I Found A Planet - Chapter 282

Published at 25th of October 2019 05:40:07 AM

Chapter 282: 282

ASML lifted the sales ban and issued a call for peace . Samsin asked for a ceasefire . Treasure Island’s media outlets continued to amuse themselves with merriment . This overseas news was reported back to the mainland within a couple of days .

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Zhongxin International and its subsidiary, Shangwei Microelectronics, agreed to the ASML’s call for peace after careful consideration . The two sides would cooperate to solve the problem of the patent dispute . After all, Zhongxin could never abandon the overseas market that was worth hundreds of billions a year simply because of some 10-odd EUV photolithography machines that only had a total value of several billion .

It was not impossible to authorize the cooperation of the two sides when it came to the super-resolution photolithography technology . However, Zhongxin requested that ASML should merge with Shangwei Microelectronics to form a brand-new photolithography machine company . Each of them would hold 50% of the shares! They would rule the market for the photolithography machines together .

Moreover, the production lines and the R&D headquarters would be placed in Z country . Z country’s counterpart in the brand new company would be the primary decision maker and would have the right to decide the sales sequence for the photolithography machines . Now they were simply waiting for the Dutch to agree or reject this suggestion .

Gallaher Rodney fell into a state of humiliation and resentment as he was faced with this difficult choice . When had he ever witnessed such harsh conditions for cooperation? Although the high-end EUVs were more profitable in the field of photolithography, larger quantities of low-end photolithography machines were sold . It was the low-end photolithography machines that represented the cornerstone for the maintenance of the long-term operation of the company! They could not give up either of the two markets! After sitting on this dilemma for a few days, Gallaher Rodney was inclined towards agreeing . However, he wanted to bargain some more .

“Oh, the Goreans want a ceasefire?” The corners of Chen Jin’s mouth tilted and he said into the phone, “How are you going to respond? Will you agree or not?”

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“Haha!” On the other end of the call, Zhang Wei Jin said, “The price war was initiated by the Goreans . They don’t have the right to end it whenever and however they like . The decision is in our hands! But we’ve unanimously decided this . We’ll continue the war and drive the prices down! We’ll fight this war for another one to two years . The Samsin Group is a dog reared by Western capital . They’ve given us their fair share of trouble in the past few years . We must get rid of this dog . We have to cripple it even if we can’t kill it! We’ll cut off the capital from the West; they are an instrument of evil! In addition, we will soon reach a settlement with ASML to solve the legal issue of supplying the EUV photolithography machines together as well as the expansion of our OEM capacity . We’ll extend our reach in both the domestic and international markets to seize even more of the OEM market share . Our goal is to replace Mossey Electronics in three years and occupy more than 70% of the OEM market share for chips . Of course, this process will be expensive . We plan to circulate another 150 billion shares to get sufficient funds . We are even prepared to not make any profit in the next three years . There is only one goal, and that is to become the world’s top OEM company . ”

Not making any profit for the next three years? Chen Jin nodded . This meant that all chips would be selling for pennies in the next three years . In addition, there was another fact worth mentioning . Zhongxin International reached the daily limit for share price increases 11 times . Its current market value was more than $450 billion . If the 150 billion new shares were issued, its total market value would exceed 600 billion . The market value quadrupled in ten days . There was still room for further growth in the future .

Zhongxin International was like a balloon in its rapid expansion . This was a huge beast that was about to grow even bigger . Chen Jin saw the articles in the entertainment news . Netizens from Treasure Island, who seemed to have lower than average IQ, did not agree with this fact . They mocked and ridiculed Zhongxin’s achievements .

Chen Jin chuckled and shook his head . “Let’s see if any of you are still able to laugh after three years!”

On the morning of May 28th at the Court of Happiness, Chen Jin was tidying up a few pieces of clothing and packing them into a medium-sized suitcase . An appearance of preparing for an upcoming business trip . Su Yun asked, “Husband, where are you going?”

