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Chapter 122
The main colors of the building were gold and light gray, an elegant bronze chandelier was hanging in the central dome, and on both sides of the aisle were lined with exquisite European-style marble columns . Under his feet was a soft, red carpet and above his head were star-spangled crystals .

This was just the lobby on the first floor .
Those who occasionally passed by were very quiet as the decoration naturally made people slow down their footsteps . Sitting at the front reception was a gorgeous receptionist, wearing a light makeup on and smiling gracefully at the two of them .
"The spa here is not bad . You should try it . Hehe, but I recommend the activity on the third floor . " Wang Zhiyong laughingly winked at him .
Based on his expression, Jiang Chen knew what type of service to expect on the third floor .
It was obvious that he was a regular at this place since the receptionist appeared to be familiar with him . Without even looking at the card, she started asking what kind of service he would avail .
"The usual for me . What about you?" Wang Zhiyong turned to Jiang Chen .
Feeling awkward, Jiang Chen looked at the list of services a few times . He hadn't been to this kind place before so he could not understand the types of service they were offering .
Spa should be about bathing, right?
But what in the world were the goddess spreading flowers and lotus coming out of the water?
Only the acupuncture and massage sounded normal .
However, since he was already here, it would be rude to just turn around and walk away .
As Jiang Chen pondered on this matter, he decided to go for something light . Truthfully, he already had a beautiful "wife" back home, so he had little interest in other flowers . He subconsciously thought this would be that kind of place .
But just as he was about to speak, he heard an unfamiliar voice .
"Brother Yong, why didn't you tell me that you'll be here to play . Haha, are you done with your training?" A young man wearing a pair of glasses walked over with a smile on his face and warmly greeted Wang Zhiyong .
Jiang Chen couldn't tell the price of his suit, but from the aura that the man gave off, he felt that he was not a simple character . He didn't look anything special, and the only thing that left an impression on him was a pair of squinting eyes .
Whether he was laughing or not, his eyes appeared to be perpetually squinting .
"Nope . I played hooky . Haha, let's not talk about this . Let me introduce you to someone . "
Wang Zhiyong put his arm around Jiang Chen's shoulder . "This is the chairman of Future Technology . Jiang Chen, this is Zhou Zihao, a major shareholder of this private club . "
"What major shareholder, only a bunch of friends making some pocket money . " Zhou Zihao modestly smiled and then looked at Jiang Chen . "I am nowhere comparable to Mr . Jiang . Accomplished at a young age, the Future Technology even made it in Wallstreet Journal . This is truly giving our country glory . "

"I don't deserve such praise, I just got lucky," Jiang Chen said while smiling; however, in his mind, he was secretly thinking .
Zhou Zihao was not someone who was easy to deal with .
He never thought these second generations of politicians were easy to fool, but rather himself was always at a disadvantage in terms of foresight and shrewdness .
Take Wang Zhiyong for example, Jiang Chen always thought that he was just a little blockhead, but the words he said in the car completely altered his perception of him in his mind . Wang Zhiyong knew too much but he was simply not interested in politics, and that's why he always acted in a straightforward manner .
On the other hand, Jiang Chen couldn't see through Zhou Zihao .
[His name is Zhou? Could it be the Zhou family?]
Thinking of this, Jiang Chen started to become more cautious .
"No, no . " Zhou Zihao offered his hand and shook hand with Jiang Chen . "Compared to my not-so-accomplished brother, Mr . Jiang's corporation achieve far greater things in the tech industry . "
Upon hearing these words, Jiang Chen's mind turned quickly .
Brother? Does that mean his brother is in charge of military artificial intelligence? But what does this statement mean? A friendly gesture? What kind of relationship does he have with his brother? Competitive or close? He only knew that Wang Family and Zhou Family were cut from the same cloth, but he didn't know the intricacies of these political dynasties .
After all, only a few months ago, he was a nobody .
Wang Zhiyong suddenly laughed and patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder, which interrupted his train of thought and said, "That's enough . Why are you being serious about when we're having fun? Zihao always pretends to be poetic . Don't you feel tired speaking like this?"
"Ahem, this is not a serious talk but only casual greetings . " Zhou Zihao squinted his eyes and smiled
"Future Technology is only a start-up company so it doesn't deserve such praise . " Jiang Chen laughed and let his hands go .
"Oh yeah, Zihao, one of your younger brothers, Liu Changlong, seemed to be embroiled in a conflict with Jiang Chen, you take care of it . " Wang Zhiyong chuckled as he looked at Zhou Zihao .
"Liu Changlong?" Zhou Zihao frowned, thought for a moment before his eyebrows relaxed . "Oh, him . Don't worry, Mr . Jiang, I'll give you an account of this . "
Jiang Chen waved his hands . "It's really nothing . Although he did plot against me, now he knew better, so don't worry about it . "
"That won't do . " Zhou Zihao shook his head in seriousness . "Today will be on me as a token of apology . "
"Pshh, I already said it's on me . " Wang Zhiyong slapped the table with a grin .

