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Chapter 189

After the shower, Jiang Chen raised his hand to knock on Sun Jiao’s door, but there was no reaction in the room .

"What's the matter with this girl today?"

With a head full of question marks, Jiang Chen returned to his own room .

Although he could go back and sleep in the modern world, he felt that it would weaken his spirit . What's more, there's not much of a difference whether he slept here or on the other side . The only difference was the person he's sleeping with . . .

He turned off the light and laid in bed .

Jiang Chen closed his eyes and began to think about the mutated humans .

There was a scarcity of soldiers in the base, and the mutated humans didn’t play by the book .  As for how to resolve the problem, he already had a plan formulating in his mind, it was just the specifics that required more thinking .

While his mind drifted off, he began to succumb to drowsiness .

But just as he was about to doze off, there was a gentle knock on the door .

The corner of his mouth had a touch of smile as he pretended to not hear anything and closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep .  

[This girl is actually sneaking in at night . We'll see how I'll teach you a lesson…]

The door was slightly pushed open, and a faint light pervaded in the room before it quickly faded away .  

The steps were light as it carried a faint scent of Jasmine, disturbing Jiang Chen’s heart .

The quilt was pulled out of the corner and someone slipped under the sheets .

Jiang Chen was smirking and pretending to be oblivious while turning his body before putting his arm around the dainty figure .

Wait! Dainty?

"Woo," The feeble murmuring had increased . This didn't seem to be Sun Jiao…

"Yao Yao?" Jiang Chen asked awkwardly .

"Mhmm…" Yao Yao quietly replied .

Her wet hair exuded a sweet scent of Jasmine, her gossamer of nightgown covered her delicate figure, and the moonlight from the window suffused her flushed face . Her huge, adorable eyes were trembling with apprehension, but there was no sign of retreating .

A silent atmosphere lingered between the two .

Jiang Chen shifted slightly, wanting to subtly move his hand away, only to realize that Yao Yao was clutching on his cuff .

Yao Yao murmured: "I like you . "

"Mhmm," He opened his mouth to speak, and despite wanting to say a lot of things, he only managed to utter a single word .

Seeing Jiang Chen didn’t react, Yao Yao gently lowered her eyelids, but soon quickly plucked up her courage and lifted her head .

"Could you accompany me for a while to share some secrets?"


"Yes, precisely because we're under the sheets that we can tell each other secrets," Yao Yao whispered and nodded her head earnestly .

"You can talk to me about anything," Jiang Chen smiled at her . Instead of removing his hand from her shoulder, he gently smoothened her hair .

Yao Yao guilelessly enjoyed the caress by his big hand as she comfortably closed her adorable, huge eyes and snuggled closer to him .

Due to the close proximity to her delicate body, Jiang Chen’s face was suffused with heat .  

"That, let's start…first, what kind of girl does Big Brother like?"

Staring into the crystal clear eyes, Jiang Chen held his breath, forgetting to answer the question .

Sensing the mood, a crimson hue crept on Yao Yao's face .

Yao Yao closed her eyes gently .

Her eyelashes gently fluttered, drawing her slightly open small mouth nearer to her beloved Big Brother's lips .

Staring at the approaching face, Jiang Chen’s Adam's apple bobbed in his throat .  

Reasons told him that if he didn’t stop her in this situation, something bad might happen .

[Stop? Why stop?]

Temporarily forgetting to think, Jiang Chen leaned closer to Yao Yao’s lovely face .

A long time ago, he made a decision to follow his thoughts from the bottom of his heart and to stay true to his emotions .

Suddenly, a wisp of cold breeze blew past at the back of his neck .

Cold air?

"Who is it!"

Jiang Chen was instantly alerted and immediately got up to look at the window .

The window was already open, a shadow was hanging upside down in the window .

The long hair swayed in the air, the crystal sandwiched between her two finger reflected an ominous glint under the moonlight .

The corners of her mouth were eerily curved .

"Yawn," while walking aimlessly around the base, Sun Jiao yawned, behind her back was an SK10 laser rifle .

The snow was not as heavy as before, and the combat suit fended off the cold air, so it wasn’t too chilly .

White mist started to come out of her thick hat as she deliberately looked in the direction of the mansion .

It was already the 37th time that she had done it .

Thinking of that big, bad guy, he was definitely embracing the adorable Yao Yao at this time was and putting that thing that mustn't be described in…

Sun Jiao’s face immediately turned red as she stomped her feet in anger .

"Stupid loli lover," Sun Jiao cursed out as she shook her head and continued to wander to other places .

At that time, she suddenly saw two people .

A man and woman were holding hands while walking on the path leading to front of community center .

Despite the distance, Sun Jiao still recognized the identity of the woman . Thus, a complicated expression appeared on her face .

Zhou Xiaoxia, her former friend .

[But she probably couldn’t recognize her anymore…] Thinking of this, Sun Jiao let out a sigh .

She had been living in bliss for quite some time to the point of almost forgetting the cruelty of the wasteland .

"I hope you can be happy, my friend . "

She looked at the two persons from afar, but she didn’t get closer . Instead, she turned around and walked to a different direction .

"I am so mad at that she-devil," Lin Lin used a towel to dry her silky silver hair while muttering furiously before leaving the bathroom .

Water droplets dripped on the floor as she dragged her feet slowly inside the cotton slippers .

The cream smeared on her face and hair had been finally rinsed off . She made a relaxing stretch, preparing for a well-deserved sleep tonight .

[Then bear her, I will help you . ]

Tingting seemed to have completely mastered the human language .

"Um, it’s okay . Um, in my opinion…you shouldn’t be this violent, since this is my body after all," Lin Lin muttered softly .

[Are you not annoyed by her?]

Hearing this question, Lin Lin pouted and burried her head under the towel .

"To be honest, not really . "

[Is this the Stockholm Syndrome we are talking about?] Tingting queried curiously .

"How is that possible!" Lin Lin exclaimed, infuriated . She punched herself on her left chest, but there was obviously no reaction from Tingting . Rather, it was Lin Lin who got hurt herself .

[Then what is it?]

Lin Lin's pale face was beet red as she rubbed her chest, looking away .

"Perhaps, it is because we are . . . friends . "

It was her first time having this feeling .

She had never experienced the feeling of having friends while she was locked inside the digital cage . Although Sun Jiao would occasionally bully her, she had never disliked her . And that included Jiang Chen . . . no, that person was different .

The more Lin Lin thought about it, the redder her pretty face became .

The man that rescued her from the virtual world was surprisingly gentle . . .


There was a sudden loud noise coming from upstairs which interrupted Lin Lin's bewildered musings .

"What are they doing?" Lin Lin blankly stared at the shaking ceiling as red light began to form in her right eye and migrated to her left eye .

"Wait, what are you doing!" Lin Lin gradually lost control of her body as she screamed at the "guest" residing in her body .

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