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Chapter 138
The base was bustling .

Excluding the women in the "care center," the base’s population approached 150, and they were the backbone of the future Fishbone Base . Once the newly expanded wall was completed, two more apartment buildings would be added, and then they could consider accepting foreign populations .
Lu Huasheng was still in charge of the construction . Needless to say, the ex-chief developer of Huajian Real Estate certainly had his strengths . Jiang Chen gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his ability, and he proved himself by designing the base's structure .
An honest and hardworking man like him was best suited for jobs that required basic planning with no room for mistakes . With his foresight, Jiang Chen was able to choose the right people, and Lu Huasheng didn’t disappoint him . He personally stood with the construction team every day on the front lines to expand the wall with 120% efficiency .
For someone like Cheng Weiguo, who had loyalty and a strong passion, Jiang Chen assigned him a role in the army as the leader of the civil force responsible for guarding the base and training the soldiers .
As for Zhou Guoping, he was the type to be smooth and flattering, so Jiang Chen naturally stationed him in the Sixth Street . This was partially because he had prior experience in intelligence collection and also because he had a bad history with Chu Nan . Although it was not directly Zhou Guoping’s fault, he did violate Chu Nan’s "goddess . "
In front of him, multiple times .
For the sake of keeping the harmony in the base, it was not a terrible decision to separate them .
On his way to a warehouse, Jiang Chen passed by the community center, which was a temporary hangar to store the Type-51 Transport Helicopter .
. . .

Entering the hangar, Jiang Chen found Chu Nan hard at work repairing the helicopter .
Virtual reality training chambers inside the base were installed with general weaponry training, and they could also copy general technical skills from the city library . But for a military transportation vehicle like the Helicopter-51, which was considered top secret before the war, it was excluded from the civil force training courses .
Therefore, the only person able to repair and operate this helicopter was Chu Nan .
"How's the situation?" Jiang Chen asked as he approached .
"Terrible . " Chu Nan didn’t turn around . His only response was to wipe his sweat with his arm and continue arranging the messy wiring .
"Can it be repaired?" He glanced at the helicopter that seemed to come straight from science-fiction and touched the circular side wings . He didn't see a rotor on the helicopter, but based on the appearance, the suspension force most likely came from this circular structure . The design of the body was aerodynamic with a hatch door open in the back . The words "Transport Helicopter" along with the PAC symbol had all but faded, and the metal frame in the front was caved in from the impact . Even the bulletproof glass was completely shattered . The appearance wasn't so terrible, but Jiang Chen did question whether it would ever fly again .
"Should be fixable . The damage to the exterior is fine since it can be easily replaced with metal parts, but the problem is the electronic parts inside . Dammit, the entire engine control is burned . Can you believe it? Inside the city center, I met a monster that can fire an EMP from its mouth . " Chu Nan cursed as he retracted a palm-sized box from the helicopter's side and connected the exposed wiring to the computer on the side to input some data .
Jiang Chen’s expression turned strange when he heard Chu Nan’s words . He himself had encountered a monster that could emit EMP before .
"Isn't it hard to see mutants that can fire EMP?"
Chu Nan turned around with a look of surprise .

"Actually, it’s common to see mutants that can fire EMP?"
Jiang Chen paused .
Now that he thought about it, he knew Chu Nan ended up in that area because he failed a mission, but he never asked about the specifics .
"The mission was to eliminate a mutant creature and collect the crystal . We sent out two helicopters as well as a force of twelve soldiers equipped with power armors . When we arrived at the target location, I suspended the helicopter above the yellowish-green particles . Then our captain requested missile support .
"The missile would expose the body, the soldiers parachute, kill, and collect the crystal . That was the routine, and it wasn't my first time out on such a mission .

"It was a beautiful hit . The electromagnetic cannon fired from Liuding Town directly hit the building and the concrete tumbled down like an avalanche . Just when we thought all we needed to do was go down and collect the crystals," Chu Nan paused with a mysterious smile, "a red meat cannon as tall as half the building fired a red beam into the sky . It hit nothing, but the two helicopters immediately stalled .
"The monster seemed to have exploded, so the parachuted soldiers must have been successful . But who knows?" Chu Nan shrugged as he inserted a processor into the helicopter body .

"Did no one from Liuding Town come to save you?"
"That’s impossible . " Chu Nan’s mouth twitched . "For Liuding Town, pilots can be mass produced . The only thing of value was this metal scrap right here, but the point of the crash was too far from the port . I almost flew half a city . "
Jiang Chen fell into silence .
He suddenly recalled his time in the underground fallout shelter . The artificial intelligence had described the bug that infiltrated the fallout shelter .
[Hehe, even if it missed, your metal pieces will become a metal casket . ]
"Klein Particles?" Jiang Nan muttered to himself .
"What’s that?" Chu Nan asked confusedly .
"Nothing . " He would ask Lin Lin about Klein Particles later . For now, Jiang Chen avoided the topic . "Oh, once you finish repairing the helicopter, could you make some modifications to it?"
"Mhmm . Such as installing a 50mm machine gun on the side and welding a fire cannon on the top . "
Different than Liuding Town, Fishbone Base's focus was on land; hence, there was no need for long-distance combat, and it would better suit Fishbone’s combat needs if the Type-51 was converted into an air cannon vehicle .
"Do you think the helicopter is a truck? That you could weld anything on top?" Chu Nan couldn’t help but ridicule him .
"What’s the problem?" Stumped, Jiang Chen frowned .
"There's a big problem . " Chu Nan shook his head as he dragged the wiring from the computer . He picked up the screwdriver again to adjust parts inside the helicopter . "Balance is a big issue . Even casual modifications could cause the helicopter to be unable to suspend itself or fly a certain distance before it flips over . "
"Then let’s not do a casual modification . " Jiang Chen laughed as he patted Chu Nan on the shoulder . "I’ll leave the trouble to you, the expert . I need you to add some weapons on this thing—the stronger the firepower, the better . "
Hearing such an unprofessional request made Chu Nan rub his face with his palms . He let out a helpless sigh .
"I’ll try my best . I’ll install a machine gun on the side and design a new fire-control system . As for the fire cannon, I’ll install it near the back hatch . It should be okay if it's manually controlled . But if we modify it like this, the transport helicopter will become a combat helicopter . "
Jiang Chen smiled at Chu Nan’s doubts .
"Exactly what I want . "

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