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Chapter 115
Pannu Islands, located in South Pacific Ocean, was near the equator . The sunshine made this place a great destination for a vacation .

The tourist attractions were plentiful in the area, natural island, volcano lake, rain forest . But because of the lack of infrastructure, it didn't manage to gain much traction . On the entire main island, the most expensive thing was probably the international airport, which they borrowed the money to build .
At this time, inside the not-so-busy airport terminal, two strange looking foreigners walked side by side .
"Roger, do you think I will be famous? To be honest, I smoked weed when I was 13 . I was in juvenile by 15-"
"Hehe, and then you got your a*s pounded by the black uncle inside? Who cares? The guy sitting in the White House did far dumber things . Also, if you dare to use your Irish accent and call me Roger, I'll twist your head off . " Robert stopped, and turned around to look at the Caucasian teen fiercely .
"Sorry, buddy, you know I am just nervous . " Johnny waved his hand, unbothered by his words, and continued, "I asked the psychiatrist before, he said he had a phobic for being too famous . "
"Shut up, you Irish bastard," Robert cursed out .
Johnny kept his mouth shut after he heard those words, he knew that Robert was not someone to mess with . In Los Angeles, even the Irish Gang Leader would give him some ground . Although he seemed to have exited out of the business, it was not someone a little pawn like him would dare to mess with .
Whenever someone mentioned to him Irish, three words would surface in Robert's head: Weed, Alcoholic, Poor .
But right now he must patiently entertain this dumb*ss because it has to do with 20 million USD .
As to why he appeared here, it all started from the conversation a couple of days ago with Jiang Chen .

"Play a bad guy for me, and 20 million will be your paycheck . I'll pay in gold . "
Jiang Chen stopped momentarily before he continued, "On an island country in the Pacific . "
Robert paused, then his expression suddenly changed .
"Sh*t, are you going to-"
"You are right . If you guessed it, then keep it to yourself . All in all, write a script for me and pick a good "protagonist" for me . I am going to film a blockbuster . " Then an evil laugh was transmitted through the phone .
He knew the laugh too well . Someone was going have a bad time .

" . . . You are crazy . Although I am a producer, I am more of an investor . " Robert forced a troubled smile, he rubbed his temple and continued briefly after, "Okay, God . Let me think . Where are you planning to film it? How much are you going to invest?"
"One hundred million USD, one year of GDP for Pannu island . The plot will be, a Los Angeles billionaire came to Pannu Island with the intentions of investing in the local industry . He began bribing local officials and taking a sh*t on all the natives there . Okay, so that's the first movie's plot . Oh, I recommend the billionaire be acted out by a poor bastard bad to the bone . I need him to display his expressions after he suddenly gets wealthy . "
"Haha-, don't worry, there are too many Irishes in Los Angeles . "
"I'll wire the one hundred million to your account . "
Robert paused when he heard Jiang Chen's words and asked with a perplexed expression, "You are going to wire it to me? Are you not scared that I am going to run away?"
"I trust that you won't . Honor code right? Especially since I can get you out from IS, are you still-"
"I understand, that's enough . " Robert faked a laugh as he touched his nose . "We are old friends . Some things don't need to be said . "

"That's right . You are a smart person . The money that's supposed to belong to you will belong to you . Hehe, if this deal is successful, you'll have a lot more to gain from it . Aren't you annoyed with the FBI? I can give you a backup option . "
Robert heard the words, and his throat twitched .
He suddenly remembered a piece of "entertainment" news on the international section of the newspaper awhile ago .

December 30, 2014, Gambia Presidential office was attacked by a militant group of approximately ten people . The militants attempted to stage a coup . This bizarre event was the direct action of the Texas real estate business man and a Minnesota veteran . They recruited people, bought weapons, and then transported the weapons through an illegal channel to Gambia .
Of course, without a doubt, they failed . Based on their original plan, the action would not receive too much resistance . They thought the soldiers in the presidential office would not pose too much resistance in a dangerous situation like that . Perhaps they would even receive the support of some soldiers who decided to join forces with them .

The result was that three of them were shot died right on the spot . There was no way to defeat them .
In the unsuccessful coup, the Texas real estate developer business man was the primary sponsor, and because they broke the , the American prosecutor sued him . He only sponsored two hundred twenty thousand USD as he only wanted to be a president once .
Now, Robert felt like he was doing the same thing .

Except this lunatic was even more insane, he was willing to put in one hundred million USD!
One hundred million USD to buy an entire country?

Not only that, as well as the cost of mercenaries .
"Dammit, let me ask you, are you serious?" Robert's fingers were trembling . He couldn't even hold onto his phone .
It was not because he was afraid, but rather he was excited .
He was an adventurer at heart . If he were to really be successful, then the "small" firearm merchant could make history .

