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Chapter 176

Since it has been a while, the Death Claw and mutated lead skin human research should be completed?

"Of course . Who do you think I am?’ Lin Lin let out a sigh as a confident expression appeared on her face .

"Follow me . " She crooked her finger at Jiang Chen as she turned around, swaying her silver white hair, and walked to the giant vial in the back .

A naked monster with its flesh exposed was in the middle of the vial . The dark green liquid occasionally had bubbles blowing upwards . It seemed like the work of a science freak in American comics . But Jiang Chen didn’t focus on that . Rather he looked at the bottom part of the monster .

Just like the rumors say, no d*ck .

Lin Lin pointed her delicate finger and pressed the touch screen on the side of the vial . Several orange lights shined into the hologram screen in front of them . The list of data on the screen had Jiang Chen completely lost .

Lin Lin, standing beside him, looked at him contemptuously in secret . She imprudently made fun of Jang Chen’s "ignorance" in her mind before speaking with her head held high .

"Muscle strength or body strength 63, bone strength 47, reflex 20, brain cell strength 9 . From a human perspective, without overexerting the body's capabilities, this is the limit of the body's strength . "

"Umm . . . Speaking of this, is this guy still considered human?" Lin Lin had her finger on her chin as she muttered to herself .

Jiang Chen glanced at her . [Is this girl still considered human?]

"The cell in the body is modified by the FEV virus . Similarly, the skin is implanted with heavy metal… The lead skin could be compared to C-type steel, and it could easily defend against standard bullets . The regeneration of the cell is ridiculously fast . Based on the data of the body's DNA, even if it lost an arm, it would be able to grow one back in a week's time . Although I never fought before, if this thing was put in the battlefield, it should be invincible right?" The pacifist Lin Lin even started to exclaim about the battle ability of this thing .

"Does it not have any weaknesses?" Jiang Chen had a troubled smile .

"Of course . " Lin Lin nodded, "First because of the influence of heavy metal . Their nervous system is extremely weak . The brain cell strength is as low as 9 . Also, their life is limited . Based on its DNA and regeneration calculation, their life expectancy is only 30 years . Also, if their head or heart is destroyed, they will die instantly . "

It was the same as not saying anything . Which creature would still live without a brain or heart?

Jiang Chen let out a sigh .

"Looks like there is no shortcut to this . To destroy this dangerous thing we would have to depend on "Tiger" . Using its pure explosive power of electromagnetic cannons to blow this thing into pieces . "

"Also, can I ask a question?" Lin Lin abruptly spoke out .

"Mhmm? Go ahead . "

"When I first acquired the body I was utterly astonished . What did you do to destroy every single cell in the mutated human's body?" Lin Lin looked oddly at Jiang Chen as she was clueless .

[It was time travel . ] But he did not dare to tell her yet .

Jiang Chen subtly looked away as he began to come up with a vague response .

"Well, I used a special weapon that instantly ended all cell activity . Speaking of this, what do those cells look like under the microscope?"

"The cell membrane broke . Based on the way it broke, it appeared to be due to extremely low temperatures that caused the fluid in the cell to freeze? It is peculiar… As if without preparation, it traveled through a wormhole with entropy infinitely approaching 0," Lin Lin doubtingly said, as she stared at Jiang Chen .

[Extremely low temperatures? But there was no temperature change during time travel . ]

Jiang Chen slightly raised his eyebrows and didn’t notice Lin Lin’s look of doubt .

Seeing Jiang Chen had no reaction, Lin Lin continued .

"Passing through an area with entropy infinitely approaching 0 would have no impact on dead things, but for something alive, it would be nearly impossible for them to remain alive . But as the shortcut to intergalactic travel, passing through a wormhole is a topic that can’t be avoided, as "how to travel through wormholes" had a lot of interesting hypotheses in the physics world . Among them, Doctor Klein’s hypothesis had the most authority . "

"Klein?" Jiang Chen felt that he had heard this name before .

"That’s right . To put it in a simple analogy, mass and energy through two completely parallel tunnels cross the wormhole . " As she said this, Lin Lin grabbed a pen to draw a cylinder on the whiteboard . Then she drew two parallel lines, one pass through inside the cylinder, and another pass through outside the cylinder .

"As long as you send the energy at the entrance of wormhole through the tunnel into another dimension to the end of the wormhole and meet with the mass that passes through the wormhole there, it would avoid the part where entropy decreases in the wormhole . "

"Detach the energy? Wouldn’t that creature die instantly?" Jiang Chen didn’t understand .

"Therefore, this is the brilliance of Doctor Klein . " Lin Lin sighed . She drew t1 and t2 at the ends of the whiteboard and gave then a value to 0 .

