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Chapter 144
"Target down . "

A smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face .
For some reason, Natasha felt unsettled by the Asian man’s smile .
At the same time, in an underground military facility a thousand meters away .
"Dagger 01 lost connection . "
"Are they Russian snipers? Call Guard 01, initiate plan B . "
"Guard 01 received . As you wish, commander . "

The M-171 helicopter appeared in the air . The camouflage green had a frightening vibe to it .
"I remembered that you said in the news that Russian soldiers haven’t passed the border . " Jiang Chen used a questioning tone .
"NATO said that too . Also, I never said I was Russian . " Natasha shrugged . "Take a trip with me . Trust me, if you can prove that you are only a merchant, we’ll let you go . "
"What makes you think I believe you?" Jiang Chen shrugged and looked into the sky . "Crossing the border just for me, you are not going to let me go easily . "
"But you don’t have any other choice," Borris interrupted laughing .
[Don't I?]
Jiang Chen maintained his gaze at 75°, looking at the sky, the violent turbulence forced his eyes to narrow . Then, hiding under the noise of the approaching helicopter's rotor blade, at an angle Natasha couldn’t see, he pretended to scratch his ear and opened his mouth .
"Shoot the fuel tank . "

"Roger . " Ayesha's calm and comforting answer transmitted into his ear .
The bullet hit the fuel tank .
But at the same time, a trail of fire erupted into the air and struck at the helicopter from a building nearby . It simultaneously hit the helicopter's engine .
Jiang Chen was truly lost seeing what just happened .
[The ghost sniper has a barrel this big?]
Like a mosquito slapped out of the air, the helicopter began to slant and dive unexpectedly to the ground . Natasha’s first reaction was Jiang Chen’s men as she quickly aimed at Jiang Chen . But at the same time, gunfire suddenly burst out of the wooden shack across the road .
Bullets left a trail of dust and debris on the concrete floor and wooden board .
Jiang Chen dove for cover on the side . The unsuspecting KGB agent under fire also tried to find cover while firing back . But the other side was obviously prepared . They had the advantage in both firepower and number of people .
Natasha gritted her teeth, hooked her arm around Jiang Chen’s neck, and hid behind the cover while pulling out the pistol with her other hand .
"Is it your people?"
"No . If it is, why the fu*k am I hiding?" Jiang Chen was also in an awkward position . When the bullet fired over, his also had a daunting feel .
But the feeling he felt on his back did feel good . Umm, the advantage of Slavic people?

"Then shut up . " Natasha maintained this flirtatious position while firing back a few shots to test the waters . But immediately, a wave of bullets met her and forced her to take cover .
[What the fu*k, you have been asking the questions!]
"Do you need me to shoot her?" Ayesha’s voice transmitted into his ear, her tone sounded subtle .
Jiang Chen immediately shook his head . He hasn't figured out the situation here, if Natasha is down, it would only further complicate the situation . The first thing was to wait for them to finish fighting before taking action .
But with the head shake, the back of his head scratched on something he shouldn’t have scratched, Natasha’s grim eyes immediately looked over .
"What are you doing?"
"Umm . My neck is feeling weird . " Jiang Chen forced an awkward laugh as he glanced at the arm hooked around his neck .
To his surprise, Natasha didn’t continue to be angry . Instead, she smiled dubiously .
"Yesterday afternoon, I gave you the opportunity to take advantage of me, now you are interested? Or are you a masochist?"
"Yesterday afternoon? Umm, I am curious, if I agreed, what would you do?"
"Nothing," Natasha’s voice was light . "I’ll give you a needle when you try to use your needle . "
Jiang Chen forced a smile when he heard her words .
[Phew, almost agreed to it . ]

He leaned against the softness . While still nervous, he didn't think the feeling was too terrible . Jiang Chen asked Natasha who continually peeked out to fire back, "You seem suppressed by their firepower, are you not worried?"
"Worried?" Natasha looked at him oddly and then scoffed .
The artillery support at the border was not there for decoration .
Just as the voice died, a screeching sound broke across the sky .
The explosion lifted the already torn wooden shack into the sky . The opponent’s firepower immediately weakened . Then, a few trails of white smoke flew in the sky . The explosions covered the entire area .
He looked at the chaos as his mouth twitched .
[Damn, not only the border, they even fired over the border .
No wonder they are the Russians . ]
"Direct hit, beautiful, say thanks for me to the gunner . " Borris held the headphones and moved out of cover .
"Danger alleviated . Get up, handsome . " Natasha dubiously smiled, then dragged Jiang Chen by the collar .
"Okay, Yuri, take the Belarussian with us . We’ll head to B point to evacuate-"
His voice was interrupted, as Borris’s cocky expression froze on his face . A daunting blood hole appeared on his chest .
"Sniper! Dammit!"
Natasha pushed Jiang Chen to the ground . The others got into the same position .
"It’s not me who shot," Ayesha's voice emerged, "the sniper is directly in front of me, and exceeds my range… Can I shoot the female thug on top of you? This is a good opportunity . "
Jiang Chen shook his head with a forced smile, but his nose and mouth were being firmly held by the softness, shaking his head was not the most convenient move .
"This is the second time . " He heard a cold voice . Clearly, Natasha was in a terrible mood .
"The second time you pushed me over? I only want to breathe . . . Let’s not talk about this, what should we do? Miss Kidnapper?"
He got away from the softness, neglected the angry face, and said innocently .
"Strawman, strawman please return… Dammit! Strawman died . " The Russian man named Yuri cursed angrily .
[Strawman? One of the snipers killed by Ayesha? In that case, two forces are competing .
Goddamn, why am I so popular?] Jiang Chen cursed in this mind .
"Yuri, do you see his position?" Natasha ignored Jiang Chen as she yelled at the cover behind her .
Being suppressed by a sniper was far more frightening than being suppressed by a machine gun . At least you could see the machine gun bullets, but you don’t even know where sniper bullets come from .
"Let me try . " Yuri gritted he teeth . He signaled his comrade to keep an eye on Nick, who was still tied down and then took out the binoculars, carefully peeking out of the cover .
As long as they marked the sniper’s position, an artier would send him to air!
Red mixed with white, spilled everywhere, without warning .

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