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Chapter 163
After the closing remarks of the boss, the dinner officially concluded . People began to leave and started to head home .
The total spending was 70 thousand . Jiang Chen swiped his card without a blink of an eye .
But just as he was about to leave, he realized that someone was still there .
Xia Shiyu was leaning on the table . Her blood, red blush could be faintly seen on her half exposed face, she looked like she drank too much .
Seeing this, Jiang Chen helplessly let out a sigh and walked towards her .
For some strange reason, the girl somehow started to drink shot after shot and got herself drunk . She didn't cause a scene after becoming drunk as she just quietly lied on the table till now .
"No one forced you to drink, did you think you were drinking water?"
Jiang Chen put her arms around his neck and used a slight amount of force to lift her up onto his back .
Feeling the softness on his back, Jiang Chen's face turned red . Although they were not big, they were surprisingly soft .
He quickly coughed to hide his awkwardness as he cleared his mind . Avoiding the dubious look of the waitress, he quickly secured her on his back and left through the door .
"I, I am not drunk, taxi . . . "
"Yes, yes, that's what all drunk people say . "
The warm breath on his neck made his mind go elsewhere, especially coupled with the softness on his back; it was making him lose his mind .
He suppressed the wild thoughts in his mind as he strenuously stuffed Xia Shiyu into the front passenger seat and put the seatbelt on her . When his finger unintentionally slid across her silky waist, he gulped, urged back any more "unintentional" moves, and closed the door .
He started the car and drove his Maybach to Xinxuan community .
The smell of alcohol began to rise in the car, Jiang Chen glanced at the completely passed out girl as he sighed and murmured .
"You know you are very attractive right now?"
Xia Shiyu ambiguously muttered something, but it was probably just her sleep talking .
Because he was afraid that she would get cold from the wind, Jiang Chen let the alcohol smell build up in the car and didn't open the window .
Finally bringing this girl to her front door, Jiang Chen couldn't care more as he used his free hand to search her body, before finding the key and opening the door .
He dragged Xia Shiyu, who was drunk like a pile of mud, into her place before he finally got a chance to breathe . But just as he was about to leave, he froze in place .

Her white neck was a soft shade of red, her slightly messy hair partially covered her gorgeous celebrity-like face, her bright red lips were parted, breathing a warm but intoxicating smell, her delicate eyebrows furrowed due to discomfort . . .
Seeing Xia Shiyu's letting her guard completely down, Jiang Chen gulped and took a subtle step forward .
If he did something now, she probably wouldn't know .
But just as the devil-like thought emerged in his mind, he refocused, scared by his own thought . He quickly took two deep breaths and forcefully shook his head .
Jiang Chen helped her take off her suit and then to make her more comfortable, he unbuttoned the first button on her button down shirt .
After doing all this, he put the sheet on her before sneaking out from the room .
He poured himself a cup of water in the kitchen, the cold sensation of water passing through his stomach calmed his heart .
After standing for a moment, he looked at the clock on the wall .

"It's already this late?" Jiang Chen yawned as the feeling of confliction rose .
Xinyuan community was in the complete opposite direction of Mingxing community . If he drove back now, it would be 12 before he arrived at home . Besides, he was already so tired that he really didn't want to drive an hour back .
Stay here for the night?
Jiang Chen gulped as it was an enticing thought .
[I did carry her back . It would be okay if I stayed without her permission for one night right?]
Thinking, Jiang Chen took out his phone and texted a message to Ayesha .

. . .
Jiang Chen let out a long breath of air . He then stretched and scanned the two-story apartment .
There was a bedroom on the second floor, but probably never cleaned out since only Xia Shiyu lived here .
"Looks like I am sleeping on the sofa tonight . . . I'll take a shower first . "
Jiang Chen muttered as he walked to the bathroom .
Within the mansion, Ayesha had her leg placed on the bar as she gently leaned her body forward, her chin slightly touching her knees . The elegant posture was not only difficult but also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes . Only such exercises could stretch the tendons in the leg to increase the flexibility of the body . This was something genetic vaccine did not provide . Flexibility was one of the most common things that benefited her in all areas, such as fighting, such as doing other certain things . . .
But suddenly, the lightbulb went out .

But suddenly, the lightbulb went out .
Power outage?
Ayesha's movement stopped . With her body still pressed against her leg, she quietly listened .
She didn't rush to check the circuit as she smelled something odd .
Her cat-like pupils slightly narrowed in the darkness, giving off a dangerous vibe .
As if she had found her prey .
. . .
Since he couldn't break through the firewall, he could only capture the program developer and figure out the code the hard way .
Xin Lei's blood-shot eyes reflected the light on the screen . His lips rose slightly under his hoodie as he spoke in a screeching voice into the Bluetooth headphone .
"The security system is hacked, your personal information is whitelisted . "
For a hacker that is ranked third in China, and had been flagged on the front page of some unscrupulous organizations, this type of security was too easy for him .
Though he hasn't done these types of things without pay for a long time .
"Confirmed . " A female voice came from under the hood of a purple tracksuit .
Yan Xiaoyan, the childhood honey of Xie Lei . She has a black belt in taekwondo, even though she is only 17 . Her swift moves could easily beat 5-6 adults . Due to her affection towards Xie Lei, she agreed to this dangerous plan without much hesitation .
"It's taken care of, let's go . " She waved at the two people behind her, and Yan Xiaoyan led the way to the high-end community .
Lu Dahu, known as the chubby tiger is a good friend of Xie Lie . He was three years older, spent a few years in the military, and is currently unemployed .
Zhang Chao, also Xie Lei's good friend . They met a long time ago on the internet . He was around the same age as Xie Lei . Although he lacked knowledge about computers, he was a huge of fan of the military . He was not tall but was skillful with almost all military gadgets .
After Xie Lei confessed his trouble, they agreed without hesitation .
The plan was simple: sneak into the mansion, control Jiang Chen, drive his car and take him out of the community to the agreed on spot .
They only had one and half hour . Once the clock hit 12, the server would reset, and the access control gained by Xie Lei would be lost .
His eyes locked onto the screen as Xie Lei already infiltrated the camera within the community . Seeing his three friends successfully pass identification at the front door and walk inside of the mansion, he took a deep breath and pressed a few more button .
The memory of the camera connected to the server was erased, the write function disabled . The camera tonight would not record anything . Once they left, they only needed to delete their personal information from the server .
As if they were never there .
Xie Lei knew that he and his friends were playing with fire . If they were accidentally caught, all of them would go to jail .

