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Chapter 108
The Mutated Humans - like the cannibals, was another species not accepted by humans .

A giant figure, strong muscles, an ugly, twisted face, and grayish green skin . Just like the monsters from .
The FEV virus in their cell structure had given them an insane regeneration ability . From some perspectives, they could be considered immortals unless they asked for their own death . At the same time, the ferocious FEV also made them immune to any diseases, and free from the risk of radiation . They boast themselves as the "perfect human" and praise that the heaven like wasteland belonged to them .
Of course, the above was was not the reason they were hated . There were plenty of arrogant, ugly people, and with enough radiation dust, the head was bound to become abnormal .
The survivors disdained them because they were di*kless .
Not only that, they liked to capture people, and turn them into the same di*kless creatures they were .
The inability to reproduce was their only flaw .
Also, because of the limited life span of their DNA . Despite a higher regeneration rate, which means the cell division was occurring at an abnormally high rate, this resulted in a shorter life span .
They would rarely age but would experience a violent death in their 50s . The more injuries they've had, the shorter their life span . If they wanted to continue their species, the must capture people on the wasteland, and put them in a vile and pickle them to turn the captured people into the same ugly, mutated humans as them, regardless of gender . To increase efficiency, they would force breed the males and females . The newborn baby would then be turned into mutated humans as well . They would then raise the newborn and repeat the same reproduction cycle . This inhumane act was even more obnoxious than killing people . Obviously, people would rather get their heads chopped off than their di*ks chopped off . So naturally, the mutated human was top of the blacklist on every survival camp, the Sixth Street included .
These "di*kless" things were the arch enemy of all humans
Even if they couldn't conduct trade with other survivors, they still lived a comfortable life .
Nutrient supply? They could produce it, but they rather not eat those things . They hunt for mutants, and then eat the highly poisonous flesh raw, and use their insane immunity system to process the poison . Even the disgusting Roshan, they could feast like its flesh was a delicious meal .
Firearms? They were born in the underground military facility . Because of the involvement of the government, the military did finally receive freedom . They controlled the entire military base and was considered the organization with the amplest amount of firearms in Wanghai City .

It was true that based on the adaptability of this world, they had the right to be arrogant . If it were not for the fact that they couldn't reproduce, they would have without a doubt conquered the world .
But Jiang Chen was facing these lunatics right now .


"Dammit, their firepower is too strong!" Ma Zhongchen tightly pressed behind the cover as he could barely gather his breath due to the oppressing fire from the heavy machine gun .
400 meters out, whoever had the more intense firepower was the daddy .
The grayish-green colored mutated humans were wrapped in ammo . The revolving machine gun furiously unleashed its power on the main building . Their muscular body enabled them to fire the heavy firearm without being disturbed by the heavy recoil .

Without the need to wear kinetic skeletons to increase their weight, they could use their pure strength to wear the almost one-ton C-plastic steel armor . If it were not for the exposed joints uncovered, the light weapon would practically cause no harm .
"Fu*k, it's the mutated humans . " Sun Jiao's face looked troubled, she carried the 72mm anti-tank cannon and leaned behind the cover .
These heavy machine guns could already pose a threat to the power armors, the intense waves of bullets forced them to take cover .

Both feet locked onto the ground changed into AP bombs, she reached out of the cover and immediately fired .
The bomb with a trial of orange fire scattered across the sky as it smashed right into a mutated human .
The AP bomb without a doubt penetrated the armor and ripped the mutated human into pieces .
The effect was visible when they realized that the opponent also possessed heavy weaponry . This caused the mutated humans to become more cautious with their attack . The only downfall was they began to focus their fire in Sun Jiao's direction .
Sun Jiao unlocked her feet as she initiated the turbine engine and barely avoided the rain of bullets .
The ferocious firepower from the machine gun almost shredded the wall she took cover at into pieces .
"Dammit, do their bullets not cost money?" Jiang Chen gritted his teeth, he leaned against the wall and continued to shoot while constantly taking cover behind different barriers .
"Fu*k! Why are they focusing on me . " Sun Jiao dragged the 2-meter long cannon as she awkwardly hid behind the stairs, unable to peek out .
Other than heavy machine guns, they also possessed at least four recoilless cannons!
Their firepower was not on the same level, the only heavy weaponry on Jiang Chen's side was the 72mm anti-tank cannon . Although the revolving heavy machine gun was powerful, because the other side had already suppressed their fire, it is hard to regain the control .

There were at least 20 mutated humans with machine guns .
"Should we drive the armored vehicle over, the 20mm machine gun could . . . "
"Are you crazy, they have four recoilless cannons!"
"Fu*k, what to do . . . " Sun Jiao bit her lip .
"Retreat! Retreat! Fu*k! Prepare to fight in the building!" There was no time to hesitate, Jiang Chen decisively took control as he shouted in the public channel .
Sun Jiao quickly realized the situation too .
[That's right, if they can't win in distance, then fight in close range! If the mutated human need captives, there is no reason that they wouldn't chase . ]
The light infantry that was being suppressed on the ground by the firepower began to retreat . Then it was the power armor soldiers .
The mutated human took the upper advantage in the first wave of exchange fire, there were three casualties on Jiang Chen's side, with minor injuries on the power armor soldiers .

Two casualties on the opposing side, one was blown to pieces by Sun Jiao . The other practically died because of bad luck . With the regeneration strength of the mutated human, unless it were shots to the head or heart, they would not die .
It was already pitch dark in the night . Because of Jiang Chen's retreat, the mutated human began to cease fire .
They couldn't destroy the building as their purpose was to capture people . In this case, they had to enter the main building to combat with Jiang Chen .
"A total of 31 people, with 19 heavy machine guns, they are in the building already . " After activating fury, all the hearts appeared in his vision .
Fury deactivated .
He took a deep breath as his brain regained clarity . After the battle in the virtual world, he could already freely control fury without the need of a tranquilizer .
The only disadvantage of the ability was that the higher the number of the enemy targets, the more difficult it was to control his emotion . Once the violence was built up to a certain point, he could even lose control . Just like Sun Jiao's special ability would force her to be weak, these hidden genetic abilities were never meant to be the gift from the higher beings, but rather a curse to the unholy .
The light infantry was completely useless at this point . Sun Jiao ordered them to retreat to the door .

Ten power armor soldiers against 31 mutated humans, that was a large discrepancy .
But would Jiang Chen play this game fair and square?
The Fishbone base lacked a lot of things, but crystal was not one of them .

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