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Chapter 179

The orange arc explosion penetrated the cloud shaped sound barrier .

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Followed by the explosive homing, the cylinder shaped bomb rapidly spun, just like god smiting the sins in the world, it smashed directly into the fleeing mutated humans .


Snow knee deep blew up into the air and mixed with shattered soft lead debris as it rained down onto the surrounding area .

Without the need for explosives and just using pure mechanical power, the 10kg bomb blew up in the enemies' base .

Soft lead made bombs allowed the bomb to break into thumb sized pieces and scatter under the heavy air pressure . This instantly blew the mutated humans nearby away like paper . The concrete wall nearby completely collapsed . The debris ten meters away even left bowl sized holes on the wall .

"F*ck, what is that damn thing!" Wang Pin struggled to stand up from the snow . He lifted his blood filled face and frightenedly stared at the black dot in the sky .

Luke was already dead . He saw the head meters away from the body . The poor guy had his neck blow off by debris as his entire head was severed from his body .

"It's a helicopter! Dammit, why would Liuding Town's people be here?!" The mutated human hiding behind the barrier raised his binoculars as he said with a trembling voice .


When he heard the word, Wang Pin instant felt a chill overwhelm his body . His limbs felt cold . Without hesitation, he got up and ran for his life to the concrete-made barrier .

Based on rumors, on the wasteland near Wanghai, only humans on the aircraft carrier inherited flight units before the war .

But why would they show up here while they were located hundreds of kilometers away?


The deafening blast ended his thought as the snow and debris covered him .

The bomb didn't just come from the sky . It also came from the horizon .

As if it was an agreement, five arcs smashed into the mutated human base like iron fists . The half completed reinforced concrete wall was instantly shattered into pieces . As the pieces of concrete flew backward, the mutated humans taking cover behind it all dropped to the ground . The ones yet to be killed crawled into the town .

Although the electromagnetic cannon used 5kg bombs, it was not inferior compared to the strike from the dome .

"God, please stop!" Crawling into the corner of a room and covering his head, a mutated human roared with a whimpering voice . The rifle along with his arrogance were all thrown into the snow .

"D*mmit, where is the anti-air cannon! We-"

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Under the far fire range, the mutated human's machine guns were like toys . The only purpose of their shouting was to unleash the fear in their hearts . The occasion bomb that flew to Fishbone base's side smashed into the building used as cover without any accuracy .

However, on the Fishbone side, with the guidance of snipers as well as aerial coverage, the five tiger fired simultaneously and accurately, eliminating the mutated human's firepower and shattering their morale .

"Someone seems to be using rifles to shoot at us . " Jiang Chen looked at the screen and smiled . His finger lightly drew on the screen as he circled a few red dots .

Debris flew up as the red dots were blown up to pieces by the bombs .

"Only that anti-air machine gun is a bit threatening . Even if the assault rifle bullets could hit this far, the airflow would make it lose its accuracy . " Chu Nan laughed, initiated automatic hovering, and moved his hands away from the controls .

"Oh?" Jiang Chen answered absentmindedly, his eyes were focused on the red dots on the screen . He then pressed his finger on the guy covering his head and ducking into the snow .

Although those monstrous humans did not deserve mercy, the apathetic feeling of killing people through a screen still shocked him .

Oh right, correction . They were not human .

"Speaking of something else, how's that wife of yours?" Jiang Chen dragged his finger on the green dots and pointed on the location of the road . After receiving the command, 20 something light infantries began to move to the target location . He then pointed a few more times on the screen, and the other 20 light infantries crossed the barriers, pushing forward to the target area through the front .

"Not bad," Chu Nan answered concisely as he didn't seem to want to continue on the topic .

"Oh . . . " Even if he accepted, his heart must not feel so great .

Jiang Chen didn't ask further .

Over half of the mutated humans stationed in Shenxiang Town were eliminated . The remaining ones were under the heavy fire suppression of the electromagnetic cannon . The steel plate in front of their chests could block bullets, but when the bullets changed to electromagnetic cannons, it was as good as paper .

While maintaining fire suppression, the two squads of light infantry quickly captured the mutated humans hiding in the barriers . As to the mutated human still reluctant to give up, merciless canons awaited them .


A screeching alarm began to sound .

"What's that noise?" Jiang Chen frowned .

"What else could it be . RPG "Flying Sword" anti-air missile . The mutated humans probably dug it up from a PAC armory," Chu Nan said casually as he simultaneously pressed a button beside the control panel .

Click .

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Within the vision of the tablet, a few flashing sparks began to fall . The approaching anti-air missile directly hit one of the rubbles and scathed by the helicopter .

