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Chapter 193

Sun Xiaorao woke up from her paralyzed state .

She stared fiercely at Jiang Chen, then her eyes began to wander around the basement .

"Don't bother, there is not a single crystal in this basement . " Jiang Chen smiled .

"What did you do to me?" Sun Xiaorou quickly scanned her clothes . When she realized her black combat suit had been changed, anger appeared between her eyebrows, but the smile he had was no different .

"Your name is Sun Xiaorou . "

Sun Xiaorou paused for a moment . She the looked at Jiang Chen in alert without making a sound . She was confused as to how this man knew her name .

[Looks like she haven't seen Sun Jiao yet . . . ]

"Where are you from? Why are you assassinating me?" Jiang Chen grabbed a chair and sat beside the operating table .

A determined and scornful laugh eame out of her mouth and she said mockingly . "You really think I am going to tell you?"

"How would I know without trying? If possible, I would prefer if you don't make me do cruel things to beauties . " Jiang Chen shrugged .

"Oh? If it is just the electrocuting, you are far away from getting anything . " Sun Xiaorou mocked .

She had already been mentally prepared about the consequence of being captured .

"Have you been implanted with the chip?" Jiang Chen didn't get enraged by her tone . Instead, he asked with the calm voice .

"Only foolish people would be happy about those boring dog chains . " The voice was contemptuous .

She was not forced by the slavery chip .

Sun Jiao was her only family, then this eliminated the possibility of her family being taken hostage .

An absolute form of loyalty?

Hard to believe, especially on the wasteland without orders .

"Do you have a sister?" Jiang Chen asked the question attentively .

Her expression did not change the slightest .

"I don't have family . "

Jiang Chen wondered if Sun Jiao would be heartbroken after these words, her sister already couldn't remember her .

For the people injected with the genetic vaccine, the truth-telling liquid is ineffective . If he wanted to obtain information, then it must be interrogation with the help of a lie detector . Seeing her defiant stance, Jiang Chen was troubled .

Sun Jiao's sister . . . Based on relationship, she should be considered his sister-in-law .

From any perspective, using torture on an assasin was the best choice to obtain useful information . But Jiang Chen could not do that to his sister-in-law .

"Then let's make a deal . If you cooperate, I can let you go, and give you ten thousand crystals . " Jiang Chen decided to first lure her with money .

To his surprise, her stubbornness matched her sister's .

"Crystals? You don't understand what this is about at all . " The voice was filled with arrogance and contempt .

"Oh? Don't you use crystals as a currency?" Jiang Chen tried to make a conversation .

"Ignorant . "

Still, the tone was filled with mockery .

Jiang Chen was instantly enraged, but his face was expressionless . He only grabbed a long needle injector from the pan beside the operating table .

"Do you know what this is?" Jiang Chen shook the needle in front of her nose as he said slowly .

"What?" Sun Xiaorou held her neck up as she scorned .

"Nerve catalyst, it would increase your nerve cell activity by one hundred times . In simple words, it could increase your sensitivity one hundred times . " Jiang Chen lightly pushed the needle as the colorless liquid emerged from the tip .

"You are a devil . " Sun Xiaorou's expression changed as she tried to move back, but because of her tied down limbs, her struggle was futile .

"I don't have time to waste on you . The mutated humans are across the river bank and my people are waiting for my order . You only have two choices right now, be truthful, or be tortured until you tell the truth . " Jiang Chen said in menace .

This medicine was purchased by Zhou Guoping at the Sixth Street black market . Five milliliter of liquid cost one hundred crystals, which signified its rarity .

"Then why don't you try!" Pew!

Jiang Chen dodged her spit . He was not angry . Instead, he laughed as he injected the needle right into her vein .

Looking into her eyes of despair, he pushed all the liquid into her .

Her limbs twitched as if she was having a spasm, then her body began to quiver . It took her a long time before she breathing returned to normal .

"You, you filth of a human being . . . "

"Do you not have the energy to speak?" Jiang Chen threw the needle away as a smirk emerged on his face .

" . . . " Her voice was trembling so much Jiang Chen could not make out what she was cursing about .

If possible, he didn't want to do this, but since it already started, then it must continue .

He pressed his finger onto her right arm .


"Are you sensitive to this extreme? Then let me ask you-"

"In, in your dreams . . . "

"Okay, then imagine what happened today as a bad dream . Next, what should we try? Electrocution? Or high-temperature SPA? Or something else?" Jiang Chen pressed a red button .


The agonizing scream revibrated in the entire basement .

Lin Lin, with one ear on the door, shivered and she quickly retracted her head .

[What was this pervert doing!]

Because of curiosity, when Jiang Chen closed the door, she quietly sneaked back .

But just as she put her ear against the door, she heard the agonizing scream .

She remembered the words she spoke that provoked Jiang Chen as she shuddered again before carefully leaving the basement .

. . .

Looking at Sun Xiaorou with foams in her mouth, both eyes turning white, and her limps spasming on the operating table, Jiang Chen rubbed his wary temples .

Even after the injection of medicine that increased her sensivity by one hundred times, she still lasted two hours .

Seeing the stains at the edge of the operating table, Jiang Chen held his breath and his expression was somewhat awkward .

[This seems to be over the line?]

But he couldn't think of better ways . In the end, he didn't hurt his body, as to the mental trauma . . . let time work its magic .

Another note worth mentioning, he didn't expect her to be a virgin .

Jiang Chen picked up the notebook and hastily left the basement .

At the door, he met Sun Jiao with a perplexed expression .

"Is it over?"

"Mhmm . " Jiang Chen nodded awkwardly .

Sun Jiao didn't say anything and kissed him .

Jiang Chen blankly looked at Sun Jiao's closed eyes before he shut his eyes as well .

Lips apart .

"Sorry, I-"

"Don't apologize, she deserves the punishment . Regardless of where it happens, the fate of assassins is public execution . . . I am already thankful that you spared her life . The damage on her body could be healed with time-" Sun Jiao seemed to have thought this through as there was no more hesitation in her eyes .

"No, I didn't hurt her during the process . But she provoked me, I turned hot-headed, and then I . . . " As he spoke, Jiang Chen's expression turned more and more awkward .

Sun Jiao paused for a moment, then her face turned red and she gently bit her lips .

"Pervert . " Sun Jiao smashed his shoulder and she quickly walked downstairs .

Seeing Sun Jiao's figure, Jiang Chen put up his hand wanting to explain something, but then he put it down .

There was no use in explaining once the girl sees the chaos in the basement .

He will have to wait until the night to explain to her "privately . "

Perhaps, this was the evilest thing he has done in his entire life .

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