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Chapter 183

The snow was ferocious .

The concrete walls in the ruins were covered by a layer of ice and the dangling steel beams were frozen into crystalline rods .

Below, ragged figures strolled . There was an unhealthy color on their faces, and their expressions were frozen numb . The heavy loads on their backs crushed their spine and knees .

The person standing on the side was evidently the mutated human supervisor .

For slaves of mutated human, the only escape was to be picked at around 30 years of age through pure luck . From there, finish the breeding mission, immerse in the growth vial, and to be "reborn . "

As for the people who were not so lucky, their fate was usually tragic…

Since the growth vial and growth solution were limited, not everyone had rights to become a mutated human . Mutated humans also needed to maintain a population of slaves in order to complete the dreadful tasks that none of them wanted to do and at the same time, the mutated humans needed a source of entertainment .

Standing at the door of the encampment, Troy grimly watched the frail figures as he turned around to look at the human beside him .

That’s right . Beside him, a human stood!

Any survivor in Wanghai city who happens to witness this scene would drop their jaws . Based on common sense, there was no possibility of negotiation between a mutated human and a human, let alone for them to stand side by side .

This person wore a fur coat and the red ring on his finger was quite distinctive . Anyone with the right knowledge would shockingly discover that the white fur on his collar belonged to the mane of the Bloodthirsty Lion .

As the king of dangerous creatures, Bloodthirsty Lions could combat five Death Claws simultaneously . Their sharp teeth were like blades that could easily rip through power armors . But they were rare in the Eastern area as they usually inhabit in the far northwestern plain . Because of their ferocity, they were rarely hunted . Hence, the unique mane gained popularity among collectors .

As for the red ring, it was even more incredible .

It was a blood crystal .

Usually, mutants would form crystals around the nerve center as a highly efficient energy storage device . But blood crystals were unique on its own . Although they were created with the same elements, blood crystals' energy storage was thousands of times greater . A piece the size of a thumb could be compared to the energy generated from one kilogram of fissile material through nuclear fission .

But what was beyond comprehension was that the blood crystals' existence was stable . Despite people’s attempt, they could not use the energy inside . Not even human - the mutants who generated the blood crystal themselves couldn’t utilize the energy inside . Precisely, any mutant who creates these blood crystals would be the failure of the spices .

The extraordinary potential and rarity of blood crystals made them a luxurious collector item, especially favored by the nobles in the Northern Alliance Area .

By this point, the man’s identity couldn’t be more obvious .

He came from the north, and his status was prestigious .

"Mr . Troy, what’s the progress for your soldiers?" Bo Yu put his hands in his pocket as he asked the mutated human standing beside him .

"The outpost is already established," Troy cracked a smile exposing his fearsome red gum, "Once the last batch of the armored trucks is completed, my team can head out . "

"Oh? Is that right?" The man in luxurious clothes seemed to be nonchalant to the answer of the mutated human leader as his reply was short .

Silence ensued between the two .

The mutated human called Troy seemed to be fearful of the power coming out of the man from the Northern Alliance, even though this place was thousands of kilometers away from the Northern Alliance, even though this place was his home base .

"Seeing your own people suffer, do you not have any thoughts in your mind?" Troy cracked a smile as he asked disrespectfully .

"We are different from monsters, we don’t have to possess those extraneous herd mentality . " Bo Yu laughed, not bothered at all .

Troy’s eyes narrowed .

The fact that they have always viewed highly of themselves meant that they were particularly sensitive to the fact that humans categorize them as mutated creatures .

"Sorry, I have a phone call . " Bo Yu shrugged as he walked to the side, then he pressed the phone to his earlobe .


"Oh… This is unfortunate then, okay . Mhmm… Keep monitoring their movements . The name is Jiang Chen right? Interesting, I am going to hang up . "

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Troy stared gravely at his position .

"Sorry buddy, your outpost seems to be gone . " Bo Yu ignored the unfriendliness as he casually strolled beside him .

Troy's throat moved, he didn’t overthink it . But the expression on this man’s face made him uncertain .

Simultaneous, a mutated human ran from the distance . The frightened look on his face, even from afar in the heavy snow, was clearly visible .

Troy’s eyebrows twitched as he looked at Bo Yu on the side . The grin on his face triggered him .

But he couldn’t be angry right now .

"Leader, our force stationed in Shenxiang town-"

"Was eliminated?"

The mutated human here to report the news hesitated before he immediately lowered his head and continued his report in a tough tone .

"Yes . "

Troy took a deep breath while he tried to calm his ready-to-explode emotion .

