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Chapter 139
After parting from Chu Nan, Jiang Chen took a stroll around the base .

Now that everything was on the right track, there weren't many things that he needed to do as the boss . As long as he set the overarching direction, there were others to take care of the rest . For now, all he needed to do was transport food over from the modern world?
For now, the tasks related to the Crusade's aftermath were finally resolved .
The trouble with the mutated humans could be left for next spring . This chapter of the apocalypse could finally be turned, and now he had to head back to the modern world to take care of the mercenaries . Before leaving, Jiang Chen headed to the warehouse and found Wang Qin verifying the supplies .
The freckled girl was more mature compared to when she first arrived, developing an air of professionalism . He remembered that she'd been like a startled squirrel . With her constantly anxious attitude and top-notch accounting grades, he assigned her to take care of the warehouse .
Honestly, Jiang Chen felt happy watching the growth of his employees .
Once she heard out Jiang Chen's intention, she took out a tablet terminal and reported the status of supplies within the base .
"We've organized the supplies that are ready to trade with Sixth Street . There aren't many food supplies left, and with the current consumption speed, it can last for at most ten days," she said with concern .
The supplies were carefully recorded in a list, so precise that each bag of rice was listed with its warehouse location and by weight . The comprehensive software had also been designed by Yao Yao while the game was passed on to Du Yongkang for an update . Since he used to be a game developer, it matched his skill set .
Yao Yao, other than the warehouse management software, also installed some more interesting gadgets for the base .
For example, she set up the worker management system used by Lu Huasheng during construction, the control system for the cameras around the base, as well as the drone patrol system .
"You don't have to worry . I'll take care of it . What about the firearms?" It was easy for him to take care of it once he returned to the modern world .
Seeing the boss' confident look, Wang Qin smiled and nodded . She pressed a few more buttons on the tablet and pulled up another list .
He roughly scanned the items on the list before Jiang Chen asked her to take him to the weaponry .
He took around ten Reaper rifles as well as one Ghost sniper, a box of ammunition, and ten grenades before returning to the base .
He put the supplies away in the storage dimension and approached the poolside in the backyard . With a deep breath, he commenced traveling .
When he opened his eyes, he was lying on a soft bed .
He sat up and shook his head . Taking out the phone, he called Robert's hidden number .
The phone rang three times before it went through .

"Hi, buddy, how have you been?"
"Not bad . How goes the business?" Jiang Chen didn't bother with small talk and cut straight to the point .
"Don't worry, the Irish guy loves acting . " Delighted laughter could be heard from a distance on the other side . "I've already arranged the things on Ukraine's side . When do you plan on leaving?"
"I booked the ticket for tomorrow . Get Nick to leave, we'll meet in Kiev . "
"Okay, but he's already there, so contact him once you arrive . I've sent the itinerary to your email, Mr . President," Robert joked .
After exchanging some light banter, Jiang Chen hung up, and after thinking for a bit called the food store owner he was partnered with .
It would still be sent to the same storage, and the shipment would arrive in the afternoon . It was most likely his last order with them . Once Xinlong Food Processing Plant got on track, he would opt to use that channel instead . Stuffing the phone back into his pocket, Jiang Chen got up and left the bedroom .
A mansion this spacious with only two people living inside did feel empty . He stepped on the expensive hardwood floor . Looking at the delicate decorations, Jiang Chen suddenly felt emotional . He'd bought this mansion a while back, but he never took the time to enjoy it since he'd been so busy handling tasks in the modern and apocalypse world . It seemed as though he was living life with too rough of pace?
Maybe sometime later, he would take a vacation .
As he ruminated, Jiang Chen strolled into the kitchen .
He gently pushed the glass door to the kitchen and saw Ayesha with an apron, concentrated on chopping vegetables .
A smirk appeared on his face as he sneaked closer and embraced Ayesha from behind .
The serene figure stiffened but loosened up as soon as she realized who it was .
"You're back . "
Ayesha gently smiled and intimately tilted her head to rub it against Jiang Chen's face .
"Mhmm, did you prepare the meal for me?" This girl's Chinese was getting better and better . The technology of the future was truly remarkable .
"Not yet, but I am now . " Ayesha smiled and softly squeezed Jiang Chen's hand . She led him to the side and opened the fridge . "What do you want to eat? My cooking has improved a lot . "
"I want to eat you . " Jiang Chen grinned and blew into her ear .

