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Chapter 156
Early next morning, a team of ten men was running outside the base wall .

They were led by their respective trainers and would have stamina training 10 kilometers away from their location .
Jiang Chen's requirement for Ivan was he only had half a year regardless of what method he utilized . Six months later, he wanted to see disciplined and fast-moving troops . Moreover, this unit should be loyal to him alone .
It was easy to ensure the loyalty of the soldiers: first was money, and second was electronic collar .
Other than the job contract, Jiang Chen also signed a 10-year confidentiality agreement with the ten Kane instructors . Under the terms of the agreement, they must wear the electronic collar with information detection ability to protect themselves from information leaks in the entire duration of the term .
In this regard, the ten Kane trainers did not put up any resistance because it was only 10 years, and they did not have any intention of disclosing anything .
Six months' time was very short, it would be impossible to train a special force capable of a mixture of combat requirement, other new recruits would have to stay in camp for 7 months . Although relying on the virtual reality system for efficient training would only require 1-2 months to complete the new recruit training regimen; however, in the absence of a basic foundation, carelessly bringing these high-tech products out in the open would be highly unwise, more so because he did not have 100 training equipment in the first place .
But of course, Jiang Chen also made it clear to Ivan that he didn't need a special force, but a competent and modern infantry capable of siege warfare . They didn't need to be able to execute special missions, merely being capable of fighting would suffice .
As for their combat ability, there were a lot of ways to make up for it .
Not enough stamina? Then give an injection .
An E-grade genetic vaccine was really cheap and common in the Sixth Street . Although it was not as powerful as Jiang Chen's C-grade injection, it was enough to improve their constitution to that of special force level . The only reason he did not inject them yet was he wanted them to train their perseverance and endurance . They would be given an injection over the course of training .
Although Ivan and the trainers were skeptical about the drug that could improve their physical shape, upon seeing the certainty in their boss, they finally believed it was real . In spite of their misgivings, after being injected, they were surprised to discover that their strength and reflex improved by leaps and bounds, only then their skepticism finally disappeared . They were now more confident with the 6-month deadline training mission .
Of course, Jiang Chen didn't tell them it was a genetic medicine . He only told them it was a mysterious Han medicine .
Mhmm, that's right, it's a traditional Han medicine .

To begin with, from a foreigner's perspective, Han medicine in itself was a very mysterious thing . And precisely because of its mysterious nature that he was not pressed to explain himself .
It was also worth mentioning that genetic vaccine functioned by fine-tuning the genetic sequence of somatic cells and stem cells without affecting genes in certain cells . In other words, there was no need to worry about genetic issues .
Bad marksmanship? Then make the technology shoot for you .
AK47? M4A1? Obviously, they won't be using these junks .
100 years in the future, these seemingly decent rifles would be extremely weak . Just like how Thompson submachine gun could still be used now, almost all new rifles could definitely outmatch its performance .
The 150 Reapers Assault Rifles that Jiang Chen brought from the Fishbone Base, whether its stability, penetration, and accuracy, it outshined all modern firearms . After all, there was a fundamental difference between the structure of warfare in the future and the present .
Even light infantries wore nano combat suist as well as kinetic skeletons . Not to mention the heavy infantries that were fully equipped with power armors . If the rifle penetration was low, it would be difficult to even penetrate the enemy's armor . Since this was a NATO standard Reaper assault rifle, its penetration capability was naturally unequivocal . Although it was normal in the future with highly advanced science, it was ridiculous in the modern world where it could easily penetrate through steel or concrete .
Logically speaking, the higher the explosive power, the more recoil the solider would receive, but because of the special design of firearms, the recoil was significantly reduced .
Furthermore, because of its compact internal design, needless to say, the accuracy was superb .
The only problem was the ammunition . Because they couldn't use a modern ammunition without a secure base, Jiang Chen did not dare to move the bullet production line, so he could only carry the ammunition himself .
Fortunately, the trade between the Fishbone Base and the Sixth Street had just been finalized, and the additional batch of ammunition he purchased had arrived just in time . He shipped six months worth of training ammunition to the armory which temporarily solved the problem .
Other than rifles, with the development in the apocalypse side, Jiang Chen would continuously transport even more ridiculously incredible equipment to this world .
Such as kinetic skeletons, heat sensor grenade . . .