Xie Lei knew that he and his friends were playing with fire . If they were accidentally caught, all of them would go to jail .
"People here are all veteran soldiers," Lu Dahu lowered his hat as he mumbled .
"Aren't you a veteran as well?" Zhao Chan with a backpack mocked .
"It's different . " Lu Dahu forced a smile, as his square looking face looked rather helpless . "Based on the vibe I'm getting, they were at least special forces from the army . "
"Be quiet . " Yan Xiaoyan, half a step in front of them, whispered .
Xie Lin's fingers typed on the keyboard . He constantly changed between cameras while drawing with his right hand and marking the route of the patrol team .
"Turn right in the front, avoid patrol team A, walk straight into the intersection before turning left . Try to avoid contact with anyone, your guys look odd . "
"Understood . " Yan Xiaoyan lowered her voice as she held onto the Bluetooth earphone . She then signaled the two people behind her to quickly move to the street on the right .
Although they already passed the check at the front door, wandering around this late would easily cause suspension . They were not prepared to be questioned because the backpack Zhang Chao carried had all the tools for crime .
Three sticks, handcuffs, ropes, three night vision goggles, and one signal jammer .
Zhang Chao bought everything from an exclusive channel . They were all authentic product from American ATN corporation which shocked Lu Dahu, the veteran soldier . Of course, Xie Lie paid for it .
The three of them sneaked into the mansion at the deepest part of the community .
The European style high wall, the cut green grass, and the straight brick trail . The building's structure shone with elegance .
"Dammit, people here must be ridiculously wealthy . Do you think there are bodyguards inside?" Zhang Chao mustered as he took off his backpack .
"If there are any, I'll take care of it . " The girl in the purple suit said confidently . She pressed the earphone again . "We are in position . "
"Ok . " Xie Lei took a deep breath and clicked his tongue .
Sparks suddenly came out of the generator on the north side . In an instant, the entire community fell into darkness .
With fingers on the keyboard, he simultaneously locked the electrical room's password so that even if they started the backup generator, it would take awhile .
He had to thank the highly digitalized design of the community . If it were a mechanical lock, there would be nothing that he could do .
Without wasting a second, Yan Xiaoyan took out a card from her pocket and swiped it on the metal gate . Xie Lei who already acquired the password information from the database and had copied the key onto the black card . The card in her hand was equivalent to the actual key and easily opened the door .
"Quick! Put this on . "
Zhang Chao excitedly threw the night vision goggles and sticks into their hands and put one on his hand skillfully as well .
The night vision goggle not only allowed them to obtain vision in the dark, but it also hid their faces .
They quickly sneaked into the mansion and approached the door .
The night vision goggle not only allowed them to obtain vision in the dark, but it also hid their faces .
They quickly sneaked into the mansion and approached the door .
Pressing against the door, Zhang Chao took out a lock pick and opened the door with a few clicks . Then he signaled the two companions to enter .
The mansion looked rather empty; there was no one on the first floor .
Based on the lights they saw from the outside, there should be people on the third floor .
The three quietly waited against the wall .
The electric valve was outside . If someone came down to check, they must pass by where they stood .
"Why is there no noise at all? Typically shouldn't they all check the valve?" Lu Dahu's eyebrows tightened as he said with his voice lowered .
Yan Xiaoyan also raised her eyebrows .
Not only were there no footsteps heard upstairs, but there was also no lights from a phone or candle .
Could it be that Jiang Chen was already asleep, and just forgot to turn off the lights .
"Let's go to the bedroom . " Yan Xiaoyan suppressed her voice as she led the way, sneaking upstairs .
. . .
It would be up to them once they enter the mansion . The camera in the community could not monitor inside the mansion as it was for the consideration of residents' privacy .
The mansion was in a frightening darkness .
But the darker it was, the more advantageous it was for them since they had night vision goggles . . .
The camera in the community was installed with internal batteries so that even though the power went out, it could still last for a few more hours .
Seeing his friends have already entered the mansion, Xie Lei let out a sigh and leaned against the chair .
"Now just need to catch Jiang Chen, get the firewall security code from his mouth, hack into server, and delete the user information and gate data clean . . . Pity, the game is not bad . " He shook his head, stared at the open gate, and mustered arrogantly .
"Please close your eyes at night . "

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