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Chapter 148
Honestly speaking, Jiang Chen did not care about the goddamn place known as Ukraine . He only wanted to buy some experienced soldiers and train a mercenary force loyal to him to complete his "island capture" plan . But at the moment, he was tricked by the dumbass Robert's information, Markanov's hidden identity made the situation much more complicated .

Because of the KGB agents, as well as the Willie Society agents going head to head, he was forced into this hidden conflict .

The fortunate part was, all these problems were resolved .
Whatever conspiracy the Willie society had, KGB can worry about it .
He walked with Markanov' along the 92nd mechanized infantry base as the two chatted together .
Nick followed behind them because Markanov's English was not too bad, so he didn't even need to translate . He just continued to walk along in his usual silence . As to Ayesha, Jiang Chen stationed her in the distance, just in case .
Although they were not in the most dangerous area, it was considered the frontline . The conditions here were quite harsh . The soldiers would usually sleep by the dug trench, the wooden boxes used to store ammo were used as tables, they sat around eating cold canned food, chewing black bread .
Seeing the soldiers' living condition, it was not even comparable to the survivors in the Fishbone base . Jiang Chen had the illusion that he was too generous .

"There's plenty of great guys here at the 92nd mechanized infantry . If you see anyone you like, let me know . I'll chat with them . Of course, as long as he is not too dumb, he won't reject the offer . " Markanov laughed .
Seeing the general finally coming to the front line to check them, a lot of the listless soldiers regained their focus and saluted when he walked by .

Seeing the soldiers, Jiang Chen was skeptical if they could actually defend against the civil force's attack . But his face remained expressionless .
"Oh? If I take the aces from your force, are you not going to get a heartache?" Jiang Chen half-jokingly said .
The man has a pointed nose and sharp sight, with a faint scar the side of his face . He looked like he had a fit physique . At a glance, Jiang Chen couldn't relate him to a corrupt official that sold national assets .

He was also the confidant of the new president .

"What's there to have a heartache about?" Markanov shrugged and laughed . "What if you give me 100 aces, would they beat the "volunteers" from Russia? The outcome of the war never swayed towards us from the beginning . Let's not talk about that . Let's speak of something more practical . My own salary has been held back for a few months already . If I don't sell equipment, how would I pay the people under me?"
He didn't say anything . The gold worth one million USD was enough for him to spend the rest of his life comfortably in any country . So what if he is a confidant of Poroshenko? He had too many confidants . This guy didn't care about being alive or dead . Once he has the money, he doesn't care about what this god forbidden place would turn into .
Jiang Chen didn't respond .
Before he came, he already came to an agreement with Willie society .
He would leave Ukraine within three days . The purpose of the trip was to hire some mercenaries as bodyguards . The deal was personal . Although he did have an undisclosed organization behind him, they had no intention of stepping into Ukraine's mess .
The sniper he captured would be returned after he safely leaves the country . If something unexpected happened to him in the next three days, the sniper's location would automatically be sent to Russia . The hostage would be transferred to the Russian side .

Vasily didn't know he was injected with truth-telling liquid . Willie society, therefore, wouldn't know part of their information was already leaked to the Russian side . Therefore, there would still be value in the sniper .
Hence, to prevent anything unexpected from happening to Jiang Chen in the next three days, Willie society even sent a few agents to protect him, in case the KGB secretly want to cause interference . But clearly, they overcomplicated the situation as Jiang Chen already reached an agreement with KGB . Even if there were still agents following him from afar, they would not make a move .
"Other than soldiers, do you need a tank? AT-64 . I'll sell it to you for one million USD . "
"Tank? Where would I even put that?" Jiang Chen jokingly cursed .
[You must be joking . You think I don't know that that's the historic remains from the Soviet? 400 T-64s lie in the tank graveyard at Kharkov with who knows how thick of dust covering them . It would be a miracle to find one that is still moving . Those things were scraps that even the steel factory wouldn't want . ]
He followed the trench to the empty ground . Markanov and a second in command looking person exchanged a few words in whispers . Then, he grabbed two chairs and sat with Jiang Chen, smiling .
The 92nd mechanized infantry soldiers were interviewed in groups, with Nick the veteran making the call . Jiang Chen only sat on the side, doing some simple verification . To prevent agents from other organizations, he would only need to use some truth-telling liquid to ask them a few questions later .
After around two hours, they finally finished the troublesome process .
Ukraine had no special forces, but there were still a few experienced soldiers with skills comparable to special forces mixed in . Mostly comprised of Khanstanese, they were natural warriors with superior individual combat ability .
Their equipment was taken off, and Jiang Chen took the group of soldiers already removed from the force to an abandoned warehouse two kilometers away . Jiang Chen signaled Nick to translate .

"I know you must have a lot of questions in mind, such as being forced to join the army and then somehow removed from the force," Jiang Chen stood on top of a broken shipping container and yelled at the lost soldiers .

