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Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Battle of the Construction Site

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To be honest, Jiang Chen has not been home for a while .
In the past, it was because he didn’t feel like he accomplished anything . Thus, he felt
embarrassed and guilty seeing his parents . Now, he has finally achieved something . The gold in
the mansion was worth at least a million . It was still not enough to buy an apartment in Wang
Hai city, but it was sufficient to support his parents .
Also, inside the vault of the bank, there was a fortune worth billions .
“What are you thinking about?” Sun Jiao waved her hands in front of Jiang Chen .
Also, I have a girlfriend . Jiang Chen smiled at Sun Jiao as he grabbed onto her hand, and
carefully looked at the flawless hand .
“I was just thinking if I should put a ring on you . ”
Sun Jiao’s face immediately blushed as she fleeted away, not knowing what to do . Although she
was bold most of the time, there were occasions where she showed her shy side .
Jiang Chen laughed as he recollected his thoughts . The dishes were all cleaned and organized .
This was the first time he realized that Sun Jiao knew how to clean up . The thought made him
quite happy . Of course, Yao Yao also helped out . Jiang Chen guessed that it must be Yao Yao that
cleaned the dishes first and Sun Jiao followed, as she didn’t want to feel too guilty about it .
This must be the feeling of being the man in the house .
The planning session began after dinner . Sun Jiao insisted on the meeting being held on the
bed . Jiang Chen mocked her in his head as she grew lazier by the day .
Although slightly uncomfortable, Yao Yao lied on the bed as well . She wore Jiang Chen’s shirt
and jeans that he prepared for himself . He thought he would just pick out a few outfits for her
once he was back in the modern world .
The faint scent of Jiang Chen on the clothes made Yao Yao blush throughout the meeting . This
was the first time she experienced such a weird sensation which made her quite dizzy .
“First, how to enter the vault . Let me briefly explain for our little girl . ” Sun Jiao took out the
full-sensory computer pen and displayed the three-dimensional image . “We enter the safety
tunnel through the underground garage . We then avoid the zombie-filled grand hall and got
into the basement which will lead us to the vault’s front door . I took this route before so it
should be relatively safe . The key is going to be on the main door of the garage, which has a
password lock on it . Do you think you can open it?” Sun Jiao looked at Yao Yao as she finished
her sentence .
“If it is the security system before the war, I am pretty confident I can open it . However, I need
two days to prepare . Some of the software must be installed beforehand,” she stared at the
prism and said with caution .
“Ok,” Sun Jiao replied with a snap .

“Let’s go buy you a computer tomorrow . I also want to buy one for fun . As for the preparation,
let’s do that in the mansion . ” Jiang Chen always wanted a futuristic computer . He heard those
things were dirt cheap at Sixth Street, about the same price as EP .
“Mansion?” Yao Yao turned her head around .

“That’s our base, and also your future home,” Sun Jiao smiled at Yao Yao as she explained .
Home… no matter how many time she heard those word, Yao Yao always felt a warmth
surrounding her .
“So the next question . ” Sun Jiao’s expression turned serious . “Is about Huizhong Mercenaries . ”
“Oh? Did they make a move?” Eyebrows raised, Jiang Chen asked .
Yao Yao’s face spelled confusion as she didn’t have a clue .
Sun Jiao patted her head as she saw Yao Yao’s confused face . She then began to explain how the
story started .
“So, these guys are eyeing master’s fortune . ”
“Don’t call me master, you can call me big brother . ” Master was a word which made Jiang Chen
feel weird, especially coming from a young girl .
“Ok, brother!”
Jiang Chen tried to hide his face full of joy but directly met Sun Jiao’s questioning smile . He was
sure that if he did anything inappropriate, he should be worried about his future sex life . He
shivered as he immediately dragged the conversation back on track .
“So the result of your observation is?”
“Huizhong Mercenaries’ supports and backups are here . They are patrolling the area five
kilometers away from Sixth Street . They have 17 gunmen and one motorized machine gun . That
is excluding the fact that these are only part of their power . ” Sun Jiao also regained her
professionalism . “According to your plan, all the pieces are set in place, and we just need to wait
and enjoy the game . ”
Jiang Chen nodded as he fell flat on the bed . “Is there anything else we need to talk about? If
not, we should sleep early . ”
“Well, here’s the problem . ” Sun Jiao glanced at Jiang Chen with a mischievous look . “Where are
you going to sleep?”
“There’s only one bedroom . ” She reminded him .
“Of course I am sleeping with you . ” Jiang Chen had the audacity to answer as he hugged her .
“I, I’ll go to the living room . ” Yao Yao tried to flee from the bed with a blushed face .
Sun Jiao grabbed onto the escaping Yao Yao as she whispered into her ear . “You are sleeping
beside your big sister today because a naughty boy is trying to eat your sister today . ”
F*ck, it’s still debatable who is eating who? Jiang Chen sighed .

