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Chapter 185

"Welcome-" Fang Yuanyuan raised her head, but in the middle of the sentence, she froze .

Jiang Chen stiffened as he stood before the door . A peculiar expression appeared on his face .

He didn’t expect to meet this woman coincidentally again .

Ayesha tilted her head as she stared at Jiang Chen and then the receptionist .

She seemed to have understood the situation . She gently pulled Jiang Chen’s hand as she whispered, "Should we go to another store?"

"There is no need . " Jiang Chen smiled as he squeezed her hand .

Although he disliked this person, his dislike was not to the point where he would avoid her on purpose .

When Jiang Chen walked towards her direction, Fang Yunyuan lowered her head .

"Hello, what would you like?"

Her voice was unnatural . Jiang Chen noticed that her fingers were slightly trembling .

[She must be afraid . ]

"Cake, with chocolate, and mango… Umm, just give me the menu . " He let out a sigh as he didn’t want to bully her . Instead, he responded with certainty .

Jiang Chen took over the menu from her hand and they began to pick .

Seeing the girl beside Jiang Chen, Fang Yuanyuan felt teary for some reason .

The door was suddenly pushed open and a man in plain clothes walked in with a delicate lunchbox .

"Yuanyuan, are you hungry?" The man’s forehead had a scar, but his smile was bright as he flashed his white teeth .

Fang Yuanyuan’s cheeks turned red as she nodded and quietly took over the lunchbox from his hand .

"Mhmm, thanks, but I am still working…"

"I’ll leave you to it then, I have to go back to work too, see you later . "

Jiang Chen, with the corner of his eye, examined them, intrigued . The man’s face had a joyful smile as he energetically stepped out of the room .

"This cake should be good . "

Ayesha pointed at a chocolate cake that was decorated with fruits .

"This one it is . " Jiang Chen refocused on the menu . He gladly accepted her recommendation .

These high-class cake stores usually offer delivery services . Jiang Chen took the receipt from Fang Yuanyuan’s hand and asked out of curiosity, "your boyfriend?"

Fang Yuanyuan's looked away with complications in her eyes, she nodded .

"Mhmm . "

"Does he know your past?" Jiang Chen smiled .

"No . " Fang Yuanyuan bit her lips as she said quietly .

"Do you regret it?"

Fang Yuanyuna didn’t respond . Instead, she looked at him, pleading with her eyes .

"Please don’t tell him? I know you hate me, but Little Cong is a good guy, I don’t want him-"

Jiang Chen raised his hand to interrupt her as he smiled .

"First, there is no need to talk about hate . Second, I have no interest in creating problems for other people . I am only curious… Whatever, I already know the answer . "

Seeing the chef hat on Fang Yuanyuan’s head, as well as the simple makeup, the answer was already clear to him .

When Jiang Chen left with the girl's hand in his, the look on Fang Yuanyuan's face turned perplex .

She had a fantasy of marrying rich and live the life of a female protagonist like the ones in TV drama . She almost achieved this dream when she was a real estate sales . A boss proposed to her, but she chose to wait, thinking that her beauty could do better than him and gain more of a material enjoyment…

Without her realizing it, she slowly turned from a bi*th to a sl*t .

In the end, what is the difference between what she did and prostitution?

When did she realize this?

Perhaps it was that one night, when she was thrown out of Hongyi Private Club like a tool . The mockery sight of ten thousand bills thrown at her woke her up as if cold water was poured onto her head . She felt like she was being shooed away like a homeless person .

It was late into the night and she didn’t have her phone . She waited for a while at the side of the road but didn't manage to get a taxi . In the end, she could only drag her wry body and disheveled clothes as she numbly walked back to her rented apartment .

On her way home, she encountered two drunk perverts who mistook her for a prostitute . They tried to violate her and she desperately fought back . However, the more she struggled, the more it excited them .

Just as she was about to lose hope, he appeared .

He was not tall nor did he look that strong, but he still bravely stood in front of her .

She was shocked at the fact that there would be a fool in this world who was willing to stand up for her - for a filthy woman .

But he couldn’t beat the two perverts .

He was only able to guard a few moves before the beer bottle exploded on his forehead .

Blood began to pour, the brave "fool" didn’t even flinch before he collapsed on the ground .

Perhaps awakened by the bloody scene, the two people immediately turned sober . Because they were afraid of accidentally killing someone, they fled the scene .

Seeing the man on the ground, as well as the glass shards and blood, Fang Yuanyuan was stunned . "Rationality" told her the most convenient action was to not say a word and run, pretending nothing happened, and leave the "fool" here .

