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Chapter 184

Although it was Yao Yao’s birthday, Sun Jiao and Lin Lin all rushed to list their requirements for the birthday cake .

Chocolate .

Mango .

Those were definitely what they wanted to eat .

Instead, the protagonist of the birthday – Yao Yao, feebly expressed that any flavored cake was fine, as long as brother Jiang Chen likes it .

[Ahh…Yao Yao is the cutest . ]

Jiang Chen shouted in his mind .

. . .

Therefore, Jiang Chen specifically made a trip back to the modern world .

"You are back . " Ayesha happened to pass by just in time to see Jiang Chen come out of the door, she tilted her head and asked .

Before, he would stay for a long time before making a trip back, but now it seemed to be much more frequent .

Last time it was five days ago . He came to buy emblems?

"I came back to buy something . Oh, do you want to head out with me?" Jiang Chen suggested out of the blue .

He knew nothing about cakes . In his memory, he hasn't celebrated a birthday in a long time . It would be better to have a girl’s opinion .

"Mhmm . " She didn’t ask what he wanted to buy as she gently nodded .

Ayesha changed into a Gothic-style skirt, white stockings, and black platform shoes . She held onto Jiang Chen’s hand as they left the house . Because she was usually very shy about being intimate in public, her unwillingness to let go and her blushed face was particularly cute .

They bought this set of clothes in Ukraine last time .

Jiang Chen opened the garaged door as he sat in the front passenger seat . Ayesha sat in the driver position .

Her driving skill was acquired from the virtual reality training system . As to the driver license . . . is anything difficult to obtain if money is involved?

"Where are we going?"

"Shimao Mall . " Jiang Chen gave it a thought, but the only place he could think of that was prosperous was the shopping mall in the city center .

"Mhmm . " Ayesha softly combed her brown hair to the side of her face, she smiled tenderly while starting the car .

Although it was the same Wanghai city, in the midst of November, the Sun here was much more graceful here with only a hint of chillness mixed in the air . It was fair to expect that in the modern world, Wanghai city would have a warm winter .

Jiang Chen watched the scenes on the streets fading away in the window . For some reason, he began to feel melancholic .

Who would have thought, in another dimension, the same place one hundred years later, would become a place filled with zombies?

But all these things were too distant .

Jiang Chen was amazed by the beauty of Ayesha as she drove . He couldn’t resist and snapped a photo of her .

Sensing Jiang Chen’s action, Ayesha’s gorgeous eyes lit up .

"Does it look good?"

She asked, her eyes still maintained focus on the road . But Jiang Chen felt like all her attention was on his phone .

"Of course . " Jiang Chen smiled .

After receiving a positive response, the tips of Ayesha’s mouth curved up joyfully .

"But it would be better if it was bigger . " Jiang Chen stared at the photo for a while before he suddenly let out a sigh and muttered to himself .

Although he toned down his voice, this sentence still didn’t escape Ayesha’s ear .

Instantly, the graceful hand clenched tighter onto the steering wheel .

"Eh, is, is it my breast? I have been eating papaya and drinking milk, but it still is a process…" Ayesha said while her eyes looked listless .

"No, not that . " Seeing the car that just skidded by them, Jiang Chen’ sweated profusely as he rushed to comfort her, "Its age, age!"

"Eh?" Surprised by Jiang Chen’s explanation, Ayesha asked, confused, but her emotional soothed down while the car returned to the normal track .

"Umm, how should I explain this? We have a holiday, or tradition, in Han… All in all, I have to take a girlfriend back by February 8th of next year to see my parents . " Embarrassed, Jiang Chen explained .

It was hard to imagine that the renowned Future Technology president did not have a girlfriend to bring home for the New Year .

Jiang Chen had kept in contact with the family . Since he was rich, he wished for his parents to live a better life .

To prevent the two elders from not sleeping well, after deliberate consideration, Jiang Chen decided not to reveal that he became the president of a billion dollar company . He only said that he made a decent amount of money doing business and planned to explain the whole situation to them when he returned for New Year .

At the end of every month, he would send half a million to the card that his dad previously used to send his allowance . In the beginning, his dad did not accept it . He stubbornly sent it back until Jiang Chen finally announced that he already bought a house in Wanghai, and that he was rich enough to not worry about money anymore . The stubborn father finally reluctantly accepted the money .

Every parent wishes their children would live a good life . In their eyes, half a million was an astronomical number already . Their entire life saving was only this amount . They were already satisfied that Jiang Chen could support himself in a completely foreign city . They wouldn’t spend that much money anyways after they retire, plus they could take their retirement fund to live the rest of their lives without worry . That half a million was saved so their son could get a house . The thought of receiving money from their son never even crossed their mind .

The one thing they did think of, was when they would have grandchildren .

Now that the house is there, what about the wife?

Under his parents' persistence, Jiang Chen awkwardly indicated he didn’t have anyone yet . Since the generation gap was there, he did not dare to tell her parents that, "your son does not have a wife, but has a mistress . "

It would be better if Ayesha was a bit older . If that was the case, then taking her home for New Year would not only satisfy his parents' thought of having grandchildren, it would also satisfy their vanity . In a small town of Huchen, marring a foreigner was a glorious act .

Nurtured by the nutrient solution, Ayesha’s skin was as smooth as a porcelain doll . To Jiang Chen, it was a great thing, but the "disadvantage" was that she looked too young .

Especially with Ayesha’s Lolita appearance…

No matter which perspective he took, bringing a loli home was a terrible idea .

"New Year right?" Hearing that her husband did not mind her size, Ayesha was relieved . She gently smiled, "If you don’t mind, I can be your girlfriend and go home with you . "

To Jiang Chen’s surprise, Ayesha knew Han New Year already . But when he gave a thought, it made sense as she already comprehended the language Han, and thus, there was no reason not to know the traditions . Just like when he learned English, he learned of Christmas .

"Why would I mind? But the problem is not that . " Jiang Chen was exasperated, "Within Han, the legal age for marriage is 20 . Although it could be worked around with money, my parents are the stubborn type, therefore… Therefore it is complicated . "

Ayesha tilted her tiny head, she was born in Syria so naturally, she didn’t understand the laws here . In her hometown, it was not uncommon for girls 12 or 13 years of age to be married . In her head, she thought she was marrying late .

The topic didn’t continue .

The car quickly arrived that the Shimao building . When they finished parking, Jiang Chen held onto Ayesha’s hand and walked into the Christine cake store .

In his memory, this should be most famous cake store in the area .

As to the price, he didn’t really care .

But just as he pushed open the glass door, Jiang Chen was shocked by what he saw .

. . .

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