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Chapter 190


Crystal? Explosion?

The bed there had been broken into two pieces .

With no time to think, Jiang Chen instinctinvely shielded Yao Yao from being hit .

One of his hand surrounded tightly around Yao Yao's quivering shoulder while he leaned against the half-destroyed bedboard, his other hand took out the PK2000 from the storage dimension .


With gritted teeth, Jiang Chen held onto the rifle with his finger on the trigger . Yao Yao covered her ears with her hands as her body shook in his arms .

The bullets shattered the window into pieces, but they only managed to break a few strands of the person's hair . The figure agilely dodged all the bullets and dashed into the room .

Bullets chased the quick shadow and left bowl-sized holes in the wall .

The figure didn't seem to be anxious because of the constant firing . Instead, it dashed to the other corner of the room and dragged down the closest along with the wall .

Ka .

The bullets ran out, Jiang Chen flung the rifle to the ground as he pulled out his pistol .

One hand appeared from the shadow and something was thrown out .

Jiang Chen's pupils contracted .

With the help of the moonlight, he saw a crystal emitting a dark green sheen .

There was no time to dodge . He glanced at Yao Yao with the corner of his eyes . Jiang Chen bit the bullet and decided not to start interdimensional travelling . Rather, he reached for the crystal with his hand .

The green sheen lit up the entire room as the scorching temperature almost melted off his skin .

Energy withdraw!

The unstable energy quickly stabilized as the dark green crystal's energy instantly entered the void and turned into a transparent colorless glass .

"Eh?" The opponent was surprised . Just as Jiang Chen didn't understand how she could use the crystal as a grenade, she was also confused as to how Jiang Chen could make the crystal energy disappear .

But being surprised was one thing, the movement of the figure did not stop the slightest as her hand raised up again .

Jiang Chen's face turned green instantly .

It was not one crystal this time, the dark green crystals appeared in the air like raindrops .

Even if he had 10 hands, he could not be able to grab all the crystals!

The crystals scattered everyone in the room, in such an enclosed space, there was nowhere to dodge .

If he wanted to avoid them, he must use interdimensional travel .

But Yao Yao . . .

Instantly, thousands of ideas flashed through Jiang Chen's mind, but none of them contained the thought of abandoning her .

Finally, he gritted his teeth, pushed Yao Yao on the ground as he prepared to take the explosion .

Yao Yao's eyes widened as she looked at her big brother's action in disbelief with her lips quivering . She used her tender hands to forcefully push him, she knew that if big brother was here by himself, he definitely could avoid the explosion .

But Jiang Chen's didn't let go, nor did he activate interdimensional travel, he only gritted his teeth .

"Although it is quite touching, please go die . " A female voice full of mockery came from behind the closet . The crystals with sheen began to fall and the dark green energy violently swarmed the room . It could explode any moment .


All the sudden, a blood red beam penetrated through the door and scattered the darkness of the room . It passed the broken window and into the distance .

Under the interference of the blood red particle beam, all the crystals began to gather around the beam like metal dust encountering a magnet, then all the energy was instantly removed as the crystals shattered into clouds of dust .

It was Lin Lin standing at the door!?

But the blood red pupils emitted an unsettling strangeness .

"This is impossible!"

Shouting appeared from behind the fallen closet .

"Nothing is impossible . "

Although surprised by the ability displayed by Lin Lin, right now was obviously not the best time to ask the question .

Jiang Chen let Yao Yao go and he quickly leaped toward the side to pick up the rifle .

The person hiding behind the cupboard didn't pause, seeing that the assassination had already failed, she immediately pulled the smoke grenade .

"You must be in your dreams if you think you can escape!"

The nitrogen shield was instantly activated as the turbid air flow scattered the thick smoke .

Jiang Chen carried the rifle to the fallen closet, but he realized that the person was already gone .

The window?

"Eh? What happened?" The crimison light vanished from Lin Lin's eyes as she looked bewilderedly at the room in shambles .

"Lin Lin, look after Yao Yao . " Jiang Chen suppressed the anger in his chest as he took a deep breath .

"Eh? But I-"

Jiang Chen quickly took out the kinetic skeleton and put it on, and then with one hand pressed to the window, he jumped straight down .

Both of his feet stomped on the ground with full force as the shock absorber on his legs erased most of the impact .

Although the assassin avoided the patrol of the drones, when she left she still triggered the alarm . The alarm began to ring inside the base as the drone fleet quickly chased after the infiltrated target .

Jiang Chen opened his EP as the escaping target had already been locked by the drones, Jiang Chen quickly moved toward the target .

Even with snow up to his knees, with the assistance of kinetic skeleton, he still didn't feel much resistance as he inched closer and closer to the red dot .

