I Hacked Everything - Chapter 36

Published at 15th of July 2019 10:06:49 AM

Chapter 36

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Chris went back upstairs and before he went back to his room, he saw Monica .

"You alright?" Chris asked casually .

"Yeah, it's great that I don't remember anything . Like they say, ignorance is bliss," Monica said while smiling . "So I overheard what Mom said to you downstairs . Well, I'm glad that you're back . . . "

"Yeah, it's great to be back," Chris said while starting to tear up a little .

"Ahhh, I saw tears!" Monica said to tease Chris .

"Something just got into my eyes," Chris said as he wiped the tears . "Go to your room . I know you have homework to do,"

"Hmph, I already finished it all," Monica said while holding her head up high .

"Good . At least you won't force me to do it like last time," Chris said as he went back to his room .

"Hmph, I just wanted to be with you . . . (baka onii-chan)" Monica muttered under her breath . After a couple seconds of staring at Chris' door, she went back inside .

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(I put parenthesis because she wouldn't know what baka onii-chan means, but the situation was just too perfect . . . )

When Chris went back inside the room, he immediately bought the Foundation Movement Technique and the Tortoise Stance .

-Thank you for your purchase . Host now has 172,418 Hacker Points . Please close your eyes Host-

Once Chris closed his eyes like when he received the Supreme Body Cultivation Technique, information started to flow in his head

Movement Technique Phase 1: Passed

Phase 2: Passed

. . .

Phase 5: Passed

Tortoise Stance Phase 1: Passed

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Phase 2: Passed

Phase 3: Passed

-Congratulations, Host has bought your first skill . Host has now unlocked Training Room . Please say Training Room in your mind . -

'Training Room,'

In a matter of seconds, Chris felt like his body was in a tornado and he closed his eyes . Only about 5 seconds later, the sickening feeling that Chris felt stopped .

-Host is now in the training room . Do not worry, the sick feeling that Host got will be the first and final time Host will feel that way . More importantly, welcome to the Training Room . In here, time will be a lot slower than in real life . In here 1 hour is 1 second in real life . As Host has just unlocked it, Host can use 7 seconds of the Training Room a day . That means that Host can stay here for 7 hours . Of course, that time will increase with time, but 7 hours is the max so far . Host will not require sleep, food, or water while in the training room so that Host can use it to the max . ,-

'Why wasn't this given when I got the Supreme Body Cultivation Technique?' Chris asked .

-Host has not bought the Supreme Body Cultivation Technique, but won it . Like stated earlier, Host is only able to get the training room once Host has bought a skill . -

'Why does it matter? I got a skill regardless . If I had this, I would've been able to reach stage 5 easily,' Chris said .

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-Host I will not repeat this information again . This is what the System has decided and Host will respect that decision . The next time Host asks this question, 50,000 Hacker Points will be deducted . -

'Fine . So does this whole conversation count as part of the 7 hours?

-No, the 7 hours will start when the System has determined that Host is starting to train . -

'Alright then, I'll start training right now!'

Chris quickly took out Organ Strengthening Potion and drank it as fast as he could . There was a burning sensation on his tongue and when he swallowed it, he felt as if his throat was on fire .

"The process didn't even start and it hurts like shit!" Chris screamed . However, instead of running around in pain, he sat down in a meditating position and tried to empty his mind .

'Alright this is how those characters did it in those light novels . Empty your mind,' Chris thought . The pain started to come in his penis .

"It's alright . I totally don't feel like my dick is about rip into pieces," Chris muttered under his breath . He kept this up for 5 minutes, but the pain on his dick was still there .

'Wait, I thought that the organ was strengthened after 5 mintues! Why is my dicl still feeling like complete garbage?!' Chris thought as he drank an Organ Nullifying Potion he took out earlier .

-Why in the world did Host think nothing while absorbing Qi for the first time . That is what Host supposed to do after having Qi in the body . However, when taking that first step, Host must actively open all the pores in Host's body to let the Qi in . -

'So did I just waste 5 minutes, 3,500 Hacker Points and all that dick pain?'

-Yes, Host has to strengthen his penis for the second time . However, the good news is that Host's penis will be extra strong and durable . -

'Alright it's not a complete waste,' Chris thought as he took another Organ Strengthening Pill .

Once again, there was a burning sensation on his tongue and throat . After a couple of seconds, his penis once again felt like it was going to get ripped .

'Open your pores, open your pores,' Chris thought as he imagined that there were gigantic holes on his body drawing in all the energy . After a grueling five minutes, the pain on Chris' crotch finally disappeared . Soon his bladders felt like there were 50 years worth of piss in there that wouldn't leave the body .

'Oh god, how much more do I have to do this?' Chris thought as his bladder was getting closer and closer to explosion .

. . .