"Electromagnetic lure . These things that chase after high-frequency electronic devices are easy to deal with . The anti air machine gun is more reliable . " Chu Nan laughed contemptuously as he put his hands behind his head and sank further into the chair .

. . .

Jiang Chen pointed his finger at the guy reloading the RPG, but Jiang Chen didn't use electromagnetic cannons this time . Instead, he commanded the infantry to attack him .

He was very interested in the anti-air missile .

If he could seize it, why would he destroy it?

. . .

Cheng Weiguo leaned tightly against the cover as he checked the coordinates on the EP . Then he signaled the team on the other side to throw a smoke bomb as they quickly pushed further into the town .

An unfair battle .

With the firepower advantage, the mutated human's muscles and their strength in numbers were not worth mentioning .

They already crossed their defensive structure . At this point, his force still maintained zero casualties .

Pointing the rifle out of cover, Cheng Weiguo aimed at the mutated human, with half of his body exposed carrying the RPG, and pulled the trigger .


The bullets instantly forced the mutated human to take cover and shredded more of the already in shambles concrete wall into pieces .

The soldiers on the other wing quickly rushed in, just like how they were trained in exercise .

The gunshots afar began to disappear . The force attacking from the side already controlled the south area of the town . The battle in the east should also be over .

Cheng Weiguo tugged at the thick scarf around his neck . His beard covered with ice shards, he breathed out a few white puffs .

"Team A attack the town center and control the warehouse . Team B follow the boundary to clear out the area . Team C take control of the captives . Move!"

"Yes, Sir!" The synched roar echoed within the communication channel .

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Cheng Weiguo put the rifle on his arm, looked up at the black dot in the sky, and he saluted .

But at this time, the snow beside him suddenly moved as he immediately pointed the gun at the pile .

He maintained shooting position as he slowly moved to cover, using his feet to remove the snow .

It was a face .

The boy feebly looked at him with a bruise printed on his face .

Seeing this, Cheng Weiguo quickly kneeled down, used the handle of the gun to sweep the snow off of him, and dragged him out from the snow .

"Sa . . . Save my mom . . . "

Looking at the boy's face, the feeling of yet to extinct justice made him feel enraged .

"Where is she?" He held onto the boy's hand and said firmly .

"There . . . " The boy faintly pointed at the pile of snow on the side .

Cheng Weiguo put him on a concrete bag as he carried the gun and traversed through the snow to the pile .

He dug through the snow and found a man . He was slightly shocked, but soon saw the woman below the man .

The woman's body was exposed, her hair messy . Her breathing was faint as if she could lose her life at any second .

The man on top of her already lost his breath . The soft lead debris penetrated his body . The shattered glasses was covered in blood .

At the moment, Cheng Weiguo didn't understand the relationship between them, especially when he saw that there was another man under her .

Regardless, saving her life was more important .

He dragged the already dead man out of the snow . Cheng Weiguo then helped the sandwiched woman up .

"It's all over . Your son is beside you . "

But in an instant, the woman's eyes became widened as she stared at something behind him .

Suddenly alerted, Cheng Weiguo hugged the woman and rolled onto the ground .


A steel beam pierced the location he previous stood in as it deeply penetrated into the concrete bag .

The blood covered Wang Pin stared at Cheng Weiguo in rage as he leaped towards him roaring .

Without hesitation, he raised his gun, and the rifle unleashed its power on the mutated human's chest as blood began to splatter . But the mutated human did not back down as he took the bullets and pushed Cheng Weiguo onto the ground .

"Roar-!" The mutated human clenched onto the reaper assault rifle, attempting to take it from Cheng Weiguo's hands .

Cheng Weiguo tightly clenched his teeth, his face entirely red . Obviously, he was no match for the mutated human's strength as the gun began to move in the mutated human's direction .

Seeing he could not outmatch the mutated human's strength, he immediately let go .

Because of the sudden jerk, Wang Pin's body immediately tilted up with the rifle, Grasping onto the opportunity, Cheng Weiguo swiftly grabbed the dagger on his leg and swung it at Wang Pin's throat .

The dagger flashed through as blood began to splash all over the ground .

Wang Pin dropped the rifle onto the ground as he covered his throat, pouring out blood . His mouth was open, but he couldn't say a word . He could only use the blood and his widened eyes to show his disbelief and bitterness .

Grabbing the rifle on the ground, Cheng Weiguo, without hesitation, pressed the gun to his forehead and pulled the trigger .

There was more blood .

Wang Pin's shoulder loosened as he fell backward, deep into the thick snow .

At the same time, the woman's shoulder began to loosen up too .

[Alive . . . ]

Kneeled on the ground, she leaned her face against the snow pile beside her . She couldn't feel the coldness on her face anymore . . .