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Chapter 155
Another uproar .

Naturally, the crowd flared up again .
They thought that they would only be mining at an obscure place or engage in a hard labor, and the military facility was only there to supervise them, but what they did not expect was Jiang Chen wanted them to become mercenaries!
Was this a joke? They left their home for the very reason of avoiding the war . If they were to participate in the battlefield again, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of fleeing?
Someone asked this question out loud and denounced Jiang Chen that no one had the right to force civilians to wield weapons and set foot on the battlefield .
Hearing this, all Ukraine veterans guffawed .
"You're asking me what's the point? You'll understand that in the future . I'm too lazy to talk nonsensical things . You're asking what right do I have? Of course none, but like I've said, if you want to leave, go right ahead and leave . You have half an hour to decide, and if you still remain in the base after half an hour, then I would consider that you acquiesce by default . "
After delivering his speech, no matter how these people protested, Jiang Chen directly did an about-face and left the podium .
There obviously won't be an applause for him, and he certainly didn't need one .
Just like the Fishbone Base at the beginning, when they found themselves unable to resist and living, in fact, a comfortable life, they would gradually accept sooner or later .
Moreover, Ivan would naturally train them to be absolutely loyal to the organization and shaped them into becoming a soldier .
Jiang Chen went next to Ivan and patted him on the shoulder . "I'll leave them in your care . "
"Yes, boss!" the East Slavic soldier bellowed as he saluted and maintained his military posture .
He nodded his head with satisfaction . He then waved at Ayesha, who was standing quietly in the shadow, and then walked together towards the headquarters .
While walking, Jiang Chen looked at Ayesha and suddenly asked, "Say, Ayesha, your hometown is in Syria, right?"
"Mhmm . "
After a moment of hesitation, he continued, "Umm, would my actions make you feel uncomfortable?After all, it's your hometown—"
"No, I will always stand by your side," Ayesha shook her head, her cold face suddenly revealed a gentle smile, "And you are a very gentle person . "
Jiang Chen almost choked on his own saliva .
[Are you kidding me? What do you mean by gentle?]
"Ahem, although the first one moved me, I beg to differ on the latter part . " He had never hesitated when killing except for the time when he made his first kill .

Just then, a small hand reached out to clasp his hand .
It seemed that after the night by the river, she fell in love with the feeling of holding hands, and she would always inadvertently reach out to his hand .
"Do you remember the time when you were in the truck?" Ayesha asked quietly .
Although it was not clear why she mentioned the past, he still smiled and squeezed her hand nonetheless .
"Of course I remember . How could I forget?"
It was quite interesting to think that back then, he didn't even notice that Ayesha was a girl .
"Even to a stranger like me, you still lent a helping hand when you saw my hungry eyes . "
Jiang Chen smiled, "Do you mean those biscuits? Those were cheap . "
Ayesha shook her head and clenched Jiang Chen's hand . Her mouth was slightly curved in a smile .
"But you still chose to share rather than to sit on the sidelines and watch . " Being alone on her quest for freedom, she was already numb to apathy .
Jiang Chen slightly lowered his head and fell into deep thought .
[Shared? Have I really? Is this how people look at me?]
Ayesha took a peek at Jiang Chen and smiled tenderly .
"There was once an emperor who was generous, kind, and brave . His territory stretched from west of Thrace, east of Indian River Plain, north of Amu Darya to the south of Persian Gulf .
'"He acted as a conqueror in Damascus but gained the respect of the people he conquered . The Egyptians built a city in the desert to honor his meritorious deed," she muttered to herself as though she's recounting a legend .
Hearing this, Jiang Chen suddenly burst out laughing .
"But the empire was only short-lived . " Was she referring to Alexander?
Towards to this remark, she merely smiled and did not disprove .
Obviously, he could have just used bullets to suppress them, used their loved ones to threaten them, used force to make them surrender, made them live in tents, and made them live by his rules .
But he didn't . The living condition here was much better compared to the refugee camp . He even provided them with a salary and hope .