Of course, he didn't really care about the reputation . The key was still the profit involved . He had a feeling that if he could establish a connection with "the force" behind Jiang Chen, his return would far exceed his previous total earning!
"That's right . I think you should ask for a break from your friend Laurence . I don't want the FBI to be involved again . " The tone sounded light .
"Of course, I'll think about it . Hehe, it is getting me excited . " His fingered constantly rubbed the phone as there was clear excitement in his eyes .

"I don't care if you are excited or not, I want results . Let me be clear . This "movie" can only be shot once, you have to consider it carefully," Jiang Chen said slowly .
"Trust me, as a renowned producer in Hollywood, I, Robert, will make you extremely satisfied with my script . "
"Mhmm, I'll have to take your word for it then," Jiang Chen said casually and then hung up the phone .

There were already people waiting at the airport exit .
Beside a limited edition black Mercedez Benz was a middle-aged white man with a beer belly, constantly checking his watch .
He made the loose suit look rather tight . Beside him, an Asian stood there, appearing to be his bodyguard .
On another note, in this small country with only a population of twenty thousand, the entire military was only 100 people . They occasionally had to play the role of police as well .

Suddenly, the middle-aged man's eyes lit up as he saw Robert and Johnny walk out .
"Oh, Mr . Robert, you are finally here! Haha, is this Johnny?" The white man opened his arms and greeted Robert with an amiable smile . He also looked excitedly at the Irish next to Robert .

"Sh*t, is he gay?" Johnny asked Robert with his voice lowered .
"Shut up, dumb*ss . The shooting already started," Robert moved his head and cursed, but immediately changed into a smiling expression and walked up to the man .
"That's right . This is Johnny, a billionaire from Los Angeles . " Just like old friends that haven't seen each other for years, they hugged each other and backed away . Robert turned around to look at Johnny, "This is Pannu Island's president - Edward . British descendant, basically from your hometown . Also, acts as the finance minister, and . . . "

From your hometown was said full of malicious intent .
"As well as generally, my friend . " Edward courteously shook Johnny's hand and shook it furiously . His face did not have any disdain for Irish people like usual Britains do .
The reason why he would display this expression was purely due to what Robert had said . This Johnny guy was an Irish billionaire from Los Angeles . No one had invested in Pannu island for a long time, there was finally a billionaire, so this fake Emperor did everything to please him .

As to being Irish? Who cared? He only cares about the bills printed with Franklins .
After some small talk, the president invited them to get on his luxury vehicle, and personally drove them to the mansion - Robert purchased it two days ago under Johnny's name . It was worth half a million USD .
"Dammit . President, the finance minister, general . . . what is he not?" Seated on the comfortable sofa, Johnny counted his fingers .
"And supreme court judge, education minister? He would not take any positions without benefits . Don't worry about it, do a good job on what I told you to do . " Robert took a bottle of Whisky from the fridge, put it on the table, and pour himself a cup .
"Nice, these is booze . " Johnny excited grabbed it and poured himself a cup as well .

Robert glanced at the alcoholic that gulped down the entire cup as he took a sip . Then he said, "There is a banquet tomorrow night, the local influentials will all be attending . Come with me, and I'll teach you what to do . The day after is an investing tour . You'll spend two million USD investing in a cargo port on the main island . Learn from me, see how I am stuffing the money, and establish a relationship with the officials,"
Robert continued .

"Also, not long after that there will a Chinese merchant contacting you . He is an old friend of mine . He is currently in the food processing business, help him a little, I don't think I need to teach you more . "
"Gulp- . " Okay, Roger . Speaking of filming, where is the cameraman? Buddy, we are shooting a movie right?" Johnny burped with the cup in his hand . In a few minutes, who knows how many shots he had taken already .

"Yes, we are filming a movie . This is the newest filming technique . You'll be part of history . Don't forget to build a statue for yourself in the city center, and the film team will do a special shot of it . " Robert resisted the urge to laugh as he took another sip of the whiskey .
"Mhmm, in this case, I only need to spend money?" Johnny chuckled as he poured himself another cup, "This is a great job, what's the name of our movie again?"

" . Don't forget the piece that will make you famous . It's not only about spending money, but you also have to act as cocky, arrogant, and unbearable as possible . Such as cheating on the neighbor's wife, seducing the woman in town, just do everything you wanted to do Los Angeles . . . Be yourself . Do a good job . If the reception is good, then there will be sequels . " Robert leaned against the sofa as he mockingly looked into drunken eyes .
"Burp-, sequels? What's the name?"

Just as he finish the sentence, he dropped the cup and fell asleep .
"What's the name? , idiot," Robert continued to mocked and put down the Whisky in his hands .
Alcohol, it's better to just have a taste .