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Chapter 164
Water poured down .
Jiang Chen closed the knob before he shook off the droplets of water on his head, he then walked out of the shower as he grabbed a towel beside him and wiped himself .
It felt much better after the shower as if the all the alcohol and weariness was washed away .
But the faint fragrance in the room put him in an awkward spot physiologically . He thought while he wiped his hair with the towel .
But as he wiped, his hand froze in the air .
[This is . . . Xia Shiyu's towel?]
Thinking that towel once covered a pure blossoming flower, and countlessly wiped the mists off of the leaves . . .
He stared at the towel in his hand as Jiang Chen's expression on his face suddenly turned awkward .
But at this time, a blurry, but shaky figure suddenly appeared on the opaque glass in the washroom . Jiang Chen, who realized what happened, was about to stop her before the bathroom door was pushed open first .
Ka .
Seeing the haggard Xia Shiyu arduously holding on the door frame . Just as she was about to come in, she was stunned at the doorstep .
The cynical thing that appeared in her field of vision made her briefly lost her ability to think .
It was hard to describe the expression on her face, should it be wry? Shocked? Or humiliated .
The air of silence filled the air between the two .
"Hi . " Jiang Chen first broke the silence rigidly . He moved the towel to cover the inexplicable part while keeping a straight face .
Perhaps maybe she was drunk, or perhaps the image was too shocking, Xia Shiyu didn't scream, but rather she calmed down and silently closed the door .
Looking at the closed the door, a bitter smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face .
"Uh . . . Maybe I should have screamed?"
Since he already used, and also was seen, might as well finish drying himself .
Jiang Chen shameless dried his entire body, then washed her towel before putting his clothes back on . He then left the bathroom .
He turned to the living room as Xia Shiyu was already sitting on the sofa . When Jiang Chen came out, her vision immediately gazed onto him .

Just as Jiang Chen was mentally prepared for the "pervert" "sick-minded," the expected anger didn't arrive .
"Uh, are you going to ask me something?" He felt a bit frightened by Xia Shiyu's silence, Jiang Chen careful sat across from her as he said apologetically .
Xia Shiyu still didn't say anything, with the aid of the moonlight, it was visible that on the usually cold face, the bright red lips were slightly trembling .
[Because she is so angry she couldn't express it?]
Jiang Chen drilled deep into his mind and still couldn't figure out the current mood of this girl . The prideful ice beauty realized after waking up that she was lying on the bed, with clothes slovenly, the first button of the dress shirt unbuttoned, and also a man (pervert) using her washroom to take a shower, using the towel that she had always used . . .
From any perspective, she must not be in the best mood .
"Ummm, you were drunk . " Jiang Chen awkwardly tried to explain .
With the direct stare, Jiang Chen didn't know if she was thinking or mooning out .
"You were sleeping on the table, so I carried you back on my back . Your car is still there, remember to drive it back tomorrow . " Seeing Xia Shiyu did not react, Jiang Chen continued .
"Why?" Seemed like she reacted to this sentence, Xia Shiyu murmured as if she was whispering in her dream .
"Why? Is that even a question . " Jiang Chen had a bitter smile, "I can't leave you there by yourself . You live alone, and you drank yourself like that, be more cautious next time . If a human trafficker is pretending to be someone to be close to you, you don't even know if you were sold to some desolate mountain areas . "
Hearing this, Xia Shiyu looked over and made eye contact with Jiang Chen .
After a long silence, even to her disbelief, she asked, "Then would you come to save me?"
He was shocked by the sudden question, Jiang Chen thought for a glimpse .
"Yes . "
"Why?" It was still the dreamy mutter .
Expectation? Or perhaps just confusion?
"Does there need to be a reason?" Jiang Chen sighed as he asked rhetorically .
Humans were never a pure logical animal, what's the point of excessive need for reasons?
Xia Shiyu was not pleased with Jiang Chen's response . The graceful top lip bit on the bottom one, the rather blank expression seemed like she still hasn't gained a clear mind .
Seeing that she hadn't said anything, Jiang Chen coughed and gently said .
"You are drunk . Don't drink this much in the future, now go get some rest . "

