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Chapter 127
"This here is a group of pests . "

"They feed on the flesh and bones of our own kind and make our agony as their nutrients . "
Outside of the Fishbone base .
All the zombies had been wiped out and the roof was fraught with the survivors who fought side-by-side with those from Fishbones .

The bandits were kneeling on the ground with a black cloth over their heads, behind them was a group of soldiers armed with guns . Black muzzles were aimed at their head and cold eyes ignored the trembling bodies .
October was approaching and a hint of chilliness was gradually settling in the air . It was at this time that Jiang Chen had put on a windbreaker .
"Killing, looting, plundering, terrorizing, molesting . "

He gazed at the eyes of survivors in the crowd and raised his clenched right fist as righteous indignation spewed forth from his mouth .
"Now that they are kneeling in front of us, praying for our forgiveness, and begging for mercy like cowards, do you think we should spare these scums?"
Shouts and whistles rang across the entire street . Even the zombies next street turned around and stared at the direction of the Fishbone base .
Jiang Chen closed his eyes, lifted both of his hands and motioned the crowd to quiet down .
The crowd's noise gradually died down and everyone's attention was focused on him .
This feeling was extremely surreal .
He faintly remembered the feeling of being stared at by 30 pairs of anxious eyes in the sewer . The sense of apathy born from absolute control, from knowing that they had the power to control life and death .
But now, he was respected, worshipped, and lauded by a group of people from the bottom of their hearts . He only felt his blood was boiling that even the cold breeze could not be able to cool down .
Jiang Chen shifted his gaze to the row of bandits about to be executed .
"I believe you were well aware that this would happen one day when you pointed your gun at helpless people and abused both children and women . "
"No! Ahhh—"
A surprising scene occurred when a kneeling bandit suddenly got up from the ground and dashed to the alley on the side .
The desperate fleeing bandit hit the ground and left a frightening, bloody hole on his back .
Jiang Chen shoved his gun back into his pocket when the smoke from the gun had dissipated .
The survivors only saw a series of blurry actions . They couldn't even see Jiang Chen pulling out his gun, let alone the act of shooting . The entire action was so smooth that everyone's face couldn't help but pale .

They did not expect that Fishbone's boss would not only amass a strong force but would also possess an unparalleled individual fighting prowess .

Needless to say, whether it was power or speed of reaction, Jiang Chen injected with the genetic vaccine was far superior compared to ordinary survivors .
That man's escape just now was arranged beforehand; the rope was not tied down to his legs . It was done only to strengthen his prestige through personal force .
It was only human nature to worship the strong .
Incidentally, this "episode" was Zhou Guoping's original idea .

"Fire!" The cold words were accompanied with white mist and echoed on the cold street .
Gunfire sounded, a group of bodies dropped one-by-one in the pool of blood, officially ending their wicked lives .
Zhao Gang held the rifle in his hand, staring at his enemy who was lying in the pool of blood . Jiang Chen had given him the chance to avenge himself by allowing him to participate in the execution of the bandits . The bandit who was in front of him was the same bastard who led the mercenaries to raid his family, kill his son, and capture and violate his wife .
Seeing that the tumor that disrupted the region for so long was finally eradicated, the survivors cheered and raised their rifle celebrating .
Jiang Chen enjoyed the cheers of the crowd as he continued to order formalin to be sprayed on these bodies to be hung at several major intersections in Qingpu to deter those who dared to commit wicked acts .
Since then, Qingpu bore Fishbone's seal on the map . It was called the "seal of the order . "
After dealing with the bandits' affairs, Jiang Chen was preparing to go back to the mansion when he saw a man kneeling in front of him .
"What are you—" Jiang Chen paused to ask .
"I have nowhere to go . You helped me get my revenge, so my life is yours . "
Zhao Gang was on his knees with his head lowered, the rifle was propped up on the ground .
"Don't you have a wife? Stand up first . "

"That's exactly the case . We have nowhere to go . Please take us in . I am willing to sell my life to you, even if you want me to die, I, Zhao Gang, will not hesitate," he said in a deep voice . The resolute man did get up and remained kneeling on the ground .
[Nowhere to go?]
Jiang Chen had a sudden realization .
Winter was coming . Their home had been raided clean, and even if they returned to that empty hut, they would not last through the winter .
"Please!" Zhao Gang buried his head even lower .
Jiang Chen eyes narrowed slightly and sighed .