Jiang Chen entrusted all responsibility of training to Ivan . The veteran was well-respected among his peers, and so he was more at ease in leaving him with the day-to-day operation of the base .
As for logistics, it was also easy to solve .
According to Robert's suggestion, he set up an office for the Future Security Company in Niamey and hired local experts to handle the problem . The only thing he needed to worry about was to provide the operating cash flow to the company's account, and the daily expenses, salary, and logistics, and other aspects of affairs would be coordinated by the office .
At the end of each month, there would be a detailed bill sent to his email .
. . .
After spending two days traveling between the base and Niamey, Jiang Chen finally settled everything on this side .
The manager of Future Security company was a man called Barkley whom he found in the talent market in Niger . Despite being only 35 years old, he already had 15 years of relevant work experience . He looked stable and trustworthy .
The labor cost in Niger was very meager, $400 USD monthly salary was already considered high in the local market . Towards such generous paycheck, the black guy was ecstatic as he promised to take care of everything with perfection .
Jiang Chen was pleased with his eagerness because it meant he could worry less about it .
With the base starting to operate on the right track, it was finally time to go home .
When they headed to the airport, they took Niger Ministry of Commerce vehicle . As a good host, the Minister of Commerce Amani personally sent them to the airport .
"We hope you come back soon, Mr . Jiang . You will always be Niger's friend . " Armani shook hands with him enthusiastically with a bright smile on his face .
$2 million worth of investment to build a road from the national highway to the undeveloped area . He had gained a lot from this friend of his from the East, and so he was naturally very enthusiastic .
"Of course, I wish our friendship will last through eternity . Thank you for your warm hospitality . Farewell . " Jiang Chen released his hand and then led Robert, Nick, and Ayesha into the airport .
After passing through security, Robert heaved a sigh of relief and rolled his eyes .
"I can finally leave this goddamn place . Heck, when I get back, the first thing I'll do is to take a nice, long shower and then go to the hospital to get a gastric suction . "
"Then spread your seeds to some Hollywood chicks?" Jiang Chen teased .
"Ahem, of course, nightlife is necessary to relieve some stress at work, you know . The next time you come to Los Santos, I'll take you to experience it . " Robert chuckled . "What about you? What are you planning to do when you get back?"
"Shower, sleep and then rest for a few days . " Jiang Chen shrugged and sat on the chair in the waiting room . Ayesha sat right beside him, eyes looking everywhere . However, much to her disappointment, unlike the airport in Kiev, there was no magazine to pass her time on .
"Don't be so boring, you have to learn to enjoy life properly . " Robert sat on the opposite side of Jiang Chen, crossed his legs, and leaned comfortably against the seat . "Then what's the use of making so much money?"
Nick scanned the lobby of the waiting room and then headed for the coffee machine .
"Haha, how do you know I didn't enjoy myself? Let me tell you, when I made my first money, the first thing I did was to spend it lavishly," Jiang Chen said proudly, not in the least bit ashamed .
"Oh? I didn't expect this . . . Haha! By the way, buddy, I've got a fun idea . Why don't we share what we did with our first money?" Robert was suddenly interested and sat up straight .
Meanwhile, Nick came over with a coffee and sat down next to Robert .
"We'll get Nick to go first . " Robert patted Nick on the shoulder while laughing .
Nick took a sip and looked at Robert with confusion . After hearing the explanation, the taciturn Slavic man gave the most ordinary statement .
"Bought a house in Los Santos and then got a dog . " As far as American lifestyle's concerned, his couldn't be any more average .
"Okay, I take back what I said, Nick is the most boring person . " He ignored Nick's confused look and then coughed and continued, "My turn . . . I remember it was five years ago, I was still helping a Mexican smuggled illegal firearms . On the day of payout, he gave me $50 thousand, and the first thing I did was . . . "
At this point, Robert's face went red out of nowhere, scratched his nose, as he was too embarrassed to continue .
"Ahem . Uh, I found two 16 years old high school students at the bar . . . In short, I got rid of my . . . virginity . " Robert had completely abandoned his sense of shame . He then looked at Jiang Chen, "Ok, buddy, your turn . "
[This old pervert . ] Jiang Chen laughingly thought in his mind .
"The first sum of money . . . " He wanted to say what happened in Sanya but suddenly halted as he awkwardly looked at Ayesha .
Uh, he seemed to be somewhat similar to Robert, the old pervert . After making money, the first thing he did was go to Sanya and got himself a lover .
Sensing Jiang Chen's gaze, Ayesha looked back at him puzzled .
However, her pure expression made it even harder for Jiang Chen to open his mouth .
Robert smirked and then whispered, "I understand, we're all men here . "
"No, wait, my situation is a little different from yours . "[In any case, saying it's his first . . . ]
"No, no, no, no need to explain, I understand . "
[Fu*k, what do you know!]

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