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Chapter 117
The next morning, Jiang Chen woke up from his sweet dream . He looked at the adorable girl beside him, sleeping as calmly as a cat, and his mouth curled up .

Mouth slightly closed, graceful eyebrows, eyelashes gently trembling, and the somewhat messy hair . . .
The porcelain doll-like white skin was cast with slight redness on her cheeks, and from her rhythmic breathing, Jiang Chen could hear a hint of tiredness and joy .
It was a bit too crazy last night .
Jiang Chen thought about last night as his face turned red . He didn't know if it was his illusion, but he felt that every time Ayesha was treated "roughly" by him, she would be excited, especially with her hands pulled behind her back, from the back . . .
He awkwardly touched his nose, and then gently tucked Ayesha in before quietly sneaking down from the bed .
He hadn't cooked breakfast in a long time .
Jiang Chen, satisfied, looked at the buttered toast and oatmeal with milk on the table with a great sense of accomplishment .
"I definitely have the potential to be a great man," he narcissistically murmured . He then relaxingly sat beside the table to enjoy the breakfast . He still had a lot of important things to do, so he had to wake up earlier than usual .
He cleaned everything up and left a sticker on the table before he left the door humming .
He drove straight to the rural area with his Maybach .
Jiang Chen still needed to do some preparation work for his island purchase plan . The sooner, the better . Robert probably started the plan already on his side . To be fair, he was even scared by his own plan . If he made a mistake by accident, he would enter the blacklist of the international police .
But then he just needed it to succeed, right?

Ayesha opened her weary eyes and slowly sat up on the bed . She smoothed her slightly messy hair and stared blankly at the empty pillow, her mind just zoned out for a moment .
She didn't know why she fell in love with Jiang Chen, but the feeling was that intense . Whenever she saw him, her heart beat would increase . Whenever he hugged her, her entire body would feel hot .
She blankly smiled as she remembered last night .
Suddenly she woke up from her drowsy state .
"Oh no, I forgot to cook breakfast . "
In her perspective, to be a qualified wife, she should put the prepared breakfast on the table before the husband headed out for work . Although it was not written in the religion, it was the family tradition from her mother's side .
That's how she had measured herself . She knew that her husband was a great man, including the woman that came back with him on the car, he probably has a lot of "wives" . Even if she wouldn't get jealous, she still craved more attention .
This included a controlled diet (She did not know the genetic vaccine improved her digestive ability, she didn't need to control her diet to avoid that extra fat on her stomach), proper exercise, to make herself look fit and charming . The nutrient was also marvelous, as it seemed to improve her skin condition . The only draw back was the awkward pee tube .
She also worked diligently on housework .
But she was too tired last night, even when she woke up this morning, her leg still felt sore, that's why she slept in .
She quickly got out of the bed, Ayesha put a long white dress shirt on her gorgeous figure and then ran downstairs with her legs exposed .
However, she was disappointed . Jiang Chen already left .

Frustrated by her own "mistake", after washing up, Ayesha grumpily came to the kitchen to make some food for herself .
When she saw the breakfast already on the table, she paused .
Her heart felt warm .
There was a note on the table, the writing was really neat, and she could understand it with her Chinese level now .

She put the notes in front of her chest as a flush of warmth appeared on her face .
She suddenly remembered why . Because of this gentleness, that was what made her uncontrollably fell in love with him .
Although he always gave off a naughty feeling, he always took great care of her . He didn't discriminate her because of her refugee status nor treat her brutally . . .
Her hands sub-consciously crossed her chest as her finger gently pressed the button on her shirt .
"Dad, Mom, I am living a happy life in this foreign country . Don't worry about me . "
She grasped onto the note tightly as she prayed .

Xinlong Food Processing Plant .
The gray concrete wall looked relatively clean, the surrounding environment was not too bad either . Although it was small, it had everything in there . Just from the outside, Jiang Chen was quite pleased with the plant .
He got off the car and looked around before he quickly found the person he was looking for .
A middle-aged man squatting in front of the door, smoking, quickly stepped on the cigarette after he saw Jiang Chen . Forcing a smile, he came to greet him .
But that smile was no better looking than him crying .
The information said he was 31 years, but the 180 cm man has a hunched back like a 50-year-old elder, the whiteness on the side of his hair and the engraved face was not because of the passage of time, but rather the misfortunes in life .
"Jiang Chen, you should already have seen my information . " Jiang Chen didn't judge this man too much, as he extended his hand with a smile .
"Zheng Hongjie, owner of the Xinlong Food Processing Plant . " Zhen Hongjie shook Jiang Chen hand, and forced another smile . He then gave Jiang Chen a welcoming gesture . "Mr . Jiang follow me to take a look at the plant . "
"Mhmm . " Jiang Chen nodded .
Both of them entered the plant side by side . Jiang Chen noticed the dust on the production line . This place hasn't produced in a while .
"Two canned food processing lines, an instant noodle line, and a cookie line . Our work was mostly in processing before, but no one wants to work with us now . "
Zheng Hongjie's smile was bitter . He then led Jiang Chen to back of the plant .
"This is the warehouse, including the four empty acreages of land . We previously had the plan to expand the plant, but now it looks like it is not necessary . I'll sell you the production equipment at 70%, we'll make it 300 thousand . The land and plant itself are a bit more expensive, 2 . 4 million, can't go lower than that . "

After finishing, Zheng Hongjie stopped talking and looked at Jiang Chen's reaction .
He estimated in his mind and nodded rather pleased .
The price was fair, even a bit lower than the market price . He already asked the intermediary before, the plant's cost was around 3 million . This guy must have met some trouble with money, or else he wouldn't need to sell the plant at a lower price this hastily .
Although he already decided to purchase it, Jiang Chen's eyes moved slightly . He didn't reply, but rather he gave Zheng Hongjie a cigarette with a smile and dragged him aside .
"Mr . Zheng, I am quite pleased with the price . But I am curious, based on the construction of the plant, you are not the type to have improper planning . What made you want to sell your asset?"
Zheng Hongjie didn't reject the cigarette as he skillfully lit it up .
He blew a smoke ring . The just 31-year-old man had wrinkles squished together on his face, and he bitterly smiled again .
"Stock market . "
Although it was only two words, Jiang Chen instantly knew his sadness .

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