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Chapter 124
"It's you?"
Jiang Chen looked strangely at Fang Yuanyuan sitting on the chair .
Although she was sitting, the posture could not be described as elegant .
Her face was filled with horror, her hair was disheveled, and her lips were covered with black tape . Her limbs were tied up by nylon ropes in an indecent "M" style on the chair . Although her clothes were intact, she was without any kind of decency in this position .
Next to the bedside table was a laptop, the bright screen projected an audio file .
As if Jiang Chen had guessed something based on Fang Yuanyuan's appearance, he stepped forward and gently pressed the play button .
"Yo, girl, did you miss your brother?"
"Pervert . . . Let me tell you something, I have a classmate who made a fortune . . . No, no, clean background, I know that guy, he just got lucky . "
Jiang Chen quietly listened to the voice recording and stared at Fang Yuanyuan with a faint smile on his face .
Fang Yuanyuan's evaded Jiang Chen's gaze, afraid to make an eye contact with him .
Regardless of how unbelievable it was for her, this was the reality . The foolish fly that once buzzed around her like a fly had become someone that could control her life and death .
That's right, life and death .
When she was on her way home from work and was forcibly tied here, a frightening looking man told her:
Two options .
First: satisfied the man name Jiang Chen regardless of what he would do . Afterward, she would receive $10,000 as compensation .
Second: become fish bait in the Huangpu River .
She had never seen anything like this before, so she got scared that she almost peed her pants . Her captors didn't talk more as they skillfully tied her on the chair and threw her in the wretched room .
The center of the room had a round bed and beside the closet was some strange bondage devices as well as some "frightening" S tools . . .
Fang Yuanyuan looked at the man whom she had hurt before, horrified . She was scared, and she feared that he would use those awful things on her . If he actually did, she would have to endure the pain .
At this time, the phone suddenly rang .
Jiang Chen grabbed the phone as if he already guessed who it was . Not in the least bit surprised, he pressed the button .
"Hello . "

"Hehe, is Brother Jiang satisfied with the show?" Without a doubt, the lyrical sounding tone was definitely from squinting eyes .
"Brother Zhou is worrying too much . If you really want to cooperate with me, you only need to tell me . Why are you using these low-level tricks?" Jiang Chen's voice was slightly cold .
There was a distinct pause on the other side of the line .
"Brother Jiang? I don't really understand what you mean . "
"Oh, yeah? If you want to watch porn, then I can give you a few gigabyte of torrents . What's with the fetish of watching things live?" Jiang Chen hung up the phone, put it in his pocket then threw it in the storage dimension .
He didn't take his hand out of the pocket as he took out an EMP grenade directly from the storage dimension and detonated it .
A faint static noise was heard in the room . The laptop instantly turned black as a trail of smoke came from the fan . The light bulb on the ceiling flickered a few times before the light abruptly dimmed down . As if to confirm his suspicion, Jiang Chen keenly caught a glimpse of a few wisps of smoke from the several corners of the room .
He walked in front the photo frame directly above the bed, he sniffed and the faint burnt smell was not difficult to capture .
In the control room .
Zhou Zihao with the phone still in his hand was bewildered, his squinting eyes were actually opened .
He didn't know what Jiang Chen just did that short circuited all the monitors in the room .
"Interesting," he muttered to himself as he looked at the four blacked out screens .
. . .
There was no hatred without cause nor was there any goodness without reason . Slap his underlings a few times for a new friend? This sorry excuse for friendship was pure bullsh*t .
There was no deep hatred running between them, but he put on a show of asking for forgiveness, and then bring Fang Yuanyuan to his room with the recorded conversation . It was if he is trying to provoke the hatred .
From beginning to end, Zhou Zihao didn't ask him anything but did so much .
When Jiang Chen saw the design of the room that was meant to incite him into committing a crime, he suddenly understood .
In Zhou Zihao's plot, at this time, he would have been furiously ripping her clothes apart and unleashing his anger to humiliate her in the most torturous way possible . But in that case, what was there to gain for Zhou Zihao?

To record these "atrocities" and then use them would be the best way to maximize the gain .
If he could be ruthless to one of his own, then there was no reason he would be gentle to an outsider .
Jiang Chen ignored the surprised look on Fang Yuanyuan's face and once again pulled out his phone . He needed to confirm if Wang Zhiyong knew about this .

Jiang Chen ignored the surprised look on Fang Yuanyuan's face and once again pulled out his phone . He needed to confirm if Wang Zhiyong knew about this .
"Hello, Brother Yong . "
"What, Brother Chen . Hehe, don't tell me you're done already . " There was woman's voice on his side; it seemed to have been more than one .
"The Brother Zhou you introduced me is a bit of a bore, or does he have a fetish for peeping at other's privacy?" Jiang Chen's voice was full of other meanings .
The other side of line paused for a moment .
"Sorry, I'll give you a response to this . I didn't expect Zihao to be this ruthless . He wanted to meet you and asked me to make an introduction . I thought there would be opportunities for you guy to cooperate . so—"
"It's okay, I just wanted to confirm . Okay, I'll head back first . " After this turn of event, Jiang Chen didn't want to stay here any longer .
After hanging up, Jiang Chen glanced at Fang Yuanyuan and burst out laughing .
He ripped off the tape on her mouth, disregarded her cry of pain and gazed into her frightened eyes .
"I really don't understand your mentality . Because you're jealous that you're giving me trouble? Or do you think that I've done you wrong? Look at you now . "

