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Chapter 173
Comparing direct firepower, a soldier wearing a T-3 power armor had no inherent difference to a mutated human with a steel plate covering the front of its body .

In a one on one scenario, power armor, with its high mobility and adaptability, would quickly take down the almost defenseless back of the mutated human . But if it escalated to a full-scale battle, the power armors advantage would be mitigated as the battle would usually turn into cover fire .
During the last crossfire with the mutated human, Jiang Chen already learned his lesson .
The 10 T-3 power armors had no advantage in firepower against the thirty something mutated human . It was even fair to say that they were at a disadvantage the entire time . In the end, they barely won with the advantageous positioning they had, but they lost with the cost of one power armor and multiple backup fuel rods .
If Jiang Chen had a few more cannons, the situation would be drastically different .
At the same time, the ability to produce heavy weaponry was fundamental to the existence of a survival base .
From any perspective, Fishbone must develop its own heavy weaponry!
So Jiang Chen already started doing that .
The electric pulse cannon technology he purchased from Zhao Chenwu had been completely understood by the scientists at the base . Although the production condition at the base was still limited, after half a month, the Fishbone workers still managed to use the limited facility to manufacture six electric pulse cannons .
This vehicle mounted electric pulse cannon was used as the primary weapon on the tank during the war, but right now it was obviously not feasible to acquire a tank . Therefore, Jiang Chen thought of a compromise .
Wield the electric pulse cannon onto the improved truck, and use steel reinforcement to strengthen the armor of the truck . Then, place a soldier on top to fire the cannon .
Therefore, the odd looking electric pulse cannon vehicle was created by Jiang Chen's wild imagination .
Also, he gave this thing a name that couldn't be more childish - Tiger .
Low armor, medium mobility, high range, high damage . It was extremely effective in rural areas with scattered structures, but it was a target in the city . Although the design was extreme, they had to work with what they had .
. . .
On the other hand, following the production of the hummingbird drone, patrolling outside of the base has been passed on to those palm sized little guys . The hummingbird drone has built up a force of over one hundred units, which was more than enough to create an attack force . Although those little guys carried a limited amount of ammo, once there were enough of them, they were capable of deadly attacks .

. . .
The attack on Shenxiang Town was set to be five days later . The survivors in the base had since been busy .
Although attacking in the winter didn't sound like the smartest decision, since it was the boss's decision, they would relentlessly execute it .
The military production factory worked around the clock, and the workers under Jiang Chen's instructions installed the electric pulse cannon on the back of the modified trucks . The training ground then became crowded as the soldiers in winter suits, under the command of Cheng Weiguo, began to train .
Although everyone was preparing relentlessly, Jiang Chen wasn't too concerned about this attack .
It was only a force of 40 mutated humans . Not only did the Fishbone base have the fire support from the Tiger, but they also had helicopters that acted as gunships .
Leaving the mansion wearing a thick winter suit, Jiang Chen headed straight to Jiang Lin's lab .
For the scientist passionate about aerospace, Jiang Chen had a keen interest in him . Not only did Jiang Chen clean out a lab for him, but he also gave him a budget of 1000 crystals a month to purchase related equipment .
Although aerospace technology was not helpful to the Fishbone base now, if rockets were created, not only can they be shot into the sky, but if they're shot downwards, they could be used as missiles .
Of course, the purpose of the trip was not to inquire about the missiles, but for something else .
When he pushed opened the lab door, Jiang Chen stepped into the room, and quickly closed the door behind him .
He shook off the snow on his body before walking inside the room .
"Ahem, what are you working on?"
A dazzling amount of electronic parts were randomly stored in the corner of the room . Some of them were needed for the launch of the rockets, and some of them were junk he brought back from Fake Leg Specialty store . Although Jiang Lin didn't plan to continue his father's business, he still moved his stuff here .
"Rocket engine . . . " Jiang Lin wore protective goggles with a welding tool in his hand as he concentrated on the parts on the table .