Her perfect face colored by a tinge of pink, she looked away from embarrassment . She faintly asked, "Could we wait until after the meal?"
"After the meal? Don't you want to do it here?"
"H-here?" A hint of anxiousness appeared in her eyes .
Seeing her adorable look, Jiang Chen was satisfied and didn't tease her anymore, so he finished his sentence with the same smirk . "I want to eat you . . . r cooked dishes . "
Ayesha froze, then angrily threw a few soft punches at Jiang Chen's chest before leaving his hug .
"We'll eat fried fish today . "
It was one of the few times he felt like the head of the family .
He didn't interrupt Ayesha from cooking anymore since he didn't want to eat overcooked dishes .
He sank into the living room sofa and relaxed while watching a Hollywood film in his home theater that cost ten thousand RMB . It wasn't as sophisticated as the one in Sixth Street's Paradise Island Hotel, but it was a different experience .
It was the perk of being rich . Most people used their laptops to watch a film on 720p, and some would spend money to see it in IMAX or 3D . But the real luxury was to enjoy a theater-level film experience in the comfort of your own home without the annoying kids .
It would be even better with some popcorn .
The movie finished exactly at noon . Ayesha virtuously set the table before calling Jiang Chen over to eat .
A full-course lunch .
In the center was a fried fish dish seasoned with red soup and green onion . It was Ayesha who thought to combine Chinese and Middle Eastern dishes . Without a doubt, the aesthetics were superb, and the taste was ephemeral .
"Mhmm, wow, your cooking is getting better and better," Jiang Chen raised his thumb and exclaimed .
Ayesha softly smiled . "As long as you like it . "
"How have you been?"
"Pretty good . The environment here is peaceful," Ayesha exclaimed . She lowered her head to look at the utensils in front of her as she quietly said, "Just like heaven . "
Slightly lost, Jiang Chen watched Ayesha's face, but the words he was about to say was stuck in his throat .
"Hmm?" Sensing Jiang Chen's hesitation, Ayesha was confused and tilted her head slightly to look at him .
"Mhmm, I'm just uncertain now . " Jiang Chen sighed, saying with a troubled smile, "I planned on taking you to Ukraine tomorrow, but since you just escaped from war, you would probably hate going back to it . "
Ayesha quietly stood up and walked to his side . She surrounded him with her arms and gently pressed her face against his .
"I am yours . I'm willing to become your sword, to fight for you . If you need me, there's no need to hesitate, just use me . "
"I never thought of you as a tool," Jiang Chen lightly said, placing his hands over hers, "and I've never used anyone . If you feel repulsive towards weapons, there's no need to force yourself—"
The rest was blocked .
The silence lasted for a brief moment before Ayesha removed her finger .
"If I felt weapons were repulsive, I never would've used them in the virtual reality . That thing doesn't belong here, right?"
Jiang Chen wasn't surprised, but his smile was still a bit forced .
"You knew?"
Although the mutated human that appeared out of thin air should have exposed something already, Ayesha never asked, so he never had the opportunity to explain .
"Mhmm . " Ayesha nodded .
"That training . Once you pass it, it'll unlock new weapons and new training materials that include more powerful rifles and even rifle without bullets . "
[No bullets? Is it a Gauss rifle?]
Du Yongkang had misinterpreted Jiang Chen's words . He wanted him to add a limit on the virtual reality system to include only weapons that existed between the years 2000 and 3000, but Du Yongkang instead designed a "game mode" that gradually unlocked tiers as the training continued .
[Whatever . If it's Ayesha who knows, there's nothing to worry about . ]
Sensing the trust in his body temperature, Ayesha gently closed her eyes .
"Tomorrow, we'll go to Ukraine . "
Since Ayesha didn't feel repulsed, it would be pretentious to act uncertain about this question .
"Mhmm . " Ayesha nodded .
"Do you know how to use a sniper? The Ghost Sniper . "
"Yes . " She trained in wielding that gun in the virtual reality training system .
"Once we arrive in Ukraine, I need you to protect me in trades . Because we're in a sensitive area and the business partner is no ordinary target, you might have to engage in combat with some civil force snipers . "
Ayesha smiled and pressed her soft finger against Jiang Chen's lips .
"You're over-protective . I'm not small anymore . "
Hearing this, Jiang Chen thought for a moment before a relieved smile appeared on his face .
"You're right . "
Enjoying the tranquil moment, Jiang Chen suddenly thought of something and leaned closer to Ayesha's ear .
"Speaking of which, it's after the meal . "
She remembered her promise to Jiang Chen in the kitchen, and she blushed again, lowering her head shyly .
"Mhmm, let's go back to the room . "
"No . "
"Back to the kitchen . "
It was an evil laugh .
That's right, incredibly evil .

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