Although the tape was ripped off, Fang Yuanyuan could not let a word, she looked at Jiang Chen, curled back looking horrified .
Looking at her cowering look, Jiang Chen did not know why he thought it was amusing .
"This is so ironic . Who knows why I got so blinded that I thought I had loved you for a moment . "
Jiang Chen shook his head and walked towards the door .
"Don't go!" Seeing Jiang Chen was about the leave, Fang Yuanyuan was nervous .
Jiang Chen stopped and turned around . He didn't expect Fang Yuanyuan to stop him . He gazed at her with an odd look .
Fang Yuanyuan didn't dare to look at him in the eyes, she mumbled, "I . . . "
"If you have something to say, spill it now," Jiang Chen interrupted impatiently .
Jiang Chen's apathy made her feel humiliated and wronged . After hesitating for a moment, she spoke while sobbing .
When Jiang Chen heard that if she didn't make him happy, she would be thrown into the Huangpu River as bait, he laughed .
"That means you're begging me to fu*k you and then write a positive comment on your butt?"
Hearing this, Fang Yuanyuan's pale skin swelled into a deep red color . She buried her head, no longer speaking .

Hearing this, Fang Yuanyuan's pale skin swelled into a deep red color . She buried her head, no longer speaking .
"Why do you have to make yourself into a sl*t? Want me to fu*k you? I'd feel dirty even with a condom on . "
Leaving these words, Jiang Chen turned around and left the room despite the pleading on her face and mercilessly slammed the door shut .
Zhou Zihao's trick was already exposed . Why would it matter if he had sex with her or not?
The sl*t didn't know that she was only a pawn .

Wang Zhiyong walked into the control room, Zhou Zihao seemed to be expecting his presence as he stood there waiting quietly .
Without a word, Wang Zhiyong walked up and threw a punch on his face .
The staffs were all shocked and bewildered, and helplessly watched their boss and his friend .
Zhou Zihao touched his nose, saw the blood in his hand and smiled suddenly .
"Brother Yong, your temper hasn't really changed . "
Wang Zhiyong dragged him up by the collar, the smiling face was pulled forward .
"You know my temper then you should know what type of person I can't tolerate . "
"I do . " Zhou Zihao's expression didn't change slightly; his tone was very flat .
"I don't give a sh*t about the things in your family, but I nicely brought my friend for you to meet, and you made me look like this—" Wang Zhiyong stared directly into his squinting eyes .
"Brother Yong, you are the oldest son in the family, right?" Zhou Zihao interrupted him .
Wang Zhiyong paused . He couldn't understand the meaning behind his words .
"Then you don't know how I feel," Zhou Zihao gently removed Wang Zhiyong's hand holding his collar . "If you knew, then your desire to control will not be lower than mine . "
"This time, it's my fault, I didn't expect the newly rich Jiang Chen was not as dumb as he looked . But if I was given another chance, I will still make the same choice . If I can't control the pawns in my hand, then what's the point of it?"
"Then let me warn you, you dare to lay your hands on my friend again, even if you are my friend, I can't promise you that you will be able to stay in Wanghai City . " Leaving these harsh words, Wang Zhiyong left for the door .
As Zhou Zihao watched Wang Zhiyong retreating back, he gave a noncommittal smile .
"147 officials scandal videos, not you, even your dad would not make me go back to Shangjing . Hehe . " He had been playing with fire for a long time ago .
As Zhou Zihao watched Wang Zhiyong retreating back, he gave a noncommittal smile .
"147 officials scandal videos, not you, even your dad would not make me go back to Shangjing . Hehe . " He had been playing with fire for a long time ago .

After a moment, he shook his head again .
"This is disappointing . Looks like using military artificial intelligence as a starting point to take down my brother is not realistic . Jiang Chen . . . forget it, it's best not to anger Wang Zhiyong further . "

When he drove back to the villa, it was already 10 in the evening . The lights were out, so Ayesha seemed to be already asleep .
Jiang Chen drove the car into the garage and head straight to the office .
He leaned against the chair, turned on the laptop and checked his email .
The cast is set . Buddy, should we go to the next step?

Jiang Chen carefully read through the attachment . He gave it some thought as his fingers typed furiously on the keyboard .
Suddenly, a cup of hot cocoa was gently placed on the table .
Jiang Chen paused and turned around . Ayesha was standing behind him and was affectionately looking at him .
"It’s late . Why are you still up?" Jiang Chen stopped what he was doing, looked at her fondly and smiled .
"Well, I just got out of the training chamber . " Ayesha put her hands on his shoulder and began massaging .
"Go to sleep first, I still have something to do . " Jiang Chen put his hand on top of hers and squeezed her soft, little hands .
Seeing the blushing Ayesha left, Jiang Chen returned to the computer screen .
"Should the plan be expedited?’ Jiang Chen murmured as he entered few more words to the text field .

Before that, he needed to head to Apocalypse to acquire some powerful firearms .

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