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Chapter 137
When he left Sun Jiao's room, it was already noon .

A smile rose unbidden to his face when he recalled the intimacy from last night .
She seemed to sense that he'd be gone for a while because she'd been extra passionate .
By the time the two fell asleep in each other's embrace, it was already late into the night .
He stretched his stiff body and walked to the bathroom .

With a light press on the touchscreen, hot water filled the sink . Taking a deep breath, he leaned against the sink and submerged his head into the water .
After holding his breath—
He resurfaced from the water and briskly shook his head feeling refreshed . Jiang Chen looked at his reflection in the mirror and let the water droplets roll down his face .
"It's been three months . "

He touched his chin, lost in his memories of three months ago, back in July . It was the middle of summer, and as soon as he came here, he encountered a girl on the verge of starvation .
Jiang Chen laughed .
He wasn't sure why he wanted to laugh . Maybe because the experiences in these past three months had been too exciting? Or because of his own transformation? Or perhaps because it'd been too fulfilling . He vigorously shook the water from his head and picked up the electric razor .

"There are many things in this world that are quite convenient . " He plastered a thin layer of plastic wrap around his mouth, and with a click of a button, he could shave his beard away in a second .
This was a treasure to the world .
In the washroom itself, there was a digitalized shower, a smart toilet, multi-functional bathtub with a sauna function, and even the toilet paper was more advanced than the modern world's .
"Life is a magical journey . " Jiang Chen looked outside the window .
The view faced the newly expanded wall . On top of the metal scaffolding were workers and engineers order the construction . . . .
He remembered that in the beginning, his only thought was to obtain gold and become a carefree, wealthy man . And as soon as he got his wish, the first thing he did was spend it lavishly, blowing it all away and experiencing the life he had envied before .
But he fulfilled those wishes a long time ago .
"Now is it power?" Jiang Chen stared at his right hand . The water droplets on the back of his hand reflected his matured face .
Once he had the five hundred million USD in his hands, a sprout called ambition grew in his heart . From that point onward, troubles began to hound him .
Sometimes, he imagined what would have happened if he came to this world for the first time and didn't walk into this mansion . What if he didn't encounter the naughty and cute girl, didn't meet so many unforgettable people?
Sneak some gold and sell it discreetly in the modern world, becoming a rich man in the shadows . If he met malicious forces, he would switch cities, or even citizenship, instead of using his power to push them away . If he met mutated bacteria he was unable to resist, he would leave the area . This place was an ATM for him anyway . There was no reason to risk his life to eliminate the bacteria source .
But it would be a different kind of life .
In the modern world, he would enjoy a lavish lifestyle, and in the apocalypse, he would discreetly explore . No attachment, no concerns, perhaps that was the safer choice? Perhaps it was the best way to survive in this world filled with danger?
"But it would lack the excitement of a vibrant life?" Jiang Chen shook his head laughing and walked out the door .
Without a myriad of beautiful encounters, what was the purpose of living?

Since on productivity alone, man could not beat machine .

. . .
At the door, he met Yao Yao on her way to the washroom .
She walked half-asleep and rubbed her drowsy eyes with her small hand . The pouted mouth looked like a cherry freshly picked off with the morning dew . Because she was anemic, she couldn't handle mornings very well .
Although she seemed to be overly-conscious about her small flaw, Jiang Chen didn't care . A dizzy loli was too cute to be true, especially when she was asleep and subconsciously sought to hug anything warm .
Ahem, don't ask how he knew .
Just as Jiang Chen was about to say hello, Yao Yao's drowsy face turned beet red, and her body temperature spiked .

"Ahh . . . . G-good morning!"
"Good morning . Uhh, are you okay?" Jiang Chen asked carefully as he gave a confused look at Yao Yao who had her head buried low .
"N-nothing . "
Her adorable eyes avoided his, and her hands fiddled with each other behind her back .
[She doesn't seem to be in a good mood?]
Just as Jiang Chen was at a loss, Lin Lin also appeared walking towards the bathroom . When she saw him standing by the door, Lin Lin's pale face blushed, but she didn't act shyly . Instead, she threw a dirty glare at Jiang Chen who had put her in an awkward position .
"What, what did I do?" Completely lost, he didn't bother arguing back . Question marks floated over his head as he looked back and forth between Yao Yao and Lin Lin .
But the two of them didn't have the slightest intention to open their mouths . Yao Yao seemed to want to say something, but her trembling lips suggested that she was too embarrassed to say it .
The odd atmosphere lingered .
Finally, the kind Yao Yao broke the silence .
"Umm . " Yao Yao still didn't meet Jiang Chen's gaze, her cherry-like mouth pouting in displeasure . She murmured, "It is understandable that a ripe apple tastes good . Yao Yao is not angry . But it is better to be quieter because a small animal can only drool and watch . . . and be envious . "
Her voice became fainter the more she felt wronged .
[What's going on?]
Dumbfounded, Jiang Chen stared at Yao Yao . Her frail and unhappy attitude was cute, but what was this strange way of guilt-tripping?
"Pervert . " Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight Lin Lin mocking him .
Thinking of this pervert's terrible attitude towards her, she felt particularly jubilant seeing his awkward attitude .
[Finally taking revenge!]

She wanted to burst into song to celebrate .
But Lin Lin clearly overestimated her importance . Just as she finished saying that, a chilling stare was directed at her .
"I think a digitalized human doesn't need to eat . Or are you prepared to tell me what happened?" Jiang Chen glared at her as he threatened without considering her feelings .
It was only when Jiang Chen bullied Lin Lin that he didn't feel any guilt at all .
Oh no, not even guilt, the sensation was through the roof .
Lin Lin's expression took a turn for the worse .
As usual, her confident look became sorrowful .
"You, you dare to threaten me . . . . Ahhhhh! Enough, you're a pervert! Remember to keep it down when you do that thing at night! And, and! Close the door!" Lin Lin ran away sadly .
Shut the door? Keep it down?
Jiang Chen was lost until he recalled Sun Jiao's voice . . . . He immediately looked at Yao Yao with difficulty . She was still throwing a bit of a tantrum .
Her pouting lips were about to touch the tip of her nose .
"Yao Yao is already working so hard . . . . And doesn't taste bad . . . . The one with the loud voice must be happy . "
[It doesn't have to do with taste . ]
He finally comforted Yao Yao while feeling as though the mansion had become a little awkward .

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