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Chapter 157
This past couple of days, Jiang Chen was very idle .

The first step of the island capture project had been completed, and Sixth Street had also been stabilized .
Out of nowhere, he suddenly found himself free .
He walked out from the bedroom, yawning . After a brief wash, he went to the kitchen and sat across Ayesha while stretching .
"Did you stay up late again?" Ayesha asked with concern .
"Uh, played a bit too late last night . " Jiang Chen reached out and grabbed a slice of toast .
Coffee, toast, and omelet for breakfast, Ayesha's cooking was getting better . . . While munching, he reached out and turned on the TV .
"Don't sleep too late," Ayesha reminded softly .
"Mhmm . " He took a sip of coffee, and the bitterness made his brain sober .
The widescreen TV was playing the news .
"Yesterday noon, a crossfire occurred in the northern suburbs of Donetsk, Ukraine, the largest one since the turn of the year . The civilian forces used cannons, self-propelled artillery, and other heavy weapons against the government-controlled area . Currently, Minsk Agreement is in name only . On the other hand, America accused Russia of deploying artillery on the border . . .
Watching blankly at the artillery bombardment on the news screen, Jiang Chen took a bite of the toast,
"Did they start fighting again?"
Truth be told, seeing the cannon homing on the screen could not be compared to the astonishment of seeing it in the frontline .
Ayesha appeared to be indifferent towards these things and was concentrating on her breakfast .
"I'm going rusty these days," Jiang Chen complained out of boredom .
Ayesha put the omelet on the toast, blew a few times, before taking a huge bite .
After hearing how Jiang Chen felt, she hesitated a little before suggesting, "How about I teach you a good workout?"
Jiang Chen was stupefied .
"Eh? I've taken the injection, so even without exercise, I can still maintain my body in tiptop condition . "
He simply had to praise the beauty of science and technology .
"Um, in addition to physical fitness, there are still other benefits to exercise such as maintaining your figure and keeping your body flexible," Ayesha muttered .
"Figure . . . Umm, speaking of this, I still haven't touched the fitness equipment that we bought . It's always you who have been using it . " Jiang Chen scratched his chin thoughtfully and suddenly clapped . "Then it's decided, later you can teach me to exercise . "

"Mhmm!" Ayesha smiled tenderly and nodded .
. . .
Shortly after breakfast .
The two stood face-to-face on the yoga mat . Ayesha had already changed into a workout outfit of a small black top, her brown color was tied into a ponytail .
Looking lively and enticing .
Curves outlined by tight clothes, bumps faintly visible . . .
Uh, guess it would be troublesome if he continued to stare .
Jiang Chen subtly moved his line of sight .
A dazzling selection of fitness equipment comparable to those of outside gyms was located on the third floor of the home gym . At the corner, a virtual reality training chamber could be seen, and before entering the password, it looked like an oddly-shaped, covered bathtub .
"Fitness is divided into two kinds, one is aerobic exercise such as treadmills and bicycles . The other is non-aerobic exercise such as sit-ups and weightlifting . " Without noticing the strange look from Jiang Chen, Ayesha went to the next exercise equipment and started explaining earnestly .
When it came to exercise, she was naturally quite experienced . After all, she spent almost all her days in the gym . If it was not completing her daily "homework" in the virtual reality, it was using this equipment to exercise her body .
After listening to Ayesha explained the key concepts, the next step, of course, was the practical application .
Jiang Chen twisted his neck, as he eagerly stepped on the treadmill and started it under Ayesha's guidance .

[Um, I don't seem to be feeling anything . ]
According to the value on the EP, his muscle strength was already at 30, his reflex was nearing 29, and thus this type of exercise was indeed too simple for him .
Impatiently, he pressed the plus sign button making the speed increased until it finally stopped at the limit of 30 .
His feet were practically dancing, but he still didn't feel an iota of pressure .
"There's no point in running so fast," Ayesha smiled wryly .
"Why do I feel that this treadmill is pretty much useless to me?" Jiang Chen had a similar wry smile and pressed the minus button until the treadmill came to a slow stop .
After Jiang Chen got off from the treadmill, Ayesha took over . She took a deep breath and pressed the start button .

"Although the injection of that weird medicine improved a lot of aspects of your body quite significantly, daily exercising to maintain your health is still important . Not so fast, jogging should suffice . This helps tone the body and keeps the body flexible . . . "
While jogging in constant speed, Ayesha was explaining it to Jiang Chen simultaneously .