Zhou Zihao squinted at him, "You? The card says that it is only free for you . How many people did you treat with it?"
Wang Zhiyong shamelessly laughed and waive his hand nonchalantly . "Don't worry about it . Just pretend I used it twice . "
"Is it the first time for Mr . Jiang?" Zhou Zihao glanced at him .
Jiang Chen nodded, slightly embarrassed, "Hmm . "
Zhou Zihao glanced at the reception, beckoned and whispered a few words to the receptionist .
He then turned around to Jiang Chen, with a smile, "Sincet this is your first time, then let's start with something light . What do you think, Mr . Jiang?"
[What's something light?]
Jiang Chen was still confused but politely smiled . "Then I'll listen to the host . "
"What about brother Yong?" Zhi Zihao looked at Wang Zhiyong .
"Haha, I don't play with rookies, you know . " Wang Zhiyong waggled his eyebrows and smiled devilishly .
Zhou Zihao sighed and smiled wryly . "Take care of your kidney . "
Wang Zhiyong was instantly provoked by the words, he slapped the table with bulging eyes .
"Fu*k, my kidneys are great! I am a soldier!"
"How many times have you actually trained?"
Under the direction of the staff, Jiang Chen headed to the second floor and due to his curiosity, secretly examined the place along the way .
On the surface, it appeared to be just an ordinary private club . In the lobby of the second floor, there were pool tables and sofas . The back of the wall was a bar for serving drinks . On the other side was a gym with only two rows of treadmills .
The common feature of these appliances was no one was using it . Clearly, they were only there as a decoration .
The beautiful staff with a bright smile led Jiang Chen pass through the bar into a hallway where they entered a finely decorated environment .
"Sir, your room number is 204 . If you need anything else, you can call me through the phone inside," the staff stopped, turned her head and smiled and said to Jiang Chen .
"Hmm, okay . "
Seeing that that the staff had already left, Jiang Chen looked at the card in his hand and hesitated .
[Fu*k, I am not a virgin, why am I hesitating!"
He cursed in his mind as Jiang Chen bit the bullet and swiped the card on the door .
The door opened, it was still soft carpet on the floor, but the door was lined with shoe shelves, which meant he needed to take his shoes off upon entering the room . The faint yellow wallpaper and the dim lighting added intimate ambient to the room .
In the middle of the room, there was an oddly shaped bathtub, the fluid looking shape along had some sophisticated looking buttons on the side . The water was ready, and a gorgeous lady in a bathrobe was standing beside it while smiling .
"Hello sir, do you need help changing?"
"No need . " Jiang Chen shyly refused .
"Is it your first time here, sir?" the beautiful woman smiled with understanding .
"Hehe, eh?"
[Fu*k, this is awkward . ]
Jiang Chen mocked himself in his mind . Embarrassed, he scratched his face .
The girl covered her mouth and smiled when she heard the response . Then she politely looked at Jiang Chen and continued, "Sir, if this is your first time, just follow my instruction . First, please take off your clothes and and leave them over there . "
"Take off my clothes? Here?" Jiang Chen thought he heard it wrong .
"Yes, unless sir you want to bath with your clothes on?" The girl winked and said with a smile, "Do you need me to turn around?"
"Ahem, it's okay . Help yoourself . " Jiang Chen's face turned red and coughed .
[Fu*k, being this shy is not like me!]
Jiang Chen swore in his mind as he made up his mind and undressed .
"Do you exercise regularly sir?"
With a cheerful smile, the beauty looked at Jiang Chen without avoiding his embarrassing part, then stepped forward to help Jiang Chen fold his clothes and guide him to lie in the bathtub .
"No, why?"
"Nothing, I just think you are very muscular . " The beauty maintained her smile, held Jiang Chen's head gently in the right spot and then she leaned her head—intentionally or not—closer to his ear, "If I were to be embraced tightly by you, it would sure feel great . "
The voice was full of magnetism, Jiang Chen felt his scalp become numb and his blood pressure spiked .
"Relax, close your eyes . "
Jiang Chen obediently followed . He felt a pair of hands touched the acupuncture points on his face pliantly but with just enough force and soothed each of his stiff nerves .
The water level in the bathtub gradually decreased . The tiny water outlet sprayed out warm mist and gently washed his entire body . This acute feeling was quite intoxicating and along with superb massage skills made Jiang Chen only feel relaxed .
The tension and fatigue built up through the days of continuous battle were washed away in an instant . As if all the burden had been wiped away by the warm water stream and gentle hands .
It felt like he was in the clouds .
It appeared like he had thought too much, it was not some intense sexual service but just a unique massage .
This beautiful woman's technique was skillful . She first used a word to cause his blood flow to speed up, then used a soothing massage to make his muscle and mind fall into a deep state of relaxation .
That feeling was even better than the "the embarrassing" act .
The small hands gradually moved to his chest and further down .
The water level rose again as the beauty appeared to have pressed a button on the side as the water in the bathtub vibrated .
"Sir, your muscle is really nice . "
The voice in his ears sounded magical as it flirted through his relaxed nerves . Just like an ASMR guiding him to deep relaxation .
"Skin is really nice too . "
"Relax, just leave your body to me .
Hmm, Jiang Chen had long since done that . Because it was too relaxing, his breathing became rhythmic and he fell into a slumber .
On the other side, Zhou Zihao who sent Wang Zhiyong upstairs took out his phone .

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