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Chapter 149
Bright sun, blue sky .

This is Kiev, not Donetsk hundreds of kilometers away . Chaos has yet to taint the clear sky . With industrial regression, it created a country with air quality far superior to China, whether that was considered lucky or not .
Crowds passed through the Kiev Independent Square, but it was not noisy . Last year, there were a few protests at the beautiful square, and quite a few people died . Maybe that had enough of an impact that individuals who were walking around the square were silent as their condolences . With only the occasional shouting here and there, slowly driving away the haze that was left behind .
There were a lot of beauties on the street . It was the first time Jiang Chen experienced the words "beauty infested . "
Because of the unique geographical location, excluding Southwest of Crimea, which was along the black sea bank that possessed subtropical climate, most of the area had a mild continental climate . The winter was long, and summer was short . Along with lower than average daylight exposure, the people here naturally had paler skin . With the fact that it was located at the border of Europe and Asia, the multi-ethnicity allowed them to have quite a significant advantage in the gene pool .
Of course, Jiang Chen's eyes didn't stay on the gorgeous looking Ukranian girls because he was in the middle of a date .

. . .
Independent Square, below the Central Memorium Post, a girl with a slightly stiff expression looked at the camera .
"Relax, smile . . . Hey! Don't be so shy . " As Jiang Chen said that, his eyebrows twitched unnaturally . He felt like a weird uncle trying to lure a small loli .
"This dress is so light . It feels weird . " Ayesha unnaturally pulled at her skirt, her pale face covered by a red glare . She vision escaped from the lens, as she coyly looked at her feet .
"No, no, no, it's cute, relax . . . Look at the camera . " Jiang Chen used all his words to convince Ayesha to not be so shy as he finally caught a glimpse of a beautiful scene . Just as Ayesha shyly looked up, he pressed the shutter .

"Phew, finally done . " Jiang Chen wiped the sweat off of his forehead as he let out a relieved sigh .
Seeing that they finished taking photos, Ayesha immediately ran to Jiang Chen's side . Although she still felt embarrassed by posing in front of a camera, by her eagerness, she naturally looked interested in how the photo turned out .
Seeing Ayesha's look of expectation, Jiang Chen smiled .
"Don't worry, it's beautiful," He called out the picture he just took .

She stared at herself in the photo as her eyes began to light up .
"This, this really is me?" Her voice was filled with disbelief as her finger lightly touched the screen .
The slim and graceful figure, the delicate and pale face, and the softly curled brown hair didn't lack liveliness . The slight, shy expression along with the gem-like eyes was a compromise of both innocence and mystery .
The black dress hanged to the knee with a black bow tie placed at the waist, and a pair of thin stripe sandals to match . The elegant black rose blossomed a mysterious but adorable vibe .
The background wasn't relevant anymore .

"Of course, it's my Ayesha . " Jiang Chen put the camera down as he rubbed her long hair with a smile .
Although still slightly embarrassed, Ayesha buried her head down . She was still not used to displaying affection in public . But if it were in their home, she wouldn't be embarrassed even in a bikini .
But suddenly, a piercing grim look flashed across her eyes .
"Something is following us," Ayesha lowered her voice as she walked towards the crowd .
"Don't overreact . Of course, I know . " Jiang Chen tugged on Ayesha's hand and stopped her from going to the crowd .
She tilted her head as she was confused by Jiang Chen's reaction .
"Ahem, aren't we on a date?"
When she heard the word "date," Ayesha suddenly noticed her hand was being held, and the pale face suddenly turned to a shade of dark red as if blood was about to drip out any second .
"Do we really need to care about them?" Her finger twisted around the tip of her dress as she quickly whispered .
"No . " Jiang Chen smiled brightly, as he openly turned around and scanned the crowd . "Just let these dumb*sses work over time, we'll enjoy our vacation . "
Without the need to think, at least two parties were following him . But so what? He only wanted to take Ayesha around for the next two days, temporarily forgetting the bothersome troubles, and enjoy his vacation .
A reward for himself, and compensation to Ayesha .

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Watching the side of Ayesha's face, Jiang Chen always felt guilty . In her best years, she was supposed to enjoy her youth, but she had to carry a weapon for him . Although from a different but equivalent perspective, he saved her . Therefore, he shouldn't feel guilty about her doing this .
But he always thought that if he did think that way, that was not man-like .