"Time . Based on research, within the wormhole, time, space, and all physic principles are ambiguous . To put it in simple terms, you could spin around a few times before walking to the exit, or you could instantly head for the exit when you enter the wormhole . As long as you find the "perfect route," you could decrease the time to pass through the wormhole to 0 . "

"I’ll give you an analogy . A door frame is put in front you . You have a ball in your hand that represents your temperature . Based on the rule, when the ball passes through the doorframe, I will take it away from you . So instead, the instant you're about to cross the door frame, you throw the ball up and the ball would fly above the doorframe . Then, once you go through the doorframe, you catch the ball, and successfully passed through the door with the ball . "

"I see . " Jiang Chen half understandingly nodded his head .

"Therefore, how did you pass through the door?"

"I don’t know . I used the bracelet…" Suddenly, Jiang Chen looked cautiously at Lin Lin and narrowed his eyes .

"You are setting me up . "

"The fool wants to say it himself," the tip of Lin Lin's mouth raised in proudness as she said nonchalantly .

"You are playing with fire . "

She seemed to have sensed the grimace in Jiang Chen’s tone as Lin Lin sacredly moved back . The proud expression completely vanished . "I . . . I am only curious . I have no other intention . Al…Also, you suddenly appeared from the tent last time . I already had an idea… After seeing so much food in the base, you must be an alien right?!"

An alien?

Jiang Chen paused for a moment before he burst out laughing .

"What, what are you laughing at," Lin Lin worked up her courage and fainted protested .

"Ahem, nothing . Since you already guessed most of it, I’ll tell you . " Jiang Chen smile, "I am a time traveler from the past, from the year 2015 . "

Lin Lin took some time to think before she raised her pair of serene eyebrows .

"Time traveler? From the past?"

"You already said all physics principle doesn’t apply in the wormhole since it could avoid the space continuum, time continuum would not be a problem too, right?" Jiang Chen shrugged .

"Based on the theory yes . Although out of the six colonization ships, three passed through the wormhole . As to the specifics of passing through the wormhole, only they would know . " Lin Lin nodded, but then looked at Jiang Chen doubtfully . "I didn’t know that this stingy devil could tell me this secret . "

"What if I told you," Jiang Chen with a smile looked at the one black and one red pupil, "I don’t plan to ever let you go . "

Hearing that, Lin Lin’s face instantly turned red as it was the rare time she didn’t bad mouth back, but rather shifted her eyes to the side .

Jiang Chen didn’t realize the other meaning in his words as he looked at the girl "forced to be obedient" pleasingly .

"Also, what about that Death Claw? Is the result out?"

When he mentioned the Death Claw, Lin Lin, rarely tense, turned serious .

"I found some odd things on the Death Claw . "

. . .

After leaving from Lin Lin’s lab, Jiang Chen fell into deep thought thinking about what she just said .

Everyone knew that the starting point of the x1 virus was to purify radiation, but because it experienced uncontrollable mutation under the radiation environment, it turned into the frightening virus .

But x2’s design philosophy was rather dubious .

As the improved version of the x1 virus, x2’s purification ability was increased . But the food for thought element was that the effect of infiltrating creature’s nervous system was not removed, but rather strengthened . It also increased the structure of the cell, making it harder to be eliminated by the immune system .

As if it was designed to eliminate all humans along with the radiation .

The fortunate part was that because the cell's DNA structure was too stable, it could not split through binary fission . It could only produce through the 'mother's' body . Therefore, after Jiang Chen cleared out the source in the area, the x2 virus slowly began to vanish .

"Could it be born through x1’s own mutation? Since there is radiation everywhere…"

"Impossible," Lin Lin shook her head as she rejected Jiang Chen’s doubt with certainty . "The Death Claw evolved to have armor, simplified its molecular chain to develop claws, and these were all part of natural selection . To survive, creatures would be forced to adapt and evolve certain traits, but not put a lock on its own life . The complicated breeding mechanism has no practical meaning for survival, and it is impossible that x2 was born through evolution . "

She paused, before continuing, "The only possibility is that someone created the x2 virus . But what I don’t understand is, the x1 virus data should already have been onboard with the colonization ship . "

"Could it be another scientist that didn’t manage to make it onto the ship created it?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows .

"I am not sure," Lin Lin shook her head, "But one point is certain, and that is the people who developed the x2 virus definitely have no good intentions . "

Someone wanted the humans on the wasteland to become extinct .

But who could it be?

Mutated humans have enough of a reason, but a virus that the Death Claw couldn’t even handle, could they resist it?

But if it was not the mutated human, who had the motives to do this?

Suddenly, a frightening thought popped into Jiang Chen’s mind .

If wormholes could create time travel, then where did the three space colonization ships go? Did they really completely abandon this planet?

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