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Chapter 146
Within a dark room .

Natasha's pupils dilated as she sat awkwardly on the chair . Her limbs were tied firmly onto the armrests and chair legs .
Jiang Chen glanced at her and sneered a few times .

Don't be mistaken . Although he did say he wanted her to "try", Jiang Chen didn't actually do anything to her . Instead, he asked Ayesha to come and guard the door . He then walked into an inner room and went back to the apocalypse .

He sent a message to Zhou Guopin, who stationed in the Sixth Street, and asked him to find out if there was any truth-telling liquid . To be honest, Jiang Chen wasn't too confident about medicine from sci-fi movies existing in the future . But when he heard his boss' question, Zhuo Guopin stated that it did exist and promised that he would send it over after he purchased it .
Jiang Chen sat in the community center for a bit as he took the truth-telling liquid from the meticulous Zhou Guopin . After sending him back, Jiang Chen returned to the modern world .
The trip back and forth took four hours . The sky was already darkening .
Nick still stood outside, guarding without complaint, while Ayesha also stood her ground at the door, coldly exchanging eye contact with Natasha .
What happened after was simple .
Natasha's contempt was better than Lin Lin's . Her resilience was also hundreds of times stronger, keeping her mouth shut .
But Jiang Chen didn't waste time with her . In front of her, he slowly took out a needle from his pocket .
"Have you heard about the truth-telling liquid? The one in . "

Natasha's face immediately changed as she desperately twisted her back to resist . Without any other solutions, Jiang Chen had to forcefully tie her onto the chair to sit her down . Then, he looked at her frightened expression pleasingly .
[Scared? What happened to the earlier you?]
He personally loved to put things in beauty's bodies .
To be fair, the truth-telling liquid was pretty useless in the apocalypse .
Based on what Zhou Guopin said, the principle of this was to force the target's brain into hypnosis, while only being able to perform simple information receiving and answering . But in the apocalypse, even the survivors injected with the cheap E-grade genetic vaccine would not be hypnotized by this kind of medicine .
But in the modern world, using this thing was just unfair .

After being injected, Natasha was much more honest . Jiang Chen would ask a question, and she would reply with an answer drowsily . Then, the sniper also had an injection, and after combining the responses of both people, Jiang Chen finally understood the story from beginning to end .
But the truth felt heavy .
Willie Society, a mysterious organization established before the Second World War, was created by the German politician Scholar Karl Haus Haufer . Its members included Herman, Himmler and even Hitler himself . Based on rumors, a lot of the obscure technology came from there . At the same, the organization committed a lot of sinful activities during the war . After the war, it disappeared into thin air, as if it didn't exist at all .
But that was not the key point . The key point was that the organization still existed even today? And within Ukraine? The new president Poroshenko was also a member? NATO allowed for its existence?
It was a hefty piece of news, but he tied what he saw in the news before, Azerbillari soldiers of the Mariupuer force had the Nazi symbol painted on their helmets, as well as the Ukraine soldier with the Nazi symbol attached to their arms, and began to think .
The information was from Natasha .
KGB's spy activity in Ukraine was mostly spent on the mysterious organization called Willie Society . It differed from what Jiang Chen had suspected . He thought the Russian agents were coming for him because of the artificial intelligence, but it was an obscure reason . The only reason Natasha found him was because of a phone call .

Half a month ago, when KGB was tapping Poroshenko's confidant - General Markanov, they by chance got an interesting message .
A man named Robert called him .
Three keywords, "Jiang Chen, Gold, Mercenaries" .
By coincidence, around one year ago, when Robert didn't touch the Iran oil and simply played the middleman role diligently, he was in charge of selling firearms to the Ukraine government on behalf of the White House . At that time, he was successfully put onto the blacklist of KGB, and KGB did initiate a civil militant-led attack targeting him . If it were not for the Slavic man who could fight, he would have been done for .

Then, after Robert left Ukraine, his name naturally came off of the blacklist . But Natasha didn't expect to see that name again . After some investigation, Jiang Chen's resume was put into her hands . But his history was too clean . Clean to the point that it was unbelievable .
Therefore, the moment Jiang Chen got off the plane, he was monitored .
Markanov is a member of the Willie society . KGB wants to know the intention behind Jiang Chen's contact with him .
The original plan was for Natasha to try and hit on Jiang Chen, inject anesthetics when they entered the room, then transport him out of the hotel through special means, and interrogate at the safe house .
But what she didn't expect was that Jiang was not as perverted as the information said, as he rejected her proposition . So she had to ask for permission to start plan B, which was, once Jiang Chen left Kiev, intercept him once they reached Donetsk .
The further they drove east, the more advantageous the situation was for them .
But unfortunately, KGB was not the only ones interested in Jiang Chen . Willie Society was also confused by the man from the east attempting to contact Markanov . It was okay when it was Robert since he represented the US, but they questioned Jiang Chen's identity .