Sensing Jiang Chen's gaze, Ayesha turned around, innocently but gently smiled .
"Where are we going to go next?"
Holding his hand, Ayesha gently shook it . She started to enjoy this feeling, walking with the love of her life, and the happiness of the warmth surrounding her hand .
"I'll take you to buy some clothes . " Jiang Chen gently squeezed her hand and smiled .
"Clothes? But I already have plenty . . . " Ayesha whispered . In her eyes, it was enough to have a few to change into . The key to attracting her husband was her figure .
Although the idea would make him feel excited, something seemed to be wrong .
"It's okay! We are rich!"
He scanned the crowded street as he laughed .
. . .
To be frank, it was Jiang Chen's first time shopping with a girl .
When he was at university, he didn't have the finances . After graduation, he worked at a clothing store . Ignoring all the subjective reasons, the most important one was that he didn't have a girlfriend!
In his imagination, taking a cute girl and seeing her change into all kinds of pretty clothes must be the happiest thing in life . Therefore, when he held Ayesha's hand, the first thing he thought of was to take her shopping .
Umm, he quickly realized his mistake .
In the beginning, Ayesha was still shy and was dazzled by so many selections, not knowing where to start . But when the energetic saleswoman noticed the hesitating Ayesha, her eyes lit up, and she walked over .

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Jiang Chen was too familiar with that look because he worked at a clothing store before . He personally witnessed how his colleagues convince, with flattering words, a girl who initially wanted to save money for her boyfriend, buy a set of clothes worth over ten thousand .
But he didn't really care . Just like he what he said before .
He's rich, who cares .
The Ukranian saleswoman spoke excellent English . Her energetic work attitude also garnered the trust of Ayesha, who was usually afraid of strangers . Therefore, Jiang Chen only saw Ayesha move between clothing racks and change room . The clothes she wore were constantly changing .
Gothic skirt, refreshing long dress, sassy leather jacket . . .
At the start, Jiang Chen's eyes had a treat . Ayesha fitted all styles of clothing, which Jiang Chen signaled to buy buy buy without blinking an eye .
Ayesha was first reserved, but when she found out in surprise that every time she changed, Jiang Chen's eyes would light up, she was more and more interested . In the end, she couldn't even stop .
The clothes on the counter started to pile up . The saleswoman was so happy she couldn't even close her mouth . It was the first time seeing such an affluent customer .
But this troubled Jiang Chen .
Although Ayesha did look good in all different styles of clothing, they almost stayed at this store for two hours!
On this street, there were still hundreds more!
But since he already agreed, he must follow through even with tears in his eyes .
She finally finished trying on the last piece, Ayesha wore a white floral dress coming out of the fitting room . She looked shyly at Jiang Chen, ran a few quick steps, buried her head, and tipped her toes to peek between Jiang Chen's lips .

"Thank you . . . I feel really happy . " The usually cold face was filled with emotion .
In that instant, all of Jiang Chen's weariness faded .
Worth it!
. . .

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Looking at the saleswoman's almost climaxing expression, Jiang Chen swiped his card .
The owner of the clothing store personally sent him out the door, providing a 30% discount gold card in the act of appreciation, and then watched Jiang Chen carry a giant bag, walking away holding Ayesha's hand .

Around 100 pieces of clothes because almost everything looked good on her . Jiang Chen practically raided everything that was her size from the store . Money was not the problem . Only a few thousand USD . But how would they vacation with so much clothing?
Jiang Chen let out a sigh as he stopped at an ice cream shop . He ordered a vanilla ice cream for Ayesha and told her to wait a bit before carrying the giant bag into the crowd .

The people he passed by all turned around and gave him an odd look . Jiang Chen ignored everyone, walking straight into a pipe shop . Then he stopped in front of middle-aged men with his hands in his pocket, examining the pipe in the window .
"Following people is an art, do you guys lack funding this much? At least practice a little more . " Jiang Chen sighed .
The man's face turned red, and he tried to argue, but Jiang Chen continued before he could open his mouth .
"That's enough . The secret police of Ukraine? You don't look like you are from Willie Society . KGB is much more professional than you . At least I didn't find their location . " Jiang Chen threw the bag onto the ground and grabbed the camera around his neck .
"Sir, did you mistaken-"
"Do you see? You are in these photos . " Jiang Chen poked at the screen and looked at him mockingly .
Seeing that he was exposed, the man had a bitter smile on his face . "Why did you point it out? You'll make me lose my job . "

"Lose your job? Poroshenko could still afford to pay people's salaries?" Jiang Chen laughed about his boss in front of him and pointed at the bag on the ground . "Send this to the Primir Hotel reception . You'll receive 1000 USD in compensation . "
By the dumbfounded look of the person, Jiang Chen walked up and patted him on the shoulder with some force . He smiled . "Think for yourself more . The individuals in the frontline are looking for ways out . It's not bad taking some side jobs to feed yourself . "
After finishing, Jiang Chen waved his head and left a still dumbfounded rookie agent .