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Chapter 165
Hearing noise coming from the gym, Lu Dahu quickly rushed over . When he saw Yan Xiaoyan confronting Ayesha, he held his breath and sneaked up behind her in an attempt to choke her from behind .

Yan Xiaoyan also held her breath when she saw Lu Dahu approach Ayesha from the back . Her heart was about to jump out . When she thought the plan was about to work, she saw a sneer from the corner of Ayesha's mouth .
She moved like a leopard .
The girl turned around and performed a roundhouse kick . The swift action directly landed on Lu Dahu's unguarded chest . The power, disproportionate to her size, kicked the almost two hundred pounds, well-built man, away .
Yan Xiaoyan looked at the scene in disbelief as the hand carrying the stick shook uncontrollably .
Although she held a weapon in hand, it did not bring her the slightest sense of safety .
However, she didn't back down .
Ayesha looked at her in silence . Then, grabbing the box-shaped signal jammer from her back, she turned off the power .
"Static-, Xiaoyan, how's the progress going . " Seeing the communication channel was restored, Xie Lei desperately asked .
"Lei . I might-" Yan Xiaoyan said with bitterness in her voice .
But before she finished her sentence, the communication channel ceased again .
Ayesha restarted the signal jammer, tossed the device away, and opened the EP on her wrist .
The wireless tracker in her pocket already sent the communication information to the EP . It marked two related red dots on the EP map .
Utilizing the brief window when the communication channel was restored, she located the "commander's" coordinates .
The magic of future technology was something these "primitives" would never understand .
Yan Xiaoyan was shaking when she saw Ayesha's series of moves . She didn't know what she was doing . The calmness before had completely vanished . The confidence she built based on her fighting ability was quickly shattered by the clean moves of the girl in front of her .
But, for him . . .
Yan Xiaoyan's eyes were reignited with courage when she thought of Xie Lei . She gritted her teeth and dashed at Ayesha, kicking with lightning speed .
Since she was at a disadvantage in terms of defense, she must attack .
This kick was aimed directly at Ayesha's head .
But the girl remained calm . Unlike what Yan Xiaoyan had imagined, she easily dodged her kick . Then, with cat-like agility, Ayesha was behind her .
As Yan Xiaoyan had guessed, they were not on the same level .
Before she was able to react, a sharp pain came from the back of her neck, making her lose consciousness . She immediately fell to the ground .
. . .

"Someone attacked the mansion," Ayesha concisely reported .
Jiang Chen's expression changed immediately, "Are you okay?"
"I'm okay . The attackers had some creative ideas, but the techniques they used were that of an amateur's . Based on the skill levels of those people, they must have someone strong assisting them to avoid the patrol team . Based on initial speculation, that person should be a hacker proficient in cyber warfare," Ayesha said softly as she looked grimly at the three people lying in the basement with their hands and feet tied up .
Hearing Ayesha was safe, Jiang Chen was relieved . But then he quickly realized that his worry was a bit unwarranted .
After deliberating for a moment, Jiang Chen asked in an undertone, "Do you know who sent them there . "
"Not clear yet . But I already have the coordinates of the hacker . I'll send it to you by phone . "
"Mhmm, I'll take care of it . " Jiang Chen hung up the phone .
Shortly after, Little White shook as a picture of the coordinates were sent to Jiang Chen's phone .
Two dots were connected . One dot was located in his mansion, while the other one was located in the rural area of Wanghai .
He looked in the direction of Xia Shiyu's bedroom and hesitated .
But in the end, he sighed . He decided not to go up and knock on the door . Instead, he put on his shoes and left the apartment .
. . .
With her back against the cold wooden door, Xia Shiyu hugged her knees as she buried her head in her arms . However, through her arms, the red hue on her gorgeous face could still be seen .
[Wooo, I want to die . . . What did I just do . ]
A soft whimper escaped her mouth as her ostrich-like head buried deeper between her legs .
Her thoughts were a mess . The furious pounding in her left chest was too distracting .
[What if he knocks on the door?
Should I open it? But . . . I almost just did that kind of thing .
Ahhhhh! I want to die . This is so embarrassing .
But I should open the door . It would be rude just to leave him hanging in the living room . If I explained, it would get rid of the -]
The sound of the door closing transmitted through from the outside .
Xia Shiyu paused for a moment as she slowly lifted her head up .