They ended up sleeping together that night in a peaceful way, but it just ended up being a
terrible night .
The next morning, Jiang Chen rubbed his still sleepy eyes and sat up . He looked at the
completely spread out Sun Jiao and compared her with the curled up Yao Yao . A smile emerged
on his face .
Time to make breakfast .
Although it was in the apocalyptic world, it was still important to maintain the proper daily

routine . Eating breakfast was one of the few habits that Jiang Chen managed to keep . He placed
a slice of bread into the microwave and observed the sky outside the window .
The dawn had not yet broken through the dark sky, but he didn’t feel sleepy at all .
He thought about the battle with the most vicious enemies on the wasteland . The idea made
him uneasy . Although he prepared for the battle for a long time, anything could happen . The
enemy must have prepared for as well . Hui Lei disappeared, which would ring a warning bell to
Zhou Guoping . The motorized machine gun was ready for this occasion .
Unless he spent the rest of his life on Sixth Street, the day would come when he has to face the
mercenaries .
“Is there anything I can help with?” A faint voice mumbled .
“Hmm?” He turned around with a smile . “Are you not going to sleep a bit more?”
She was loosely covered with Jiang Chen’s oversized clothing . Yao Yao shooked her head with
eyes still half-closed . “No . . . No . if Yao Yao is too lazy, Yao Yao will be abandoned . ”
“I already told you, I am not going to abandon you . What do you think about every day?” Jiang
Chen tousled her messy hair .
Maybe she was still sleepy, but when her head was rubbed at a drowsy state, Yao Yao
unconsciously let out a few cute snores .
Due to the advanced medicine, the bruise on her face was already very faint . The scars on her
hands were also not as visible . Due to malnourishment, she looked rather thin and weak, but
Jiang Chen believed that she only needed time to get better .
“Oh, thank… you . ” Answering while still half asleep, Jiang Chen dragged Yao Yao into the
bathroom .
“Since you are already awake, wash your face and remember to brush your teeth . ” After a couple
of words and reminders, he handed Yao Yao her toothbrush, closed the door, and returned to the
kitchen .
With a toothbrush in hand, Yao Yao stood in front of the sink still drowsy . Because of anemia,
she always felt drowsy in the morning . Even then, her heart was furiously beating .
[What is happening?]
She stood there and stared blankly into space with her hands crossed in front . “Gulp . ”
Although drowsy, she smiled blankly . The remaining warmth on the toothbrush felt soothing .
After breakfast, the group left the Tulip Hotel and headed straight to the market . There were
electronic stores there that sold full-sensory computer pen that cost a fortune before the war
but now only sold for pennies . The store owner also gifted a lot of electronic components for

