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Chapter 170
"This is impossible! You can’t do this!"

"Mr . Jiang Chen, please don’t bring your personal grudges into the shareholder meeting . I understand differences exist between you and ex-president Ling Zhongtian…"
"This is called asset restructuring? This is robbery! Your motion will not be passed . Even if you are the biggest shareholder, Lingyu Technology will not permit you to do whatever you wish!"

Jiang Chen sipped from his tea on the table . Then, he sank into the chair relaxingly with his eyes narrowed, looking at the outraged shareholders . His gaze stopped on Ling Zhongtian for a brief moment, but the old man didn’t look at him . He was still gravely staring at the documents on the table .
He had already lost hope .
Jiang Chen shook his head as he looked at the only person calmly sitting there – Zhang Jianfeng .
361 Corporation held 5% of Lingyu Technology . Although the ownership percentage was not high, it must have been purchased at a premium . This time Lingyu Technology’s share plummet definite had an impact on 361 Corporation .
On the other hand, as the third-party platform, 361 operated the servers for Dota under the consent of Lingyu Technology . Although 361’s server didn’t suffer the same fate as the permanent loss of Lingyu Technology’s user data, it certainly was negatively affected .
As the representative sent by 361 Corporation, Jiang Chen didn’t quite understand the motive behind Zhang Jianfeng's smiling face .
What is 361 thinking?
But regardless of what they had in mind, Jiang Chen was going to put the final nail in the coffin for Lingyu Technology .
"Before the vote, I want everyone to consider this . Lingyu Technology has fallen from cloud nine and has become an unprofitable corporation . Without exaggeration, it is facing the risk of being delisted . However, I am still here . If I leave, do you know what that means? After the shareholders meeting, the stock will resume trading this afternoon . Whether it is going up or going down, would be based on the decision of everyone here . "
Jiang Chen’s words turned everyone, but Zhang Jianfeng, pale .
Because of the shareholders meeting, the temporary suspension of the stock garnered a chance for Lingyu Technology to breathe . Furthermore, Jiang Chen’s recent increase in his holdings definitely added a shot of adrenaline to the investors . If it became a signal for using Lingyu Technology as a shell company to list, after Lingyu Technology consecutive circuit breaks, it would be unrealistic for the stock to skyrocket .
But if the restructuring plan failed, and Jiang Chen decreases his holding of Lingyu Technology, then it would be adding salt to Lingyu Technology’s already massive wound . Once the stock resumed trading this afternoon, Lingyu Technology would not be able to escape the fate of its continuous freefall .
Therefore, whether or not the stock in all the shareholder's hands become a piece of scrap paper would be at the discretion of Jiang Chen .
At this time, someone stood up and threatened, "361 Corporation is also one of the shareholders, even if you forfeit your shares, they will start-"
"Ahem, 361 Corporation maintains the same stance as the new president . If President Jiang chooses to decrease his holding, for 361, your company will lose its investment value . " Zhang Jianfeng shattered that person’s fantasy .

Seeing the person sit down at a complete loss, Jiang Chen looked at Zhang Jianfeng in surprise, but he didn’t say anything .
"If there are no other opinions, let's start the voting process," Jiang Chen announced as he scanned everyone in the room .
After the death like announcement, all the shareholders cast their dispirited vote .

The proposal passed without a doubt . Only Ling Zhongtian voted against it .
The restructuring plan was as follows:
First, Lingyu Technology is renamed Chenfeng Entertainment .
Lingyu Technology will sell the about-to-be-completed Lingyu Technology building at a price of 600 million, and also bear the obligation for debt repayment .
Because of a major error caused by his decision, ex-president Ling Zhongtian will be removed as a shareholder following company protocol, a vote where greater than two-thirds of shareholders agree, and his held shares will be forcefully transferred to other shareholders at market price .
Based on the distribution plan negotiated, Jiang Chen’s shares will increase to 40%, 361’s holding changes to 21%, becoming the second-largest shareholder .
Everyone knew Ling Zhongtian would lose a lot once the restructuring is complete . It would not be impossible to recover the market cap, but no one wanted to speak to him .
Ling Zhongtian accepted the result in silence . He shakenly stood up from his spot and left the office .
Everything here had nothing to do with him anymore .
He started to feel regret, but what could regret do now?
Business is like a battlefield . Any mercy could be fatal .
After the partnership with Future Technology and 361 Corporation, Lingyu’s future would be bright .
But why would that matter? It had nothing to do with him anymore .
He received the same fate as the Steve Jobs he idolizes, leaving the company he started . The only difference was, he could never come back .

