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Chapter 191

The particle shield made out of faint blue particles shattered . The power compressed together was instantly released as the female assassin was blown away like a bomb, colliding against a concrete wall 10 meters away .

The sound of fighting drowned the zombies nearby . The frost didn't numb their legs . Compelled by the lust for flesh, they ran toward the two of them .

Under both the kinetic skeleton as well as fury's strength, the power hammer in which the lead mutated human couldn't even lift, was put on Jiang Chen's shield and it was instantly charged again .

Without a skip in a beat, like an enraged monster, he swung the hammer .

A few dark green crystals flew towards him, Jiang Chen didn't avoid it . Instead, the nitrogen armor on his right arm blew the green dots away for meters .

"This lunatic . . . "The person frantically lifted her pistol and pressed the trigger .

The instant explosive force of laser weapon was perfectly demonstrated in the short distance . The raindrop-like blue beams exploded instantly, outshining the thick snow .

Nitrogen armor could not defend against laser bullets, Jiang Chen put up the hammer to shield his head while the plastic armor layered with scattering effect deflected the 10 low-power laser bullets .

Although the attack didn't manage to cause any hindrance to Jiang Chen's movement, it still forced him to lose his vision on her for a brief second .

With this opportunity, the female assassin quickly jumped towards the side and avoided the thunderous blow .


The concrete wall was smashed into dust as debris flew .

"Roar . . . " The deep roaring sound filled the air .

The disturbed zombies crowded them as they lept toward them baring their teeth and claws .

The female assassin sensed the dire situation as she swung her left hand with a metal hook . It shotstraight to the top of an apartment building .

Seeing this, Jiang Chen immediately gave up on the hammer as he pulled out the PK2000 behind his back . He fired following her figure and noise .

The snow made shooting challenging . However, due to Fury and the desire for blood, the bullets managed to chase up to her as if they had eyes .

There were whimpering sounds in the distance . He could sense that he managed to land at least three shots on her .

He swung his gun to smash down a zombie who was leaping towards him . Calmly, Jiang Chen climbed onto the top of the half-destroyed concrete wall as he jumped to the top of the building .

Perhaps it was because her legs were hit, the figure became more awkward and disorientated .

After leaping through two more buildings, Jiang Chen successfully forced her into the corner .

With her back against the wall, the female assassin held onto her bleeding right leg as she stared gravely at the approaching Jiang Chen .

"Looks like there is an error in the information i collected . You are not just a foolish playboy . " In a mocking voice, the female assassin said .

"I don't know how you obtained that information . " Jiang Chen shrugged .

Fury was deactivated, as his eyes turned clear again .

The landscape near the mansion was relatively flat, there were no tall buildings nor were anything surrounded with high walls . It was nearly impossible to observe the inside of the mansion from outside the base . She could only use the limited amount of information to analyze Jiang Chen's whereabouts .

Jiang Chen was cautious in his mind, this person managed to sneak into the heart of the base, looks like it was necessary to upgrade security,

"Your name?" Jiang Chen stopped five meters away from her with a gun pointed at her head .

The mask covered her face and her nose, Jiang Chen couldn't see her expression clearly .

"Compared to my name, shouldn't you by more worried about your own safety?" The female assassin mocked as a victorious smile appeared on her face .

"Put down your weapon, or you could lose your hand . " He had no knowledge that a giant man was standing 10 meters away with a rifle pointed directly at his arm . The killer's face carried a malevolent smile .

Although the plan was to assassinate, it would be better if they could capture him alive .

[Not working alone?]

Jiang Chen let out a sigh but he didn't put down the weapon . Instead, he glanced at the man standing meters away from him .

"Watch your back . " Jiang Chen said mischievously .

The person was suddenly alerted and immediately pressed the trigger .

But the bullet didn't hit anything, because the target disappeared out of thin air!

He promptly turned the gun towards his back, but there was nothing behind him either .

"Be careful-!" Before he could hear the shout, his consciousness was terminated .

Jiang Chen who reappeared at the same place pulled the trigger without hesitation and the bullets penetrated through the back of the assasin's head .

Then, he turned his gun towards the female assassin who was not willing to disclose her name .

White blade reflected light directed at him, Jiang Chen abruptly reposted with his rifle .


The dagger cut through the shell of the rifle as the female assassin used this glimpse of opportunity to leap over .

Jiang Chen immediately pulled the trigger, but she was already body distance away from him . She grabbed on to the burning gun and a second dagger appearing out of the other hand .

Sparks flashed .

Jiang Chen lifted his arm as the kinetic skeleton metal frame attached to the side of his arm shielded against the hit that was aimed straight to his throat .

