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Chapter 107
A moldy smell swept across their face .

Maybe it was Jiang Chen’s illusion, but he even smelled a pungent, disgusting odor .

Now it feels much better .
"I can guess what this place is," Sun Jiao suddenly said .
"Oh? What place?"
"A place to store their trophies . " Her voice was calm, without much fluctuation, but Jiang Chen could still hear the disdain she tried to cover up .
The plastic walls were well insulated as the temperature in the basement was slightly higher than outside . The lamps on the side of the hallway provided the lighting to the place . The place still had electricity .
Seeing that the boss and captain came down, the 03 soldier in power armor in front of the basement door saluted .
"What’s going on?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows but realized instantly .
It was living hell .
The room previously used as a fallout shelter was completely remodified . The polyethylene door was attached with a massive lock . The people captive inside the room could be seen through the tiny window .
That’s right, kept like cattle .
The soulless naked woman sat there, Jiang Chen couldn’t tell if she was alive or not . The white stains and the dark bruises and scars on her body made it hard to fathom the pain she experienced . There were at least one hundred rooms like this!
Each door had a number . Some rooms were empty with only dried blood inside . Some rooms had multiple people inside .
Beautiful, ugly, able bodied or disabled, body modified or tattooed with heinous words…
Jiang Chen looked away as he could no longer stand the scene .
"The number on the door should belong to a bandit, and they should keep the keys there . The people or things inside are their trophies or sex toys . They usually kill them once impregnated, or purposely impregnate them to unleash their monstrous desire…" Sun Jiao said emotionlessly .
"You do know quite a lot," Jiang Chen took a long breath of air and said in a troubled voice .
"Common sense on the wasteland . Sometimes, you are really charming . " Sun Jiao suddenly looked playfully at Jiang Chen and smiled .

"Haha, my pleasure . " He forced a laugh because he was not in a delighted mood, and he continued to walk emotionlessly .
"What the fu*k, there is a man inside?"
Jiang Chen took a few more steps before looking at the door in disdain and moved away .
[Some weird fetishes here . ]

The man inside seemed to have noticed the noise outside, he opened his wry eyes and looked outside .
In a glimpse, as if he suddenly got a burst of energy, he smashed the door to draw the attention of Jiang Chen .
"Wait! You are the enemy of those bandits right! Can you let me out?"
Seeing that the man in power armor turned around to look at him, Chu Nan gulped and said rapidly .
"My name is Chu Nan, an ex-pilot at Liuding town . I was captured by these bandits a month ago . "
[Virgin (Chu Nan)?] Jiang Chen held in his laughter .
"Liuding town? Then how did you fly here?" Sun Jiao was surprised .
"Mission failed," Chu Nan answered in awkwardness .

Jiang Chen opened the helmet and examined him with a weird look .
"Why did the bandits put you, a man here?"
Chu Nan paused for a moment, and then a forced a smile .
"I don’t know, maybe sell me for a good price? But Liuding definitely doesn’t lack pilots . "
Jiang Chen paused for a moment as well and then smiled .

"My name is Jiang Chen . I also don’t need pilots . Once the battle is over outside, we’ll let you go . "
There would be too many variables if he just let him go now . Since it was already dark outside, he would have to wait till tomorrow . Anyways, there was no difference in letting him go now or tomorrow morning .
"Give me a gun, I can still fight, I can help you guys," Chu Nan gulped as he proposed to Jiang Chen .
"No need . " There was no need to add variables to the battle . An extra light infantry would not change the battle .
Jiang Chen shook his head as he prepared to walk forward .
"Can you give me a nutrient supply? I haven’t –"
An instant noodle smashed precisely into the window, Jiang Chen said in annoyance, "I am not in the best mood right now, so you better shut up for a while, or I will forget to open the door tomorrow . "
[Quiet now?]
The crisp sound of instant noodle and chewing transmitted through the door .
Jiang Chen curled his mouth up as he was prepared to move forward .
Dong, dong!
At that moment, the abrupt smashing of a heavy door was heard . A monster-like vicious look passed through the tiny window, a rather beautiful face was revealed, spiteful and twisted .
He looked at her in shock as it was the first woman he saw that still had energy .
Sun Jiao was even more shocked .
She opened her helmet and walked up to the door in disbelief .
"You know her?" Jiang Chen looked at her astonished, and then glanced at the "monster" wanting to jump away .
A bitter smile appeared on Sun Jiao’s face .
"Somewhat . Her name is Zhou Xiaoxia, my old friend at Liuding town? Or just an acquaintance . She was a lone wolf with a skilled dagger and pistol skills . We teamed up together before, temporarily . "
"Then how did she –"
"Captured, tortured on a daily basis, and finally lost her sanity… She probably has gone insane already . "
Sun Jiao reached her hand out, but just before she touched the door, the woman leaped at the door like a malicious animal, viciously flashing her teeth .
She retracted her hand .

