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Chapter 162
When Jiang Chen announced a bonus of ten thousand for everyone, the employees all began to cheer in joy .

Xia Shiyu who stood beside him rubbed her face . She whispered, "Didn't you say a bonus only to the New Era project members? How did it become everyone?"
Hearing that, Jiang Chen paused before immediately laughing it away . "That's fine! Everyone contributed, so everyone should be rewarded . There are a lot of employees in Future Technology, but no one is an extra!"
"Boss . " Chen Lulu in the legal department put her palms together as if she was praying to Jiang Chen .
"What?" Jiang Chen smiled .
"You look like you're glowing . "
At the edge of the circle, Su Mengqi stopped clapping along with her colleagues .
As she watched Jiang Chen, who was surrounded, there was a different light flashing in her eyes, like a magpie that had just discovered shining jewelry .
"Girl, are you thinking about someone?" her friend said with a smirk . She stood beside Su Mengqi and poked her friend in the arm .
"Fengying," Su Mengqi murmured, as if she hadn't heard her friend's words .
Seeing the lost face on her friend's face, Li Fengying looked at her confusedly .
"Who do you think is prettier? Me and CEO Xia?" Su Mengqi said with a pout, her eyes drawn to the person in the center .
"Psh! Wait? You . . . . "
"I have decided!" She suddenly clapped her hands, a fighting light burning in her eyes . "I've changed my mind . "

Future Technology had a total of 34 employees . With a bonus of ten thousand per person, that came out to only 340 thousand—this was a drop of water in the vast sea of Future Technology's future profits . Following the growth of the company, their monthly salary would eventually be far greater than that number .
But what Jiang Chen didn't know was that the employees were touched not by the ten thousand bonus but rather by what he said at the end .
"There are a lot of employees in Future Technology, but no one is an extra!"
Nothing else instilled such a sense of belonging as having one's own value recognized . They spent days and nights drafting plans, discussing marketing strategy, and handling the details of the operation—other than working for the salary, did they not want to be recognized for their values?
No one felt this as strongly as Jiang Chen did ever since he was fired at will . He was a small employee working in the sales department of a clothing store . He knew in his heart the powerless feeling that no matter how hard he worked, he would never receive any recognition .
Sometimes, people were more easily touched than expected .
These words were later printed in Future Technology's employee manual as the company's culture used to encourage new employees .
But this is an afterthought .
. . .
With everyone's moods at an all-time high, Jiang Chen immediately announced a gathering at Xinrong Restaurant, with all expenses paid for by the company .
A boss this generous naturally received the praise of the employees . Most people disliked business gatherings, but upon hearing that they would have the opportunity to have a meal with the mysterious but legendary boss, they began to look forward to it .
After getting off from work, the group of thirty plus people arrived at Xinrong Restaurant .
Befitting its five-star reputation, Xinrong Restaurant was magnificently built .
Xia Shiyu had already reserved a room, so when the restaurant manager saw the crowd of thirty people, he put on his brightest smile and personally ushered them to the private room . He also courteously gave Jiang Chen a VIP card that gave 20% off the tab .
The dinner table was a bustling scene .