"Which force did it…"

"Liuding town… Our people saw their helicopter with binoculars . It was the Type-51 transport helicopter equipped with electromagnetic pulse cannon . Their symbol was below the helicopter . "

"How would Liuding town’s people appear here?" Troy was shocked .

Although he was skeptical towards this information, he couldn’t find an argument against it . Since within the entire area, only Liuding’s people possessed air units .

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If Liuding town intervened, his plan would be much more difficult to execute .

He thought about this as Troy’s eyebrows began to tense up .

He's heard of Liuding’s force before . The electromagnetic pulse cannon on the aircraft carriers had a maximum range of 500 kilometers under atmospheric condition . It could be fired from the exit of Long River and directly strike Luzhou . Needless to say, his seventh area was right beside Wanghai city .

"Ahem, I do have to let you know that it was not Liuding town's people who wiped out your outpost . " As if he was very familiar with the force distribution within Wanghai city, Bo Yu interrupted .

"Oh?" Troy raised his eyebrows .

"Liuding’s people would never install electromagnetic pulse cannon on their helicopter because their electromagnetic cannon could strike any target in Wanghai city freely . Even if you built defensive structures, under the impact of a 100kg bomb, how many seconds would you last" Bo Yu smirked .

"Then, you mean . . . ?"

"You information is too outdated . A "glorious leader" was born in Qingpu . Under his call for unity and the temptation for food, the scattered survivors unified and built a base called Fishbone on the ruins… Also, according to my research, they have a trade relationship with the Zhao Corporation on the Sixth Street . The exact reason is food related," Bo Yu said .

"Food?" Troy looked at Bo Yu with not the friendliest look, "Based on what I know, on the entire wasteland, the only place that can produce food is the Northern Alliance Area . Can I interpret that you sponsored that force?"

The undeveloped area in the northwestern region was barely scratched during the chaos of the war . Although the soil was barren, fertilizer was a much simpler problem to solve compared to contamination and radiation . If you go further north, you would reach the front-line between PAC and CCCP . That place also lies in shambles like Wanghai city .

Therefore, in the entire Han area, only northwestern region produced edible crops .

Bo Yu sighed at the information .

"The entire wasteland? By 'entire', do you mean Wanghai city, or within the PAC borders, or the entire world?"

"Is there a point in discussing world geography?" Troy mocked .

"It’s all about the structure we are in . " Bo Yu shrugged, "Being unable to farm is only because the technology is not on par . Our radiation treatment technology is well designed . If it is not, then even if you were given clean soil, you can not grow anything it . At the same time, as long as the technology is available, any corner of the wasteland can easily grow delicious fresh fruits and vegetables . Their food probably comes from an established garden underground . But these are not the key points, only one thing interests me . "

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"Project Garden of Eden?" Troy burst out laughing, "This is quite funny . If that Project Garden of Eden could restore farming, then why do those elites flee into space?"

"Because hope afar is far more tempting than dealing with chaos here . " Bo Yu smiled as he paused, then he continued, "On space colonization, I maintain the same stance as the dissolved World Alliance Organization . "

"But those people didn’t let the kiss-@ss-you go on the boat . " Troy continued to mock .

"Why would I need a ticket to go on the boat? As long as I have the technology, I can easily build another colonization ship . " Bo Yu laughed out loud as he took out his hands from the pockets and pointed to the sky, "Give me 20 years and I’ll rebuild a high technology park . Give me 50 years and I’ll take the descendants into space again . What should be abandoned is not us, but rather the soil below us!"

"Why don’t you learn from us? Evolve then adapt? If you don’t try it yourself, you will never know how delicious Death Claw’s meat is . "

Bo Yu’s calm and collected expression flashed a rare glimpse of disgust, but it quickly faded .

"Therefore, discussing value proposition is something more boring than ideology . You’ll get the improved FEV virus and you will take your species to adapt to the wasteland . But, remember our deal . "

Bo Yu controlled the security password of the Carman Corporation, it was him that provided the FEV virus information to the mutated humans .

"Of course, I’ll lead my people to help you attack 'that place' within the city center We will find out the location of the Fallout Shelter 005, if it really exists that is . "

"Don’t worry about that anymore . My information has always been reliable . Fallout Shelter 005 is located in Wanghai city," Bo Yu said confidently .

Troy glanced at Bo Yu before he looked away towards the direction of the slaves .

It used to be an empty plot of land but it was now packed with military supplies .

Rifles, machine guns, armors, armored trucks, even cannons and bombs!

Within this shipment, some belonged to the mutated humans, but the majority was from the man called Bo Yu .

With a common interest, even mutated humans and humans could stand side by side .

"We must go into the city center… Looks like we will need to start our journey in the winter . "

Fixated on the snow in the distance, Troy said in an undertone .