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Chapter 125
Fifth day .

Five days had passed, the morale was very low .
Although the supplies were adequate, there was despondency in everyone's face .
Victory—the price they paid for it was too heavy that it cast a gloom on their victory . Four power armors were destroyed, and the boss was nowhere to be found .
The mutants left a total of 41 bodies that were lying on the field .

Fortunately, the harvest was bountiful .
Four shoulder-launched recoilless rockets along with three reinforced armored truck were seized . Huizhong Mercenaries' bullet production line was a pleasant surprise so Fishbone would able to produce rifle ammunition on their own without the need to import from 6th Street .
At the top of the laboratory was four anti-aircraft guns that seemed to have been a modified . 50 caliber machine gun . These were excellent in typical survival camps as they were considered to be powerful stationary weapons . If they were equipped with armor piercing bullets and could get the first shot, they could easily suppress an armored vehicle .
Huizhong Mercenaries detained more than 20 captives in the basement . It was quite funny when the survivors were kicked off from the mutant's truck . Not only they were not frightened, but rather their face was full of happiness .
I was as though they had been saved .
It was indeed true as they no longer have to worry about being thrown into a pot and being pickled into eunuchs . Many people would rather die than be captured by mutants . If they were taken as a prisoner, there would be at least room for negotiation, wouldn't it? At least they could fight, so they definitely have some value . Although the wasteland was not necessarily short of a population, they absolutely lacked in "experts" like them .
As to whomever they worked for, they couldn't care less .
Although there were a lot of clamors from the survivors to kill off the gang's survivors, Sun Jiao still ordered them to be locked up first . A nutrient supply a day would stave off the hunger and death . As for the nutrient supply, they were naturally raided from their warehouse as Fishbone base didn't have a need for those .
Other than being unpalatable and lacking in nutrition, there were still some benefits to the nutrient supply . The people who ate these concoctions didn't need to defecate for a long time as the metabolic waste would be reduced to its limit . Even if they were imprisoned in the basement, there was no need to worry about the hygiene .
Simply put, the decision to kill or not would have to wait until Jiang Chen came back .
[He will be back . . . ]
Sun Jiao still firmly believed that .
As usual, Sun Jiao sat in the doorway of the tent, behind her was the place where Jiang Chen was last seen . As early as five days ago, she ordered to use the tent to surround the place where Jiang Chen had disappeared into . It was his biggest secret and also Fishbone base's biggest secret so there was absolutely no way she would let anyone find out about it .
She was still holding Sirius in her hands . The laser rifle that had accompanied her for many years was used to slaughter over and over again in these past five days .

And during these five days, she had been thinking about a problem .
If Jiang Chen never came back, what would she do?
"You liar, you said you will take me to the other side . " Her eyes looked sorrowful .
Lin Lin was standing not far away from Sun Jiao as the latter stared blankly ahead above the tent .
Although she was permitted to get off the truck and walk, she was ordered to stay within the 100m radius . If she exceeded that distance, Sun Jiao calmly expressed that she would shoot .
That girl was so scared she almost peed her pants again .
"What on earth are you looking at?" Lin Lin looked up helplessly as she murmured disapprovingly .
At the moment her left eye was black, but her right eye was bloody red .
After five days of communication, she finally reached a tacit understanding with the bug . . . or Tingting . The body would be controlled by Lin Lin, but the right eye would belong to the bug .
This was also a compromise of sorts . Although Lin Lin was opposed to the idea of a "bug" living in her head and had racked her brains to think of ways to get rid of it, it had never lasted for more than three seconds for her to realize it was an exercise in futility and so she gave up on it . Anyway, there was no harm other than the fact that part of the nutrients would be divided between the two of them every time she ate every day .

"Hehe, you are talking about him? That scoundrel is now in trouble, this feels great! He totally deserves it! I don't know . . . hopefully, he's safe . " Although her initial reaction was that of gloating, however, after giving it careful consideration, that guy did not seem so bad .
Lin Lin was conflicted, her head was in turmoil .
She had seen the women in the basement, and she could not believe that the world had fallen into such chaos, nor could she imagine what would have happened if anyone else other than that man had encountered her .
Lin Lin shuddered and wrapped herself around her arms .
"Puke, that's too disgusting . With my stunning look, I will be r*ped a hundred times over then will be turned into a sex toy . . . "
Well, in addition to narcissism, her delusions and paranoia were also quite problematic .

