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Chapter 132
Not because of the severity of the war .

But . . .
Because of the money!
Any piece of debris out there was hundreds of years ahead of the modern day world's space technology! If he sold it . . . . Actually, it would likely be difficult to sell .
Realizing this, Jiang Chen forced a smile . Just as he was about to give up the idea of digging for gold in space, he changed his mind . He thought, while it would be difficult to sell, what if he used it for himself? Once he acquired the island, he would be able to use his country's name to release a satellite—and that would be interesting .
"That's about it . " Jiang Lin abruptly sighed, and the full hologram faded away .
After a pause, Jiang Chen couldn't help asking, "What happened? Didn't your rocket launch successfully?"
Jiang Lin shrugged and looked at Jiang Chen . "It did launch successfully, but the nearby orbit is filled with magnetic pulses . You could say that it's nearly impossible to defend against EMP . Just by lasting this long, Explorer 8 has already reached its limit . Explorer 7 lasted only ten seconds . "
"Then what's point of firing this? Increase space debris?" Jiang Chen glanced back at him .

"How could this be pointless? This is valuable data" Seeing his research being devalued, Jiang Lin immediately became displeased . He pressed a few more times on the touch board, releasing an image on the full-sensory screen again, but this time, there was data that Jiang Chen couldn't make heads or tails of .
"Am I allowed to know what this data will be used for?" Jiang Chen looked over the floating green dots with an odd expression .
"Preparation for intergalactic travel . " Zeal flickered in Jiang Lin's eyes .
Jiang Chen was speechless . "Intergalactic travel?"

"That's right . In 2176, the United Nations sent out six immigration ships into space, the nearest destination being Capelar B in Alpha Centauri, thirteen light years away from Earth . "
"So you're telling me that this firework can fly for thirteen light years? And you're prepared to send this firework to find the authority at Capelar B?"
"What firework? This is called Explorer 8! And of course, I'm not going to send this to Capelar B . . . . But isn't this space exploration? Experiment, collect data, make improvements . Now, after countless trials, I'm already here . " Jiang Lin confidently pushed another button .
"What is this?" Jiang Chen asked, confused from the diagram filled with data .
"Warp engine concept map . But because of funding problems, it's only fifty percent completed, hehe . " Jiang Lin scratched his head, abashed, and looked at Jiang Chen expectantly . "What do you think? The warp engine can achieve speed faster than light, and there will be hibernation chambers to help pass the time on the journey . Are you interested?"
A short silence .
"I'd like to understand something . Does this have anything to do with me buying the property?"
Jiang Lin was unable to process Jiang Chen's meaning as he stared at him blankly . "What?"
Jiang Chen took out the sheet of information and pointed at it .
"Store for sale, price negotiable . I don't think I came in through the wrong door . "
Jiang Lin's face immediately flushed, and he mumbled to himself, "No, they can't do this . "
He swiftly seized Jiang Chen's hand, as if it was his last chance . "Did you see the sign in front? Intergalactic travel! Are you not interested in it? A world free of radiation, a brand-new civilization—as long as you're willing to invest in my project . . . . "
[Sorry, I already have that world . ]
"I'm very sorry . I'm a businessman . " Jiang Chen shrugged . "I don't see any potential profits from your project . I'm happy living here, and I don't have any plans to fly into space . "
"But . . . . "
"No buts . Looks like you're not the owner of this building? Or do you rent a place here?" Jiang Chen sighed .
Abrupt footsteps sounded from downstairs that rapidly approached them .
"Jiang Lin, how many times have I told you, don't build rockets in my . . . fu*king . . . house!" a large man in a suit said viciously as he squeezed through the door, wiping his face .
"Ahem, I built a launch base . It won't damage the structure of the building, so your worry is—"
The man didn't seem interested in arguing with him . He rubbed his temples and said wryly, "I don't care . Pay your two months of rent! Then take your junk and get out of my house!"

Jiang Lin's face immediately paled as he said, "You can't—"
"This . . . is . . . my . . . house!" The meaty man pointed at his nose, the few remaining hairs on his bald head nearly standing on end from fury .