"You already shed enough blood for your home country . Regardless if it is still worthy of your allegiance, you all did an excellent job . Now, we should talk about something practical . "
"A ten-year work contract, and a salary of one hundred thousand USD a year . Fight for me, not the Poroshenko who can't even pay you," Jiang Chen said firmly as he scanned the eyes, filled with differing thoughts .
Like a rock thrown into the middle of a tranquil lake, the soldiers all began to discuss . Jiang Chen patiently waited for them to come up with a result . No matter who, the decision that would change their lives would make people unsettled and lost .
"How do we know you are telling the truth? People in Kiev tricked us to the front line, and we had a pity 1500 hryvnia last month . We didn't even get paid anything this month . "
"So what's your plan?" Jiang Chen spoke calmly .

"Leave here, to Poland, since my name is already removed . Thank god," the soldier said without hesitation .
"If you see these things, do you still have the same plan?" Jiang Chen shrugged and signaled Nick to take out the suitcase .
The suitcase opened .
Filled with stacks of USD bills . Instantly, everyone held their breath .
"This is private work . You fight for me, and I'll pay your salary . Poland? You become a refugee without dignity in another country . Utilize your only strength with me . Work for ten years, take your saving and enjoy the rest of your life in any country . The opportunity is right in front you, and the door is behind you . To stay or to leave, you guys can decide . " After saying this, Jiang Chen patiently looked at them and stopped saying anything .
Ten years! One million?!
Not even one million, they haven't even you seen ten thousand Frankins stacked together .
The soldiers erupted, but no one wanted to leave . They were still skeptical of Jiang Chen's generous offer .
"Can I ask a question?" Finally, a middle-aged man with a rigid face stepped out and tried to ask a question .
"Of course," Jiang Chen examined the person and said nonchalantly .
"My name is Ivan," Ivan courteously stated his name, then said with a firm tone, "Before accepting your offer, can we know where we will be serving?"
"Africa, training mercenaries for me," Jiang Chen answered straightforwardly .
When they heard that they were not being dragged to an unstable area as cannon fodder, they looked more relieved .
Even with a lot of money, they had to be alive to spend it .
"Another question . How are you planning to pay our salary? A lot of us have family here-"
Jiang Chen interrupted him as he waved his hand in dominating fashion, "Cash, transfer, whatever you want . Paid every half a year . I only have one requirement . Your contribution must be worthy of your salary . The conditions I gave must be met . "
He paused, Jiang Chen scanned these people, and then continued, "I know a lot of you have a family . You can choose to move them to the family area at the base, or you can opt to leave them here, or whatever . I'll prepay ten thousand in salary . I want all of you to show up at Boris Boer International Airport three days later . If someone runs away with this ten thousand USD-"
Said in a cheerful voice, "Then wouldn't that be embarrassing for me? The remaining nine hundred thousand USD will be the bounty for your head . "
When Nick explained Jiang Chen's last words, everyone gasped .
Not because of the threat, but rather the Eastern boss was willing first to pay them ten thousand for their families?
He could not be more compassionate!
With such a genuine offer, who would leave? If someone did, they definitely had their head kicked before .
Seeing no one posed any objections, Jiang Chen indicated to Nick to take out the contract . Once they signed, they could receive ten thousand USD in cash as money for family accommodation .
After everything was taken care of, Jiang Chen immediately dismissed them .

"You are quite generous . " Nick smiled, as he gave the suitcase with nine hundred thousand USD back to Jiang Chen .
"Haha . Are you interested in working for me? I'll give you one million in salary . " Jiang Chen laughed .
Nick shook his head .
Jiang Chen expected his response, that was a joke .

"Although Robert's head is pretty abnormal, he has his ways of looking after people," Jiang Chen passed him a cigarette and jokingly cursed .
Nick grabbed the cigarette as he lit it up .
"Are you not smoking?" He raised his eyebrows and blew a ring .
"Here and there, but rarely now . " Jiang Chen shook his head, touched his ear, and alerted Ayesha, "Mission complete, come back . "
"Okay . "
After being injected with the genetic vaccine, he was no longer addicted to smoking . The powerful metabolic process meant that the toxins built up in his body would be eliminated through his digestive system . Precisely speaking, even if he constantly smoked, it would not affect his health .
He could smoke freely now, but there was no reason anymore, so naturally, he stopped .
Before it was a way to alleviate stress, but now, life seemed to be good?
Just a bit busy .
"What's next? What are you planning to do for the next three days?" Nick asked casually .
He laughed, as Jiang Chen took out a stash of bills and stuffed them into his hands .
"This is your bonus . Finally came out of the country, how could I not enjoy myself?"
Nick cracked a smile as he didn't reject the money . Then he looked at the slim figure walking through the door .
Black cape, while holding a sniper rifle . It looked comical against her size .
"Spend time with your girl?" Nick mocked him .
"Mhmm . " A rare softness appeared on Jiang Chen's face as he looked at Ayesha in the distance . "Time to make it up to her . "

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