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Chapter 192

"It has been tuned, but you should be careful when you use it . Since I haven't made one in a long time, actions with high complexity could cause a program error . " After tuning the numbers on the computer, Jiang Lin removed the cords on the mechanical arm and gave it to Jiang Chen .

The silica gel feeling was no different than the skin . If the port in the back was not made of metal, it would almost be the same as a woman's hand .

Jiang Chen played with the mechanical hand for a moment and asked casually, "What's the cost to produce one of these?"

"The titanium skeleton is a bit expensive which costs around 31 crystals . The microchip used as processor along with electronic nerve were around 20 crystals in total . To be honest, I recommend purchasing microchips from Liuding town . The chips there are not only cheap, but are also more advanced compared to the Sixth Street . If we use their chips to produce kinetic skeletons, the stats in every category would improve . "

"Oh? I'll keep an eye out . . . Also, did you implant the thing I told you about?"

"Already done, this is the control terminal . " Jiang Lin put a thumb-sized memory drive in Jiang Chen's hands .

Jiang Chen picked up the memory drive as he directly inserted it into the end of the EP before the screen began to load .

"If the user had any malicious intention, the battery would be locked, and it would instantly release power that executes the user . . . Of course, this power could be adjusted, if you don't want to kill the user right away . "

"Mhmm, beautiful . . . Speaking of this, do you not need to keep an eye on the kinetic skeleton production line?" Jiang Chen stared at the rocket engine in the middle of the room as he asked with an odd expression .

"I have already assigned the responsibilities to everyone and put what they needed to do in a handbook . I am only responsible for quality assurance and tuning, as well as ranking their work performance . " Jiang Lin pushed the glasses up his nose and he said proudly .

The ranking was geared towards the newly joined survivors who are better known as the slaves . For those with outstanding work ethics, they would be promoted to lower citizens .

Since it would not interfere with the production, Jiang Chen was too lazy to ridicule him to not stay on task .

"Therefore? How long would this thing stay in orbit for?" Jiang Chen let out a sigh .

"Uhh, this is not an exploration rocket . " Jiang Lin scratched his head .

"Not an exploration rocket?" Jiang Chen was confused .

"Mhmm, precisely speaking, it's a missile capable of carrying 1000 kilograms of combat equipment . "

Bang . .

The mechanical arm dropped to the ground .

"How many of this can you produce!" Jiang Chen had both of his hands on Jiang Lin's shoulders as he stared at Jiang Lin passionately .

Jiang Lin felt goosebumps all over his back . He took a step back and forced a laugh .

"This thing cannot be mass produced . It's hard to obtain the materials, I can only say I will do my best . . . "

[What the fu*k, 1000 kilograms of load, even if it carried the ancient TNT, it would instantly evaporate half of a street . If it was switched to the concentrated bomb common on wasteland, its power would be comparable to the mid-sized tactical nuke . ]

"Do your absolute best!" Jiang Chen said sincerely .

If he possessed this superweapon, it would without a doubt increase his odd in winning the war against the mutated humans .

Jiang Lin took a deep breath and nodded .

Jiang Chen picked up the mechanical arm off the ground and headed towards the direction of the mansion .

When he entered the basement, he saw the female assassin strapped tightly on top of the operating table, as well as Sun Jia who stood on the side with a perplexed expression .

"The DNA results are out . " Lin Lin stretched her body after busily working on the control panels for a long time .

"What's the result!" Sun Jiao tightly clenched onto Lin Lin's shoulders .

Because their faces were so close together, Lin Lin's face turned slightly red and looked away .

"She is indeed your younger sister . "

When she heard the confirmation, Sun Jiao's shoulder began to slacken . Jiang Chen noticed the perplexed expression on her face, he sighed, walked to her and hugged her around the shoulder .

"I'll spare her-"

"No, she almost killed you and Yao Yao . " Sun Jiao had determination in her eyes, but it was soon replaced with blankness .

On one side laid the only relative she had in the world . On the other side stood the person she loves .

"I don't want to make this difficult for you . "


"Leave it to me . Trust me . " Jiang Chen stared at her shaking eyes as he said with an assertive tone .

With a blushed face, Sun Jiao lowered her head .

"Then I'll leave it to you . . . " As she finished speaking, Sun Jiao pushed opened the door and left the basement .

Although she had thought of the countless of cruel ways to extract information from the assasin, when she realized that the assassin was actually her sister, she was no longer certain .

To find her lost sister, she had covered the entire Wanghai city with her footsteps . It was until she finally met Jiang Chen did she temporarily put a pause to the journey of searching for her family .

If she stayed here, Jiang Chen must feel restrained because he has to consider her feeling .

Sun Jiao, who already knew the meaning of tenderness, didn't want him to feel conflicted .

So she chose to leave .

Seeing Sun Jiao's back, Jiang Chen sighed .

"This is problematic . "

The assassin was the female boss' sister . Could the plot get any more stereotypical than this?

"How about you take her as part of your collection as well, since your prey limit is anyone within 10 years both ways . " Lin Lin suggested .

The joke was not made at the best time .

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes .

Lin Lin frightenedly trembled and lifted her hands to cover her mouth .

"How did she make the crystals explode, did you figure it out?"

Under a normal circumstance, the energy in the crystal is very stable . Even in a high-temperature and high-pressure environment, it would not explode . The crystals could even be cut into smaller pieces, hence why it could be used as a currency .

"Based on DNA analysis, she could freely change her brain wave pattern . It is likely that she changed her brain wave pattern to coincide with a special particle chain within the crystals, which resulted in resonance . Through experimental analysis, once the particle chain is disrupted, the entire crystal structure would collapse which would instantly release all the energy . This should be an ability that evolved from genetic vaccine . Also, about the crystal-"

Lin Lin seemed to have made a new discovery, but Jiang Chen didn't have the mood to be thinking about other things .

"Mhmm, I see, go back first, I'll find you later . " He interrupted and ordered in an undertone .

"Eh? Do you not need my help anymore?"

"Because the things happening next might not be PG . " Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulder .

Lin Lin's face turned red as she cursed out whiling walking out in quick steps carrying her tablet .

"Pervert . . . "

Jiang Chen ignored Lin Lin's bad mouthing as he quietly waited for her footsteps to disappear .

He closed and locked the basement door, took a deep breath and walked to the female assassin .

Sun Xiaorou, that was her name .

If one carefully studies at her face, one would discover that her looks did resemble Sun Jiao .

As for the differences, it was mainly that the assasin was shorter in height . She was also not as busty compared to her sister and her face still carried a hint of immaturity . The broken hand was sprayed with medicine mist and bandaged up . Her limbs were locked onto the operating table with all four extended out . Her black combat suit was changed into loose white shirt and pants . Just by judging her current appearance alone, it was hard to imagine her as an assassin .

He shook his head as he walked beside the operating table . Looking at the buttons with many unknown functions, he paused for a moment before randomly pressing down a button .

"Ahhhhh!" The scream almost pierced through his eardrums . Jiang Chen had to cover his ears .

Sun Xiaorou violently shook as her eyes turned white and foam was dripping out of her mouth .

A faint pungence appeared, Jiang Chen looked at the light yellow liquid dripping along the operating table and an awkward expression appeared on his face .

He only wanted to startle her and wake her up .

He didn't think that the button was for electrocuting .

[But what are the purposes of the other buttons?]