free after Jiang Chen purchased two pens at once . He wasn’t too interested in these small parts,
but Yao Yao packed everything like she just hit the jackpot .
100TB storage, super high power processor, and low power consumption . The store owner
pitched the product, and Jiang Chen was dazzled by the features . However, he was buying the
computer pen for Yao Yao, and he only wanted to see how cool this thing was .
Jiang Chen also spent two crystal energies to purchase an EP for Yao Yao . The EP was extremely
effective in protecting against radiation . It was also very useful for understanding the body’s
condition . After accepting so many gifts, Yao Yao was timid . With a reddened face, she kept her
head down .
After everything has been completed, they began their journey home .
When their boots first crossed the iron gate, Jiang Chen immediately felt something was odd .
Could they be spotted already? Or was it the gene vaccine that made his sense much more
sensitive .
“Remember the details of the plan,” Sun Jiao carried the laser rifle in front and whispered the
reminder to Jiang Chen .
“Got it . ” he shrugged . At the same time, he took a deep breath and pretended to be relaxed .
“Remember, this is my idea after all . ”
Yao Yao nervously touched Jiang Chen’s hand . She was extremely sensitive about Jiang Chen’s
restlessness . However, other than calming Jiang Chen down, she was not too useful . Her goal
was simply not to become a burden . After all, her body strength was the weakest .
They slowly turned the street and walked towards Hui Zhong Mercenaries’ flank spot . Jiang
Chen’s heart began beating rapidly . All of a sudden, Sun Jiao stopped .
“This doesn’t feel right . ”
“Hmm?” Jiang Chen was fully alert as he took out the PK200 assault rifle from behind him . Yao
Yao tightly hugged Jiang Chen’s back . Although she displayed a calmness unfitting for her age,
her slim body shivered .
Sun Jiao took a deep breath before suddenly opening the wires by her wrist .
Smoke erupted and quickly submerged the street .
“This way, follow me!” Sun Jiao signaled the other two and rushed to the building on the side .
“Dammit! The prey is gone!” A guy with a Mohawk and piercings swore as he slammed into the
concrete wall . The machine gun began to rotate . He didn’t know how those three sensed the
danger, but he knew that if he screwed this one up, his boss might make him regret it .
“That way! Team Two follow them . ”
“Roger, this is team two . ”
“Machine gun division is mobilizing . ”
Although they were bandits, the poorly equipped group of mercenaries responded with
decisiveness . They surrounded the direction where Jiang Chen fled . The wolf pack style made

them quite the enemy .
“Still not here?” Jiang Chen looked at the struggling Yao Yao who was trying to keep up .
“Almost . ” Sun Jiao responded impatiently . Then she controlled her speed so that the two behind
her would not get lost .
Gene vaccine was something magical . In the past few days, Jiang Chen felt that his body
condition significantly improved . If only these could be used on teens, it would be good on Yao
Yao . He did not feel tired at all .
Jiang Chen looked at Yao Yao as she struggled to keep up . Her face was an ashen white as she
also had anemia .
Jiang Chen immediately picked up Yao Yao as she was close to exhaustion and before Yao Yao
could let out a scream, he dashed to Sun Jiao .
Sun Jiao glanced at Jiang Chen without saying much . She continued to sprint forward, with her
rifle in hand .
Yao Yao blankly stared at Jiang Chen’s chin . A drop of sweat rolled down his cheek and fell onto
her arm . She quietly held onto his sweat soaked clothes as she leaned her head on his shoulder .
She didn’t say anything, like put her down, because she knew this was the best option . Although
it was a bit overzealous of her, she never hoped to survive as long as today .
She wanted to thank him… No, everything I own is already his . Yao Yao watched Jiang Chen’s
relentless face with warmth in her heart .
In the post-apocalyptic world, it was normal to die because someone couldn’t keep up .
But Jiang Chen would not let this be his normal . He dashed across a half-collapsed Ruins,
immediately following Sun Jiao . Yao Yao, in his arms, was not too heavy as she only weighed
about 40 kg . What made it difficult was the cracked concrete and the occasional zombie .
The zombies in this area were scattered, but with enough noise, a hoard of zombies may appear .
Since the enemy had vehicles, Sun Jiao must choose complicated and dense roads to travel on .
“Hurry! It’s the building in front . Get in there!” Sun Jiao signaled as she still had the energy to
talk . Jiang Chen was struggling to keep his breath stable .
After placing Yao Yao on the ground carefully, Jiang Chen immediately leaned against the
concrete pole . He pushed himself against the rifle and gathered his breath . Feeling apologetic,
Yao Yao kneeled beside Jiang Chen and carefully wiped the sweat off of his face .
Guangli Building’s logo hung loosely on the roof . The darkened windows made the building
look rather intimidating . From the unpainted wall, it was easy to tell that this place was
abandoned before completion . Therefore, there were no zombies nor mutant creatures here .
The crack filled wall made the structure look unstable, but for this very reason, Jiang Chen
chose this to be the battlefield .
Since they wanted the money, then there was no way they would destroy this building and bury
the three of them alive .
The reason why they chose here was to first, take down the initial wave of enemy, which would
slow their advances . Then, when the latter enemies arrive, it would be easier to annihilate them
all .

Sun Jiao skillfully leaned against the window with the SK10 rifle hidden below . She zoomed into
the scope with complete concentration and with her finger on the trigger, she waited for the
enemy to appear .
“We are fighting here . Can you still fight?”
“No problem . ” Jiang Chen adjusted his breath and stood up . He clumsily fell beside the window,
pulled out his assault rifle and opened the safety .
The game began .