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Published at 20th of October 2017 02:57:22 AM

Chapter 178

The woman covered her husband as the body's temperature began to drop . The woman desperately tried to use her own heat to warm him, to save his fading life .

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"I love you . "

"No, no, I won't allow you to go . " Droplets of tears rolled down the woman's cheek, splattering on the blood soaked jacket .

"Sorry . . . "

"I don't want your apology! I don't-!" The heartbreaking scream could not stop the body's temperature from dropping .

Luke moved his eyes away from the two as he looked confusedly at his companion . He didn't understand his intention .

"It's too boring to kill them, buddy . You haven't learned the essence of torture . " Wang Pin patted his shoulder, pretending to sound wise as he cracked a smile .

"Oh?" Luke raised his eyebrows as he stuffed the gun into his lap . "Go ahead then . "

Wang Pin took the gun with a grimace on his face . He ignored the woman looking at him with anger and fear, and turned to the other pigs .

"Pigs, listen up . Now, anyone who r*pes her will be given freedom . "

The crowd became unsettled, but no one came up .

Luke looked as his colleague, not understanding his intention . He didn't know what was the purpose of seeing herds of humans in intercourse .

That's right, "herds" . From the mutated human's perspective, humans were only livestock . Due to traces of memory being left from before their transformation, they didn't eat human flesh like cannibals . However, they would not shy away from any cruelty to obtain a sense of joy from the howling humans .

"No one? If I remember correctly, this woman, to your standard of beauty, should be quite attractive," Wang Pin continued to hold his rifle and said slowly .

"Is there any purpose in this?" Luke was still confused .

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"Of course, buddy, learn from me . Other than killing, there are a lot of other ways to dig out the despair in their hearts . "

Wang Pin smiled with a grimace as he licked his dry lips . He then looked at the frightened woman backing away from him .

"Lying on top of her husband's yet to be cold body, under the watch of her son, and humiliated by countless people . What kind of despair would be on such a face? The idea is making me excited . Isn't the whole purpose of the existence of civilization to blossom the glimpse of light under the torture of the primal? Hahaha!"

The cruel laughter was deafening, shaking off the snow on trees that were a few kilometers away .

Luke blankly looked at the psychotic smile on his colleague as an excited expression appeared on his face .

"Sh*t, you are a genius . Oh, devil! You must be an artist in your previous life . "

"Who knows?" Wang Pin smiled as he used his gun to point at the closest man .

"You, go fu*k her . "

The man gulped, gritted his teeth, and defiantly said .

"I can't do it . "


Like a piece of paper, he fell onto the ground . The man's face still maintained a defiant expression, with a glimpse of disbelief .

"Next . " Wang Pin pointed the gun at the next man, a middle-aged man holding his bleeding arm .

Trembling, the middleaged man walked a few steps, before finally kneeling onto the ground .

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Wang Pin didn't give him the opportunity to explain as he immediately blew up his head .

Red and white splattered everywhere and even splashed onto the person behind him .

Wang Pin raised his chin and targeted the next person .

Perhaps terrified by the horrific scene, the third person only hesitated slightly before looking down and running to the woman with trembling steps .

"Sorry, please forgive me . " The man was afraid to look at the expression on the woman's face as he merciless reached for her collar .

"N . . . No . " The woman's eyes widen in despair .

The man ignored her struggling plea . He ignored all the morals and dignity of the human civilization and pushed her down on the body that was still slowly losing its temperature .

In his mind, he was desperately trying to comfort himself . If he didn't do it, he would die . He was doing it, but it was not his intention .

Wang Pin pleasingly looked at the man's action; the joy of ripping the civilization apart was almost making him shake in excitement . Luke, standing on the side, also had his eyes wide open . He was only a mutated human for less than two years, and it was the first time he witnessed such a joyful moment other than from violence .

Wang Pin raised his gun again, pointing at the next person . Just as he was about to speak, he heard the shout of the patrol .

"What is that?!" The mutated human carrying an assault rifle pointed at the black dot in the sky .

He raised his eyebrows as Wang Pin looked up, "What is-"

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Mixed with thick smoke, the snow on the ground blew up like an avalanche as it flew over the crowd .

The shockwave flipped people onto the ground as the frightened crowd ditched the concrete and steel bags in their hands . They ran to the nearest barrier or ducked into the field .

The mutated humans didn't stop them because their situation was not any better .

"Dammit, what is it!"

Wang Pin crawled up from the ground as he looked at the thick smoke ten meters away with horrid .

The bloodthirsty pupils contracted as a rare sense of fear surfaced .

. . . .

"Direct hit . "

"Beautiful!" Jiang Chen smiled as he gave a thumbs up to the gunner .

The furious wind blew through the hatch door as the orange protective suit gusted in the chill . The gunner wearing his mask turned and nodded his head to express his gratitude towards Jiang Chen's praise . Then, without stopping, he carried another 10kg bomb and stuffed it into the cartridge as the cannon began to charge .

At this moment, Jiang Chen had a tablet in his hand . The flashing picture on the scene was of the entire battlefield . The camera located below the helicopter holistically presented the overview of the battlefield to the commander .

The green dot hidden three kilometers away from the town was Fishbone's light infantry . The five tigers were scattered behind buildings, only exposing the electromagnetic cannon . The vehicle was also covered with white cloth, which camouflaged the vehicle perfectly with the snow . This only left the pitch black cannon visible .

The red dot signaled were enemy units marked out by the sniper, while the gray dots were civilians .

The thick smoke rising from the ground was the truck destroyed by the helicopter cannon . The anti-air machine gun had yet to unleash its power before being blown up into metal shards .

The mutated humans who lost their air defense began to flee .

Jiang Chen observed the battlefield .

It was like playing a game .

Also worth mentioning, the command system attached to the helicopter was the masterpiece of Yao Yao .

"The purpose of civilization is to punish the primal brutality . "

As if it was meant to rebuttal the clamor, Jiang Chen mustered to himself .

[Since the grim reaper has already arrived on the battlefield, then you bastards must go die . ]

He coldly overwatched the fleeing figures on the screen as his finger pointed at the red dot on the screen .


The trident shaped cannon began to flash a faint blue electric light, followed by a screeching homing noise .

The orange arc smashed to the ground . The noise of the bomb breaking the sound barrier almost covered the screaming Northen wind .

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