"Call me boss from now on . "
Finished, he went past Zhao Gang and went to the base .
Zhao Gang was frozen for a moment before an ecstatic expression appeared on his face . He lifted his head and gratefully looked at Jiang Chen's back .
In the end, Jiang Chen was still moved with compassion .
He headed toward Cheng Weiguo who was out patrolling with a rifle, patted his shoulder and pointed at Zhao Gang's direction .

"Arrange a place for him to live outside the wall . Tomorrow, take the other two along to the Sixth Street for surgery . " The other two were obviously Zhuo Guoping and Chu Nan and surgery referred to a slavery chip implant .
"Yes!" Cheng Weiguo saluted .
Jiang Chen nodded with satisfaction then walked inside the base . There were many things waiting for him to be dealt with .
Cheng Weiguo watched his boss leave, swung the rifle behind his back, and walked towards Zhao Gang .
"Get up, buddy . " Cheng Weiguo put his right hand to drag him up .
"You'll have to stay outside of the wall for the night . Tomorrow there will be someone taking you to the Sixth Street for a chip implant, then you and your wife will receive a comfortable room and become part us . "
Zhao Gang hesitated for a moment .
"Must everyone be implanted with a slavery chip?"
Cheng Weiguo seemed to see through his hesitation . He smiled and then pulled out a cigarette from his pocket .
"Want one?" This was one of the benefits of the Fishbone base .
He hesitantly took the cigarette . Cheng Weiguo grabbed the lighter and lit one for himself . The two then began to smoke in front of the gate .
"I was hesitant like you in the past . I was only a refugee at the time, and when I was forcefully implanted with slavery chip and got sold to some unknown force in the Sixth Street, my heart was full of fear . "

"I don't really care about my life, but I don't understand why my wife would need a slavery chip," Zhao Gang muttered and slowly took a deep inhale .
He could accept his wife being humiliated by bandits because it was his own incompetence that caused it, but he could not accept his wife becoming someone else's slave, even if he was willing to sell his life to Fishbone base .
Cheng Weiguo suddenly laughed upon hearing this . He looked confusedly at Cheng Weiguo, not knowing why he laughed .
"I was like you before, the feeling of my own wife being implanted with slavery chip sure did not feel good . But you are overthinking, the boss is a good person . He never treated us like slaves . My wife is now the cook in the base . He didn't wrong us just because he controlled our lives . "
"Looks like you truly respect him . " he looked at Cheng Weiguo in surprise .
"That's right, I was only a refugee on the verge of death before, and now I am the militia leader of Fishbone in charge of the wall defense . He does not only staves off our hunger but also gives us dignity that we never even think of dreaming . He truly deserves respect . Even if I don't have this thing in my head, I will still swear my allegiance to him .
Cheng Weigo threw away the cigarette butt in his hand, patted him on the shoulder and grinned at him .
"Perform well, as long as you prove your worth, our boss will not be cheap with his reward . I can say that in the entire Wanghai City, other than some special survival facilities, you can't find any place happier than here . "
He silently doused the butt of his cigarette and nodded at Cheng Weiguo .
"Mhmm . "

