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Published at 22nd of October 2017 04:12:33 AM

Chapter 182

As for those emblems, those were "copy military goods" that Jiang Chen ordered from wholesale online shopping back from the modern world . The gold-plated appearance looked delicate, workmanship was also fine, and other than the lack of necessary certificates, it was no different than the real ones .

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Regardless whether it was male or female, both could be honored .

On these more than 200 knights, Jiang Chen spent three days of effort to complete the "knighting" process .

If high-class citizens wanted to become part of the knight society and enter management, they must have an even more outstanding contribution . For example, meritorious military service or a breakthrough in the technological field, and so on .

After going through a busy schedule, the might of pyramid was at long last completed .

The production and life in the base returned to the right track, and after the introduction of fresh blood, there was more liveliness in the base .  

. . .

Ten days had passed and the colony became stable .

Jiang Chen sent Zhao Gang to be in charge of the colony's defense and moved Cheng Weiguo back to handle the training of the new recruits . The five Tigers and 30 riflemen were left there, and -51 served as a gunship and was transported back .

In the same way, Jiang Chen transferred more than 100 newly produced units of hummingbird drones . He also sent some technicians to establish a relay station to control the drones in the local area . These kinds of low-altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have a surprisingly effective scouting and attacking ability . With this batch of drones, it undoubtedly alleviated Fishbone Base's issue of insufficient strength significantly .  

The production line of the kinetic skeleton under the leadership of Jiang Lin was also completed . For this, Jiang Chen specifically ordered the construction team to build a factory in the newly developed area that could accommodate hundreds of people . Based on Jiang Lin's estimate, provided that there were sufficient raw materials to go around, 30 kinetic skeletons monthly production could reach 30 units .

After handling everything properly, Jiang Chen suddenly found himself free .

You couldn't help but praise the talent of the Fishbone Base, which practically comprised of almost every trade in the industry . There were some things that he only needed to set the general direction, and his subordinates would already think of the execution plan for him .

"By the way, is it almost Yao Yao's birthday?"

While they were eating, Jiang Chen suddenly asked aloud .

He remembered Yao Yao had told him last time that her birthday was in November .  It's already mid-November, and he got so busy in the past that he almost forgot .

"Eh? Uh . . . " Yao Yao face instantly turned red . She lowered her head, feeling shy, and said coyly, "Umm, its . . . it's not a big deal . If big brother is too busy, then it's okay if we put it off for a while . "

"That's not okay, there is no meaning if the birthday is not on that day!" Jiang Chen said without hesitation as he took a huge bite out of the roasted golden chicken leg .

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"Eh? O-okay . It's on November 16, hehe . . . " Yao Yao charmingly smiled while staring blankly at the bowl of egg soup in her bowl, gently poking the soft pudding with her spoon unconsciously .

November 16, so it's the day after tomorrow?

"What present does Yao Yao want?" Jiang Chen rubbed Yao Yao's head as he smiled .

Hearing about the present, Lin Lin, who was sitting across Jiang Chen, perked her ears and immediately shifted her attention away from her bowl of food, and raised her hand to interrupt .

"For your information, my birthday is on May 27, and I want a Hadron Collider—"

"In your dreams . " Jiang Chen glared at her .  

"Woo—" Lin Lin puffed her cheeks as though throwing a tantrum, the pale and gorgeous face was bloated to a dark, red color .

But contrary to Jiang Chen's expectation, she held her tongue this time .  

[She finally remembers how to act when freeloading?] Jiang Chen ridiculed in his mind .

"Hmm, you have a birthday, that's wonderful . " A rare sight where Sun Jiao, who never spoke during meals, looked up, her mouth was drawn into a grimace while looking outside .

This feminine appearance was not typical of this bold girl that Jiang Chen couldn't help but give her a few more looks .

"Eh? Sister Sun Jiao doesn't know your own birthday?" Yao Yao looked at Sun Jiao with a hint of sympathy .

From Yao Yao's perspective, your birthday should be the happiest day of the year . Before the war, whenever it was her birthday, mother and father would treat her like a princess, and took her to eat lots of yummy food . . .

Thinking of her parents, Yao Yao's eyes could not help but flash a touch of sadness . But when she saw "Big Brother" sitting beside her, a gentle and pure love appeared in her eyes, her tiny hand softly covered the hand on top of her head .

"Who would remember that kind of thing?" Muttering, Sun Jiao pursed his lips and stared at the hand on top of Yao Yao's head with jealousy .

But she didn’t say anything . Compared to her initial possessiveness, she was starting to learn how to share .

This decision was not due to her magnanimity but because when the last time that Jiang Chen came back, she faintly read a trace of fatigue from his eyes .

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When she tried putting herself in his shoes—if she could live in a peaceful environment and become a wealthy girl in a mansion, would she want to come back the world full of chaos?