Feeling the warmth from his hand, Ayesha closed her eyes, her lips curved into a smile .
. . .
[What kind of joke is this? Trek across the desert?]
The refugees were abuzz with protest .
However, their objection fell on deaf ears as Ivan and the other instructors ignored the faces filled with righteous indignation and stood there like statues . The public outcry escalated but was cordoned off violent encounters .
Force would always the best deterrence .
All the trainers wore a pitch back automatic rifle at their waist, the dark muzzle warned anyone who dared to incite violence .
Half an hour passed quickly .
Ivan cracked a smile and signaled his nine compatriots to surround the refugees .
. . .
In the command post, Jiang Chen and Robert stood side by side in front of the window while watching the situation in the field in good humor .
"Sh*t, didn't think that you'd have the gift of the gab," said Robert, his cigarette dangling in his mouth and his arms were resting on the windowsill .
"I have a lot of talent . " Jiang Chen grinned, he was also leaning against the windowsill .
Rather than talent, it was more of unceasing practice . Three months ago, if he were to talk in front of more than 100 people, he doubted if he would be able a single word . And now, the did not even need to prepare a speech .
"Do you know what I was thinking when you were giving that speech?"
"What?" Jiang Chen casually asked, his eyes were still on the field .
A commotion started to break out in the field . Someone tried to grab Ivan's rifle but was easily suppressed with a single move .
"Hitler . " Robert made an amusing version of Führer and laughingly remarked, "But you didn't learn his way of provocation . You should have given them a loaf of bread and tell them: 'You can eat it as long as you swear your allegiance to me . '"
"There was no need . " Jiang Chen chuckled and got up from the window . "I've already given them enough incentives . "
With that, he left the command center .
Staring at Jiang Chen retreating figure, Robert shrugged his shoulders and once again resumed observing the square .
There the riot was already over .
Perhaps due to the experience they gained in Ukraine which trained them to be an expert in suppressing uprisings, Ivan was able to lead his nine comrades to successfully control the situation .
Although the refugees wore a scowl on their face, they still obediently divided into ten columns, each led by a respective trainer . Their spouse and children were taken back to their assigned housing .
The training started immediately . The first mission was to run two laps around the 20 hectares of the base .
They would only be able to eat once they finished .
Don't want to cooperate? Then starve together with your wife and children .
If they only have themselves to think about, some of them would perhaps attempt to resist; however, hearing that it was not just them who would starve but also their family . . .
Everyone chose to compromise .
Under the scorching sun, figures could be seen running around the base, leaving trails of dust behind them .
When they dragged their exhausted body after finally finishing two laps, they all dropped to the ground . Not only did the ruthless instructors show not an iota of mercy, the devils also announced that the run would become part of their routine .
Although they wanted to complain, they couldn't muster enough energy to do so .
Fortunately, evening came which meant that the training for today was official over .
When they dragged their beaten body to the cafeteria with their family and received their share of a hot meal, they suddenly felt that it didn't seem to be so bad .
Roasted golden turkey, stewed mutton soup, bright green salad . . .
As far as food is concerned, it was day and night compared to those of refugee camps .
Maybe it was because of exhaustion after the exercise which stimulated their hunger, the dinner was especially delicious .
A lot of people even had extra portions, and Jiang Chen didn't skimp on food .
Hassan sat down beside his wife, Mary, carrying a bowl of mutton soup, and then grabbed a bun, dipped it into the soup, and took a big bite .
Looking at her exhausted husband, Mary anxiously reached out to him and wiped the dust off his face .
"What did they make you do?"
"Other than running, not much, but who knows what they'll do later? Dammit, those trainers are simply inhumane," Hassan cursed as he devoured the food in front of him . Because he expended quite a significant amount of energy, his appetite was huge enough to devour a camel .
It was not clear whether it was intentional, but everyone there appeared to be a modern Christian, so there was no sign of veils and headscarves in the cafeteria .
Hassan was munching his chicken and bread, while he pondered about on the future .
He was 20 years old, his wife 19 . They were planning to have a baby last year, but the conflict suddenly escalated overnight, as the shadow of IS enveloped half of Syria . Because he was considered a "heretic," he naturally did not dare to stay in his hometown, so he took his wife away and came to the refugee camp on the border .
Not knowing whether he should consider himself lucky or unfortunate for being taken here .
Becoming a mercenary? He never considered this position .
But now it seemed that there were not many options left for him .
"Will you . . . go to the front line?" Mary reluctantly asked .
"If I become a mercenary, probably," he grimaced and grunted as he stuffed his mouth with bread . He glanced at the trainers who were also having dinner in the cafeteria .
He was very confused about what would happen in the future .
But that 3-year contract gave him some hope .
"After 3 years, let's have a baby . I will work hard to give you and the children a stable environment," Hassan promised .
Mary stared at him, her eyes were covered with mists, and then she lowered her head shyly .
"Ok . "
In any case, since his family was already here, he would just need to do his best for them .
He would just wait and see whatever happened in the future .
Hassan's thought reflected the thought of other recruits in the base .
At least for this meal alone, there's nothing to complain about .

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