Lin Fan was and they were even shocked . Like they didn’t expect to see Young Master Lin here in Jiang City .

“Eh . ” Lin Fan nodded his head and asked, “What happened in You City?”

This was the thing he was most concerned about .

“Young Master, we don’t know the exact situation . We all received news and a large sum of money to leave You City . There were many people who went to other places . ” The person who came from You City said . They were just normal people, so how would they know so much?

Lin Fan kept silent and didn’t say a word . He knew that something definitely happened, otherwise, it was impossible for so many people to leave You City .

The people carefully asked, “Young Master Lin, do you have anything else to ask?”

He saw how stunned Lin Fan was and became nervous . No matter what, they were just normal people and this person was a Young Master .

“Oh, nothing . Thank you . ” Lin Fan came back to his senses and smiled, expressing that the person could leave already .

He had to make a trip back .

He had to .

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“Gou’zi we will go back to Martial Path Mountain . ” Lin Fan said .

He thought about something else .

Zhang Tianshan left Martial Path Mountain for no reason . It definitely wasn’t to meet a friend since he had no friends, the only one he had was his father .

Maybe his father didn’t have many friends either, otherwise, how would he pass him to such an unreliable person like Zhang Tianshan?

“Is this what they call entrusting a kid?” Lin Fan muttered .

It seemed like it .

Gou’zi knew what Young Master was thinking . He definitely wanted to head back to You City . He wanted to stop Young Master and tell him not to go back .

But he knew that it was impossible .

Martial Path Mountain .

“You said that you want to return to You City?” Feng Poliu was stunned as he looked at Lin Fan . He didn’t expect that the kid would actually want to go back .

“Right, I need to go back to You City, otherwise, I will feel uneasy . ” Lin Fan said .

Feng Poliu thought about it, “I will head back with you, at least I can protect you on the way . ”

“No need, you will only slow me down, I will just go back myself . ” Lin Fan was so direct as it was the truth . He didn’t beat around the bush at all .

To Feng Poliu, it was really hard to accept .

“What did you say? I will slow you down? Young Master Lin, you really underestimate me…”

His voice stopped .

Feng Poliu’s eyes opened wide and he looked forward in disbelief . When he saw Lin Fan float and his legs leave the ground, he knew that it was something that even he couldn’t do .

Only people at God Essence Realm could do that .

“You . . you . ” Feng Poliu wanted to speak but he felt like his throat was stuck . He actually didn’t know what to say .

Lin Fan smiled, “Are you shocked that I became so strong? Actually, this is talent . I headed out and my cultivation increased . No one could stop me . ”

Feng Poliu wanted to spit out blood . What nonsense, heading out and cultivation could increase… He went to gamble for so many years but his cultivation didn’t increase at all .

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Now he was actually God Essence Realm .

He really wanted to ask him to speak the truth to him about how his cultivation increased . Even if he ate steroids, it wouldn’t have been so quick .

“Young Master, did you have some fortuitous encounter or some overpowered treasure?” He could only ask like this as he didn’t know how to describe it .

Lin Fan said, “It is a long story . Although I did have some good luck, more of it is because I am too talented, which was why I improved so quickly . ”


Feng Poliu really wanted to spit at Lin Fan; couldn’t he just speak the truth?

Too talented?

He had never seen someone who was so talented .

However, he felt that Lin Fan’s lucky break was really shocking, which was why he couldn’t say it out loud . He understood that . After all, everyone had their own secrets .

So he didn’t continue asking .

“Young Master, bring me too . ” Gou’zi shouted . Gou’zi just wanted to serve him by his side . Even if You City was dangerous, he was not afraid . If he died there, he had nothing to regret .

Lin Fan waved his hands, “Forget it, I will go alone . You all stay here and wait for me . If nothing happens, I will still come back . ”

The moment he said this, he rose into the air and headed toward You City .

Feng Poliu was helpless . He was really envious, he really wanted to get to God Essence Realm .

Actually, he was just a little bit away .