There was a wire tied on the top of the wall, she must have used this rapport to sneak into the base .

With his knees bent, Jiang Chen pushed his feet against the ground as he leaped up and grabbed the edge of the wall with one hand . Jiang Chen somehow managed to jump over the five meters high wall of the base .

The snow-covered street was filled with zombies . When they heard the noise, the blank eyes looked in this direction as their lifeless pupils began to turn red .


With a roar, they dragged their stiff body as the zombies began to surround Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen didn't back down . Instead, he leaped forward . Under the fully mobilized kinetic skeleton, he smashed toward the zombies like a steam train .

The gun barrel smashed through the broken head before the agitated zombies managed to surround him . Jiang Chen quickly dashed through the waves of zombies as he sprang toward an abandoned building outside of the wall .

With both feet on the ground, he vaulted up .

Hands on the edge of the building, Jiang Chen climbed to the roof, leaving the zombies at the bottom . Without slowing down, he chased after the direction of the assassin .

As he jumped between roofs, he was closer and closer to the pitch black figures .

The drones had already surrounded her . The flashing flame in the distance was a signal of the drones firing .

"You can't run, surrender now . " Jiang Chen pulled the trigger as he shouted .

The two exchanging gunshots attracted the zombies on the entire street . But without the ability to climb up to buildings . they could only blindly follow the source of the sound .

They had exceeded the attack radius of the Hummingbird drone .

"Dammit, what a rat . " Jiang Chen furiously stared at the figure dodging while he leaped at the front building .

Suddenly, that person stopped, turned around, and a mysterious smile appeared .

Jiang Chen was highly alerted by this, but his body was already in motion and he could not react anymore .

"Bye-bye . "

Under the pristine moonlight, he saw the slim-figured woman blowing him a kiss .


Before his feet touched the roof, flame emerged from the bottom of the building and the roof collapsed under the sound of the explosion .

It was explosives .

Heavy smokes filled the vicinity as the debris quickly surrounded him .

The woman looked at Jiang Chen from a distance . Mockery was all over her face as her silky black hair blew in the northern wind .

The black combat suit looked thin, but she did not look chilly at all .

"I thought he was an interesting person, but looks like he is just so-so after all . "

She played with the crystal in her hand and threw to the street on the side .

A green sheen flashed as the crystal exploded, the zombies surrounding the shambles were attracted by a new sound source as they confusedly moved to that direction .

"With the cost of 127 crystals, this ability for sure burns through money . " Mission ended, the black figure started to mutter to herself as she jumped in front of the shambles .

Not everyone was rich like Jiang Chen, 100 crystals were an astronomical number for most people .

She flung her wrist as the aerodynamic looking laser rifle appeared on her graceful hand .

"Is he buried inside now? This is bothersome . " She let out a sigh . The battery buzzed as the laser pistol in her hand was already loaded .

With a kinetic skeleton, he might not have died, Without confirming the body, this mission could not be considered complete .

"As the leader of the force, you chased all by yourself so far out, should I call you courageous or foolish?"

She pressed on her EP as she activated the life detection device .

The signal wave scanned through the map as she tilted her head .

"No signal? Died? Or did he carry a blocking device?"

She kicked away a piece of rock as her gun pointed at the shadows among the ruins, she carefully stepped on top of the shambles .

It began to snow again .

The northern gust covered the already dim moonlight .

But all the sudden, the yet-to-shut-down life detection device on her right hand suddenly showed a red dot flashing on the map . She saw this with the corner of her eyes and she suddenly felt a chillness down to her bones .

She jotted up her head as a black figure growing bigger and bigger reflected in her contracting pupils .


With an abrupt jump backward, she barely dodged the thunderous blow .

Rocks scattered like bullets has hit the surrounding . The arm she used for blocking stung .  

The suppressive air flow once again blew away the settled dust, as well as the snow .

One person, one hammer .

The eyes were filled with rage .

If she got any closer, she would have seen the red dot on the pupils .


"This is impossible! How did you -" Her eyes were written with disbelief . She obviously didn't know of Jiang Chen's ability to travel through dimensions .

Without a reply, Jiang Chencontinued to move .

The micro-engines in his knees kicked into overdrive . Like a cannon, he dragged the long hammer and dashed at her .

She had yet to regain her footing as she could not jump back . Under the crucial situation, the female assassin clenched her teeth and activated the particle shield on her right arm .

The faint blue particles dispersed around to form a circular shield with a radius of one meter around her .

Jiang Chen sneers as the narrowed pupils locked onto her eyes .

The power hammer obtained from the mutated human swung up, with four trails of blue light streams at the end of the hammer, it swung toward the shield in front of her arm like a meteor striking earth .

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