"Go die!" Letting go of the rifle, Jiang Chen removed the dagger slashed into the gun as he stabbed fiercely toward the female assassin's eyes .

"Not so much . " The swinging dagger blocked the hit . She threw away the rifle in her hand as another ping-pong ball sized crystal appeared in her hand .

The crystal emitted a dark green light as fierce and determination flashed across her face . She squeezed out a few words between her teeth, "let's die together . "

[Fu*k, what a psychotic woman . ]

Cold sweat rolled down his forehead . The continuous use of interdimensional travel consumed almost all the energy there was in the bracelet .

[What do I do?!]


The sound of a gunshot interrupted the fight between the two .

The bullet ripped off half of her arm as the hand holding the crystal fell to the ground .

"Ahhhh!" The agonizing scream almost penetrated Jiang Chen's eardrum as the female assassin that lost her arm tumbled to the back .

Seeing that the assasin had fled, Jiang Chen kicked the dark green crystal away without stopping .

The crystal exploded 10 meters away in mid-air .

Light beamed down from the sky and locked onto the female assassin who was struggling to get up . She held onto her broken left arm with an agonized and frightened expression . Her two athletic but slim legs spread out on the concrete floor . Because of all the blood, such gesture did not look attractive at all .

With heavy breathing, Jiang Chen threw away the dagger in his hand, he wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead, as he narrowed his eyes to look in the sky .

It was the helicopter, Chu Nan .

. . .

Chu Nan was piloting the helicopter . After the alarm rang, he, who was taking a stroll outside, immediately headed towards the helicopter pad .

Half-kneeling at the hatch door was Zhou Xiaoxia .

She held a sniper rifle in her hands . Her merciless expression was completely contrary to her usual dumbfoundedness . The cross-sight in her field of vision locked onto the head of the female assassin .

"No need to shoot, just maintain suppression . "

Seeing that Jiang Chen was okay, Sun Jiao, who was standing on the side, finally let out a breath of relief as she slowly opened her mouth .

When she heard that assassin broke into the mansion and that Jiang Chen and Yao Yao were attacked, her heart almost jumped out of her throat . Especially when she saw the image from the drones that Jiang Chen chased out alone, she almost burst out crying .

Of course, it was only an expression, Sun Jiao would obviously not cry . She carried the laser rifle and jumped onto the helicopter .

Zhou Xiaoxia didn't respond, her black hair was disheveled because of turbulence, but the hands that were holding onto the sniper rifle were steady .

Sun Jiao looked perplexed from the side of her face and she didn't say anything . She only signaled Chu Nan to lower the helicopter height in order to take Jiang Chen home .

Sun Jiao could imagine the difficulty of sniping on the helicopter, especially with the heavy storm .

With only instinct toward the weapon, she achieved this kind of accuracy?

Sun Jiao began to reminisce about the past when she was active near Liuding town - the not long period of time when they worked together .

"Ahem, commander, maybe you should really "teach" your husband? He is a leader . After all, this type of risky things should be left for us . " Chu Nan left out a sigh as he approached the building .

He maneuvered the helicopter as he said jokingly, "How should I say this? He is not a bad boss . "

"Mhmm . " Sun Jiao half-heartedly replied . All of her focus was on Jiang Chen .

The helicopter hovered beside the roof .

Before the helicopter stabilized, Sun Jiao immediately jumped to the roof and hugged Jiang Chen .

He held onto the gorgeous figure as he felt her warmth, just as Jiang Chen wanted to say something, his expression turned peculiar .

He tenderly patted her on the back as he let her teeth bite into his shoulder .

"Is your Chinese Zodiac dog?" Jiang Chen gasped for air in exaggeration .

With her face slightly red, Sun Jiao was embarrassed, but her hands still clenched tightly onto Jiang Chen .

Jiang Chen noticed that her eyes were red .

"Sorry for making you worry . " Jiang Chen caressed the luscious hair . He looked into the reddened eyes and began to blame himself .

He didn't think too much in the heat of the moment, he only followed because of pure anger .

His hasty move probably disrupted the entire base .

Feeling the girl in his arms calm down, Jiang Chen turned around holding her hand and looked at the already fainted female assassin .

"Let's see the real face of this rat?"

Anger flashed across Sun Jiao's face as her eyes narrowed .

"I agree, for an unwelcomed guest, we must treat her properly . "

She already had plans as to how to torture this despicable person .

[Whip, candle . . . No, these punishments are too light . ]

[We will use the cruelest tortures to found out the perpetrator behind this . ]

With laser rifle in her hand, Sun Jiao walked up as she kicked off the mask on the assassin's face without mercy .

"How is this possible!"

Sun Jiao's pupils immediately contracted as she tumbled back a few steps, her face was full of disbelief .