Also, he belonged to a mysterious organization?
They couldn't find a single piece of information related to the force behind him . They could deduce from current information that Jiang Chen belonged to an organization with unknown motive, unknown location, but strong research and development capabilities and substantial funding .
As to Jiang Chen himself, just like KGB, they only managed to find a "resume" as good as scrap paper .
It looked fake no matter how they interpreted it .
Uhh, although Jiang Chen wanted to state that the piece of paper was real .
The intelligence always over thought . So he'll leave them to their imagination .
They also started to monitor Jiang Chen when he got off the plane . But during monitoring, they found an interesting person - Natasha, KGB agent .
The Willie agent was immediately unsettled when they saw the contact between Jiang Chen and KGB, but they didn't alert them . Because it was a great opportunity! Not including Jiang Chen himself, if they operated correctly, they could even take out all the Russian agents behind Natasha!
So, they also patiently waited for Jiang Chen to arrive at Donetsk, and waited for the Russians to make the first move .

. . .
To put it in simple terms, he was targeted by the two troubling groups, Willie Society and KGB . As long as he was in Ukraine, he would not be able to get rid of these troubles .
"Are you okay?" Ayesha looked at Jiang Chen caringly .
"Yeah, keep an eye on her for me . " Jiang Chen rubbed his temple wearily as he headed outside .

Outside the shack, Nick was patrolling with his rifle . Seeing Jiang Chen walk towards him, he waved to say hi .
"How's the situation?"
"Everything is normal . The Russain special force seemed to have headed to our previous location . They rescued the pilot . "

"Not a big deal . Do you have a satellite phone? I need to discuss with that dumb*ss Robert . " Their location was far away from the crash . They wouldn't be able to find them here .
Nick smiled, took out the satellite phone, and threw it into Jiang Chen's hand .
Right now, Robert was in a distant land across the Atlantic ocean . Lying relaxingly in his Los Angeles mansion, enjoying the lavish life . Beside him lied a girl "lost in life", ready to discuss her Hollywood dream with him the entire night .
But in this critical moment, the phone on the nightstand suddenly rang .
Although he was unwilling, he saw the caller was Jiang Chen . He immediately picked up .
"Hello? Did you meet my old friend?"

"Meet your mom!" Jiang Chen was instantly frustrated when he heard Robert's cheerful voice, and cursed, "Who the hell is your old friend? The moment I got off the plane, I got monitored by two agent organizations . "
Robert held the phone, momentarily lost for words . He asked with confusion in his voice, "What?"
Jiang Chen adjusted his emotion as he let out a sigh . Then he slowly said, "KGB, Willie Society . "
Robert's face immediately changed . He ignored the Hollywood girl beside him, got out of the bed, and walked to the living room covering his phone .
"How did you mess with the KGB? And, what is Willie society?" Robert said anxiously .
Robert didn't even know? Jiang Chen was surprised .
"Have you not heard about them when you were in Ukraine? It seems to be an organization with roots starting in the Second World War, with the Nazis . . . Dammit! What is this bullsh*t? Your old friend, Markanov, appears to be a Willie Society member . "
Then, Jiang Chen stated the information he got with truth-telling liquid again .
Hearing Jiang Chen's description, Robert's expression turned serious .
"I always thought it was a rumor . . . But I can't believe they actually exist . "
"Yes, they do, but what the fu*k does it have to do with me? I just want to know, how am I going to leave Ukraine? If I got back to Kiev, I would be captured . The same will happen if I head to the east towards Russia . Do I need to swim across the Black Sea? This is bullsh*t," Jiang Chen swore .

"Wait, let me think . " Robert closed his eyes, and then suddenly opened them, "Did you kill them?"
He referred to the Russian agents .
"No, I tied them up," Jiang Chen took a deep breath and said slowly .
"Good . There are still ways to resolve this . . . How about selling the two Russian agents to the CIA? I know someone working in Ukraine . "
"F*ck you," Jiang Chen burst out, "Your friend again?"

Robert was quite helpless too and revealed a bitter face . "Umm . . . There is nothing I can do . Who knew Markanov has an identity like this? Dammit, when I sold him firearms before, I didn't care who he was . For real, buddy, sell the people to CIA . They will send helicopters to pick you up and send you to their aircraft carrier . "

"They should let you off at Greece, and then arrange for your tickets home . "
"That's fine . I'll think of other ways . " Jiang Chen hung up the phone .
Nick took the phone from Jiang Chen and asked, "Did Robert think of something?"
"He is dumber than before," Jiang Chen cursed and returned to the shack .
[You must be kidding me, getting involved with the CIA again? There is not enough trouble already?]
Willie Society is okay since they should only be operating in Ukraine . KGB is fine too since this is not a Soviet era .
But if CIA were interested in you, they would take American's taxpayer money to chase your butt around the world .
He pushed open the door, and Jiang Chen saw Ayesha working on the scope of the rifle .
Jiang Chen adjusted his emotion as he tried to force a relaxed look . Then, he said with a smile, "What are you doing?"
Seeing Jiang Chen was back, Ayesha smiled gently at him .
"Doing maintenance on the gun . Exporting video footage . "
[Video footage?]
He hesitated for a moment before his eyes lit up .
[I have a solution now!]