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Chapter 160
Driving to Guanglu Building, Jiang Chen closed the door and narcissistically looked in the car mirror before striding towards the front door .

He was slightly embarrassed—as the president, he was fairly certain that he came to the company not more than ten times .
Most of the companies that chose Guanglu as their office space dealt with information technology, similar to Future Technology . The commonality between them all was that their lunch breaks were really short . It was only 1:30, but there was nobody to be seen in the lobby . Just as he was about to take the elevator up, he heard his name .
"It's Jiang Chen?"
"Mhmm, seems like it is him . . . . "
Hearing the gossipy discussions, Jiang Chen dumbfoundedly looked over at the lobby reception .
Two female receptionists whispered to each other as they giggled . When they noticed Jiang Chen looking over at them, they didn't stop but rather waved at him .
"Hey, Yingying, he looked over . "
"Wait, let me send a Weibo!"
Weird .
Jiang Chen muttered to himself as he got on the elevator .
When the elevator stopped on the twelfth floor, a proud smile surfaced on his face as the words came into view .
Three months ago, Future Technology existed only in Xia Shiyu's word document, but now it had already grown to this scale .
He made a beeline towards Xia Shiyu's office .

Sitting behind the front desk was a beautiful girl . Jiang Chen didn't recognize her; she was most likely one of the new hires . As for the previous two receptionists, they must have been transferred to other departments .
Compared to when the company just started, the number of employees had already doubled . Considering the company's new project team, Xia Shiyu went ahead and rented the thirteenth floor to be used by the team .
When the beauty sitting at the front desk saw Jiang Chen, her eyes immediately lit up as she greeted him with a cheerful smile .
"Hello, President! Welcome!"
"What welcome," Jiang Chen casually said as he laughed and greeted her . Afterwards, he asked, puzzled, "You're new here, right? How did you know that I'm the president?"
On the left of her chest was a name tag that read "Su Mengqi . "
"President, don't you know that you're extremely popular right now?" With both elbows on the table, Su Mengqi smiled .
Her voice had a unique tone that made others feel peaceful . Xia Shiyu indeed had an eye for choosing people . With a talent like this, after some training, she'd be great in the sales department .
"Popular?" Jiang Chen looked lost for a moment . While he knew he was considered a public figure, he didn't think he was popular .
When he came out of the airport a few days ago, he didn't see any cameras pointed at him .
"Haha, when is the last time President went online? Oh, I remember you have a Weibo account, unless that one is fake?" Su Mengqi asked curiously .
"Uh, I do have Weibo, but how did you know?" Jiang Chen took out his phone and logged into his long-forgotten account .
He recalled that the only person he followed was Liu Yao . After that, he didn't bother sending out a single Weibo . But when his eyes landed on the numbers, he jumped .

"Hehe, I am also your follower . " Su Mengqi shook her phone as coyly blinked her eyes . "Everyone calls you National Husband . "
"Huh?" Jiang Chen glanced over the rows of at symbols, dumbfounded .
He randomly opened a few . It was either "I want to make babies with you," or "Please notice me, I can warm the bed . " Many passionate females added a selfie in the message, but most belonged to the type that had "no photoshop at all . "
Jiang Chen was secretly shocked at his popularity .
But he would pass on the babies part .
It made sense, however—Future Technology was now valued at over five billion USD by Wall Street analysts, and this was the number given to the press a month ago . After the introduction and success of their revenue model, as well as the era-defining game New Era, Future Technology's value could easily have doubled .
Without exaggerating, Jiang Chen's net worth was easily over ten billion USD .
Moreover, he was quite good-looking, and someone revealed that he was only twenty-three years old .
New to the business, young and rich, and also single—
Immediately, all spotlights were focused on him .
Even without sending out a single Weibo, social media officials acted on their own and verified the account, making the number of followers explode .
Uh, he was very curious . How did the Weibo officials know about his Weibo account?
"What do you think? It's not bad to be popular, right?" Su Mingqi smiled happily at Jiang Chen .
"Not bad . " He scratched his nose while laughing shyly .
His sudden public stature felt surreal .
"Hehe, oh yeah . President, you still don't have a girlfriend, right? I'm also single . Do you think I can pursue you?" Su Mengqi coyly said in a half-joking tone of voice .
Just as Jiang Chen was about to reject her, a light cough transmitted from the end of the hall .
Xia Shiyu was standing there .
Her silky, black hair was pulled up, and her black suit was paired with a white dress shirt, black stockings, and a black pencil skirt . She demonstrated the office lady vibe to perfection .
Still stunning .
Su Mengqi playfully popped her tongue out and immediately put her phone away . It was evident that Xia Shiyu was well-respected in the company .
"Don't use your phone at work . Remember this next time . " After giving Su Mengqi a brief lecture, Xia Shiyu glanced at Jiang Chen . She paused before saying, "Haven't seen you in a long time . " Her tone somehow seemed to carry a hidden bitterness .
Jiang Chen said apologetically, "Uh, I was about to go find you . "
"Then follow me . " Xia Shiyu nodded, then she turned around to lead the way to the office .
After the two left, Su Mengqi patted her chest with relief .
Her best friend walked over with a briefcase and gently tapped her .
"Qiqi, do you have a death wish? You dared to hit on the president in front of the CEO?"
"Hmm? What! Could they . . . . " Su Mengqi's eyes suddenly popped out as she realized the relationship between the two .
Her best friend Li Fengying whispered mysteriously, "Let me tell you since you're new and don't know . The reason why the CEO still hasn't found a boyfriend yet is because of President Jiang . . . . "
"W-what do I do then? Will CEO Xia make trouble for me over this?" Su Mengqi began to feel anxious . She didn't actually plan to pursue Jiang Chen; it was only a joke . If she got in her boss' bad books, it would not be good .
Future Technology's salary and benefits were extremely competitive .
Her best friend suddenly burst out laughing .
"You dare to laugh . Give me back my Haagen Dazs . " Su Mengqi said with mock anger .
"No, haha, don't worry, CEO Xia is not that type of person . She usually looks serious, but she's not the narrow-minded type to give you trouble . "
If Jiang Chen heard this word, he would have a shocked expression .
Xia Shiyu did exactly that to fire him .
So people do improve?