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Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Tragedy and War

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Blood .

And the hideous words and drawings written by blood .

"Gang, I am sorry for your loss . You are a good man . Why don’t you come to our place?" The middle-aged man with a buzz cut sighed, walked over to Zhao Gang and put his hand on his shoulder as he softly comforted him .

His name was Ma Zhongchen . Zhao Gang and him were in the same firing spot in the battle . No one expected for a celebratory moment to become a pitiful sight .

The gloom of blood covered this triumphant victory, just like a bucket of cold water dumped on top of every survivor’s face .

"I, I am going to kill them!" Zhao Gang, who was kneeling on the ground, stood up abruptly as he lifted his rifle with viciousness .

"Calm! Take it easy, don’t overreact!"

"What can you do as just one person? Take his gun away . "

A few of the survivors close to him immediately dragged him down, and put their hands on the safety before stripping him of the weapon . The situation suddenly turned messy .

Zhao Baodong’s hand became numb . Cold sweat began to roll down his forehead as he stood by the side . Several others were similar to him . The pitiful situation made everyone’s heart tremble with fear .

Who can promise this won’t happen in their homes? The locusts, like bandits, were not picky eaters .

On the wasteland, the most frightening creature was not the zombie, nor mutants like the Death Claw .

It was the bandits who raided your home .

Even the weak survivor groups, as long as they avoided contact with mutants and wondering in the night, they would be able to avoid most dangers . But for the bandits that preyed on humans, any survival technique was futile .

If they lost, the men would be killed, the women captured, and the food cleaned out . Things they couldn’t bring with them, they would smash . They used violence to express their hopelessness to the apocalypse .

Cruelty? This was the "normality" of the apocalypse .

Jiang Chen’s jaw clenched as he stared at the head surrounded by a pool of blood . The eyes rolled up made his chest feel stuffy .

Is it because of the small forces I've gathered that caused this tragedy?

"It’s not your fault . Based on the bullet holes on the wall, they possessed at least machine guns . This survival group was only the size of two families . Even if you didn’t take Zhao Gang away, he would be another number in the casualty," Sun Jiao noticed his silence, so she quietly reassured him .

She knew him too well, even if she couldn’t see his face .

"Heavy machine guns . Tire tracks . Truck equipped with machine guns?" Jiang Chen locked his eyebrows . He took a deep breath and opened the helmet .

He walked in front of Zhao Gang . Jiang Chen faced the man with bloodshot eyes and asked, "Do you know who did it and that's why you are so eager to seek revenge?"

"It's obvious . Their symbol is on the wall-" Ma Zhongchen said with a bitter smile .

"Huizhong Mercenaries . It’s them… I am going to kill them all!" Zhao Gang’s eye popped out as he desperately tried to break loose of his friends’ grasp, he just wanted to kill those monsters .

Huizhong Mercenaries?

Jiang Chen paused for a moment . He then looked at the symbol drawn by blood . The continuous and curly S . He couldn’t make out what it was .

He opened the map, and the light blue full sensory screen weaved in front of him . He remembered that back on Sixth Street, a long time ago, a sucker he shot told him that Huizhong Mercenaries was based in an experimental school in Songjiang Area . Before the mansion expanded, he didn’t realize it until now that the old rival Huizhong Mercenaries was pretty close to Qingpu area .

Everyone was watching Jiang Chen, waiting for his reaction .

Although they understood that they could not blame Fishbone for gathering their forces, but they were still hopeful that a "leader" who conquered the sea of zombies with them could say something .

At least, this kind of surprise always seemed to happen on a long journey .

Jiang Chen, of course, noticed the looks of hope, but it made him ponder .

Huizhong Mercenaries would be a problem after all . Before he didn’t have the desire to expand, so he didn’t worry about it too much . But now the situation was different . After this mission, Fishbone Survival Camp’s name would spread in the area . The survivors would spend their crystals at the Sixth Street, and their success would be heard of at the Sixth Street as well . Who didn’t like to show off? Bragging about their victory, enjoyed the cheers and praises of others . They were the veterans after all .

Although they wouldn’t be dumb enough to say that there is someone that sold food in front of their homes and gave other people the opportunity to know where they lived . But if the Huizhong Mercenaries that wandered in the area here heard the news, they may search the area .

If they knew a special force appeared in Qingpu, they would be able to find the place . Since Fishbone’s wall was already constructed, they couldn’t hide like other survivors in abandoned buildings .

Since they were rival, to begin with, a battle was imminent . Rather than giving the enemy the opportunity to plan a sneak attack, why not make the first move?

Especially since all eyes were watching him . There was no better time to establish his authority .

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and walked in front of Zhao Gang . He stared at the man full of vengeance and said calmly .