Slightly moving her sore neck, Lin Lin grumbled, "Hello, what are you looking at? Other than radiation dust, what else is there in the sky—"

The mother bug was still transmitting the same thought .
Stunned, Lin Lin touched her heart as she sensed the gradually increasing beat .
Her digital left eye shrunk slightly as she tried to understand the abnormalities in the surrounding area .
Did she see Jiang Chen? But how could that be? There was nothing in there at all .
Suddenly, Lin Lin appeared to have thought of something, her pupil began to dilate and muttered to herself, "That's impossible . Theoretically, that's not possible unless . . . "
"What are you looking at?" Sun Jiao looker over and frowned, her messy hair obscured her eyes with gloom .
Lin Ling was startled by her gaze and said while trembling, "No, it's not me . It's the bug that wants to look and also that mentioned Jiang Chen's name . " She was extremely frightened of Sun Jiao .
In her fragile heart, this "female demon" was more sinister than the "male demon . " At least she could detect a trace of sympathy and compassion in his eyes on occasion, but there was none from this woman .
For this woman, other than the things "I like" in this world, it was things "I dislike . "
Sun Jiao's eyes flickered for a second and she seemed to have thought of something .
"Ask it, what did it see?"
"Ugh, I have been asking but it seems to only know those two words . " Lin Lin smiled wryly .
Sun Jiao silently shifted her line of sight as if losing interest in Lin Ling .
All of a sudden, the tent cover was lifted up .
"Ahem, sorry . . . I'm late . "
The voice Sun Jiao had missed dearly rang by her ear, her pupil began to dilate, and her eyes were instantly covered with a fine mist .
"Hello—what are you doing—"
His chest made in impact with something soft as his back came in contact with the ground with a muffled sound .
Jiang Chen looked at the beauty lying on his chest with a grin .
For these past five days, every morning, he had been trying to start the interdimensional bracelet and finally succeeded this morning . Just like what he had suspected, the travel function was not broken, it was merely overloaded .
As soon as he arrived, before even gaining his balance, he was struck on the ground by this girl .
"Stupid, stupid, stupid—!"
Those soft fists were pounding hard against his chest, Jiang Chen was stunned while looking at the sobbing Sun Jiao .
From the beginning, she had always given him that little devilish feeling . It was the first time seeing her so weak and vulnerable .
"I . . . " Jiang Chen opened his mouth and wanted to say something .
"Why didn't you come back earlier? Do you how difficult these past few days have been for me—"
Her grievance halted, her crystal eyes were quivering with mist . Jiang Chen hugged her waist and suddenly kissed her on the lips .
From stunned to obedience, Sun Jiao gently closed her eyes as if the grievance of the past few days didn't matter anymore . She hooked her arms around his neck and responded just as passionately .
Due to the enormous softness pressing against his chest, Jiang Chen felt his mouth became parched .
Unaware of his condition, Sun Jiao worried about Jiang Chen's life-and-death condition, did he not miss her too?
He reached out his hand to pull the zipper of her suit .
"No, don't . " Sun Jiao was suddenly frightened and shrank back as she awkwardly covered her front and looked away . "I, I didn't shower . "

She had been here for five days; although there no scarcity of water, she was not in the mood to take care of her hygiene .
Jiang Chen paused before a smirk appeared on his face . While Sun Jiao's shrieked softly, he got on top of the charming girl .
"I don't mind!"
Jiang Chen roughly tore the zipper on the one-piece combat suit and kissed her neck .
"No . " The faint murmur sounded insignificant in this intimate scene .

Sun Jiao with misty eyes caressed Jiang Chen's back, her slender jade legs rubbed unconsciously with one other .
"Don't you want to listen to my explanation?" Jiang Chen suddenly stopped as he gently bit her earlobe with a smirk .
"No, I want . . . "
The explanation can be saved for later .
Yes, the day after .
Lin Lin stood awkwardly outside the tent, her pale face was flushed . She could not decide whether to go or not .
Leave? She was afraid that Sun Jiao would really kill her .
Stay? But these shameless people—they, they started doing it!
He was indeed a huge pervert!
Although she didn't know what it felt like, just the thought of it was embarrassing .
Suddenly, her heartbeat began to accelerate making her stunned . Tingting was trying to seize control of her body .
"You're insane! If we go, that savage girl will kill us!"
"What? Can't you beat her? Yes, but I don't want to fight!"
"AHHH! Stop!"
"Waah, I can't control my strength . . . "
Inside of the tent was filled with romance, outside of the tent . . .
A beautiful girl who had a 2 . 5-dimensional anime appearance was desperately using her right hand to hold onto her "uncontrollable" left hand .
She was mumbling nonsensical words that resembled anime lines .
The scene could not be more comical .