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Published at 4th of May 2020 05:20:06 PM

Chapter 1002: 1002

Chapter 1002 SS Oleg

Natasha didn’t tell Jiang Chen what happened even after they headed out . She just vaguely said that she had drunk too much yesterday then changed the topic . Although Jiang Chen was curious, he didn’t persist on the topic . After, he went to clean himself up .

At about eight o’clock, surrounded by hairy Russians in suits, Jiang Chen took Natasha downstairs and sat in the limousine .

While it didn’t feel the most comfortable being followed by a large group of security personnel, he understood that they were now in the midst of a special period and it was always better to be safe .

A call came to Jiang Chen from Xia Shiyu .

“How are you? Are you safe?”

“It’s fine . I have so many burly men looking after me when I go outside, and there are people to even go to the washroom with me . ”

“Oh, then I’m relieved . You won’t do bad things then . ”

Xia Shiyu was doing her hardest not to laugh .

Jiang Chen, who thought Xia Shiyu was laughing too hard, decided to tease her . With a smirk, he said . “That’s not necessarily true . Guess who the appointed security consultant is?”

Xia Shiyu thought about it for a second and wanted to say Ayesha, but she thought she could be regarded as a private bodyguard .

After thinking for a moment, she suddenly thought of a name and probed .

“Is it… Natasha?”

Among all Russians, she knew Natasha the best . She remembered that Ayesha had mentioned to her that Natasha used to serve the KGB and later entered the diplomatic system .

Although her relationship with her wasn’t bad and the four of them even went on holiday together, this didn’t mean she was willing to add one more sister .

“The two beautiful women in the family aren’t enough for you to eat?” Gritting her teeth, Xia Shiyu couldn’t think of any way to control Jiang Chen . She pouted as she spoke with resentment .

“Ahem . She’s just a safety consultant; I have nothing to do with her . Don’t think too much . Well, let’s not talk about this . How about you? How many of our asteroids have been contracted out?”

She noticed that Jiang Chen didn’t want to continue with the topic . Although Xia Shiyu got jealous easily, she didn’t always persist on the same thing and understood priorities . She quickly shifted her focus to the more important issue .

“A total of five were contracted out, including Hua, Russia, the UA, Nippon, and India . NASA asked us to expand the asteroid contracting quota and replace the hard indicators with market bidding . The United Kingdom and France submitted an application to us . ”

“NASA’s request can be ignored . Get them to finish mining the one on hand before applying for the second . As for the United Kingdom and France…”

As Jiang Chen was talking, he glanced at Natasha sitting opposite him .

Although she put her hands over her ears to indicate she wasn’t listening, Jiang Chen was not easily convinced .

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He organized the wording in his head, avoiding all the sensitive information .

“The conditions for the United Kingdom’s application can be relaxed . Just hold France’s application for now . Once the EU mess is over, you can review their application . ”

“Will this be brought to the WTO?” Xia Shiyu was somewhat hesitant .

“WTO is for countries . We’re a private enterprise and a large multinational one at that . We have the power to decide who we do business with and who to play with,” Jiang Chen said with certainty .

“Well, since that’s your order, I will follow it . ” Xia Shiyu nodded .

“Please . ”

After saying goodbye to Xia Shiyu, Jiang Chen smiled and turned off the holographic screen on his watch then his line of sight crossed Natasha’s .

“Why can’t I be included?” Natasha said, displeased .

“Because…” Jiang Chen couldn’t think of how to answer this question then responded with: “Love is selfish . ”

Sure enough, Natasha made a vomiting gesture and also an exaggerated clown face at him .

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“Then why is Ayesha?”

This time, Jiang Chen didn’t know how to answer . For a while, he couldn’t think of any rebuttal .

“There are always exceptions,” Jiang Chen shamelessly said .

“I understand . You only like women with small boobs and aren’t interested in other women . In the words of your country, you’re a Loli Lover! Pervert!” She was infuriated by Jiang Chen’s answer so she blurted out the sentence before she turned her head and ignored him .

Jiang Chen looked at her sulking without knowing what to do .

What is this?

Maybe she was really angry . Natasha didn’t say a word again along the way . Although he was confused, he wasn’t too bothered by this . He knew very well that she wasn’t the kind of woman with a small mind, and she might forget it in a while .

As for asking him to examine himself, that was impossible .

When he arrived at the Russian Aerospace Science and Technology Group, a Russian with a giant nose greeted him and enthusiastically invited him into the building . He took Jiang Chen from the warehouse to the office and even went into the research and development center without hiding anything .

During their conversation, Jiang Chen learned that the name of the big nose Russian was Yuri, which was a very popular name in Russia .

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He was extremely talkative . After Jiang Chen entered through the door, he didn’t stop talking for a minute .

“This is the RM-320 we produced according to the drawings you provided . Your design is outstanding . I don’t know what words to use to describe the astonishment in my mind . The only limit is that the materials in our combustion chambers aren’t up to standard…” Pointing at a bright silver rocket engine, Yuri didn’t stop complimenting him . “We will also ask Jiang Chen about some of the technical problems related to the rocket . ”

However, Jiang Chen was bound to disappoint him . He didn’t understand any of the technicalities at all . At most, he understood the direction . In terms of technical details, he might be less knowledgeable than the interns who copied data, working behind the scientists .

Fortunately, experts also came with him from Xin and these problems were dealt with by those experts . Perhaps it was because of the conviction of the technology of Celestial Trade that these high-spirited scientists were very eager to learn . If there was anything that they didn’t understand, they were humble to learn .

Helping Russia master the RM-320 engine itself was part of the agreement . Jiang Chen let the Celestial Trade expert deal with the scientists while he went to another place with Yuri .

In an empty warehouse, a flat-shaped cuboid aircraft about 15 meters long was parked . Behind the cuboid aircraft, there were four large holes and an RM-320 engine could be placed in each of the holes .

“SS Oleg, this is our spacecraft that can be used in the Earth-Moon system . This is the top secret of our group . ” Yuri slapped the metal giant and squinted his eyebrows at Jiang Chen with pride .

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