"You are drunk . Don't drink this much in the future, now go get some rest . "
Although he didn't know what she was so fixated about, based on this response, she was not angry?
She stood up wobbling, just as Jiang Chen let a sigh thinking she was going back to the room to sleep, she moved across and stood in front of him .
"You, who do you like?" The voice carried some intoxication, but the tone certainly carried CEO Xia's authority .
The random questions threw Jiang Chen off .
He forced a smile and didn't answer . He didn't know how to answer .
After the last press conference, he already had a sense for Xia Shiyu's feelings towards him .
Although she always put on a cold expression that kept people a thousand miles away, her heart was still that of a child .
As to why he said that, it was because only a child would believe coldness meant maturity .
If it were someone without boundary, it wouldn't whatever, but Xia Shiyu . . .
She definitely would not accept him being with other women . Or should we say any "normal" women would not . Jiang Chen asked himself . He certainly had feelings for her, but his feelings were just beginning to develop . As to giving up something for her, he could not do it .
"I," Jiang Chen hesitantly opened his mouth, but the words were stuck in his throat .
"I don't want to hear it . " She shook her head, as her slightly messy but luscious hair waved .
Suddenly, she made a move that completely left Jiang Chen dumbfounded .
A delicate hand reached out as two fingers audaciously squeezed his chin . Jiang Chen stared at the pair of crystal clear eyes . Her mouth opened slightly, and she moved in closer .
His conscience told him, she was drunk, you should wake her up .
But seeing the approaching, blushing, attractive face, he could not say a single word .
The devil-like thought spun in his head as Jiang Chen gulped .
[She is the one being proactive . If I pretend I don't know . . . ]
But suddenly, an untimely ringtone disrupted this tranquil moment . Xia Shiyu's action stopped abruptly . The misty eyes regained a hint of clarity as she looked at Jiang Chen ever so close to her .
"I, I'll take a phone call . " Jiang Chen got up and escaped .
Xia Shiyu froze blankly there . Her face began to turn red . Even under the not so bright moonlight, it was apparent .

Xia Shiyu froze blankly there . Her face began to turn red . Even under the not so bright moonlight, it was apparent .
[What did I do?]
Fine droplets of sweat began to surface on her heated body . The alcohol evaporated with the sweat as she began to sober up .
Without thinking, she dashed into the bedroom without turning around .
The door slamming sound transmitted behind him as Xia Shiyu fleed into the bedroom .
Jiang Chen forced a smile as he looked at the phone .
It was Ayesha .
Jiang Chen put his hand against the wall as he picked up the phone .
He sensed some strangeness to Ayesha calling him now .
. . .
With a stick in her hand, Yan Xiaoyan gently pushed open the door .
No one was there .
She shook her head at the teammate behind her, signaling Lu Dahu to walk to the adjacent bedroom .
Even if she carefully controlled her footsteps, the contact between her runners and the expensive wooden floor made a faint sound .
Because they didn't know which bedroom Jiang Chen slept in, they had to use the dumbest method, which was to search the rooms one by one .
Zhang Chao stayed on the first floor to prevent Jiang Chen from escaping . At the same time, he opened the signal jammer to prevent the target from calling the police .
In the spacious living room, Zhang Chao scanned his surroundings .
The bright green vision in the night vision goggles made the darkness not so frightening .
Seeing the home theatre on the wall, he was shocked .
"85 inches 4K smart TV, as well as the TV screen . This at least cost upwards of half a million," he mustered in his mind as he felt anxious .
It was his first time kidnapping, and they were just not kidnapping an ordinary person . They were kidnapping the wealthy and influential president of Future Technology .
"85 inches 4K smart TV, as well as the TV screen . This at least cost upwards of half a million," he mustered in his mind as he felt anxious .
It was his first time kidnapping, and they were just not kidnapping an ordinary person . They were kidnapping the wealthy and influential president of Future Technology .
He could only pray that Xiaoyan was clean with her moves and their faces won't be revealed to Jiang Chen . Or else, Jiang Chen had hundreds of ways to make sure they never live in Wanghai again .
Just as he was still debating in his mind, something forcefully struck the back of his neck .
Before he could react, he lost his conscious and fell to the ground .
On the other side . . .
Yan Xiaoyan was already on the third floor .
To increase efficiency, she and Lu Dahu decided to advance separately .
Just as she got to the gym, the room that previously had the lights on, she felt suddenly alerted . Without thinking, she immediately swept the stick behind her .
The sound of air breaking echoed as the hit obviously missed . Easily dodging the strike, Ayesha, with a grim look, moved .
When she thought the situation couldn't get any worse, Yan Xiaoyan immediately kicked up her leg and blocked the lightning-fast roundhouse kick .
Sharp pain transmitted from her legs .
Cold sweat began to drop from Yan Xiaoyan's forehead as fear began to overwhelm her .
They were not on the same level . She was part of the national competition before, but even in the championship match, she never felt such powerful force .
Yan Xiaoyan quickly moved back, but she was already backed up against the window .
The pristine moonlight shed into the room as she felt her vision increase drastically .
She pulled off the annoying night vision goggles, only leaving the mask on her face . Yan Xiaoyan stared at the girl approaching her .
The girl was not tall; she could even be described as tiny . Her wavy hair was tied into a ponytail . She had an exotic, gorgeous face, but all these factors were not critical . What made Yan Xiaoyan frantic was the grim looking eyes . They were looking at her as if she was a dead body .
The desire to kill was immense!

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