On the other side, Fishbone soldiers started cleaning the execution ground . The survivors had begun to disperse, and the Fishbone survivors dragged away more than 20 bodies to the side of the road to be sprayed with Formalin .
One body, however, was quietly dragged into the base and carried into a cabin .
Jiang Chen was sitting in that room . The soldier saluted and stood by the door .
The "dead body" on the ground twitched and raised slowly .
"Ahem, it's tiring to fake death . " Zhou Guoping pulled the black bag off his head, heaved a few breaths and exaggeratedly patted his chest .
"Oh? Do you want to try real death then?" Jiang Chen grinned mischievously .
"Hehe, I'll pass on that . " Zhou Guoping smiled wryly and obsequiously looked at his new boss .
He had a bulletproof vest on along with a bag of blood under his vest . When Jiang Chen shot him, he fell on the ground faking his own death .
"Tomorrow I'll take you to the Sixth Street to undergo surgery . Until then, you can't a take a step out of this room or else . . . " Jiang Chen stood up from the chair, walked to his side, patted his shoulder, and walked out of the room .
"Watch him . " After stopping for a moment at the door, Jiang Chen signaled the soldier on the side .
"Yes!" The soldier saluted .
Then, Jiang Chen returned to the gate .
There were already two tents erected near the door . There was barbed wire set up to block the zombies . The zombies in the area had already been wiped out and the new zombies would take at least a month before they arrive, so this basic fortification was enough to protect the safety of the three people outside of the wall .
Zhao Gang and his wife were setting up their tent, Chu Nan, the bachelor, was dealing in his own tent .
Jiang Chen still had a few things to ask him, so he directly approached him .
"What?" Chu Nan tied the wires together, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and turned around to look at Jiang Chen .
"Just want to ask you something, I remember you telling me before you are here because your plane crashed . Where was it?"
Chu Nan looked at Jiang Chen with an odd look .
"If I tell you the location of the wreckage, will that be considered a significant contribution?"
Jiang Chen was stupefied then laughed .
"Of course, how about a box of canned pure pork?"
Chu Nan licked his lips but shook his head .
"I want that woman . "

"Who? If she's in the base, just pursue her yourself . " Jiang Chen looked at Chu Nan oddly .
"She's not in the base . Do you remember Zhou Xiaoxia?"
Jiang Chen knitted his eyebrows for a while before finally recalling that name, but the way he was looking at Chu Nan was now even odder .
"You want her?" That RBQ?
"Mhmm . " Chu Nan replied tersely, no longer looking in Jiang Chen's direction .
"Do whatever you want," Jiang Chen shrugged . Although he didn't know why Chu Nan would be interested in an RBQ, he had no intention of interfering with his personal hobbies . "But with her mental state, you better not let her out . "
"Mhmm, I understand," Chu Nan nodded, "Could you also take her for an implant tomorrow? She had an excellent combat power before, it's better to put some control . "
Surprised, Jiang Chen looked at him and nodded .
"Give me the map . " Chu Nan reached out his hand .
Jiang Chen took out the computer pen from his pocket and opened the holographic map .
Chu Nan skillfully magnified the map, locked it in a certain area, and pressed on the screen .
"It's right here, if the reinforcement is strong enough, it should still be on the rooftop helipad . Type-51 helicopter is good stuff, there's not a lot even in Liuding . "
Because there were only a few survivors near the city center, the helicopter should still be in there .
"The one near Songjiang? I'll send out a search team . " He looked at the dot on the map and nodded before putting away the computer pen .
"Remember to bring steel wires and a truck . " Chu Nan gave one more tip before he got back to fiddling with the barbed wires .
"Hmmm," Jiang Chen nodded his head .
The three trucks he got from the mutated human could finally be put to good use . If he could somehow fix the helicopter, Fishbone base would finally acquire their first aerial unit . The helicopter was something that even the Sixth Street had always dreamed of . With a machine gun, it could be an offensive helicopter and it could carry missiles as well . In any case, there were not many forces with superior high altitude area defense capability . He could modify the helicopter however he wanted, mobility wouldn't even need to be considered .

In short, he must get his hands on this thing as it was simply a humungous killing device!
After leaving Chu Nan, he immediately found Cheng Weiguo to order him to immediately take 15 people and a truck to get the helicopter back . Bearing in consideration the height of the helicopter, he also looked for a construction team and sent for another 10-person engineering team to accompany them .
After dealing with all of these things, he returned to the base once again .