I Found A Planet - Chapter 206

Published at 5th of September 2019 08:23:28 PM

Chapter 206

With the efforts of a whole slew of top programmers, Xing Hai Technologies’ Intelligent Work Assistant had successfully evolved to version 1 . 0 . This closed beta test, on the other hand, had become the top event in the Z nation’s programming field, attracting innumerable veteran programmers to participate and pay attention to the event . Local companies in the Z nation, such as Hua Yao, Baidu, Tencent, Wangyi, and Ali, also attached great importance to this closed beta test and highly anticipated it . They held tacit consent towards their staff’s participation in this event .

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Hua Yao even assembled a specialized “troop,” selecting more than 500 people to participate in the closed beta test . They were prepared to claim a few positions in the top ranks to prove Hua Yao’s capabilities .  From this, one could see Hua Yao’s shrewdness . With over 500 people partaking in the closed beta test, it allowed Hua Yao to acquire more than 500 placements to use the “work assistant” for free . These quotas that belonged to Hua Yao indirectly saved them on purchasing fees . Also, none of Hua Yao’s projects were delayed; the closed beta version of the Intelligent Work Assistant was still rather powerful, and it ended up hastening the progress of the projects .

By the time other companies became aware of Hua Yao’s clever acts, the “Work Assistant 1 . 0” was already presented before them, requiring a monthly payment . Moreover, it could only be used after purchased .  However, at this particular moment, what the programming field within the Z nation was most concerned about was the final rankings on the contribution list .

At eight in the morning on the 19th, Xing Hai Technologies announced the top 500 ranks on the contribution list on the Xing Hai forums .


1: Li Yicheng, 152,548

2: God, 101,503

3: Lu Jing, 89,641

4: Bing He, 87,320

5: Lou Tiancheng, 84,120

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6: Dai Wenyuan, 83,910

7: Jia Yangqing, 80,741

8: You Xiyu, 79,352

9: Chen Fangzhou, 79,081

10: Cai Jingxian, 79,053

All the highly skilled programmers that participated in the closed beta test sought their rankings with grave importance . Moreover, those in the top ranks were actively partaking in discussions and expressing their point of view .

“Li Yicheng is actually in the first place? I know his capabilities, indeed he’s quite impressive, but definitely not better than that few people below him!”

“Li Yicheng is a trainer from the Nothern Bluebirds right? It seems that he could teach almost everything, but he is definitely not the best programmer . It is just that he has lots of code resources . He alone uploaded several tens of terabytes of codes, using quantity to compensate for the lack of quality, and forced his way to first place . ”

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“I think Li Yicheng is one of the earliest to join the closed beta test . Pairing that on with his plethora of code resources, the advantage he had in earlier phases was too big . ”

“From this point of view, this closed beta test is not completely fair . ”

In front of the computer screen, after Li Yicheng saw these comments, he clenched his fist, feeling disconsolate . He wanted to refute that he was indeed worthy of his place . But as a trainer and having participated in the closed beta test at an earlier time, it was undoubtedly true that he had the higher ground unless he could prove his true strength under the premise of fairer competition .

“I will prove myself to everyone!” he swore clandestinely .

“Who’s that ‘God’ in second place? Why haven’t I heard of him?”

“I know God, he’s only 28, definitely a genius among geniuses! But he’s not living by honest labor . Since he was 15, he started being a hacker, then he was prisoned for three years . The military tried recruiting him, but he rejected them . He became much more of a plain dealer after he was released from prison . He was encouraged by a bunch of bosses to work on blockchain . He created all of our domestic Ethereum, Litecoin, DIGICCY… he at least made some ten billion bucks all alone . I never thought that he would be in this closed beta test . ”

“Without that fake, Li Yicheng, blocking in front, God should be in the first place . ”

In a city in the southern region, inside a luxurious villa, after a young man saw his own ranking, he slammed his fist onto the table . “The first place should be mine!”

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Aside from the first and second place, those in the few places after them were all local top figures in the field .  For example, Lu Jing in third place was the world champion in the ACM (International Collegiate Programming Contest) and was now working in Ali Corporation .

