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Chapter 142
When they entered Donetsk's rural area, the road suddenly became rugged . Shambles completed the scenes along the street, at a glimpse, Jiang Chen even had the feeling he was in the apocalypse .

Under the shambles, there were signs of life . The people without homes built temporary tent under the wreckages that were their homes and looked with vicious eyes at the Ukraine soldiers .
They continued forward as road conditions got even worse .
Nick had to park beside a civilian building to give Markanov a call .
It wasn't long until a soldier with a rifle found them .
"Borris, second lieutenant . " The short hair guy saw Jiang Chen and immediately saluted . "General Markanov sent me to greet you . "
"Jiang Chen . " Jiang Chen told him his name and shook his hand .
The hand was filled with calluses, which told the story that he was an experienced soldier .
He retracted the hand and Borris nodded .
"Please follow me . "
He took a black suitcase out of the car and motioned for Jiang Chen and Nick to follow him .
But what they didn't know was that approximately 400 meters away from where they parked, there was a body .
The uniform and equipment were stripped, and the pupil dilated with a daunting blood hole on the forehead .

Armored vehicles and tank wreckages were on the side of the road . It was a crossfire zone .
On the desolate street, a silent girl walked by .
She was covered in black . Her thin lips exposed from under her hood . There was a guitar case behind her back, like a musician strolling across the ruins .
She lifted the sleeve of her right hand, and a watch-like computer flashed faint lights .
That was the EP .
On the screen was a map of the area . Using waves to create tactical maps was one of the unbelievable function of the EP .
Yesterday at this time, she had already walked through the entire area . The blue dot on the map was the location of the sensor Jiang Chen carried .
"Am I here?" Ayesha mumbled while she walked to the half-torn residential apartment .
"It's really dangerous there . It got struck by a bomb only a few days ago, and it could fall any second . " A refugee crawling on the side tried to warn the girl, but the girl only glanced at him before she took out a pistol .
The refugee raised his hand in horror and moved back .
"Leave . "
Perhaps he understood Ayesha' English, for the person moved back a few steps . Then, seeing that she had no intention to shoot, he fled right away .
Seeing the irrelevant people leave . She retracted her pistol and carried the guitar box upstairs .

Ayesha agilely moved around the broken stairs as she effortlessly came to the top floor .
Just like what she learned in the virtual reality training system .
She opened the guitar box, took out the sniper rifle parts and assembled the sniper skillfully .
After some adjustments, Ayesha took out a city camouflage and put it on her back . She lied on the dusty floor and set up the futuristic looking Ghost sniper rifle .
"Ayesha ready," as if she was talking to herself, Ayesha muttered on the ground .
"Mhmm . Wait for my order . "
Jiang Chen reached out to touch his ear and moved his wrist closer to his lips to whisper .
Borris walked in front to lead the way . Nick followed and examined the surrounding without words . Jiang Chen looked rather relaxed as if he did not understand that he was in the front line .
The rough, muddy road had wooden boards lined up, two meters tall, along the side of the road, creating a temporary fence . In the forefront, this thing is used to obstruct the sniper's view or unexpected shots .
"How long?" Jiang Chen scanned the tank stalled on the road as he casually asked Borris up front .
"Soon, it's in front," Borris gave a vague answer .
"Oh . Could I ask you a personal question?" Jiang Chen walked up to him and smiled .
"Of course, as long as it doesn't involve sensitive information . "
"Your position in the 92nd Mechanized Infantry is?" From the calluses on his hands, this guy must be a great soldier .
"Currently Markanov General's personal guard . " Borris' English was fluent . He could understand Jiang Chen's Chinglish, which barely passes level six of the proficiency test .
"Oh? Then you must be a good shooter . " Jiang Chen looked at him quite surprised .
"Not bad . " Borris didn't seem to want to continue on the topic, but he paused, and then added, "I am his nephew . "
The three continued for a bit longer, but at this time, Nick began scanning down the road, raised his eyebrows, and then stopped .
The quiet him abruptly interrupted, "The 92nd mechanized infantry already pushed up this far?"
"Of course not . " Borris shrugged and said something the two didn't understand .
Nick had the fastest reaction as he instantly reached for his waist . But Borris, clearly prepared, was one step ahead and pointed his rifle at him .
"I suggest you don't move . Not including the gun in my hand, there is one pointing at you hundreds of meters away," Borris said lightheartedly, but he was looking at Jiang Chen . "Very sorry, Mr . Jiang, someone wants to talk with you . "
"Who?" Jiang Chen smiled, with the same lighthearted tone .
Obviously, this Borris was fake . Markanov probably did send someone here but got killed, and then substituted for this Borris?
Although he was prepared for trouble, Jiang Chen didn't expect the trouble to not come from Markanov, but from a force he hasn't met before .
The radio signal must have been intercepted . They are obviously not weak . But even knowing this, Jiang Chen's face remained emotionless as he looked at Borris with a bright smile .
Borris didn't answer Jiang Chen's question as he looked at him slightly shocked . "Mr . Jiang is not worried about your own safety?"
"Safety? Why would I be worried about it?" Jiang Chen pretended to be confused and shrugged . "Since you want to kidnap me, wouldn't you guarantee my safety?"
Borris cracked a smile as he seemed to be intrigued by Jiang Chen logic . Then he raised his left hand and made a gesture .
A few people walked out from the shadows . Their skillful moves along with their professional positioning indicated that these people must be of the special forces .
He looked at the unanimous Russian faces and recalled Nick saying Ukraine didn't have a special force . Jiang Chen had a sense of the identities of these people .
Nick was tied up, but they were courteous enough not to do the same thing to Jiang Chen . Maybe from appearance, Jiang Chen didn't look like a dangerous figure .
"KGB?" Jiang Chen tried to probe the question as he stared into Borris' eyes .
No wonder he was a professional, his pupils didn't waiver at all . Borris only smiled and didn't respond .
"Who we are is not important, handsome from the east . "
With a flirtatious tone, Jiang Chen heard a familiar voice behind him .
The broken Chinese .