Jiang Chen happily accepted his employees' toasts, but considering that he had to drive, he took care not to drink too much and placed the remainder in the storage dimension .
Sitting beside him was the second-in-command, Xia Shiyu . Jiang Chen was surprised to find that she was quite popular in the company as she received many proposed toasts as well .
Xia Shiyu accepted them all without refusing a single one, but because of her tolerance, she used a small cup . Regardless, her face turned red after a few shots, which couldn't look more attractive on her .
The mood became heightened as Jiang Chen didn't act like a boss at all, boasting instead with the employees about anything and everything .
The topic soon turned to personal questions about the "internet famous" president's personal life . Everyone was quite curious .
"President, let me propose a toast . I wish for your greater success!" At this time, Su Mengqi stood and raised her cup with a smile .
Based on the alcohol culture in China, it was disrespectful to propose a toast to the boss before the direct manager did so . Because of the lack of employees, however, Future Technology did not yet have an established Human Resources department, and so Xia Shiyu was in charge of everything; therefore, Su Mengqi's direct manager should have been Xia Shiyu .
But CEO Xia, either from shyness or other concerns, didn't propose a toast to Jiang Chen from the start of the dinner until now, despite sitting beside him . Despite that, Su Mengqi toasting Jiang Chen did not befit the culture .
Of course, there was also an unwritten rule that beauties were the exception .
"I'll accept your kind words . " Jiang Chen stood and also raised his cup before throwing back the drink . Su Mengqi simultaneously finished the drink in her cup, and two red clouds appeared on her cheeks . Her watery eyes shimmered . Under the influence of alcohol, she gazed into Jiang Chen's eyes and asked, "President, can I ask you a question?"
"Ask away, as long as it's not for my bank password," Jiang Chen laughed as he joked .
"Then my question is, does President have anyone he likes?"
It was a bold question, drawing a wave of chattering, and the mood at the dinner table was suddenly pushed to a climax . Su Mengqi's face with light makeup began to blush even more under the cheers of her colleagues, but her watery eyes didn't move away .
Many people speculated that CEO Xia had feelings for the president, but when she remained unperturbed by the question, people began to question their suspicions .
Everyone was already an adult; there was no way she was this reserved .
"Yes, President . If you don't tell us because we're men, then shouldn't you reveal some information to the beautiful lady?"
"Yes, yes, our Miss Su is already giving you hints, so you should say something . "
Recalling that the president was still single, the crowd began to root for the two .
Su Mengqi was indeed a gorgeous girl, and she seemed interested in the president . Many times, it worked out like this—although they didn't hold strong feelings for each other, under everyone's influence, they would somehow develop feelings for each other .
It was a top priority to help the president stay away from the single life . If it ended up working out, their fussing now would become an assistance later! Not only were there benefits, but in the future, it would be a favor . If they ended up getting married, with Jiang Chen's generosity, a hefty red envelope would come their way .
And even if it didn't end up working out, it was a light jest at the dinner table, so not many thought too deeply on it . For some reason, Xia Shiyu buried her head and poked at her fish, feeling wronged . She had the urge the stand up and do something, but she didn't know exactly what, so she couldn't find a reason to get up .
Jiang Chen gave a troubled smile . This was a difficult question to answer .
Sun Jiao and Yao Yao . . . . were from the other world . Ayesha's identity and age were unique, so it wasn't good to expose them . Liu Yao was a celebrity and would not be good to expose as a mistress . F*ck, he thought he had so many girls, but not a single one could be brought home for New Years .
"Uhh, yes?" After careful deliberation, Jiang Chen gave an incredibly vague answer .
Even after hearing the response, Su Mengqi didn't give up . Just as she was about to ask, "What do you like about her," Future 1 . 0's Project Manager Nin Huajian suddenly stood and proposed a toast with a smile .
"President Jiang is young but achieved! I have worked in the IT industry for five years and have seen a number of industry prodigies . But the only person whom I respect from the bottom of my heart is President Jiang . I'll finish the drink . "
Nin Huajian chugged the alcohol in his cup and flipped it to show his respect, making the crowd cheer .
Jiang Chen understood that Nin Huajian was helping him get out of an awkward situation, so he gladly raised his cup .
After Jiang Chen finished his drink, the three sat down .
Su Mengqi also realized that she was rushing it . Thankfully, Nin Huajian saved her from persisting, or else she would have committed the taboo of putting her boss in a difficult situation .
Besides Su Mengqi's anxious emotions, Xia Shiyu's heart was also turbulent .
She recalled the scene during the last press conference .
At that time, Jiang Chen seemed to have indicated that he didn't like anyone .
But there now there was someone .
Who could it be?
He barely showed up at the company this month and barely saw her . Could it be someone he met overseas on a business trip . . . ?
Eh? Why do I care about his personal life?
Just as Xia Shiyu was in a mental quandary, the topic at the table switched directions .
"CEO Xia, thank you for your support and guidance . Let me propose a toast to you . "
Jiang Chen gently poked Xia Shiyu with his elbow .
"Ah! Okay . . . . " As if waking from a dream, Xia Shiyu hastily stood and raised her cup .
Jiang Chen looked at Xia Shiyu, perplexed . It was rare to see such a frantic expression on her face .
In this relatively harmonious atmosphere, the dinner came to an end .

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