She had already thought of sharing him with Yao Yao for quite some time, but she had not been able to put the idea into motion .

Perhaps it was time to push this little girl a bit?

With both hands against her chin, she mischievously looked at Lin Lin, who was sitting next to her .

To be fair, this girl was also gorgeous . Though she was but a digitalized human, but as a sex robot…

As though seemingly aware of Sun Jiao's gaze, Lin Lin blankly raised her head, but when she made eye contact with her, she involuntarily shuddered .

This female devil must be thinking of something evil!

Lin Lin quickly came to a conclusion, as she subconsciously went into "self-protection" mode, fiercely glaring at Sun Jiao . Her threatening look appeared to be saying: Stop looking at me!

However, using deterrent skills against Miss Sun Jiao was undoubtedly a foolish choice, as Sun Jiao just raised her brows and bluntly stared back .

The arrogant eyes seemed to say: I'm looking at you, so what are you going to do?

Like a startled rabbit, Lin Lin quickly lowered her head as she pouted, feeling wronged .

"Um, I won’t celebrate my birthday either . If it's just me, it would feel too devious…" After listening to Sun Jiao, Yao Yao sensibly spoke in a quiet voice .

Sun Jiao was stunned, a gentle smile appeared on her face, "It’s okay, you helped this bad guy so much, it’s time for him to treat you . Don’t worry about it . If he dared to bully you, sister will step up for you!"

With that, Sun Jiao even threateningly waved her lovely, little fist .

Seeing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but laugh .

What else could make men more excited than a harmonious "harem"?

Although this harem's current size was only one and a half…

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"Any, any request?" Yao Yao flushed as she asked faintly .

"Mhmm," Jiang Chen nodded earnestly, rubbing her fluffy hair, "As long as it's something within my means, I'll do it . "

"Um… . woo, I’ll keep it a secret for now . " Yao Yao said shyly, her head was lowered, feeling conflicted .

[Which person can keep the gift she receives confidential?]

Jiang Chen's face showed a dumbfounded expression .  

"Uh, you should at least give me some time to prepare, it would be too late on the day of your birthday . "

"Prepare…right," Yao Yao gently bite her lip as she looked up courageously . With eyes filled with anticipation, she looked at Jiang Chen, "Can, can you lend me a day?"

"Lend? If there is something you really want, why don't I just give it to you?" Jiang Chen asked uncertainly .  

"Umm, although this is a very tempting proposal, sister Sun Jiao would definitely be unhappy, so I’ll just borrow you for a day…" She stole a glance at Sun Jiao as Yao Yao said softly .

"What, am I such a stingy person?" Sun Jiao said with dissatisfaction .

"No, that’s not what it is, it's just that—" Yao Yao anxiously waved her hands, and then lowered her head shyly, "I want to borrow…um! In short, just accompany me for a day, is that okay?"

[Is that it?] Jiang Chen couldn't help but facepalm .

"Of course . That's it?"

"It's an entire day! You're not busy, right?" Yao Yao asked quietly .

"An entire day? Does that include the night?" Sun Jiao was stunned .

"Ahem—" Lin Lin suddenly choked on her food . She quickly covered her mouth and reached for the bowl of soup .

Yao Yao’s face flushed like her blood was about to drip out . Oddly, she didn’t rush to offer an explanation, she stared at her knees instead, swinging her pair of smooth and white porcelain-like legs .

Jiang Chen was also stunned, he awkwardly scratched his cheek .

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere on the dining table suddenly became "tense" .

"Ahem, I think, considering your age, some things are just too exciting for Yao Yao, so I think the night should be left to me . " Sun Jiao carefully shifted her gaze .

"I, I am not young anymore . " It was rather rare for Yao Yao not to retreat, but she mustered her courage and retorted, "I'm already three years over 30!"

Upon hearing this, Sun Jiao couldn't help but feel shame . She was definitely not backing down just because she exposed her age .

"But you spent more than 20 years in the hibernation chamber, right?" Lin Lin chipped in . "Moreover, if the inhibitor was used before adulthood, you would need another ten more years for you to grow to the maturity 18 years old . "

"Ten years!" Yao Yao was like a squirrel that had been frightened, but she was still not ready to give up, "But from any perspective, I am already mature . "

But the legs dangling on the chair didn't make for convincing argument at all .

"Oh? In what way?" Lin Lin persisted, clearly not letting it go .

As though abandoning all her humiliation, Yao Yao with two red cheeks, closed her eyes .

"I, I already have my period!" she bellowed .

The room turned eerily silent for a moment .

As though the two consecutive verbal sparring had sapped all her energy away, the small loli wobbly sank into her chair .

"Uh, we should discuss the cake . " Sun Jiao held her laughter as she averted her gaze .

"Yes, indeed, the cake is more important . " Jiang Chen was speechless .

"I second that . " Lin Lin raised her spoon as an agreement .

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