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Chen Jin lowered his head as he sorted the items in the suitcase . “I’ll be inspecting several major R&D centers across seven or eight places . It’ll be a five to six-day trip . ”

Su Yun urged, “Oh, go on your trip, then . Don’t arrange your schedule too tightly . It’s very exhausting to travel continuously . You should pay attention to the food you order . Don’t drink too much . ” She had no suspicions .

Of course, for his part, Chen Jin did not do anything that would arouse her suspicions . After he went downstairs, his robot double would be driven off in his car . It would begin its business trip . Moreover, photos would be sent every day to prove that he was indeed on a business trip .

Chen Jin wiped the sweat from his forehead as he thought of this . He had seen a piece of news where a man had 75 sex friends at the same time . One of his sex friends happened to be the cousin of his girlfriend’s best friend . Of course, the girlfriend ended the relationship . He could only exclaim in awe at this ultimate performance by a super casanova .

Two were difficult enough for him . He had not even thought about how to explain it in the future . It would be impossible to conceal forever . Tricky problems would arise after a number of years . But for now, he could only take one step at a time . He did not want to think about so many things . “I know . Take care of yourself too . I’m leaving . ”

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At Shanghai First Peoples’ Hospital, Chen Jin alighted from the car . He disguised himself as an ordinary person and entered the hospital .

Once he was at the 28th floor of the inpatient building, at the entrance of the second delivery room, he saw a middle-aged couple waiting anxiously at the door… It was Director Dong and her husband, Yuan Zhengguo . Chen Jin asked as he walked towards them, “Auntie Dong Wei, Uncle Yuan, I’m here . How is Li Li’s situation?”

Dong Lei said, “She’s been inside for more than three hours . She’s still in labor . ” She gave Chen Jin a complicated look . In fact, she never dreamed that the young man in front of her would grow to such an incredulous degree . Her only daughter was dead-set on being with him at the cost of her status, which was currently rather embarrassing . Even so, her daughter was still very happy to endure it .

As she watched her daughter’s belly growing bigger each day during her pregnancy, Dong Lei thought about fighting, about instigating a showdown, and even planned to blow up the situation . She wanted to fight for a legitimate status for her daughter so she did not have to stay in this current humiliating and low status any longer . However, with the discouragement of her daughter, the extreme and aggressive thoughts in her mind were never realized .

“My dearest son-in-law, your timing is just right . Lin Lin missed you the most when she entered the labor room . She can rest her heart now . You can be assured that both mother and child will be safe . ” Yuan Zhengguo went towards Chen Jin and shook hands with him warmly . He gave him a detailed explanation of the situation .

Dong Lei’s eyes were burning with rage as she gritted her teeth . She wanted to strangle the two men . Especially Yuan Zhengguo . He could actually talk and laugh with Chen Jin .

“Son-in-law, I’ve listened to your suggestion and withdrew all my liquid capital out of the hand . I’ve heavily bought Zhongxin International’s shares . What happened next was really too much . Four times, the share price has skyrocketed four times . I’ve earned billions with this . ” Yuan Zhengguo was very excited . The money that he earned from his lifelong career as a businessman was still less than what he profited with this single speculation . He had been doing business for a lifetime . He felt extremely happy and rather pleased with himself .

“Uncle Yuan, let’s wait for the outcome of the labor . We can discuss business affairs at a later time . ” Chen Jin felt the power of material wealth . This cheap father-in-law really had no sense for occasions . He easily solved the issue of Yuan Zhengguo . First, he sent a red packet of $50 million . Then, he offered him several high-yielding investment channels . These were two simple moves that he used to buy the man over to his side . This cheap father-in-law acted in a familiar and self-satisfied manner every time they met, which helped to ease the pressure he felt .

They waited for another hour before the door of the delivery room opened . “Is Yuan Lin’s family here? Congratulations, she has successfully given birth to a boy . Both mother and son are safe . ”

Chen Jin felt a wave of excitement coming over him in an instant .