But to her own surprise, she didn’t trust the "rationality" that supported her throughout her life . Without thinking much, she knelt down, picked up a glass shard, ripped off a piece of her two thousand dollar dress, and bandaged up his head .

The terrifying blood made her tremble uncontrollably .

On the street that was void of life, she shouted, yelled, but the cars passed by all accelerated and left .

No one was willing and no one dared to stop the car to help them .

It was already midnight, the rural area was not the safest place .

A man who's face was full of blood was lying on the ground . If they stopped and gave them a ride, the man might die in their own car .

There might be a lawsuit and then a payout a settlement . If they were terribly unlucky, they might even have to go to prison .

In this apathetic society, the cost of sympathy was too high .

Especially if there was still work the next day .

Luckily, the world still has kind strangers . A pickup truck eventually stopped . The driver of the truck carried the barely-breathing man onto the car and rushed them to the nearest hospital .

After going into the emergency room for hours, the "fool" lived .

She didn’t know why . The "her" who has always loved money didn’t hesitate when she used the "reward" from Zhou Zihao to pay the medical bill .

She also stayed with him until he woke up .

His name was Wang Cong . His ordinary name with the white t-shirt that he wore made him look even more dowdy .

He only left university this year, a programmer in an IT company .

When Fang Yuanyuan asked why he stood up for her, he blushed and looked away .

"I didn’t think too much, when I saw you walking alone outside being bothered by two obviously rude people . I did what I did with a hot head . "

"Did you even consider the possible that you could have died?"

Wang Cong looked at her blankly as he forced a smile, "I probably wouldn’t have died . Murder is too big of a crime in today's society . "

One of her nerves malfunctioned as Fang Yunayuan asked unreasonably, "If you knew you were going to die, would you still have helped me?"

He kept his silence for a while .

Wang Cong scratched the back of his head as he smiled humbly .

"Yeah…I can’t watch a good girl being ruined . "

That night, she wore a white colored dress .

Good girl?

When Fang Yuanyuan heard the word, she teared up for some reason .

She cried and she regretted .

Afterwards, she handed in her resignation at the real estate company and found the work she has now .

Then, they decided to be together .

He didn’t have a house, nor did he have a six-figure saving's account .

That night, Wang Cong proposed to her .

She accepted it .

As for money, it was no longer important .

. . .

When he left the cake store, Jiang Chen suddenly started laughing .

Ayesha turned to look at him, puzzled .

"Did something good happened?"

"No, I wouldn’t say it is good, I just think it is interesting . " Jiang Chen put his hand on Ayesha’s head as he gently rubbed it .


"Mhmm, an old friend of mine received the finale meant for her . "

"Finale?" Ayesha, deep in thought, put up her finger against her bottom lip, "What would be considered the finale for someone?"

To Ayesha’s question, Jiang Chen paused, but then a smiled quickly emerged .

"It’s hard to say, but from a bystander’s perspective, if there is nothing to expect for the rest of the story, then that should be the finale . "

Ayesha half-understandingly nodded .

. . .

Apocalypse .

On the bank of Taifu river .

The feather-like snow blew in the sky, a thin layer of ice covered the river, the bridge across the river was blown apart, and a layer of whiteness covered the bank across the river . On top of the snow, there were a few indistinguishable black dots .

"What are those mutated humans doing?"

Hiding inside the snowed hidden fortress, Zhang Lin held the digital binocular as he focused across the river bank with his eyebrows twisted together .

Zhao Gang, who stood on the side, was silent, but gloom covered his face .

They previously thought that the mutated humans with wiped outposts and lost supplies would be more obedient . They thought that they would have the luxury of waiting until the next spring to plan . But it looks like they want to fight .

Based on the information obtained from the drones, there were at least two hundred mutated humans stationed across the river bank .

Large quantities of construction supplies were transported to the empty land and built into a small supply station . The snow removing vehicle and slaves somehow managed to clear out a road on the tens of kilometers of highway covered in snow .

The armored trucks listed in formations as the daunting anti-air machine guns and the menacing cannons lined up to create an iron forest .

"What should we do?" Zhang Lin looked at Zhao Gang on the side .

Zhao Gang took a deep breath and he said calmly .

"Report to the base, if there are 500 more people here, we probably can’t defend…"

The river was the slowest here . Once it entered ice season, the river would be frozen firmly . Even the mutated human with steel armors could easily run on the ice .

Once the mutated humans with number advantage start to charge, Fishbone could not defend the river with only five Tigers .

Once they captured the river bank, repair the blown up bridge, their armored force would cross the Taifu River and into Qingpu area .

Gazing upon the snowy hill in the distance, Zhao Gang’s eyebrows furrowed together .

A hard battle was imminent .

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