"I will help you seek revenge . "

Although they were waiting for his response, when they heard the words, the survivors were all moved . Of course, a simple sentence was not enough .

A "good person" or a "leader" was determined based on his actions .


Except Jiang Chen was confident that his acting was comparable to Liu Yao .

Zhao Gang stared blankly at the man in front of him . He gritted his teeth, and then kneeled on the ground .

"If you can help me seek revenge, my life is yours!" He knew that if it were just him, he would be asking for death .

He silently looked at the Zhao Gang kneeling on the ground and said calmly .

"I don’t need your life or kneecap, your life is yours . "

Jiang Chen raised his head and looked at the survivors around him . The next sentence was for all of them .


"Although this crusade was for our interests together, I can’t allow people to take advantage of us!"

"I remembered a long time ago, there was a quote: when they slaughtered the union workers, I didn’t say anything because I was not a union worker . Then when they killed the Jews, I still didn’t say anything because I was not a Jew . After that, they began killing Catholics, I kept my silence because I was Christian . Finally, they wanted to kill me, and no one was speaking up for me because everyone who could speak was killed!"

He looked at the confused looks among the survivors, and Jiang Chen shook his head in disappointment .

Of course, he had too high of an expectation to think that they would have the realization . If it were not for the fact that they fought together, the tragedy that happened on the small survivor group would not garner the compassion of anyone .

Maybe, they would take advantage of this and scavenge the leftovers .

"Huizhong Mercenaries is a problem . Then we’ll go take care of the problem! Don’t think that what happened today has nothing to do with you . Imagine one day this happens to you, you will regret not standing up today . If you like the idea of being enslaved like animals, the Devils fu*king your woman, and killing your children, then I have nothing to say . If you still consider yourself as human, then follow me . We disdain the cowards!

Jiang Chen didn’t waste a single word, as he signaled his team and began turning around .

Regardless of anyone following, he must get rid of Huizhong Mercenaries!

"Should we go now? It would be better if we remain cautious and go back first," Sun Jiao asked in the private channel .

"We can’t back down," Jiang Chen responded emotionlessly .


There was plenty of fuel and ammo in the armored vehicle, enough to sustain at least a few more days . There would be no reason to drag it on . Especially since this had to do with the morale of the team . If what he said inspired some people to follow, that would be for the best . The survivors were all sharp shooters so they would be useful against the Huizhong Mercenaries .

He especially wanted to see how much they've changed after the battle with the zombies .

Although he did force their surrender by force, Jiang Chen was not satisfied with this .

The group of survivors chatted among themselves as their hesitation was visible on their faces .

"Zhao, should we…" The young man standing beside Zhao Baodong carried a rifle and undecidedly looked in the direction that Jiang Chen had just left in .

Zhao Baodong was also conflicted .

Go, of course . There would be dangers, but it was not without gain .

The man gave them half of the wealth after killing the zombies . Therefore the wealth accumulated by the Huizhong Mercenaries…

Most of the survivors thought of this . Since someone already said they would help, then why would they risk their own lives?

They were only conflicted of whether the potential gain of fighting the Huizhong Mercenaries would be worth the risk they'd take .

When selfishness became a habit, they would not be grateful, but rather laugh at his foolishness . But for Fishbone to expand, they must contact the forces close by .

The expensive and limited slavery chips could not support a population . Especially since the population of the Sixth Street didn’t grow on trees . After the crusade, the price of overpopulation would only increase .

Although these people were selfish and close minded, they were much easier to control than the thugs wandering around the wasteland .

Jiang Chen was betting someone would stand up .

Even if he lost the bet, he wouldn’t lose anything . With the strong firepower of the power armor, Huizhong Mercenaries was not a problem .

But looks like he made the right bet .

The man with bloodshot eyes calmed down, silently dragged his gun back from his friend, and followed Jiang Chen .


"Gang?" Ma Zhongchen stared blankly at Zhao Gang . He wanted to drag him back .

"I am a man . " Zhao Gang left without turning his head .

Although his son died, his wife should still be alive . He must do everything to save her .

I am a man .

The harsh words echoed in everyone’s head . Their passion has yet to die, but when they realized they were only calculating the losses and gains, the look of shame appeared on everyone’s face .

"Ma Sir?"

"I am also a fu*king man . "


He spat on the ground . Ma Zhongchen grabbed the rifle and followed .

If there was a first, there was a second .

When courage becomes a force, the fear before turns into anger .

There was nothing else to say .

The massive force once again began their journey . There was no need to threaten them this time .

He looked back at the team behind him as a trace of a smile appeared on his face .

After this battle, the Fishbone’s authority would not be challenged anymore . Every single street in the area would become the walls of Fishbone . And he, he will become the new king of Qingpu, King of his new reign .