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Chapter 129
The fancy dinner was comprised of four dishes and soup .

There was Sun Jiao's favorite soy-braized short ribs as well as Jiang Chen's favorite scrambled eggs . With tomato . Lin Lin was throwing a tantrum by refusing to eat . However, that did not even last for three seconds as she was drawn by the intoxicating aroma of the food . With a dejected face, she walked over to the table .
Jiang Chen picked up a piece of tender, juicy meat and bit into it . The delicate texture and delicious taste couldn't be better .
It might be a tad difficult to tell from Sun Jiao's lack of elegance in eating, but just from looking at Lin Lin's stuffed face despite her extremely picky attitude, it showed Yao Yao's superb culinary skills .
"Yao Yao's cooking skill is getting better and better . " Stunned by the delicacies, Jiang Chen raised his thumb to praise Yao Yao .
"Hehe," Yao Yao giggled . She embarrassedly lowered her head and her face turned beet red .
"Hey, you should also give me some credit! While you were away, it was me who guided Yao Yao on how to cook the dishes better—" Sun Jiao's mouth didn't stop for a moment as she shoved more food in her mouth .
"You're only responsible for tasting, right?" Jiang Chen ridiculed .
"Hmm, I'll give it 80 points," Lin Lin murmured with a voice that only she could hear then swallowed a mouthful of rice .
After dinner, Jiang Chen and Sun Jiao carried their bowls to the kitchen . Lin Lin had wanted to flee right after eating but was unceremoniously caught by Sun Jiao .
Ignoring Lin Lin who was washing the bowls angrily, Jiang Chen stored the washed bowls in the cupboard and then took Sun Jiao, who had also finished with her task, upstairs .
"Is there any bank near Qingpu?" Jiang Chen asked .
Trading with Ukraine military and mercenaries as well as sending funds to sensitive areas have a high chance of freezing his Swiss bank accounts . In consideration of the safety of his account, Jiang Chen decided to use the most reliable and most primitive payment method—gold .
Therefore, he had to find a way to acquire gold from the apocalypse .

"Bank? Do you need more gold?" Sun Jiao asked curiously .
"Yes," Jiang Chen nodded .
Sun Jiao took out the computer pen and skillfully started the holographic map . "There is a PAC bank in Songjiang which is not too far away from here . "
"Take some people with you to run a trip for me tomorrow . I need the gold in this bank vault," Jiang Chen said after pondering for a moment and looking at the location on the map .
"Mhmm," Sun Jiao nodded and smiled winsomely .
"Then, I'll be counting on you . " Jiang Chen smiled and was about to turn around to discuss with Yao Yao about the UAVs .
But then he realized that his clothes were being pulled .
Sun Jiao pouted and whispered near his ear, "I took a shower in the afternoon . "
Jiang Chen suddenly burst out laughing .
"What are you laughing at?" Sun Jiao was displeased and gave him a light punch on the chest .
"Nothing, I just thought you're adorable . " He reached out and caressed her silky, black hair .

"Cute? I am the queen . " Sun Jiao straightened her back and rolled her eyes at him .

Sun Jiao evaded his gaze and was suddenly feeling embarrassed . She then forced herself to remain calm . "Do you want to?"
Jiang Chen naturally understood what she meant, but then he shook his head .
Sun Jiao was stunned, her hands were on her hips with a displease countenance . "Why?"
"Because we need to be peaceful and loving . When the immortals fight, the mortals suffer," Jiang Chen said helplessly .
. . . .
"I still have something I need to talk to Yao Yao about . Wait for me in the room tonight . " Jiang Chen grinned wickedly and gently touched Sun Jiao's face .
"Something? It's not what I'm thinking of, right?" Sun Jiao looked suspiciously at him .
"Cough, no, you're overthinking . It's about the drones . " Jiang Chen coughed embarrassedly .
Sun Jiao pouted and suddenly kissed Jiang Chen on the face, before jumping aside . "Well, that's all good . You're only allowed to eat Yao Yao only after this Miss has been fed . "
Jiang Chen rolled his eyes at the naughty girl then turned around to head toward to Yao Yao's room .
The door was open, Yao Yao was sitting in front of the table fiddling with the electronic parts .
There was a faint shampoo scent in the room . Yao Yao's hair was wet and appeared as though she had just taken a shower . She wore lovely bear pajamas, and a pair of smooth jade-like legs dangling in the stool was swinging happily .
Standing at the door, Jiang Chen gently knocked on the door .
"Ah, Brother Jiang Chen? What can I do for you?"
When she turned around and realized it was Jiang Chen, a soft smile immediately blossomed on her face .
"Mhmm, I have a favor to ask of you . " He stepped forward and rubbed Yao Yao's head indulgently as usual .
Yao Yao looked baffled, her huge eyes were intently staring at him .
He took out the remains of the Hummingbird drone that he brought from the underground shelter .

"Do you think you can design a control terminal like this drone?"
Yao Yao took out the plate-sized drone and carefully examined it on her hand .
"Well, it shouldn't be a big deal with a UAV like this . EP can be used as the control terminal as long as the number will not exceed 10 . More than that, EP's processor wouldn't be able to handle it . "
Well, not a problem, a table-sized processor would do the trick nicely . " Yao Yao clapped her hands and nodded adorably .
"What materials do you need? I'll be going to Sixth Street tomorrow . "
"Uhm, there are still plenty of electronic parts in the warehouse, but some of the key components are still missing . How about this, I'll give Brother a list of things that I need tomorrow morning, is that okay?" Yao Yao said earnestly .
"Certainly . " Jiang Chen rubbed Yao Yao's small head . "And one more thing, do you know how to design UAV alert system?"
Yao Yao eyes immediately lit up at the mention of drone warning system, she nodded vigorously .
"Mhmm! I have been recently reading books in this area . Leave it to me . " Yao Yao confidently raised her head .

"Then I'll leave it to you . "
"Does Brother have any specifics for the UAV alert system?" Yao Yao grabbed a pen and a piece of paper while earnestly waited for Jiang Chen to open his mouth .
Seeing Yao Yao's serious yet adorable expression, Jiang Chen couldn't help but smile .

"My specific requirement is that the 100 UAVs should be able to automatically carry out patrol mission . It should be able to use the terminal to design patrol route . It should be able to avoid obstructions and immediately respond to enemies' attacks . Also, it would be best to add face recognition systems as well as heat source analysis system . . . "
After passing the details, he then left Yao Yao's room .
Though the moment he stepped out, he always felt there the was some kind of resentment on Yao Yao's face .

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