Jiang Chen gulped lightly .
Is this the fate of a lone wolf wandering in the wasteland?
"So, the filthy lone wolves on the wasteland are usually old virgins, because once captured, you’ll never be human again . "
Sun Jiao suddenly smiled, she pulled out the tactile rifle and aimed into the small window, as she quietly looked at the monster-like pupils .
Jiang Chen noticed her hands were shaking .
"Do you need my help?" He asked gently .
Even for people who were accustomed to killing, they have people they were unwilling to pull the trigger on . He kind of understood the feeling . The feeling where she wanted to end her companion’s pain, but unable to do so because of past interactions .
Sun Jiao thought for a moment and then smiled .
"It’s okay –"
A massive explosion suddenly diffused inside as the ceiling began to the shake, the lights were flickering .
"This is 07 . We are under attack! They are equipped with heavy firearms, requesting assistance!"
The explosions continued to transmit from the surface, the soulless women in the cages were even alerted and twitched .
"01, 02 provide cover fire on the roof, 04-08 search for cover and return fire . " Sun Jiao calmly ordered in the public channel .
"Dammit, who is the enemy?!"
"It’s definitely not the Huizhong Mercenaries, they don’t have such intense firepower," Chu Nan leaned against the door as he quickly explained, the look in his eyes seemed to plead for Jiang Chen to let him out first .
"It’s the mutated human! It’s the mutated human force! Dammit, how did we encounter these things here!" Angry shouts transmitted from the communication channel, the intensity of the battle could be deduced from the shaking blast .
The situation was critical as Jiang Chen did not bother with Chu Nan’s plead . He dashed directly to the stairs and signaled Sun Jiao, and 03 to follow .
Sun Jiao glanced at the Zhou Xiaoxia flashing her teeth at her and put down the rifle . She didn’t say anything as she silently left the basement .
She didn’t pull the trigger .
"Dammit!" Chu Nan smashed the door as he witnessed the group of people leave the basement .
He could only pray that the man called Jiang Chen wins .
At the same time, he suddenly noticed that the monster-like woman was staring at him .
He abruptly remembered the hardcore po*n scenes yesterday . The bald Zhou Guoping took his pawns, lined them up, and then pressed the bit*h-like woman against the wall, they cursed derogatory words while they…
To be honest, he was hard .
Chu Nan shook his head as he wearily sat on the bed .
To his surprise, through the tiny window, he noticed that the woman was also smiling?
He suddenly felt his throat being stuffed, he opened his mouth but didn’t say anything .
When the person in the power armor said her name, he already realized who she was .
However, in the month he was kept here, he didn’t recognize her at all!
Speaking of this, she hasn't visited Liuding town for a while . Since last winter?
Zhou Xiaoxia was known as the devil hunter, the screw bar’s goddess at Liuding . She would always have a drink there when she passed by Liuding town .
There was a lot of people thirsty for her beauty, but none picked the rose with thorns .
But now, the charm was covered by filth, and the audacious yet gorgeous face had lost all of its liveliness .
Dammit, he did fall in love with her at first sight .