Flexibility? Body coordination? Jiang Chen nodded thoughtfully .
But when he thought about body shapes . . .
For some reason, the first thing that came into his head was the sexy vest line of her waist .
And looking at her shoulders and arms moving rhythmically along with the jiggling of her firm and small breasts . . .
Not good! Nosebleed .
Jiang Chen embarrassedly covered his nose and quickly looked away .
A good thing that nothing came out of his nose .
Ayesha gave him a puzzled look . Done with her demonstration, she turned off the treadmill and jumped off .
"Now for the non-aerobic exercise . Um, where should we begin . . . Ah! Let's start with that . " Looking around, her eyes lit up when she spotted the elliptical trainer near the door .
An odd-looking equipment connected to all four sides, which Jiang Chen had seen before in the university gym . Put simply, by sitting there, you can perform pull-ups, core exercise, parallel bars and other series of complex exercise .
"I rarely use this because it will easily build up muscles, but it's suitable for guys . " Ayesha sat on top of it and smiled softly at Jiang Chen . "I'm going to demonstrate for you . "
She adjusted the weight to 20 kg, took a deep breath, and extended both of her arms up high while holding the bar .
Too much power .
A weight of this level was naturally very easy for someone like her with a genetic vaccine, but even so . . .
Due to the tension made from the exertion of her arms, the round softness on her chest looked like it was about to pop out .
Jiang Chen unconsciously swallowed his saliva .
Although he knew it was bad to gawk at certain parts of a girl, still he was unable to move his gaze away .
However, this wasn't the most troublesome thing .
Having finished with the stretching exercises of her upper and lower muscles, Ayesha, who remained oblivious to his gaze, put her arms against the pad of the butterfly clips and then both of her arms snapped towards her chest .
Because of the pressure, the soft protrusion was squeezed under the force of her arms .
Worse still, because of the aerobic exercise, Ayesha's forehead was sweating profusely . The small top was becoming more transparent as it got stuck on her skin .
"What's the problem?" Ayesha looked perplexedly at Jiang Chen who was covering his nose .
"Uh, nothing, my nose is just a little bit itchy . Ha ha ha . " Jiang Chen laughed dryly .
He did not want to admit that he was thinking of naughty things while she was teaching so earnestly .
While still confused, Ayesha didn't pursue the subject . She pressed her legs against the pad, ready to demonstrate the next set of moves .
However, at this time, she accidentally saw something she shouldn't have seen .
Because Jiang Chen was also wearing workout clothes, the design of the sports pants was rather loose .
That tent-shaped bulge . . .
Ayesha's cold face turned crimson, she ducked her head down shyly, fingers rubbing absentmindedly against the training equipment .
"Do, do you want to?" she uttered in a quivering voice .
Hearing this, it was Jiang Chen's turn to blush .
His conscience told him that he should refuse this time to show his integrity and solve this "misunderstanding" .
"Yes," He nodded without thinking .
Although his thought was very praiseworthy, his mouth and body, on the other hand, were both very honest .
"Umm, then let's go to . . . "
"Here is good!"
. . .
It's already lunchtime when they left the gym .
Seeing the time on the EP, Jiang Chen could not help but smile wryly .
Now with Ayesha feeling disoriented, she definitely would not be able to cook anymore .
What a blunder .
He shook his head and went into the kitchen .
He turned on the rice cooker, poured half a cup of rice into it, and mixed it with water .
Putting on the apron, he took a spatula and cooked the scrambled eggs with tomato, which he hadn't cooked for a long time, and then he made a cucumber soup .
This was the limit of his cooking, as he certainly didn't know how to cook lamb and beef .
But this should be alright for today .
He brought the dishes on the table while humming . He then returned to the kitchen and removed the dough from the fridge .
Ayesha was still not used to eating rice . It was usually Jiang Chen who ate rice, and she with her bread .
He stuck the dough into the microwave, patted his hand, and pressed the start button .
Watching the golden bread spinning in the microwave, he narcissistically touched his chin while nodding .
[Why am I so talented? Capable of doing business and capable of cooking . . . wait! This shouldn't be how a man is described!]
Just then, he suddenly felt a soft touch behind him . A small hand came around him from behind and embraced him .
"Hmm? Ahem, sorry, I've been too rough . Are you feeling better?" Jiang Chen said as he turned around and scratched his head awkwardly .
"Mhmm . . . thank you . "
"Thank you? Eh? Wait, what are you crying for?"
Ayesha's face was tightly pressed against his warm back, she didn't respond and only rubbed the corner of her eyes against his clothes .
Just ten minutes ago, she slowly recovered from her woozy state .
When she realized it was already lunchtime, as a "competent wife", which she'd always strictly told herself to be, she immediately got up, leaned on the wall for support, and dragged her body to the kitchen .
When she saw the dishes on the table, for some reason, she felt her eyes tearing up .
She gently moved to the kitchen door and saw the hot bread that Jiang Chen made for her .
She stepped forward and embraced him, her face pressing tightly against the warm and strong back, and her delicate eyelashes closing .
"Uh, sorry for hurting you, in the future—"
"No, this is good . " Ayesha murmured happily .

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