Seemed to be the front door .
He left?
He just left?
While she let out a sigh of relief, for some reason, she felt disappointed .
But as to why she felt disappointed, she couldn't give a reason .
. . .
Driving furiously on the road, Jiang Chen glanced at the red dot on the GPS before he fixated his gaze back onto the road .
He let out a sigh as he held onto the wheel .
"It would be better to find a chance and talk to her," He mumbled . Jiang Chen turned the steering wheel before parking the car near the target's community .
Since it was a hacker proficient in cyber warfare, the community's cameras should be under their control?
Definitely a possibility .
Jiang Chen locked the door and walked towards the back door of the community .
It was almost 12 . Only a few windows in the community still had their lights on .
He avoided a few obvious cameras as he approached the electric substation of the target's building . He opened the box and put his right hand inside .
Charging the interdimensional bracelet .
The energy of the bracelet was suddenly full . The brute intake of electric current instantly exceeded the threshold value of the substation . Without a doubt, the entire building lost power .
A mocking smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face . He closed the box, put his hands in his pocket, and walked into the shadow .
It was 12 at night .
People who were still awake, and desperately wanting to restore the power rather than going to sleep, would probably be the only ones providing assistance .
Regardless who it was, he only needed for the fish to take the bait .
. . .
Xie Lei's eyes locked onto the screen as he nervously waited for his companion's response .
The communication signal was interrupted . Did they get caught? Can't be . If they did, they would use the phone to communicate with me, the perpetrator .
"Dammit!" Xie Lei's fist slammed onto the table .
He did not consider a backup plan . He never thought about the changing variables within the plan . He started to regret the tracksuits . Even if he was out of solutions, he never should have come up with kidnapping . The evidence Black Tiger controlled would at max get him ten years, but kidnapping . . .
His face turned pale as he prayed .
"Xiaoyan, Chubby Tiger, Xiaochao . . . Please be safe, please!"
But then, the entire building suddenly lost power . This made the already tense Xie Lei jump .
"The fuse short-circuited? Can't be a power outage . There was no notice posted," He mustered as Xie Lei left his seat .
In the assumption that someone was caught, the opposing force must have obtained my location through interrogation . Then, I should have been caught already . The door definitely won't be able to block anyone . However, since no one is here, that means they should not have been caught but entered into a stalemate with the target .
Without electricity, there was nothing he could do .
Regardless, he must quickly restore power . Once it passes 12, the server would reset . If he wanted to provide support, he must hack into the server again .
Xie Lie left the room .
Squeak- .
He carefully opened the door, cautiously looking into the pitch black hallway . When he didn't see anyone, Xie Lei let out an uneasy breath .
"Am I being too anxious . . . "
It made sense . If they already knew my location, what's the whole point of using the trick of cutting the power?
But what he didn't know was that in the near distant future, there would be a device that could locate communication signals . A device used by future snipers . Though of course, there will be signal jammers in the future, but right now . . . it was as easy as breathing for Ayesha to location the coordinates of the communicator .
The night's breeze was quite chilly .
The pale hand of the teen tightened the zipper of his tracksuit . His entire face was hidden under the shadow of the hoodie .
It was already autumn . Maybe it was time to buy Xie Lin some thicker clothes?
When he thought about his sister, a gentle smile appeared on his face .
Although the first reaction of most people was gloom when they first see him, she was the only one that didn't think so .
Just like an angel .
[Yes, that's right, I will protect my sister!]
He screamed in his mind as the sudden adrenaline pushed away some of his fear . He went downstairs and headed straight to the electric substation that he was so familiar with .
He opened the box but was stunned .
Not right .
He knew what a short fuse looked like, but he didn't see the entire meter being burnt out .
"You are the perpetrator behind the scenes," a sluggish voice said from behind him .
Xie Lei turned his head and saw a young man standing there with his hands in his pocket . He was observing him with interest in his eyes .
"Your left foot moved half a step back . I guess you want to run, but I suggest you don't do that . " Jiang Chen sighed .
Seeing his thoughts exposed, Xie Lei became calm as he locked his eyes right onto Jiang Chen .
"Xiaoyan . . . you caught all my friends?'
"You can say that . My bodyguard's comment about you guys was, it was well thought out, but clumsily executed . " Jiang Chen laughed before continuing, "First time doing this?"
" . . . " Xie Lei didn't answer . His mind spun furiously as he desperately tried to think of a way to escape .
"What was the intention of entering my mansion? If you don't answer, I will just default it to murder . Trust me, I have enough money to convince the judges . "
"Kidnap . To obtain the key to the server," Xie Lei squeezed out a few words in vain .
Threatening worked .
His face was extremely pale . It looked like that of someone who hadn't been outside for a long time . Around 1 . 60m tall, he had a slim built and looked like a teen . Jiang Chen couldn't comprehend why this teen he has never met before wanted to kidnap him .
"For money? Or for other reasons? I don't want to use the truth-telling liquid on teens, it will have an uncontrollable effect on the developing brain," Jiang Chen mocked, but his tone held a hint of truth .
"You are Jiang Chen?" Xie Lei abruptly asked .
Jiang Chen shrugged . "Did you just realize? I recommend you answer my question before I use force .
Xie Let let out a sigh as he confessed, 'Black Tiger made me do this . "
Jiang Chen's eyebrows raised as he didn't immediately believe his words .
"Who is Black Tiger?"
Xie Lie laughed in agony . "I don't know . If I knew, I would not be manipulated by him . "

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