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Chapter 143
"It's you?' Jiang Chen looked at the beauty walking towards him in astonishment . The tall figure, blonde, and blue-eyed was the same woman that chatted with him at the hotel .

But the woman didn't respond to his shock as she simply muttered to herself .
"Jiang Chen, male, 25 . President of Future Technology, 99% shareholder of the company . Force unknown, suspected of high technology and research capabilities . Initial capital originated from gold, used the American middleman Robert to offload 11 . 240 tons of gold, the large quantity caused a selloff in the American gold exchange which amounted to a consecutive three-days drop up to 2% . "
Hearing the description by this beauty, Jiang Chen was startled .
[Wow, basically they dug up my entire background overseas . ]
"Looks like you guys did a great job investigating me . " Jiang Chen clapped and stared at her . "And then? What do you plan to get out of me? I am not a scientist, nor a spy, only a businessman . I don't have anything to give you . It would be odd if you are just here for the one million USD worth of gold . You don't look like you lack funding . "
"Exactly because you are a businessman . " The Ukrainian beauty smiled, the eyes in her deep eye sockets gazed at him, "Don't you think your appearance is unfitting for your identity? Mr . Jiang Chen . "
"That's a great point . " Jiang Chen nodded while he acted as if he was thinking .
At least, Jobs or Bill Gates would not come to this place .
"Then, could you answer my confusion?" She walked beside Jiang Chen and got slightly closer, half-smiling, she continued, "The reason why you are here . "
"Of course, but before that, could I know your name," Jiang Chen cooperatively raised his hands, just like passing through security, he let the graceful looking hands search through his body as he said casually .
"Natasha . " She smiled as she didn't find any weapons . She then grabbed his chin, as if teasing him, "Teeth looks clean . I thought Chinese agents hide poison in their tooth . "

"Have you watched too many dramas?" Jiang Chen rolled his eyes, not feeling tense at all . "Also, I am not an agent . "
[Natasha? Seems like a popular name . ]
Nonchalantly shrugging, Natasha stared into his eyes mischievously . "That's hard to say . Now, what's your reason for coming here? Are you representing yourself, your country? Or, the force behind you?"
Jiang Chen looked strangely at Natasha as he said helplessly, "Why do you agents always ask this question? I remember an American asking me this before . "
"Don't change the subject," Natasha said coldly .
"I choose C . "
Natasha paused for a moment as she was surprised by how direct Jiang Chen's response was .
"And then? Even if I say I work for a force, what are you planning to do? I didn't threaten your national security . " He made up a story without his heart skipping a beat .
Life is a like a show; it's mainly dependant on one's acting .
"Oh yeah? Then we'll take you to a place . Once we are there, there will be "experts" discussing this problem with you . " Natasha slightly moved away from Jiang Chen as she pressed the wireless headphone onto her ear . "Package" is retracted, requesting lift .
"Roger, this is Vulture, M-171 deployed and on its way . "

Once the communication ended, she didn't say anything else but looked at Jiang Chen with a smile . What she didn't know was that the conversation between the guy with the code name "Vulture" was intercepted by the micro communication chip in his ear, it was even translated into Chinese .
Jiang Chen looked emotionlessly at Natasha, but his mind was spinning quickly .
[Five Russian special forces, or agents . Only Ayesha herself, Nick is being controlled, and it would be impractical to take care of five "experts" altogether . ]
He was waiting for an opportunity .
Like how she practiced in the virtual reality training system, Ayesha quietly aimed through the scope .
The center of the cross was Borris' face .
Something unexpected happened as the three of them stopped . Four figures dashed out from the shadows while Jiang Chen's companion was taken as hostage .
Ayesha slightly moved the gun as she aimed at the woman getting closer to Jiang Chen .
When the Ukranian beauty approached Jiang Chen and touched him all over . Ayesha's eyebrows uncontrollably twitched, her delicate finger repeatedly rubbed against the trigger .
The ghost sniper rifle was advanced at every level compared to the technology in this age .
Seeing Jiang Chen was in danger, Ayesha was out of sort . She took a deep breath as she calmly decreased the magnification on the scope, and pressed a button on the side of the rifle .
A line of blue letters appeared on top of the sight .

Immediately, the blue waves scanned across the field in the scope, and a few red dots were marked . The function was rather useless as most survivors, who had the ability to, would use a life signal jammer to prevent their location from being detected . But in the modern world, without such technology, the function was like cheating .
"Two snipers?" Ayesha raised her eyebrows confused .
300 meters away, there was a sniper in camouflage on top of an apartment building . 1500 meters away, another sniper lied on top of a roof in the factory . Both locked onto the seven people standing on the rural road .
Same force? Didn't look like it .
The two snipers didn't wear anything that revealed their identity .
Ayesha only hesitated for a second before she made the decision .
She put her finger to her ear and said calmly, "Two snipers . Do friendly forces exist?"
Within the sight, she saw Jiang Chen slightly shake his head .
Then, Ayesha asked, "Requesting permission to kill . "
Within the cross, Jiang Chen was speaking with Natasha as he nodded .
"Understood . "
Ayesha closed the microphone, put her right hand on the rifle again, and positioned her finger on the trigger .
The cross sight moved, and she first locked onto the sniper 300 meters away . The person did not have the slightest sense that he was someone else's prey . He had his eyes locked on the scope .
Typically speaking, snipers would be absolutely safe before they expose themselves by firing . Of course, that was under normal circumstances .
The gunshot was faint under the influence of the silencer . The bullet accurately penetrated through the head of the sniper as his skull cracked like a watermelon .
She didn't stop her sight on his body as she quickly aimed at the target 1500 meters out .
Because the distance was relatively far, she opened the wind speed calculation device and adjusted the magnification on the scope .
"Wind speed 4 km/hr, distance 1500 meters," Ayesha murmured as she pulled the trigger again .