"Calm yourself, Mr . Gu . We'll follow the procedure . " A man in a black combat suit, holding an automatic rifle, strolled through the door and looked at Jiang Lin . "Hello, Mr . Jiang . I am the enforcer of Sixth Street . Base on the minimum, you must pay a total of sixty-eight crystals to Mr . Gu Hongkai, or else the enforcement agency has the right to take action . Additionally, because the rental contract has been terminated, please move out within three days . Otherwise, the enforcement agency will have to resort to forceful measures . "
"But . . . but I don't have that much money," Jiang Lin stuttered .
"Sorry, this is the law . Over the next three days, you're prohibited from leaving the house unless you're able to repay the debt . " The enforcer shrugged and turned to Gu Hongkai . "Are you pleased with the proceedings?"
"Very pleased . " Gu Hongkai didn't dare to get angry at the enforcer . He glared at the pale Jiang Lin, jabbing a finger at his face viciously . "You better get the money ready, or—"
Jiang Chen, who was standing off to the side, suddenly interrupted him and said with some frustration, "Are you the owner of the house?"
Pausing, Gu Hongkai raised his eyebrows at Jiang Chen . "You are?"
"Jiang Chen . If this information belongs to you, we can talk about the price now . " Jiang Chen retrieved the information sheet and pointed at it .
Gu Hongkai's eyes lit up immediately, and he smiled widely with sudden energy .
"Mr . Jiang would like to buy the house? Good, good . Let's have a nice chat at the bar . "
"Since the problem is solved, I'll take my leave now . Gentlemen, I wish you a good day . " The enforcer took out a ticket from his pocket and passed it to Jiang Lin before retreating downstairs .
"No need to go to the bar," Jiang Chen shook his head and refused . "Let's talk here . Give me a price, and if it's reasonable, we can finish the deal now . "
The rejected Gu Hongkai did not look the slightest displeased; rather, his smile brightened further . He needed money to buy newly developed land to build a factory, hire hunting teams to head to the industrial area outside of the city to obtain production equipment, purchase raw materials, put in crystals to start production . . . . Assets in the market? This store was not his only one, and making rent was not nearly as profitable as opening a factory .
He was unaware of Sixth Street's plan to open a bank, or else he would not have sold this property so cheaply .
A buyer this straightforward was uncommon .

After a moment's hesitation, Gu Hongkai threw out a reasonable price to test the waters .
"Based on Sixth Street's development trajectory, my shop is at the center of the market . Combined with the warehouse in the back and a total area of three hundred square meters, I want a total of six thousand nine hundred crystals . "
The rent was thirty-four crystals a month, and with a rent-to-house price ratio hovering around two hundred, it was a reasonable number . After some thought, Jiang Chen nodded . Selling a property in this high-potential area meant that Gu Hongkai needed some quick money .
His eyes flashing, Jiang Chen opened his mouth . "No problem, I'll pay the six thousand nine hundred crystals in one lump sum . But I have one requirement—put his debt under my name . "
Gu Hongkai calculated in his mind . Sixty-eight was not a small amount, but since he needed the money, he couldn't be bothered with it anymore .
Gu Hongkai glanced at Jiang Lin before smiling and turning to Jiang Chen . "Okay, as per Mr . Jiang request, the debt will be transferred to your name . "
Jiang Chen nodded, then took the agreement passed over . He carefully scanned a few times before signing his name .
He only needed to go to the exchange to pay the sum in order to obtain the property . Six thousand nine hundred was not a small number, and most ordinary people would be unable to carry around such an amount . With the development of the economy, a bank was almost certainly necessary .
Of course, with his storage dimension, Jiang Chen was an exception .
Seeing Gu Hongkai, his debt owner, leave, Jiang Lin sighed and wiped the sweat off his forehead .
"Thanks, buddy . If not for you, I don't know how I would've taken care of this . "
Jiang Chen grabbed the debt ownership in hand and looked at Jiang Lin with a half-smile .
"Thank me? Too early for that . "
Jiang Lin perplexedly looked at Jiang Chen .
"The change in debt ownership doesn't mean the debt's been eliminated . Now you owe me sixty-eight crystals . "
Jiang Lin's face that had just regained signs of life lost color once more .
"I… I don’t have money," he gritted out .
Jiang Chen didn't seem surprised at his response . He shrugged and continued, "You have two choices . One, sell all assets in the store for cash . Considering the popularity of the firearm industry, there's a high demand for raw metal materials . These objects could be sold at junk price, no problem . "
Hearing that his goodies would be sold as junk, Jiang Lin immediately roared, "No way! Don't even think about it! My equipment is worth at least ten thousand! This is the door to the new world! Do you know the value of these things? Since you're a merchant, there's no way that you don't!"
Jiang Chen patiently waited for him to finish his spiel before smirking at Jiang Lin, who felt a chill run down his spine . Jiang Chen drawled, "Ten thousand? Without recognition from the market, it's only wishful thinking . I can say my hair is worth billions, but who would buy it? Without a buyer, there's no value . In my opinion, y our junk is not even worth thirty crystals .
"Fly to space? How many crystals have to be invested for that? How many years? With this small scale, it would take you one hundred years before you can fly out of the solar system .
"Capelar B? Are you sure the ex-authorities are doing well out there? Are you certain you'll be welcomed?
"I'm sorry, but I'm a businessman . "
Word-for-word, Jiang Chen repeated his sentence, and they pierced Jiang Lin's heart like fine needles .
His lips were bitten until they lost all color .
With his research deemed as worthless, his heart was filled with rage, but he forced himself to suppress it .
Jiang Chen's words woke him from his dream .
No one would pay for his dream . Even if this equipment cost him hundreds of crystals, ordered from mercenaries who obtained them from the national planetarium, no one would recognize the value of his work because it was unnecessary .
He began to regret . If he wasn't so stubborn about leaving his father's business to die, if he didn't spend all of his efforts on space exploration, he would not be in this situation where he couldn't even afford rent .
Jiang Lin breathed in deeply . He said quietly, "Can I hear the second option?"
Finally hearing signs of maturity in that voice, Jiang Chen smiled .
An immature dream was indeed not worth the investment, but a mature scientist was .
"Second option, work for me . "