I Found A Planet - Chapter 218

Published at 5th of September 2019 08:23:07 PM

Chapter 218

No means were too low .

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Google was giving their all in an attempt to strangle the Star Cloud System pushed by Xing Hai Technologies! They chose to risk the possibility of negative publicity and come under the investigation of Z country’s Information Security Department, even if they would become a public target . They had still done something like opening the backdoors .

If they did not do that, it would be akin to certain death . With the progression speed of the Star Cloud system, the Android system would come under threat in about half a year’s time . If they took the risk, they would be rewarded with a trace of hope . They would drive the Star Cloud system into a corner and kill it in its infancy! Then, they simply had to get their spokesperson to issue an apology, coupled with excuses that it was “unintentional . ” At most, they would face an additional fine by Z country’s government . All of this could be tolerated . As long as they killed off the Star Cloud system, and as long as the majority of Z country’s citizens were still using Android, the price that they had to pay now could always be recovered at a later time .

Hence, they opened the backdoors without hesitation .

At the Department of Hardware Development, a high-ranking senior engineer had found the backdoor planted by Google . “They tampered with the motherboard driver . ” The engineer continued, “The java virtual machine will implant a line of detection code on the motherboard driver . When you replace the firmware on your mobile, the code will detect if it’s Android or non-Android . If it’s Android, the replacement can continue, but if it’s not, the code will be activated and cause a malfunction in the motherboard circuit control chip . At this point, the phone cannot be switched on . This kind of backdoor that is planted on the level of the driver is not scary at all . It’s something that can be easily blocked . The really scary backdoors are the ones written in the hardware coding . That kind of backdoor cannot be blocked . The only way is to change the hardware in question . ”

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It was without a doubt that this type of backdoor existed based on the actions of Google . However, this type of backdoor was a trump card that would guarantee the death of the target . It would not be opened until the last decisive moment . Then again, there were some real-life examples .

In the Gulf War of ’91, the multinational coalition forces had launched a full-scale air strike against Iraq . The Iraqi radar warning system had been unresponsive as the country’s air defense radars were all purchased from France, and all the chips used in the radars were from Merica .

In the Iranian nuclear crisis of the 2000s, the “Stuxnet virus” became famous overnight . It had paralyzed almost all the centrifuge equipment in the country, causing Iran’s nuclear program to stagnate for several years . It was because all the chips in the computer controlling the centrifuge equipment were from Merica .

In 20X8, Intel was hit with the “Meltdown” attacks . The company’s various chips were found to have serious technical defects . However, they had already been in continuous use for more than ten years . Professionals had pointed out that the vulnerabilities caused by Intel chip defects might affect the personal information security of almost all users of computer and mobile devices . Affected devices could number in the hundreds of millions . Even now, one could not tell whether it was safe to use foreign systems and chips . The vast majority of the population felt that they were ok as long as they provided a good user experience . Hence, they did not really care about matters like security . It was too late to realize the danger only when the situation changed dramatically and the crisis broke out . By then, it would be too late for regrets .

Chen Jin asked, “How do we solve the threat of the backdoors?”

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“We have to use our own products from the hardware to the software,” the engineer said, “It’s best that all the components are domestically produced, including the CPU, motherboard, DARM memory chip, NAND storage, batteries, and even the cameras and screens . As for the software, it’s also ideal to use our own programs exclusively . This includes the operating system, bottom layer driver program, and hardware program . We should achieve absolute security and control . Even if we cannot avoid some loopholes, at least these loopholes are within our control . It’s totally different as compared to placing this control in someone else’s hands . ”

Chen Jin nodded . “This means that the Star Cloud system can only free itself from the threat of backdoors by achieving full domestic production of all hardware components . ”


Only when the Star Cloud system was installed on a 100% domestic phone could it stop fearing any threats . Then, could Xing Hai Technologies achieve this? Yes! By now, Chen Jin had control of Zhongxin International and Purple Ray Group . CPU, memory, and storage chips could be fully produced on the domestic level . In addition, there were many domestic suppliers of mobile phone screens, motherboards, and cameras . It would not be difficult to produce a “100% domestic mobile phone . ”

However, the problem was that mobile phone manufacturers employed a shelf procurement strategy . They considered both price and performance in their purchase of the various chips and components . Whether the component was domestic or foreign was not a purchase factor . What they were looking for were components with the highest price-to-performance ratio . They would only place an order for the most value for money products . The profit margins of the mobile phone manufacturers were slim . They would not be able to survive if they did not employ this type of strategy .