Seeing the trembling figure leave, Jiang Chen fell deep in thought .
. . .
When the meeting ended, the shareholders began to leave, but Zhang Jianfeng stayed behind .
As if Jiang Chen expected him to stay, he also remained seated and looked at him with a smile .
"We meet again, President Jiang . " Zhang Jianfeng walked toward Jiang Chen and extended his right hand .
In less than two months’ time, Future Technology has already developed to the point where they could sit equally on the same table .
"That’s right . What do you think of the hand I had just played?" Jiang Chen shook Zhang Jianfeng's hand as he smiled mischievously .
"Ruthless," Zhang Jianfeng only gave a one-word response .
Jiang Chen laughed as he leaned on the chair, not responding .
If Ling Zhongtian successfully destroyed Future Technology’s server data, he would definitely do the same thing .
But unfortunately, that was the reality of things .
"With a thunderous stance, a critical hit was given to his opponent, worthy of the name "dictator", was the headline of BBC . "
"Mr . Zhang is overrating me . " The odd time Jiang Chen was humble .
"But President Jiang doesn’t think this decision lack consideration?" Zhang Jianfeng pulled up a chair and sat beside Jiang Chen as he began to talk in a casual tone .
"Oh?" Jiang Chen responded in a disagreeing tone .
"Are you involved with Lingyu Technology’s server?"
"No . " Jiang Chen smiled .
"The security system was customized by 361 Corporation . "
"That’s unfortunate . Ling Zhongtian only bought insurance for the server but didn’t buy it for the game's data . Would you pay the penalty for this?"
"For the loss of data, our programmers have already provided support to the police," Zhang Jianfeng casually said .
"Isn’t the hacker already caught?" Jiang Chen also responded in a nonchalant tone .
"There is a hacker called Xie Lei . He has been in contact with Black Tiger before . " Zhang Jianfeng locked his eyes onto Jiang Chen’s .
"You are still bloating like usual, but you know it is useless on me . " Jiang Chen picked up the teacup on the table as he smiled at him .
Funny . Would the contact person be enough to confirm a crime? If so, it would be a pity for those people .
Without evidence, everything was bullsh*t .
The silence ensued for half a minute .
"President Jiang doesn’t seem to care about the interest of Lingyu Technology?" Zhang Jianfeng’s topic suddenly changed as he looked in the direction of the door .
"Do you think needs the resources of Lingyu Technology? We already controlled the high grounds of the market," Jiang Chen said nonchalantly as he put down the cup in his hand .
[The best part is about to come . ]
"Would you not consider a partnership? If it utilized 361 phone helper’s platform, ’s user base would climb to new heights . "
" currently will not consider opening third-party servers," Jiang Chen rejected expressionlessly .
[Funny . Not only would it involve cloud computing, but even if I gave the game to you, without the modified server, maintenance cost alone would make you go deep into the red . ]
"Since President Jiang is confident that you can control the premium game market, what’s your opinion on casual games?"
Even with the existing high-quality premium games, casual games have not lost their market .
Jiang Chen obviously considered pushing out a few casual games like Angry Birds, and Temple Run, but the plan was never fulfilled .
The reason was simply that those games depended on creativity, not software . Although the apocalypse’s technology was impeccable, it was pointless for casual games . Future Technology didn’t possess any talents in game development . Therefore, the plan had to be rejected .
But Zhang Jianfeng brought it up again .
"You mean?" Jiang Chen was quite interested .
"We can work together . " Zhang Jianfeng crossed his finger and genuinely looked at Jiang Chen . "Lingyu Technology, no, Chenfeng Entertainment . Right now, it is a company we control together right? We can definitely collaborate together with our talent base, and start a new project with the main focus being on the downstream market . Using 361 phone helper and Future 1 . 0, we could use both channels to promote it . "
"With the power of the two companies, we can easily split the entire mobile game market!" In the end, Zhang Jianfeng was almost annunciating word by word .
Jiang Chen paused for a second before he started laughing .
"Did you selectively choose to ignore Baidu and Tencent?"
"On the mobile platform, our ability is no less than any of them . Maybe President Jiang should be more confident with our alliance . " Zhang Jianfeng smiled .
"I don’t plan on giving this building up . " Jiang Chen stared at the ceiling .
"Of course, as a trophy . The fact that it belongs to you now won’t change . "
The building with a cost of 870 million was sold at a discount of 600 million . They were at least the second-biggest shareholder of Chenfeng Entertainment, 361 Corporation was certainly willing to cut the lost .
"What about the previous Chenfeng employees?" Jiang Chen asked softly .
He originally planned to cut them completely, but now it seemed like it would be a waste to not use them .
"Work at the previous location? Or lease a floor in this building? It would be your decision . " Zhang Jianfeng had a bright smile on because he knew Jiang Chen was tempted .
No one would reject a cake that was put right in front of their mouth .
"If you brought up the partnership, in the beginning, we could have worked together a long time ago . " Jiang Chen suddenly laughed .
"But it is still not too late right?" Zhang Jianfeng got up, extending his right hand once again .
"That’s right . Because I think we should split this market . "
Also standing up, Jiang Chen held onto the extended hand with a triumphant smile on his face .

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