In fourth place, Bing He, formally known as He Chun, in which many addressed him as “Mister Umbrella,” once worked at Wangyi . He was highly reputable within his field . It was said that this man had a rather weird personality . He often barged into Wangyi’s founder Shi Lei’s office, unplugged her Fruit phone, and then plugged in his own .  Later on, Wangyi wanted to develop a Wi-Fi system in their office . He volunteered to handle the task, successfully realized it, and received much praise in the office . Then he told Shi Lei, if Hua Yao were the ones who realized the system, they would require a fee of 200 thousand knifes, but Shi Lei would just have to pay him 200 thousand dollars . Shi Lei was agitated . She went to his direct leader and asked, “What’s wrong with your employee?”

Subsequently, He Chun did some more things . He went to Shi Lei and said that he could forgo the 200 thousand knives for the wifi system, but this thing he made could sell for two million knives . At that point, Shi Lei fired him .  He could be best described as a person with low EQ . But in regards to his technical skill, his capabilities were unquestionable .

Chen Jin sent some men to probe around and understood that He Chun was currently jobless, and he participated in the test just because he thought that it was fun . Therefore, Chen Jin would definitely not forgo this great opportunity to recruit talents .  He asked some men to acquire He Chun’s contact . Then, he called him to inquire, “Mister Umbrella, here at Xing Hai Technologies we have the top tier programming technology, would you like to come over?”

He Chun said with alacrity, “Sure! I’ll go have some fun at your company . ”

It was not only He Chun at fourth place . After receiving Chen Jin’s call, Li Yicheng at first place and God at second place also expressed that they were willing to join Xing Hai Technologies’s “X team . ”

They didn’t join the team for money . The prize money Li Yicheng received for obtaining first place was 50 million dollars, enough for him to live out his life without worries . He decided to quit his job and join “X team” just to prove his capabilities! Li Yicheng said on the phone, “Mr . Chen, I hope that you can arrange another competition . I want to win against them another time under fair conditions!”

“No problem,” Chen Jin said .

“What? That fake Li Yicheng joined the ‘X team’? Then I will join as well . I want to let him see who’s immortal and who’s a herald!” God was even swifter in accepting his offer . He decided to let Li Yicheng see what true skill was! Besides, he had developed an enormous interest in Xing Hai Technologies’ unfathomable tech in intelligent learning . He was 28 and had a net worth of over ten billion dollars . By all means, he could retire, but technology itself had a magical charm . He was smart, but he did not think of his programming ability as number one in the world . Moreover, Xing Hai Technologies’ intelligent learning technology had made him perceive things at a higher level . He intended to have a glimpse of the scenery at that level .

There were many programmers that possessed the same mindset as his . Among the god-tier programmers in the top 500 ranks, aside from those aces working in Hua Yao, Baidu, Tencent, Ali, and other big companies, Chen Jin personally called each of them who he thought could be poached over . At last, 164 people agreed to join Xing Hai Technologies’s “X Team,” including Chen Feizhou from Zhuoyue Games .

In fact, when he received Chen Jin’s call inviting him over, Chen Feizhou was tempted, but he still politely declined his offer . Qiu Bojun was his respected mentor and Gong Wei was like an elder brother to him . The project team in Zhuoyue Games could not live without him . If he were to leave, the company would be in trouble . “You won’t need to resign . You could join the X team as a part-timer, regularly partaking in some activities and discussing some technical information . This would also be feasible,” Chen Jin said . Chen Jin would allow pros in the top 100 ranks to work as part-timers .

This time, Chen Feizhou was even more tempted . But he still had to seek Qiu Bojun’s advice . After all, nobody liked employees who had a foot in both camps .

“Join them, it’s okay if you resign from your job here . What we could provide here is way too small, you should be roaming in the bigger skies,” Qiu Bojun said with a kind look .

“Feizhou, you will be better off resigning . I and Mr . Qiu are getting old . We will be retiring soon . You, on the other hand, are still young . You should go have a look at better scenery . Zhuoyue Games shouldn’t be holding you back,” Gong Wei said .

“No! This is my home! I will never leave Zhuoyue!” There were some tears in Chen Feizhou’s eyes . The mentor he was deeply indebted to was the pioneer of Z nation’s software, and Gong Wei was a hero that defended the Z nation’s pride; these were the two people that he adored and respected the most . Their era might have ended, but the spirit and light that bloomed from within them would always be worth learning and carrying forward .  He would never leave his idols and his home! He would always be a part of Zhuoyue .

Therefore, Chen Feizhou joined Xing Hai Technologies’s “X Team” as a part-timer .

A team, whose name cruised through the seven realms of the Z nation, revered as the “The Hall of Fame of Programmers in Z” that would continuously bring forth tremor to the world, was officially established .