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Therefore, if Xing Hai Technologies wanted to distribute the Star Cloud system, they would have to request that the hardware manufacturers who had applied to join the “Star Alliance” try their best to procure domestic components . And when the time called for it, they might even have to give up their shelf procurement strategy and purchase some domestic components with poor price-to-performance ratios . However, could the majority of hardware manufacturers accept this condition?

Chen Jin shook his head . He thought that even if he promised that the chips from Zhongxin International and Purple Ray Group would be sold at a lower price, those hardware manufacturers would still be put in a difficult position . There might not be many respondents! He gritted his teeth . “There is no other way . Xing Hai Technologies has no choice but to make mobile phones too! The profits from mobile phones are not high, we might even make a loss! But, someone has to do it . Since nobody wants to take the lead, Xing Hai Technologies will do it!”

However, perhaps, some had an inkling of the great challenges that Xing Hai Technologies would face .

On the 8th of May, the government sent a team, led by the second most senior leader, consisting of several officials from various departments, to Xing Hai Technologies . They conducted a detailed investigation and research into the company . Following which, they presented a shockingly huge gift to the company! This included a 10 billion cash subsidy (in the form of tax exemptions), and a government purchase order worth 30 billion .

In the conference, the senior leader said to Chen Jin gavely, “Little Chen, we’ll be entrusting the task of breaking the overseas monopoly on the operating systems to you . 10 billion of subsidies may be far from enough . But, I hope that you don’t think it’s too little either . Don’t give up easily on this business . I can promise you that once your company produces a 100% domestic mobile phone, including both hardware and software, the government will be your first client! All civil servants will be changing their mobile phone to a Star Cloud one! Also, any equipment that is installed with the Android system, no matter if they are from the many science and research departments or the military, will all be eliminated in one shot! We’ll give all the orders to you! Our positions are clear, no matter what price we have to pay, we cannot allow a problematic system to infiltrate our key departments . Little Chen, please have faith in the country’s promise and abilities . As long as you can create a good product, you don’t have to worry about its sales . If you cannot achieve a certain scale of production… The country will be your strongest backer . ”

After the “Backdoor Incident” had broken out, the government had become determined to fully eliminate the Android system, at least within the various government organizations . They would switch to the Star Cloud system in a show of support .

Chen Jin was pleasantly surprised . With the government’s help to cover their a**es and orders to provide lifeblood, what was there to worry about? They simply had to roll up their sleeves and give their best effort . He made a promise on the spot . The company would speed up their progress and try their best to produce the first product installed with the Star Cloud system within three months . The would not let down the earnest expectations of their country .

On the 10th of May, news of the strategic collaboration of Xing Hai Technologies and the government had been announced . A collective excitement grew within the vast numbers of citizens as they clapped their hands in joy . The number of domestic hardware manufacturers that had applied to join the “Star Alliance” doubled .

In order to get the purchase orders from the government, Tiny Pepper Corporation, Aiai Mobile Corporation, and other mobile phone manufacturers had all accepted the conditions set by Xing Hai Technologies . They had agreed to the principle of “prioritizing domestic components” and promised to try their best to use only domestic products in their mobile phone components . The confidence of the programmers collectively rose as they looked upon the Star Cloud system favorably again . On that day, the “Star Cloud Studio” was downloaded more than 500,000 times .

Only the upper management of Google showed a frozen expression on their faces as a chill swept down their backs . The founder, Lary Page, muttered, “Have we… done the dumbest thing ever?”