Looking at the grease covered hair, Jiang Chen didn't want to guess the last time he showered .
It's great to be passionate about your own business, but . . .
"Did you complete the task I gave you?" Jiang Chen walked over to a mechanical leg lying on the ground as he stood beside him .
"Done . It's on the shelf to your right, and the manual is on the shelf next to it . " Jiang Lin said as carefully wielded a single microchip onto the engine, not turning his head .
"Just need to wait till the weather clears up . . . Install a smart power control into the engine, and then install signal blockage at the tip of the rocket . I am a genius," Jiang Lin mustered to himself as he looked ecstatic .
Although Jiang Chen didn't know why .
"Kinetic skeleton, model K1" . A line of small words was engraved on the metal strip as Jiang Chen read it out loud .
He looked at the mechanical frame in his hand and began to play with it . But after awhile, he still didn't have a single clue how it works . So, he took out the manual and began to read it step by step .
The light plastic steel metal attached to the four limbs, and the spine position was covered by scale like metal plates .
To put it simply, this thing was like a metal skeleton . Although it had a metallic feel to it, it didn't feel cumbersome to wear .
Jiang Chen moved his limbs and clenched his fingers, but he still didn't understand how it worked as a confused expression appeared on his face .
Seeing that boss wearing his masterpiece, Jiang Lin dropped what he was working on, cleaned his hand, and walked over .
"The start button is on your neck . You can try pressing it . "
Following Jiang Lin's instruction, Jiang Chen skeptically placed his finger on his neck and quickly found a button . Then he tried pressing it down .
A faint static noise was heard as Jiang Chen felt a temporary numbness on the back of his neck . The next second he was completely shocked .
It was a surreal feeling . As if the metal strip became a part of his body . What maneuvered his body was no longer his own skeleton, but rather the metal skeleton attached to his body .
Jiang Chen moved his limbs as the shock on his face intensified .
Describing the feeling was difficult . Precisely, it seemed like the metal skeleton was really his own hand, but his real hand was only a tool he was using .
"Model K1 kinetic skeleton . Fake Legs Speciality store's masterpiece . " A proud smile appeared on Jiang Lin's face, as he took a curved plastic steel plate from the side and pressed it onto the empty slot in front of Jiang Chen's chest .
"Removable armor made of supramolecular polyethylene . It is bullet-proof, so it can easily protect you against normal assault rifle bullets . The outside is sprayed with a reflective layer, so it has some defense against laser rifles . Of course, I don't recommend you take a few shots to test the strength of the armor .
After he finished, Jiang Lin brought over several curved armors and slotted them onto Jiang Chen's stomach, legs, and shoulders .
"Almost done . " Jiang Lin stood up and clapped his hands together . He then took a tablet from the table and connected a wire to Jiang Chen's armor .
Jiang Chen looked at him as his fingers typed furiously on the screen . Quickly, the numb electrocuted sensation from the back of his neck disappeared and was replaced by an astonishing connection of his nerves to his muscles .
It was not only simply the metal maneuvering his body, but the metal and body were simultaneously controlled by his brain .
Jiang Chen moved his limbs as he became more and more shocked .
Seeing the expression on the boss's face, Jiang Lin smiled and quickly backed away . With a please gesture, he said proudly, "Try hitting the sandbag . "
Hearing that, Jiang Chen clenched the fist covered by the thin layer of armor as he used his entire strength to punch .
Boom- .
Dust blew everywhere .
The violent force caused the sandbag to cave inward as the metal hanging the sandbag began to squeak in a whimpering noise .
"Beautiful! Let me see . 971 kilograms, not bad . " Jiang Lin nodded his head as he scratched his chin and began to adjust the data on the tablet .
[Not bad? This is insane!]
Jiang Chen astonishingly stared at his hand as he ridiculed in his mind .
A force of nearly one ton! An ordinary person's punch would be around 100 kilograms; he remembered Tyson could only punch with a force of 400 kilograms .
But the sandbag didn't get punched through . Its quality must be excellent .
While being shocked, Jiang Chen gave a few extra looks at the sandbag .
"Try the strength again . " Jiang Lin quickly walked to the end of the room .
Jiang Chen moved his leg around to test . When he realized that his coordination was not hindered, he walked over .
There stood a metal box the size of a closet . The exposed part seemed similar to the weight of the sandbag .
A white metal covered signal light flashed unknowingly, the monitor on the side produced a faint light .
"Put your hand on the bar, and then use your maximum power to lift it . " Jiang Lin passed a bar-like thing to him as he smiled .
Following his instruction, Jiang Chen put his hands on the bar and lifted it up with his entire force .

"Perfect!" Jiang Lin snapped as he said with excitement .
Compared to Jiang Lin's excitement, Jiang Chen's mood could be described as ecstatic .
With only a few metal frames, it could allow people to acquire strength greater than the genetic vaccine . If every solider wore a set, Fishbone base's combat power would more than double .

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